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Review #1, by stjimmys80Sectumsempra: The Letters

29th November 2005:
AWW that was sad! But wonderfully written I must read more.

Author's Response: Thanx so much! It so great when people say that they think something of mine was wonderfully written, cuz i never think so at all. glad you like it, i updated a couple oif days ago, i dont know if tehy have accepted it yet. hm. anyways, thatnx for the reveiw! much love~AMW

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Review #2, by stjimmys80Dracowing: The Letter

23rd September 2005:
Woah...I've defnitely never read anything as individual as having a 5th house... COOL! And I get the joke in your profile :D

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Review #3, by stjimmys80:

23rd September 2005:
GUESS WHO!!!!! It's prongsroxysox11, except now obviously I changed my penname. Your story is undeniably cute, it reminds me a lot of this other one I read that I absolutely loved! Thanks for telling me about this site btw and I'll be sure to read your other stories (though L/J's are my preference)

Author's Response: Oh goodie! I'm so glad you got an account. I'll add you to my favs! Thanx so much for reading my story. i cant wait to finally read..wut is it? chappie 7? of yours. L/J are definately the best! I haev to agree with you! Although, Draco/Hermione usually have some very good plot twists! Thanx for the review! Much love~AMW

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