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Review #1, by carry on with your knittingThe first kiss is grand...: The first kiss is grand...

8th May 2016:

It's been way to long, and what a wonderful way to be welcomed back! :D

I loved reading this, it is without a doubt the quest thing I've read in a while and made be feel all fluffy. Can I have a James Potter please? I literally can't get over the cuteness!

And you've got even better! The descriptions at the start were beautiful and really pulls the reader in!

Amazing job Sweetie! :D

Love hugs and Remus appreciation!
Katie :D

Author's Response: Katie!!!
Welcome back!!! I've missed you, hon!!!

Aww... thank you... I'm so happy you liked this (I knew you would... :P)

Of course you can have a James Potter! Everyone should have their James Potter (or their Lily Evans, it depends...)

Aww, thank you!!! So glad you liked the description at the beginning and the story in general! Thank you for stopping by!

Love, hugs and Remus appreciation always!

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Review #2, by carry on with your knittingWhen Love Is Gone: My Only Love...

22nd January 2016:
Thank you so much for this! I'm so touched! :')

My babies! It so tragically perfect and wonderful! I love that you made it so they got married secretly! Definitely happened in my head! :')
And the ending! ahhh so many feels!
Everything was just so perfect, their characters were spot on in my mind and I just love it!

Thank you so so so much! You've made my week! :D

Much love!

Katie :)

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Review #3, by carry on with your knittingI Dreamed A Dream: I dreamed a dream

21st January 2016:

It's Katie from the forums, reviewing the challenge entries! :D
Sorry it's so late!

So Les Mis is definitely in my top 3 musicals and i cry every time I watch it, I adore it, and this song in particular, which I think you definitely did justice too!
I LOVED the way that you referred to the lyrics throughout the piece and I thought it was clever that you made the link between this song and Snapes life. You made me think about Snape in a different way and the thoughts that would have been going through his mind at this point which was very clever!

A great read that i thoroughly enjoyed!

Katie :)

Author's Response: Hi Katie

Thanks for your review. Les Mis is one of my favourite musicals as well. I'm happy to hear that you thought I did the song justice. I could see everything in my head, but when it came to actually writing the story, I struggled a little bit. It came out ok in the end, but I still think it sounded better in my head. But that's the way of things I suppose.

I thought for a while about who I was going to write about and what song to use for the challenge, and then I just knew it had to be I dreamed a Dream with Snape. It just seems to fit him perfectly. The dreams of his childhood would be nothing like what his life became. There is just so much going on in the background of this scene that we only found out later. Snape's character is also so complex and driven so much by his love for Lily.

When I write song fics, I like to incorporate the song lyrics into the text as it links it in with the song, but I prefer not to include the lyrics as this to me breaks the flow. The lyrics of this song are just so powerful that I couldn't resist including them and taking the reader of the same journey as the song.

I'm really glad you enjoyed my story and thanks for hosting such a great challenge.


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Review #4, by carry on with your knittingAzkaban: Firestorm

21st January 2016:
It's Katie from the forums here to review all of my challenge entries! :D
I'm so sorry it took so long!

I loved reading this! Chicago is one of my absolute favourite musicals! I though the way you used the storyline with different characters was really interesting and I particularly liked the exchange with the first woman. I thought you were able to write her in a way that had insanity in here which was really cool. I love reading dark pics like that, so I hope you write some more! :)

Great entry!

Katie :)

Author's Response: Hi Katie!

No worries. RL comes first!

Chicago is one of my absolute favorites as well and I was thrilled when you posted this challenge.

The first woman is going to be similar to Velma and Lily will be similar to Roxy. Scorpius is Billy Flynn.

I will definitely be writing more. As of March 31st this story will be on a regularly bi-weekly update schedule!

Thanks for the review and the fun challenge!


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Review #5, by carry on with your knittingOn Imbeciles and Moody: 1982

20th January 2016:

It's Katie here from the forums to review the challenge entries! :D
I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to get around to this!

I thought this was a great entry and was really well constructed! I thought you got the characters of the ministry worker perfectly and their awful priorities! Moody was characterised brilliantly and he carried on pressing his point, which I though was very much in his style. I felt had that he kept getting told to shut up though :') I probably would have shouted at people if I were in his position, and hey, he was right, so jokes on them really! :')

I really enjoyed reading this! Great entry, well done! :)

Katie :)

Author's Response: Thank you for your challenge; this was so much fun to write and thank you so much for your kind review! Good luck with your challenge!


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Review #6, by carry on with your knittingSarah: [one]

17th January 2016:
It's Katie here from the forums, I'm reading and reviewing all of the challenge entries! :)

I thought this was wonderful! I absolutely loved it! It was beautifully written and flowed perfectly telling such a sad story! I love Remus, he's one of my favouritse and this is so heart breaking to read. I loved the fact that you kept referring back to his animal instincts and how he is constantly trying to fight them. I also really loved that you included the tension with Remus and Sirius, it was really well written, especially as you included the thought process of him accusing Sirius, and why Sirius would also accuse him. It gave a sense of the order and their friendship starting to fall apart.

I really enjoyed reading this and thought it fitted perfectly to the song you chose. Great job! :D


Author's Response: Hey Katie,
I'm really happy you liked this. Thanks so much for the lovely review.
I can't wait to read all the other entries, I'm sure there were many amazing stories! Congrats on creating such an awesome challenge!


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Review #7, by carry on with your knittingTroublemakers: Troublemakers

13th January 2016:

It's katie here from the forums! (carry on with your knitting) I'm just working my way through the challenge entries!

This was such a fun and creative piece to read, I loved it! I watch the original before reading this, and it just fits their characters perfectly, so really well done with that!
I thought the way you included an actual musical number was brilliantly cheese and fitted brilliantly for this story challenge!

Also the bit at the end when they walk away bickering is just so James and Sirius!

I lovely entry! Very well done!

Katie :)

Author's Response: Hello Katie!
Thank you for this sweet review! I'm really pleased that you thought it worked with the musical. I had a lot of fun writing it and your challenge was a fabulous idea. I can't wait to see what other people did with their musicals.

Thanks again,

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Review #8, by carry on with your knittingThe Corner: The Corner

13th January 2016:

Katie here from the forums! (carry on with your knitting), I'm in the middle of reading through all of my entries. Thank you so much for taking the time to enter, you have created such a sweet little one shot here and I wish it had more chapters! :')

I thought the way you described Harry's imagination was really touching, especially that parts when his imagination turns a little darker. I felt so sorry for him, but I thought it was really interesting that you mirrored his character to Cinderella, because they are very similar when you think about it!

I also loved the description of Petunia and Dudley at the start; with her admiring a small child who you littleraly made me picture a a pig :') hahaha!

A great entry that I really enjoyed reading, well done! :D

Katie :)

Author's Response: Hi Katie!

I didn't really think about it until I started to write this either, but YES, Harry and Cinderella have weirdly similar childhoods! I'm so glad you created this challenge because I never would have written this otherwise and made that connection. :)

I'm glad you thought this was sweet, even though it is a bit sad. Thank you so much for the challenge and the lovely review!

xoxo Renee

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Review #9, by carry on with your knittingOnce Upon The Marauders: The Untold Story: 1st Year - First Impressions, Undone

12th November 2015:

I'm here for our review swap! Sorry for being so late. I noticed that you wanted me to review the third chapter but then I realised that I haven't reviewed the second yet, so I thought I'd do both for you! :)

This was another really enjoyable chapter, I love how you introduced each of the other characters so naturally and focused on Lily making friends as well as the Marauders. I don't think I've really ever read anything like that, so it was nice to see :)

On the subject of the other girls, they seem really interesting, especially Adhara, I'm really curious about her, if she knows Sirius, I'm guessing she's a pure blood, and she seems to be jealous of Lily talking to him, so I'm gunna put two and two together and say that she has a thing for him? ;)

I thought the boys characters were spot on! Peter wanting to impress and then Remus staying back because he's scared to let people in/worried he would hurt them. Young Remus breaks my heart :( I really thought it was a great take on Sirius to have him a little maturer than James like you said in the A/N at the end, it really makes sense that he would be like that, so it was breath of fresh air to read! :)

I really want to read more about the other girls as well, I'm curious to see how you develop them, as we are kind of aware about the marauders and Lily for JKR, but characters like Marlene, Mary and Drocas are really fun to explore because they could literally be anyone! :)

I'm loving the story so far, and hopefully I will get to your third chapter later today! :)

Much love!

Katie :)

Author's Response: Hello Katie!
Thank you so much for the swap. I'm so glad you liked this chapter! I did want to show Lily being friendly with the Marauders, at least on speaking terms as opposed to fics having her yelling her head off at them!

Adhara has a lot of baggage. She might end up with Sirius :D but there's a lot to her, as you will see later on :)

I'm glad you liked my Sirius. A lot of people disagree with my on that. I picture Sirius mature in the perceptive sense. He was reckless and immature in a lot of ways, but he had a more cynacal and probably real outlook on life than James because of what he had to go through at home.

Remus is turning out to be my personal favorite here :D

Ah, the girls are the bane of my writing. I am so stuck developing them because I feel their personalities keep running into each other. I have tried to seperate them, lets hope for the best.


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Review #10, by carry on with your knittingAnother Time: The Other One

4th November 2015:

It's Katie here from the forums for our swap! :)

I'm very impressed that you've managed to write story to fit to all of this challenges, thats a really great achievement and I hope you do well in them! :) (I know I definitely wouldn't be able to do that).

Okay so now onto the story itself; I thought it was a very interesting pieces and I've never really read anything like it before. I was trying to pieces things together throughout the whole thing and struggled a little, but in a weird way it worked. You created a dream like environment, which fits in well to the theme of dreams you have in this story. Though I do wonder if possibly some dates of events would make it a little clearer for each section?

I am definitely intrigued by this story though, andI loved the idea of having a person so in love with a werewolf that they want to be one as well to help them. I would love to read some more on this story if you ever write some in the future! :)

You also have some really beautiful descriptions that are so rich and raw and detailed, it was really nice to read with those in there :) and they added to the overall dark feeling of the story! :)

I did notice a few Capital letters that weren't needed but that nothing a quick proof read won't fix :)

Thank you for the swap and I will definitely be back for more if you decided to do some more! :)

Katie :)

Author's Response: Hello Katie :D

Yes I've been told about the dates issue. I'll be editing this today to make it clearer. Thank you for pointing that out :hug:

I'm planning on writing a sequel, but the idea hasn't properly formed yet. Once I get going on my novel, I'll definitely get to this :D

Oh Capitals... I didn't notice that before. Thank you :hug:

I'm sorry I haven't reviewed yours yet. Got tied up with work all day yesterday. I'll definitely do it in this hour itself.

Thank you so much for the review love :hug:

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Review #11, by carry on with your knittingThe Next Great Adventure: Chapter 1: Happenings

31st October 2015:
Hey Kaitlin!

I'm finally here for our swap! I'm really sorry it took so long, RL decided to get a little crazy. I'm sorry that you're feeling a little down as well, hopefully this swap will help to cheer you up a little! :)

I thought your interpretation of the after life was great! I love the idea that its similar to the living world, and that some of my favourite characters were able to just sit at the bar together for a drink, I just though it was lovely :) Especially including Dobby as an equal!

The idea of having to go through more challenges after you did to get to this point was really interesting! it reminds me of the quote 'To die would be a awful big adventure' from Peter Pan, which is one of my absolute favourite quotes and I love the idea that there something for us after we die, even if it is more challenges. and the idea of having a guide is a cool one as well, Dobby was perfect for this and I can't wait to read how it will be when he is reunited with Harry! :)

I thought you characterised all of the characters really well too! I particularly enjoyed the exchange between Molly and Sirius, because I definitely think Molly would feel anger towards him, even in the afterlife, because she finds him so reckless. Keeping on the subject of Sirius, I thought his reaction of storming out was definitely fitting for his character. In a way I feel like because the order happened straight after school for him, and then azkaban, and then more order, before he died, he never really grew up, so that part was definitely very fitting.

I also really loved Lily! The fact she felt guilty for not wanting to loose her husband and son was really interesting, I think she feels selfish, even though we know from what happened when they were al alive, she is anything but selfish!

I loved the bits of Fred because I just miss him so much!I was heartbroken when he was killed off :(

I did have one question, having finished his chapter: Are you going to be including Tonks? I was just wondering :)

Thank you for the swap! :D
I hope you feel better soon!

Much love,

Katie :)

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Review #12, by carry on with your knittingRecipe For Detention: It All Started With Puffskein Poo

31st October 2015:

I'm here for the swap from a few days ago, I'm so sorry that it took so long! RL got in the way more than I thought it would between then and now :') But anyway I here now! :D

This was really interesting onset to read! I've always been fascinated by the Snape/Lily/Marauders dynamic, and I think this explored it really well from a perspective I had never really thought about before. I think you hit the nail on the head with how the Marauders would have felt about Snape and Lily; he was definitely controlling with her. I really liked you version of Lily here as she is right in the middle of her really question both her friendships. It must be so hard to choose something like that and I think he really explored what must have been going through her mind well! The conflict was obvious throughout :)

I always find it hard to think of the Marauders as Bullies, because I just love them! But I guess they kind of were to start with :( not that snape wasn't to blame somewhat... I think Lily calling them that was quite a powerful comment in a way because it emphasises how much of a change there is to come :)

I thought the humour in it was great, definitely my kind of sarcastic/childish humour, which I think is 100% the marauders! :)

There was tiny CC I had; with the Professor Minnie bit, I always thought that the Minnie reference was to her first name, rather then last, so it reads a little odd having professor before it, but thats just me being awkward :')

Thanks so much for the swap again! :)
I will definitely get back to your other fic soon!

Katie :)

Author's Response: Hey Katie!

Thank you so much for the swap! Rl got in the way of me replying to this amazing review as well!

I set this story in fifth year by which time I felt Lily would be well into her dilemma. I thought it should be Sirius with his blunt forthrightness to point out to Lily rather than Remus with his polite-ness who would have probably been diplomatic or thought it was none of his business.

I love the marauders too :( I really don't think they were bullies as much as they treated Snape that way. But Lily is looking at it from where Snape stands and that's important here. I'm so glad that Lily's conflict came out well.

Ohh I'm so glad the humor balanced out the seriousness of the conversation.

Yeah it was initially just Minnie because of her first name, but I didn't think even Sirius would be comfortable with calling Professor McGonagall 'Minnie' just like that. She does seem formidable you know.

I'm so glad you liked my one-shot. thank you for your review and hope you read my other story as well.


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Review #13, by carry on with your knitting1981: Spring

31st October 2015:
Hello Lovely!

I'm so sorry it took me so long to around to this! But I am here, as promised for our swap :)

I was delighted that we got some Remus in the chapter! But then I got my heart smashed into tiny pieces because he's so lonely and it hurts me so much! It must have been awful. They way you described it as well! Reminiscing on the people who made his condition bearable and how they hate him now... I just can't :(

Then Peter, this was an interesting one for me because I'm starting to see his darker side and feel less sorry for him! He point his point across, that yes he is forgotten about, but he is also so cruel in the way he thinks about his old friends! I thought it was pretty brave for him to be seen out in public with a death eater, unless he wasn't a known one?

Then the James part was so beautiful. What he's fighting for is so precious and it so obvious how much he adores Lily and Harry,( oh jeez its Halloween today! D: ) But he's sacrificing so much for them, it so touching and those small moments of normality are beautiful.

This really is one of my favourite stories! I adore it :)

Sorry again for the swap being so late!

Love hugs and Remus appreciation!

Katie :)

Author's Response: Hi, Katie!
Oh, well... Better late than never... :P Kidding! Don't worry about it! I'm happy to have you back here! :D

Oh, I know... Remus... Out of the four, I think I've been the cruelest towards him here... Still feeling guilty about it, but that's my headcanon, more or less... He doesn't deserve the treatment he's receiving... The poor boy... :'(

I think it is a defence mechanism. Peter's trying to focus on his friends' faults so that he doesn't feel too guilty about betraying them. I believe he knows how wrong everything he's doing is and that he despises himself deep down. But he tries to focus on his rage and bitterness so that he can forget his guilt.
Yes, I know what you mean... I was a bit doubtful about that... Then, again, most Death Eaters presented a respectable face in the wizarding community, and Avery is one of those who escaped Azkaban, right? I think he wasn't a known one. And I was sort of imagining them in a Muggle pub, where it would be harder to be recognized anyway. How is it that I wrote the longest answers always on Peter's sections? :/

Yes, it's Halloween today... :( James is a wonderful husband and father, with a wonderful family! He is sacrificing a lot, but they are all his life! The three of them are just the cutest of families!

Thank you so much, I'm so happy you're liking the story! :)

Love, hugs and Remus appreciation!

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Review #14, by carry on with your knitting1981: Winter

28th October 2015:
You just can't keep me away Chiara ;D

I know Ialways say I love things, and I do, butI really really loved this!

I thought the structuring was a really interesting idea and it had such an impact in a small amount of words, if you get what I mean? I thought the way you put the reader in the position of each of the characters was brilliant because I could feel all of those emotions and I was just so in the moment!

So I'll go through all of the characters:

Peter- Oh this broke me in so many ways, there was a way back for him in my eyes until he killed the man, thats the point of no return. I feel like he's loosing his soul throughout that section and it tears me apart. It's horrible to think that with those evil people is the only place where he feels like he belongs. And the bit with James and lily and Peter was hard to read, I totally feel for Peter, but in those situations, you have to put your personal feelings aside and realise that of course your friends are going to pay attention to their baby!

James- This just makes me fall in love with him even more. I loved how sweet he was, how much you tell he cares for Lily and James and just the way he was so perfect, the perfect dad, though the struggles about wanting to be normal was so raw and real as well! But you've got responsibilities now James!

Sirius- Oh my goodness that poor boy. I totally see Sirius as a person who would turn to alcohol during this time and probably have a problem with addition, because he just has so much to deal with! And the part about Regulus! Omg! Why do this to me Chiara?! So many feels! On a different not though it was so well written and I really enjoyed it!

I literally adore this already! Definitely going in my favs!
Awesome job Chiara! I'll be back for more soon! :)

Love hugs and Remus appreciation! :D

Katie :)

Author's Response: Hi Katie!
Thank you so much!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed this first chapter!!! And thank you for your support this morning. Yesterday at work I was very disappointed by a person I trusted and it really affected me badly. But I'm feeling much better now!!! :)

But I should be answering this amazing review, right? :) First of all, I'm so glad that you liked the structure! And that you managed to empathize with the characters! It was my primary purpose! :)

So... Peter... yes, that's how I interpreted it as well. That he lost the last bit of good he still had in that moment. I'm sorry for him, but at the same time he chose his own path, so my sympathy is limited... I have so mixed feelings for him...

Oh, James! He's such a sweetheart, isn't he? It's good to know that you're loving him so much! Yes, he dreams of a carefree life, but he had to grow up... And he loves Lily and Harry immensely!!!

And Sirius... I know, his section is so heartbreaking! He's going through so much... I'm glad you enjoyed his thoughts about Reg especially!

Thanks so much again!
Love, hugs and Remus appreciation!

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Review #15, by carry on with your knittingFracture: First Love

27th October 2015:
Hey Kaitlin!

I'm here for our review swap :D

Okay, how on earth have you managed to give me some many feels in 500 words?! My heart is aching a little bit right now, why can't I have a Teddy?! :') I mean I thought i was developing a love for him recently, but this has 10% doubled it :')

I thought yu picked out 5 really great stages of their relationship to write about here, they are all massive turning point for how things develop, from meeting someone, to the first dat, first time, first I love you and the proposal, it was just the perfect relationship in those sections.

I don't know if you're going to write anymore, but I think it would be really cool to have the bad points as a separate chapter? As a kind of juxtaposition :) (Not that I want bad things for them!)

Over all I thought it was brilliant! The descriptions were great, even in such a short piece of writing and I love delving into the midset of an in love Victorie, it was awesome! :)

Thank you for the swap and I hope you do well in the challenge!

Peace love and happiness! :)

Katie :)

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Review #16, by carry on with your knittingOnce Upon The Marauders: The Untold Story: Signed, Sealed and Delivered.

27th October 2015:

It's Katie here from the forums for our swap! :)

I really enjoyed reading this! :D Marauders is just my favourite era as you may establish when you see me AP, I've gone a bit marauders crazy :')

I love baby Marauders even more! (I'm actually in the middle of a one shot were they all meet, which will hopefully be up so, so it was cool to see how someone else interprets them!

I thought you captured the relationship between Severus and Lily really well at the start! Sev comes across as very controlling an manipulative, and Lily come across as very sweet, but she's easily led by him. I feel sorry for her, but her enthusiasm is so lovely! She's so excited, but we all would be! :D And Severus seems so mean from someone on the outside looking in, he's trying to control her and almost separate her from her family already.

Sirius and Regulus! Ahh I love them so much and I'm so glad that you chose to show them as having a close relationship! I just find fics where they don't like each other at all so unbelievable, especially before either of them are even at Hogwarts! But his was great! I also loved your descriptions of their mother, the words you used fitted really well as they were sophisticated just like her character would hope to portray :)

Okay, you are abut to learn I am a massive Remus Lupin fan and I may have a teeny tiny crush on him...
I loved this part the most! Remus is so sweet and well manners and quiet, which is just how I imagine him. Which makes it even more heartbreak that he suffers from such a horrible condition :( I found his parents very interesting; they clearly want the best for him, but also want to protect him, which is very touching! and Dumbledore is so great here as well, I think you captured his character perfectly here! He's just so casual and accepting it's brilliant :)

James Potter is so typical James Potter here! :') I love it! His dad is great two! I see him as an older version of James and I'd like to think that all the male Potters are very similar :) They are all definitely jokers ;)

Peter was a very interesting section to read! I'm actually quite sympathetic to him in a way and love exploring his character! It's so sad knowing that he was isolated as a child :( none should feel lonely, it's just the worst! I'm glad his mother also wants the best for him and she's proud of him :) I can't wait to see what you do with his character in later chapters! :)

Overall I thought this was a great start and very very well written! It flowed brilliantly and the descriptions were great and I think you did an amazing job of already establishing realtionships between characters!

Awesome job! :D
I can't wait to read some more! :)

Peace love and happiness :)
Katie :)

Author's Response: Hello Katie!

Thank you so much for the swap! Ahh, it's so nice to meet a fellow Marauder crazy person. I've gone full blown Marauder Crazy myself!

Severus is very manipulative, and I believe he was the reason Lily hated James. But more on that later ;)

And it is only natural for younger siblings to idolize their elder ones, and why would Sirius and regulus have any reason to be different until Sirius got sorted into Gryffindor?

And Remus was the most sad to write about. Though Sirius is my favorite marauder, I'm developing a teeny crush on Remus as well. It's all so tragic :(

And Ooh, Peter has a mean streak, but I hadn't updated that part when you read it. I don't want people feeling sorry for Peter any more than for Snape X(. But I guess everyone had reasons for doing what they did.

Thank you so much Katie, hope you come back when I've updated!


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Review #17, by carry on with your knittingThe memories in your biscuits: The memories in your biscuits

27th October 2015:

I'm back ;D ahh I've missed you! :D
This is the one you suggested I should read right? I saw that it was Remus, so of course I just had to read it! :D Also Minnie is in there and she is a babe!

Okay so to start with I LOVED the relationship in the beginning with Remus and McGonagall, I thought it was so adorable how much she cared for him and wanted to help him! And the fact he wanted to be a teach was just so sweet! I imagine she might have influenced his choices in some way ;)

I really enjoyed the section with a younger McGonagall as well! It was sad that she was picked on when she was younger but the friendship with Edda was lovely to read! It reminded me of the Harry/Dobby friendship :)

I absolutely loved the part were she was making the biscuits by hand and reflecting on the events at the time, especially with Sirius, It's almost like she feels guilty for not realising he was 'evil'

Oh my goodness this oneshot took one of the most dramatic turns I have ever read! I was hooked in that last bit! What were the demotes doing in there?!
And her memory was just utterly heartbreaking!
The descriptions you used towards the end were brilliant like truly beautiful! I could picture everything so clearly! It was great! :D

Was it Snape that saved her?

I only noticed a few spelling mistakes, apart from that it was brilliant! I loved it!! :D

Love hugs and Remus Apreciation! :D

Katie :)

Author's Response: Hi Katie!
Oh, I'm so happy you stopped by here!!! :)

Yes, this is the one! ;) I'm so happy you liked it!!!

I believe Minerva loved her students a lot, especially the Marauders, and especially Remus! I'm glad you liked their relationship sweet! And I can totally imagine Remus wanting to be a teacher. He's just the best at it!!! And I'm sure Minerva did influence that choice! :)

Edda just sort of happened. I was thinking about where I wanted to go, and the idea of one of Hogwarts' elves teaching her to bake just formed in my head and I was like, yes! That's what happened!!! And I think their friendship is just adorable, too!

She does sort of feel guilty about it. She thinks that if someone had figured it out, James and Lily could be saved... a "pity" Sirius was never evil (anyway it's so terribly sad, isn't it?)

Dark turn challenge... so, you see, it had to turn dark... I'm glad you found the last bit so addicting, and that you liked the description! I know, Dorcas death killed me too...

Yes, it was Snape. At first, I thought about Dumbledore coming to the rescue, but then I felt Snape fit better (I know you don't like him much... but I don't think he is that bad...)

So glad you liked this so much!!!
Thank you so much for the amazing review!!!
Love, hugs and Remus appreciation!

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Review #18, by carry on with your knittingCould Be Always?: Gryffindor v. Ravenclaw

26th October 2015:

I'm finally catching up with reviewing your story which is the least you deserve for being so amazing! :D

I loved the start of this chapter with the weather reflecting how nervous Rose felt, that was really great! :)

Albus is definitely a Sirius, he needs to stop that! No one likes a ladies man! Especially when he's ignoring family! What a douche bag! :')

Rose and Scorpius is such an interesting dynamic in this story! Sometimes she loves to see him and others she doesn't want to, is she just trying to deny the feelings that are building there? Maybe its because of her dad? Ahh it's getting so deep and complex, or is it just me getting over excited? :')

I'm starting to think Rose is right when she says all the Ravenclaws are seers :')

Ahh its hard for me to pick a side of who to win, but I kind of wish Ravenclaw did because Albus was being a git! :') It's nice that her family were all there to console her though :)

Another awesome chapter which was really well written! :D

I'm already looking forward to the next chapter, I have to know what's going on with Benji! I hope it's nothing to terrible :(

Much love! :D
I shall be back!

Katie :)

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Review #19, by carry on with your knittingCould Be Always?: Practice makes Perfect?

26th October 2015:
Jenn! :D

I'm here again ;)

Ahh autumn is my fav! :) I love halloween! :D Great descriptions at the start and the way you transition the time was really smooth! :)

Oh no Benji?! What is going on? D: Oh I don't want him to be sad! Please tell me things get better of Benji, otherwise my heart might break into tiny little pieces!

Albus is changing and I'm not sure I'm loving it... He's more of a Sirius type characters know, I always pictured James Sirius like that and Albus as a Remus type character. I hope he bucks his ideas up soon!

I really like the practice part of this chapter! You don't often see a lot of detail about quiddich practices, but it's something that really interests me, so I'm glad that you added this part in :)

Also Rose and Scorpius are catching feelings ;) ;) ;) Ron will not be impressed...

Great Chapter Jenn! :D

Katie :)

Author's Response: Hi Katie!

Thank you so much again for continuing to read and review this story! I am so happy that you are continuing to like it!

I was truly worried about the transitions here because I have never really written anything that needed to transition like this.

Benji is having a rough time with life. It is hard to be in a group of people that can do things that you can't and he feels left out. I am sure that things will get better for him as time progresses.

Albus is on his own path of self discovery, but I think that he has to make a few wrong turns before he can actually understand who he is supposed to be.

I am glad that you like the Quidditch. I was nervous in writing it mainly because I never do! So positive feedback on it is always great to hear.

No... No he will not! ;)

Thank you so much again!


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Review #20, by carry on with your knittingCould Be Always?: Tryouts

26th October 2015:
Hey Jenn!

I'm here some some more reviews again! :D

A cracked skull and a broken arm on her first day?! That's quite an achievement :')Is Rose and accident prone type? :') Also I really enjoyed the heard of Hypogiffs bit ;)

Malfoy and Albus fighting over who to give her the homework, I think Albus doesn't like sharing friends, especially with anyone with the surname Malfoy :')

He probably should be guilty though, it was his fault! Boys will never learn will they?! Will the Malfoy/Potter feud last forever?!

Ahh quid ditch try outs! Rose is a brave girl! :D and is it just me or is Malfoy everywhere? :')

Ahh herself and Albus both made the house teams! That will definitely increase rivalry! But with Ginny and Harry for parents, theirs no way Albus wouldn't is there! :)

And Scorpius, good luck Rose! She's gunna need it I can feel :')

Another great chapter Jenn! :D

Katie :)

Author's Response: Hi Katie!!

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing this again! I am so happy that you have enjoyed the story so far!! :)

Yes, Rose has a tough go right out of the gate and it's no help to those two boys... hahahahaha!

It is most definitely a Malfoy/Potter feud that they will hopefully overcome.

Yes, Scorpius is everywhere! :) He's sometimes there, but never speaks too!

It will definitely increase. Potters, Weasleys and Malfoys really know how to draw things out in ways that I don't think we could ever completely comprehend.

Thanks again!! :)


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Review #21, by carry on with your knittingCould Be Always?: First Day Fiasco?

26th October 2015:
Hey Jenn! :D

I'm here to do some more reviews, yay! :)

I really liked the start of this chapter, you could really see the school through a first years eyes, which was great! :D It made me all excited! :') It was beautifully described as well :) I also loved that Scorpius was the one to get the riddle, I'm not sure why, but it just seems right, maybe he was trying to prove himself as his own person? :)

I thought the letter was really interesting! You can tell she kind of feels a little bit ashamed that she's not Gyffindor and tries to make up for it a bit by saying she loves the library so her mum is happy. It sweet of her to do, she her parents don't worry, but as the same time, its sad that she feels she has to lie :')

ahh flying lessons! everyone's favourite ;) I love that she still speaks to Albus here, it shows that have a tight knit family, and also including Benji was lovely :)
I thought the almost heated exchange during the lesson was interesting, why was Scorpius being mean? :(
But also, I feel so bad that Benji can't do the flying! :( he must feel so left out!
Oh my goodness what just happened at the end?!
You can't leave it like that! Jenn! :')

Anyway, it was another great chapter and I'm going straight onto the next to see what will happen! :)

Katie :D

Author's Response: Hi Katie!

I am so sorry it has taken me this long to reply. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing this!

I am glad that you pointed out that Scorpius was the one to guess the riddle. You're right he has a lot he wants to prove and I think he wants to start off on the right foot.

Rose has always, I think, felt the pressure to be like her parents from an early age. I see her as growing up and being smart enough to understand that her parents played a huge role in the second war and that is tough for her to try and escape. She wants to stand on her own, but is just immature enough to feel that lying is what is best at the moment. Hopefully she grows up and realizes that honesty will be better for her in the end.

Albus and Rose are a complicated pair. Benji is such a sweet boy and I am so glad that you enjoyed seeing him introduced. He is a kid that will teach the others things that no one else will be able to.

I look forward to seeing what you think as the story continues! :)


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Review #22, by carry on with your knittingInstantly: Instantly

19th October 2015:
Hey Gabbie!

I'm finally here for our review swap! :D (I'm so so so sorry it took so long! I've had so much one and crappy illness and all of they rubbish- I saw you haven't been feeling too good with recently, I hope you're getting better! And that this review might lift your spirits a little! :))

Okay so that was another great oneshot!! (but no surprise there...) You explored another set of characters in a way that I would have never considered and you do it in such a brilliant way! You always managed to challenge my perceptions of characters! I love it! :)

So I'll start with the reaction ship between all three brothers. It started off how I would have thought with Percy and him being a bit stuffy towards Fred and George. But George and Fred were portrayed as quite different; Fred is immature, whereas George doesn't seem to enjoy all of that in the same way as Fred. I always think of twins being exactly the same, but this reminded me that they are always different people with different personalities :) I felt sorry for Percy towards the end, because I think he is just trying to look out for the twins and help them have the best future, he's got a kind heart and the sentiment is there, he just needs to find a better way to go about it :)

And then the two girls, I was expecting it to be angelina first to be introduced, but I like that it was Alcia because it showed how the twins and Percy can interact and form bonds with new so that was nice :)

And finally around to the most adorable part ever! George first seeing Angelina and falling instantly in love! It was so flipping sweet! Even at eleven he knows that he loves her and needs her, thats so mature of him and really adds more depth to his character! Which is brilliant, and even though you didn't show her POV it really felt to me like she probably felt the same about him, but she is just a lot more shy.

I loved how much trouble the twins were getting into in just the first day of Hogwarts and not even being in the castle for 24 hours :') Definitely 100% them!

There was one part that ripped my soul to shreds though... 'I swear, the day I see you crack a joke'll be the day I die' WHY?! WHY DID YOU HAVE TO REMIND ME GABBIE?! IT HURTS, THE PAIN IS STILL REAL! He lived, Fred did not die, he didn't no no no, he had a lovely time with Percy after he told the joke and didn't die... no.

Okay I'll stop my rant :')

But anyway, I loved it! It was a pleasure to read and I look forward to reading more of your George/Angelina :)

Much Love!

Katie :)

Author's Response: Hello!

Thanks for the lovely review and I hope you're feeling much better! I'm actually all right now so I can finally answer reviews! :D

*Blush* You're being too nice to me! I am happy how this one-shot turned out and I love writing these particular Weasley boys. Percy is stuck up and a bit bossy, Fred is pretty immature and I think George is the calmer of the two. He doesn't really seem all that interested in bothering his brother but to say that he doesn't enjoy it would be a lie. Hahaha.

I didn't want the twins to be exactly the same because I'm sure that they had their own interests and personalities. I think that Percy kind of goes about things the wrong way, he wants to look out for the two of them but he takes it a little too far. He's a little too domineering and bossy for the twins to take him seriously.

The Angelina that I created is too shy to actually go into someone's compartment so having Alicia being introduced first worked better. It was nice too to see the boys reacting to someone new and it was great to see how their friendship started.

I'm happy that so many people like that George fell instantly in love with Angelina. I might go in and change it up a bit so he doesn't sound TOO mature but it's my favorite part of the story. Angelina I think felt the same when she saw him and it's so touching, it makes me feel all fuzzy.

Bwhahah, I think the twins were in detention at the end of their first week at Hogwarts.

I'm sorry about that line! I know the pain is there but it needed to be in this one-shot! This entire thing is taken from a chapter in This is Angelina. Blame that story! Hahahaha.

Thanks so much!

Much love,


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Review #23, by carry on with your knittingOil and Water: oil and water don't mix

14th October 2015:

It's Katie here from the forums, with a very late review! I am so sorry it took so long, RL hit me square in the face this week with Uni work and illness, but I have made my way here as promised and I'm glad I did! :)

Wow, this was so beautifully written! Your descriptions throughout were stunning and painted such an artist picture in my mind. I could help but think this one shot in itself was one of Rose's poems. Especially the parts that rhymed! It was honestly so lovely to read and flowed brilliantly! Sometime I find things hard to read, but this was structured in a great way, so it was like the word floated off the page :)

I felt so bad for Rose, I think we have all been there, loving someone who doesn't love you back, and it hurts a lot, but at the same time its hard to give them up. I haven't read a lot of next gen, but scorpius and Rose is something i've been reading a lot of lately. I thought this was a great view on things, a lot have scorpius as really loving and kind, but I love that you portrayed him a lot more cold, like his farther, I think it fits really well!

Overall this was great read and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I'm even more impressed to see that you wrote it sleep deprived and in 20 minutes as well!

I loved it!

Keep up the great work! :D

Katie :)

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Review #24, by carry on with your knittingThe Lark and the Nightingale: Epilogue The opening night

10th October 2015:

I've finally come to the end of the story, full of twists and turns and brilliance!

It's been such a great story to read and you had me hooks as soon as I saw the shakespeare references as you know ;)
You created some great characters with brilliant characterisation, and I'm sad that it's all over!

But onto this chapter: what a lovely way to round everything up!

Again Remus and Chiara are such a sweet couple! I'd some someone like that to go and see plays with! And the ending where the curtains went up and reviewed James and Lily was hilarious :') and the bit about her wanting to always lie next to him was just too sweet for words!

Happy endings all around! :D

Have you made a sequel?! please say yes! :D

Love hugs and Remus appreciation!

Katie :)

Author's Response: Katie!!!
Oh, thank you so much!!! *blushing*
It's so great to know that you liked the story as a whole so much, and the characters, and the plot... Thank you again!!!

Remus and Chiara are so sweet!!! I can't deny that I would love to go see plays with Remus, too... *blushing some more*

I've planned James and Lily's first kiss to happen like that since the very beginning. That's the only real reason I made them wait so long (with all the drama that came from there... :P) I'm happy you found it hilarious! And that you found sweet Lily's thought of wanting to always lie next to him!!!

Erm... No... Not yet... I was thinking about a PoA AU, with Remus and Chiara married and their children starting Hogwarts (two twins, a boy and a girl, by the names of Romeo and Juliet). I only have a draft for the first chapter right now, which is James and Lily's funeral... Not very sure about the story, though... I'll let you know if and when I decide to go through with the project!

Thank you so much again for all our swaps, for your entusiasm and love for this story and for reading and reviewing it all! It means so much to me!!!

Love, hugs and Remus appreciation!

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Review #25, by carry on with your knittingThe Lark and the Nightingale: Welcome back, Chiara

10th October 2015:

I'm back again, it's been way too long! But I'm pleased that I'm back so I can see how everything works out for Remus and Chiara! :)

I thought the start with her waking up was lovely and the simplicity of it was great! I loved the bit where she like Hands? what the hell?! :')

Aw the Marauders are so sweet with their celebrating her return and all of the teachers! It's just so nice that everyone properly welcomed her back! Especially Remus!!! And them sneaking off and snogging each other at every opportunity, love it! ;)

I thought Remus taking Chiara to the shrieking shack was such a lovely idea! and then the erm.. fun ;) hahaha :') bless it was all just so sweet and adorable and lovely! Especially when he didn't want to because he would hurt her! its just so AW! but her reaction 'what if you just shut up' that was great!:')

And a little hint at some more Jily? That what I like to see ;D

One more chapter left?! NO!

It's been such a brilliant story with a great happy ending for Remus and Chiara! :)

Love hugs and Remus appreciation! :)

Katie :)

Author's Response: Hey, Katie!
So happy to have you back here! (Sorry if it took me sometime to get to your reviews... I've left you one this afternoon, and hopefully I'll leave your second one this evening, or tomorrow morning at latest... But I just had to answer these first!!!)

I'm happy you liked the waking up scene! Well, I imagined it would be a bit of a shock, wouldn't it?

Of course they would celebrate her return (also because, knowing the Marauders, they would take any occasion to put up a party, wouldn't they?) And yes, everyone welcomed her back, and the teachers were all very supportive.

Well, Remus and Chiara have to make up for a lot of time they lost, haven't they?

I'm glad you liked the Shrieking Shack scene. I thought that Remus takin Chiara there was something really sweet and definitely something he would do...

Oh, yes... The fun, like you say... I still blush if I think that I really wrote that, I'm not very comfortable with that sort of things... Well, I just hinted at it, actually... Anyway, isn't it just what would happen?

Yay for Jily!!! :D They need their happy ending too!!!

Yes, the end (well, nearly...) That's all, folks... I'm so very happy you enjoyed the story, though!

Love, hugs and Remus appreciation!

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