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Review #1, by kassidieCHAIN REACTION: Pansy

26th August 2010:
So I saw that this story was a WIP that hadn't been updated in five years but I decided to read it anyways but now it's driving me crazy that I don't get to finish it.

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Review #2, by kassidieHide and Seek: Slytherin Sweater and the Sixties

27th January 2010:
I was so happy to see that this chapter was up. I have been checking on it regularly. This chapter was great as always! I think that it is a testament to your writing that I could jump right into reading and being emotionally involved (I was quite literally at the edge of my seat, hugging my knees, and holding my breath ever so slightly) with your story and characters after not reading it for a month. Jane is great and I love reading her perspective. Angelina is such a great friend jumping to Jane’s aid in minutes. Now I must go back to checking your page for new updates nearly every day.

Author's Response: I'm sorry it has been taking me a while lately. With school and an internship, I barely have time for much of anything. I love when readers get emotionally involved. It just cracks me up. Makes me feel good because I get emotionally involved while writing and editing it. Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #3, by kassidieHide and Seek: Brownies

20th December 2009:
Darn it, now I have to wait for the next chapter! I sailed through keep away and what is up of this one in about two days and now I have to wait! Great as usual, stupid queue closure. I love Jane and Wood together, they are a great couple because they care about each other but they also have a lot of fun together. I love your writing, it has inspired me to work on my story and make it more humorous however I haven't been able to stop reading long enough to write. I guess I have time now, unfortunately. I laughed at Jane thinking “I needed a new pair of shoes,” she is delightfully random.

Author's Response: Haha, oh no! Now you know how everyone else feels :) It's horrible waiting, isn't it? I'm not fond of it. But I promise to post as soon as I can. I'm hard at work on the next chapter. I'm excited this inspired you to write something with humor--now you have a chance :) Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #4, by kassidieHide and Seek: Cheese to go with that Wine?

20th December 2009:
I love that you used the word Douchery, I feel like it doesn't come up in conversations enough. I plan to do all I can to change that. I simply love Jane’s friendship with Roger. I think every girl should have a Roger. I'll do what I can to rectify that as well. This Christmas Rogers for everyone!

Author's Response: I agree with you completely about that word. It's a brilliant word. Definitely do all you can. I use it frequently in conversation, and thus it is catching on around me, but we need more forces! Away! :) Thanks for the review...I'll try to wrap some Rogers for everyone for Christmas :)

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Review #5, by kassidieHide and Seek: Linked Umbrella

20th December 2009:
This was a wonderful chapter! I loved her talking to Valerie Gig, I was very proud of dear little Jane. Though the relationshipyness of this story is terrific it was nice to see her doing something for her life not male related. Oliver was actually sweet at the end which was refreshing and made me happy, though of course there is an odd charm to his pompous git like ways. This chapter was happy but mellow, however not without your usual great crackle, which I believe is a perfect way to stop so I can get some much needed sleep.
The alliteration in Bludgers for Brains Bridget was brilliant and made me laugh. I love alliteration.

Author's Response: I couldn't agree more. Stories need more in them than just relationships. Jane had Quidditch in Keep Away and she needs to develop as a person and as a future adult now. Thanks so much for the review! Glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #6, by kassidieKeep Away: The Last Costume

17th December 2009:
I am enjoying this story more with each chapter. I laughed quite a bit when Wood kicked her and then ran away. It was so wonderfully ridiculous. I also liked the conversation with Libby. Jane is a funny girl.

Author's Response: That was actually one of my favorite parts of the entire story. I love it. Thanks so much for the review! I hope you enjoy the rest!

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Review #7, by kassidieTen top reasons I despise you: The beginning of the worst day

15th December 2009:
I'm interested to see where you go with this story. I like it so far. My only advice is to read through for typos like her instead of he and alot instead of a lot. I can't wait to read more of this story.

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Review #8, by kassidieCats and Dogs: His trademark smirk

5th December 2009:
I'm very interested in this story. It is original and I'm excited to see what happens next!

Author's Response: yess i hope you like ot)) thank you very much:)

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Review #9, by kassidieSing To Me the Song of the Stars: Running in the Rain

12th May 2006:
your story is really good so far there are quite a few of questions behind this one.

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Review #10, by kassidieThe Unholy One: The Unholy One

25th April 2006:
this is a really good story. just curious, did you get some stuff from interveiw with a vampire?

Author's Response: Thankies very much, Kassidie. :) If I did get some of the plot from Interview With A Vampire, I was not mentally aware of it. :) Thankies again; Luna

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Review #11, by kassidieMy Boss...Draco Malfoy: The Stalker

27th October 2005:
really, for one thing if he really wanted to kill her he wouldnt sit down and have a nice chat with her.

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Review #12, by kassidieTwo to Tango: Graduation

25th October 2005:
you did a really good job writing this (the dance parts were really good even though you dont dance)

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Review #13, by kassidieMy Boss...Draco Malfoy: Wake-up

12th October 2005:
i like the story and all but i highly dout that she would bounce back so quickly sorry its still pretty good

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