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Review #1, by PrincesssDivided: The Tale of the Hogwarts Founders: Chapter IV

31st May 2015:
Hi there Marauderfan, I decided to opt to review your founders story just because it's my favourite era. I also decided to review the first slytherin chapter as that is my house and I thought I could give the most insight to it.

I really enjoyed reading this part of the story so far. It's great that you've explored the option of what caused Salazar to dislike muggle borns so much. I liked the twist that he fell in love with a muggle as it is a scenario I never would have considered myself. You made me feel sad that it ended the way it did between them but it fits with what we know and I love it overall.

Not only that but you also explored the making of the 'structure' of Hogwarts which I personally think is amazing. I find it enjoyable that it was a long process that led to what we know today rather than having it all set up from the get go. I enjoyed the aspect of the meeting with them as it kind of was a perfect way to show their different personalities while interacting with each other. The 'twist' with Rowena having feelings for Salazar is one I have considered myself and I whole-heartedly agree with. For some reason I cannot help but ship them and I plan to explore their relationship in my own founder fic.

Overall the writing is great. At times it could do with improving but only so that the flow of it became easier, though it enables me to really get into the mind of Salazar whatever. A great story and I cannot wait to read more.

Author's Response: Hi! I'm so glad you stopped by! And I'm super glad to hear that you are a fellow appreciator of the Founders era - there really aren't enough of us out there :p

Slytherin's POV was a really interesting one to write, as he has the most dynamic storyline of the four and changes a lot on the inside but very little outwardly. I'm glad you liked the plot of him and Maeve. I figured it had to be something personal for him to have such an extreme reaction about it all in the end with what we know from canon.

I'm really glad you liked the construction part too - I've been surprised by the reaction to that. Who knew construction was so fascinating! But YES - that feeling of a long process is exactly what I was going for, because something as revolutionary as Hogwarts had no precedents and wouldn't be easy at all to set up from the start. They had to figure things out as they went along. Ahaha, and I'm glad you like Rowena's feelings for Salazar. I do love writing a ship that's sinking from the start! :p But they do have a lot in common and really *could* have had potential. Oh well. :p

I'm so glad you're enjoying this so far! Thanks so much for the review!! ♥

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Review #2, by PrincesssThe Fourth Daughter: The Pavilion

29th May 2015:
Ever since I was a kid I have always loved this fairytale as one of my favourites. It would never had occurred to me to mesh that with the Hogwarts world but now you've written this I see that it is a perfect match so thank you so much for writing this! I especially love that you have put this in the founders era.

The writing is really great, it gave a real feel for the piece. There are parts that could be slightly improved if you wanted to but otherwise it is perfect as it is.

The mystery at the end of this chapter will definitely cause me to continue to read, I need to know who was watching them. So far I am really loving this story as it realy is my personal cup of tea.

Overall a great story, thanks for writing it!

Author's Response: It's so nice to hear that you love the Twelve Dancing Princesses fairytale! It's one of my favorites, too. Most people that I talk to have never even heard of it, which is sad, because it's such a good one!
I'm really glad you enjoyed this first chapter. It was tough to introduce so many characters in one go, but I tried to put in a little mystery and whatnot to make things interesting.
If you do decide to keep reading, thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed this! And thanks for the review!
Cassie :)

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Review #3, by PrincesssCharity: Death And Destruction

29th May 2015:
I've never personally read or written a 2nd POV piece before and this has been a very exciting - want for a better word - read for me. I enjoyed looking through the eyes of the character, seeing and feeling everything she did.

The biggest perk for me has to be that it is a story focused on Charity Burbage. I've always felt that her character had a lot more potential than what it was given in the story and I love reading fic's that explore that even a little.

The writing itself is spectacular, it really gave me a great feel of the situation. I enjoyed the great use of descriptive words that helped set everything up, that little village would have been great to reach though.

Overall a great story from a different perspective than we realised.

Author's Response: Hey there!

No worries. I'm honestly sort of just discovering 2nd person POV myself. I've only written it a few times before.

I always felt that way too. Such a tragic storyline and it's basically a footnote in cannon.

Description is always my favorite part, so I'm glad you pointed it out.

Thanks for the review!


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Review #4, by PrincesssCost of Redemption: Prologue

29th May 2015:
I found reading this rather intense but in a good way. I like how you have portrayed Regulus' doubts more developing over time with the Death Eaters rather than just a result of one event. I also really love how you put there to be more than one reasoning behind him wanting to leave (I'm including the Kreacher thing in this btw) as it makes more sense to see the character's doubts showing before the events of the cave night.

The writing itself really gets the reader into the mindset of Regulus and of what he is thinking and I personally really enjoy that style of writing. I could really visualise everything that you were describing and how it looked through Regulus' eyes.

I also enjoyed how you mentioned his relationship with Sirius before and after Hogwarts. It's a great contrast with what was and what is now at this present moment in the story. Not only that but also describing the reasons Regulus decided to join Voldemort's side really helped sympathise with the character in a way and I think that is extremely important.

Overall a really great story and I would most definitely read more of it. A great proglogue!

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Review #5, by PrincesssDon't Forget Me: My Hero

29th May 2015:
Honestly, I really loved this piece. At first (after not reading the information bit) I guess that it was about Petunia, and then I thought it was about a brother of James as in Harry's dad, then at the end I realised it was Albus. Really enjoyed the entire thing and now I've realised who it's really about it makes more sense to me.

The writing style is a lot differently than I usually see but you make it work, the one liners really get into the mind of the character you are trying to portray. Your writing really made me understand his feelings and get more into his mindset overall and that is a mark of a great piece of writing.

I enjoy how this scenario has James II become a 'killer' and yet Albus takes his place. I personally would never have thought of it but I really enjoy the darkness of it. Even though I feel Harry deserves a happy ending that's not how life works and you'e really captured that here. When reading it at first I didn't think it would take the turn it did, and I really loved the 'twist'.

Overall it's a great story so kudos, I'd definitely read more one-shots like this :)

Author's Response: Aww thank you! I'm glad to see where your mind went. :D

It was quite a difference to my usual writing story, but I enjoyed the challenge definitely.

I'm going to elaborate on this story, and am planning a sequel and prequel to it. I'm glad that you loved the twist in this, I don't think anyone saw it coming :D

Thank you so much!

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Review #6, by PrincesssFounders Four: Pillars of the Ages: Chapter Two: Every Beginning is an End

21st May 2015:
I enjoyed the flow of this chapter and how the events panned out well. Some areas could do with a little work perhaps (a small expansion) but it isn't a necessity just a luxury perhaps. Overall I really enjoyed this chapter and loved that it ended in a way I would not have expected.

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for the swap! Would you mind PMing me exactly what you feel needs to be expanded on?

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Review #7, by PrincesssFounders Four: Pillars of the Ages: Chapter one: The Beginning

21st May 2015:
I really enjoyed reading this chapter, it's a really amazing start! I found it extremely engaging and entertaining which is due to the fantastic dialogue between Ingvar and Godric (loved that part btw!) Cannot wait to see where you take this. Such great writing and a very good angle to take so far.

(P.S. I think you may have made a spelling mistake on the word 'doges' and I think you meant dodged but I wasn't sure if it was just a word I haven't heard of before and just wanted to let you know just in case!)

Author's Response: Oh, thanks! I'll be sure to fix that, and I'm really glad you enjoyed this first chapter.

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Review #8, by PrincesssSynergy : Synergy

15th May 2015:
A great piece which really reflected the thoughts, feelings and behaviours of Buckbeak. I loved reading this scene from his point of view, it has been very well written and I'd definitely read more. Kudos.

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