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Review #1, by H2WSFeigning Ignorance: All's Well That Ends Well

24th June 2016:
This should go on.😍

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Review #2, by H2WSWhen in love: finally friends.

7th January 2015:
people are so stupid so as to not read this because its amazing, but few suggestions, um draco and hermione are sorta too friendly i guess, they are supposed to be arch enemies yeah? so um i was thinking maybe draco should like insult her or something and she sorta shouls um id realize that draco isnt exactly who she thought she was and um he should sorta try to reach out to her and stuff,to get her trust back, so he tells her stuff about him and she sorta okay idk, but um what im saying is like maybe a tragic backstory would be nice, dark secrets and stuff? like a little bit of darkness would be nice and a couple of plot twists? where when the relationship is going good and then someting happens and they screw it up haha :3 but keep in mind not to put too many of those coz then people might get fed up of it and um yeah, i like your story and damn this is longer than i thought it would be haha :3

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Yea, I've got a tragic backstory thought up, and the whole enemies thing, I hadn't thought of that : / so yea, thanks so much for reminding me! I'm already thinking of some ideas for plot twisting and heartbreak :)

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Review #3, by H2WSCompleting the Jigsaw: Parents?

5th January 2015:
Please write more, like Im dying of anticipation, please continue :)

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