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Review #1, by myheroHarry Potter and the Phoenix's Flight: The Siege Of Hogwarts: Part Three

17th October 2005:
good, good, goooooooood how many chaps left!? and cheers 4 tellin me bout ur sequel i can't wait whatz it gonna be called! BTW i was flicken through Sky movies yersterday and i couldn't help noticing a movie called "The Flight of the Phoenix"!!! MYHERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #2, by myheroHarry Potter and the Phoenix's Flight: A beautiful Goodbye

8th October 2005:
awwwwww but it waz still Blaise Zabini that started the Rissota i mean who else could it be!!

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Review #3, by myheroLife of a Marauder: Revealing The Truth

2nd October 2005:
Your story is soooo the best i cannot wait for any other stories you may write!! Are you plannin any other stories or maybe as others have suggested a sequel!!!!!

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Review #4, by myheroSnowflakes: Snowflakes

28th September 2005:
thats really moving, good story!!! myhero£

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Review #5, by myheroHarry Potter and the Phoenix's Flight: the quidditch final

28th September 2005:
Sorri i know i hav already reveiwed but i hav just 1 question- WHY, is this story named the Phoenix's flight as their has been no mention of the meaning of that????? Sorri again as this iznt wat u could kall a reveiw lol!!!!!!!!!!!!! myhero$

Author's Response: My Hero, thankyou for all of your reviews, i am really gratefull. as for the title, it will come out by the end, and it will interest you to know that i am planning a sequel

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Review #6, by myheroHarry Potter and the Phoenix's Flight: the quidditch final

27th September 2005:
Brill chapter and i cannot wait till we find out who dies................ Please, please hurray up and get out the next chapter i luvvvvvvv this story so dam much (so no pressure!) lol. I hope Blaise gets what he deserves, i suppose its him that started the rissota thingie ah?! and as 4 Snape supporting da Dragonss (HOW COME!?) i mean he'z Harry's guardian and hiz fave student iz Draco Malfoy. I don't gettit!! Anyways next chapter az soon as possy please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! luv myhero xxxxx

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Review #7, by myheroHarry Potter and the Phoenix's Flight: Suspicions

25th September 2005:
I really like your story, please please update az soon az poss plz!!!!!!!! Blaise Zabini is a ba**a*d lol!!

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Review #8, by myheroHarry Potter and the Phoenix's Flight: Kantankerous Kibbles

20th September 2005:
Kool story, plz update az soon as poss. Cheers.....

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Review #9, by myheroHarry Potter and the Legion of Illusions: Sleep Walking

17th September 2005:
Good first chap i know u've written like 40 otha chaps but this iz da first one ive read so u know just thought id reveiw it. If u hav da chance why don't u check out my first story on this web, veri short compared 2 urs lol. Anyway hopefully the otha chapters are just as good if not betta then this. Keep up da gooooood work lol!! Myhero story- When love gets in the way.

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Review #10, by myheroTwo For Tragedy: Wish I Had An Angel

9th September 2005:
Good chapter, when ru writing the next one????????

Author's Response: lol thanks! i'll probably end up updating once a week or so..

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Review #11, by myheroWhat Would I Ever See In Ronald Weasley: one

9th September 2005:
This story rocks your a fab writer!!

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