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Review #1, by Moony_ProngsNot Darkness But Absence of Light: Connecting the Dreams

5th August 2004:
Wicked!! hey I just came in to post a next chapter and saw that you ahd updated and I hadn't read it :) well.. it was great God I lvoe James, ljajaja lol... he's really sweet!! Post some more!!! M'nM

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Review #2, by Moony_ProngsTheir Time....: Chaper 2- Arrival and News

14th July 2004:
Ohhh, hey!! now it's me reviewing!! jajajaj, it's great, I love them. James is sooo cute when he tries to make her mad... and honestly if i were Lily...mmmmm yummy! Can't wait to see how she'll come around ;) M'nM

Author's Response: hey!! omg thanks! i love your new chap too! i havent even mapped out my whole story yet, so i cant wait to see what she does either!!! from alana :)

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Review #3, by Moony_ProngsThank You: Thank You

11th June 2004:
OOhhhh, so sweet!!!!! Harry as a daddy!! poor them going trhough so much.... jajja. Really great story, so cute and sweet. Good work. M'nM

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Review #4, by Moony_ProngsMy Heart Belonged to You.: Starting a new beginning

3rd May 2004:
mooooooooooore! I like it!!!!!

Author's Response: ok I looked at ur account and it says there are 2 of you... did u both read it? or did u review twice? WELL ANYWAYS!!! THANK YOU FOR ADDING ME TO YOUR FAVORITES!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

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Review #5, by Moony_ProngsTime After Time: Yes

3rd May 2004:
OMG!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!! He's such a cuty!!!!! really... pls post more!! pls, continue, I love your fic! M'nM

Author's Response: will do!

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Review #6, by Moony_ProngsDoes true love really work?: Some Where Over the Rainbow

25th April 2004:
It'll be cool if there is a prequel, to find out what happened and stuff. But I aslow ant to know what happens next... meet Amie, see how things work out and so on :) The story is really great and it's going directly to out fav. list ;) M'nM

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Review #7, by Moony_ProngsNot Darkness But Absence of Light: Back to Reality

18th April 2004:
Ohhhhhhhhhhh, I love it, I love when they are so sweet and funny!! Great chapter. I woke up 15 mm ago and the first thing that crossed my mind was coming here, and to make a great start I find you fic updated, that's great! Great chap! Update soon!! M'nM

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Review #8, by Moony_ProngsNot Darkness But Absence of Light: The Reason Why.

15th April 2004:
Great Great Great.. now I won't say thing cuz It took us some time to update our Fic.... so just post a new chapter when you can... just don't take that long... Great Great Great M'nM

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Review #9, by Moony_ProngsNot Darkness But Absence of Light: Flitwick’s Project

27th March 2004:
Ooooooooooooooooo, wonder what they'll do :) hehehehe... moreeeeee moreeeeeee moreeeeeeee it's wicked!!!

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Review #10, by Moony_ProngsNot Darkness But Absence of Light: Christmas Day

21st March 2004:
OMG!!! You just not hit them with a curse!!! Holly!!!!!! And Rose?? Lily's best friend?? the green light!!! she's not dead, is she?? nooooooo, poor them!!! PLs more more more more more more more :) MORE!!!!!!!! M'nM :)

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Review #11, by Moony_ProngsThe Year of Bliss: Chapter 13

10th March 2004:
I hope you really don't let it die... lol... really short... but it's ok... inteludes.. neway, pls more!! M'nM

Author's Response: YOU ARE HILARIOUS!! I keep checking reviews just to see if you review! Oh okay um next chapter should be up soon! EEK this si a hectic week but my writers block is kind of going away! Its still partially there!!! but thank you for reviewing! *huggles* Katie

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Review #12, by Moony_ProngsHopes, Lies, and Discoveries: Apologies and Explanations

7th March 2004:
Soooooo sweet!!! hermoso, lo maximo.. I love it!! Gosh Ron can be really thick sometimes... but he's soooooo cute I love him!!! *covers herself before Hermione punches her* lol... pls post more :) M'nM

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Review #13, by Moony_ProngsThe Most Inopportune of Times: I've wanted to do that for a really long time

7th March 2004:
Really cool begining. Post more... he kissed ehr... how sweet!! M'nM

Author's Response: Yes, Ron does have the capacity to be sweet, although most of the time with Hermione he's either angry or jealous or both. We might see this side of him coming out later....Thanks for reading!

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Review #14, by Moony_ProngsThe Year of Bliss: Prologue

6th March 2004:
Cuuuuuuuuuuute!!! no!! no writer's block!! shift it away... yell expecto patronum.. hopefully it'll work too!! lol... just ignore tha part, hehe. Pls post more soon!!!!!!!!!!! M'nM

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Review #15, by Moony_ProngsNot Darkness But Absence of Light: Saving Face

25th February 2004:
I love it!!! Poor LIly... it must be really hard, find yourself with no one but your dreadful sister. Though she's got her friends.... and James... *sight* so sweet, how they linked arms, and how she grabbed his hnds... more more more more more more more!!!!! :) M'nM

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Review #16, by Moony_ProngsNot Darkness But Absence of Light: Flitwick’s Project

13th February 2004:
I'm back. You definetly should bother! I want to read more. James can be so sweet sometimes! no, wait, all the time. And how he squeezed Lily's hand at the end, that was so sweet! Post more, pls!! wow, that was a long chapter, I had to read it between work, jejeje, more, pls more!!! And thanx for ur review, hehe. M'nM

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Review #17, by Moony_ProngsNot Darkness But Absence of Light: So Close Yet So Far

8th February 2004:
So now it's my turn to review you and let me congratulate you!! I love this fic, is so great, James is being so sweet as always, and Malfoy is just a son of a b****, sorry, but to beat Lily like that??? Ohh, you updated on my b-day, that was a nice treat :) PLs post more soon!!!! M'nM

Author's Response: thank you so much for your review, i agree with you about malfoy......i love your story to and cant wait for you to update

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Review #18, by Moony_ProngsUnexpected Love: Keeping the Common Room Empty

8th February 2004:
Awww, so sweet that his friends would do domething like that, lol! Yikes, and Lily is finally realising... M'nM

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Review #19, by Moony_Prongs24 Hours: Hour 1: Hour of Awakenings

8th February 2004:
Nooooooo, you have any idea how many we've waited for you to come qith this little?? hehe, only Joking, the story is great, but pleaseeeeeee post moereeeeeee M'nM

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Review #20, by Moony_ProngsOdd Couple: Lily's Despair

23rd January 2004:
OMG!!!! no way!! I wanna know what's next... that was so sweet, poor james, he boght the dress and the shoes, he even made the report, and Lily yelled at him... oh my!!! PLs continue!!!!!! M'nM

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Review #21, by Moony_ProngsOdd Couple: The Ideal Christmas Vacation

20th January 2004:
That was mean! (in EVERY sense!!!)You've got to continue it! :) u've got 2!!!!!!!! poor James, but both of them are right :)

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