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Review #1, by KlwPadfoot's Story: In The Forest

31st October 2007:
liked the action. Also, i liked the way you showed flashbacks of Sirius's family life, just how it should be, and of course with the other marauders :) I also like the way you're showing parts of the 3rd book from his point of view.

Author's Response: Thanks - I'm glad you liked it :) If I'm entirely honest though this was written so long ago I can hardly remember it! Lol, showing parts of the 3rd bok from a different PoV was the inspiration for this story, so I'm glad you enjoyed that aspect of it too! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #2, by KlwPuppy Love: Walk the Dog

23rd May 2006:
Great chapter! There 1 thing though. Hermione lives in england and a leash is called a lead, a sidewalk is called a pavement and i'm not sure that there are many firehydrants...dogs tend 2 pee up lamposts here lol
OMG i loved it when he didn't want to go in front of hermione, sooo funny! LOL hahahaha, love it when he realised he wanted the squeaky toy lol
Awww poor ron! Like the way you made him react to victor! Great work...i look 4wrd 2 the nxt chapter!!! :)

Author's Response: Wow... thanks for the headsup... i really didn't know they didnt have firehydrants... or the different terms for leashes and sidewalks... thats cool lol... but what do they do about fires? :-p I guess i will leave it as it is tho... im lazy like that haha... ttyl!

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Review #3, by KlwPuppy Love: Goodnight, Muffin

23rd May 2006:
Awww this was a cute chapter!!! :D I loved the way you described ron having a bath, so funny and exactly how a dog would behave hahaha. I could just picture him...and walking on the bed too LOL Great chapter!!!

Author's Response: Yeah... i could really see it in my head... ironically i have never seen a dog get a bath or walk on a bed... but i am pretty sure if i were to watch this is how it would go lol... most all small animals would look funny in situations like those tho, right? :-p

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Review #4, by KlwPuppy Love: Making Friends.. Sort Of

7th May 2006:
hahahaha, great chapter! I love the rivalry between crookshanks and ron. You have the mannerisms in ron written well LOL I like the fact that we see what he's thinking rather than hear what he's saying.

Author's Response: Thanks ;-) I tried to keep the Ron we all know and love in tact while in doggie form :-p As for the "seeing" the thoughts... that was something I carried over from my other stories... especially the Marauder era ones... but mostly any actual thoughts by a character are italicized in my stories... its only when a character is completely transformed into something else that you see their entire conversation with themselves that way... Anyhoo.. lol.. KEEP READING! I'm loving these reviews :-p See you back next chappie! :-D

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Review #5, by KlwPuppy Love: The Disguise

6th May 2006:
Awww, this is a sweet story - a very good idea! LOL I like the whole thing about the name at the end!

Author's Response: lol thanks.... wow... the response to this story has been great... please keep the reviews coming next chpt! :-D

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Review #6, by KlwThe Rise of Lord Titus: Judgment

8th February 2006:
The start is real sad. It made me remember those times too...horrible to think how this all happened. The battle is horrible. Draco and McGonagall dying kind of symbolises the death of hogwarts or something because they are the last ones really associated with it apart from ron. Oh, so that was the last horcrux? Thought it'd be something close to him. The bit where harry speaks is so sad. The way ron's emotions come up again. The ending is really tragic. All the trio split up, it's horrible. This story has kept me hooked throughout, great work. I hope you continue writing more fics cos you're a great writer. I am your biggest fan! Your story was excellent...the best i've read!

Author's Response: Thank you so very much, it's truly a great feeling to have dedicated readers such as you. I think my play on emotion was much better in this story; just straight anger in the last one. Anyways, I'm honoured that you should proclaim yourself as my biggest fan. In the future, I shall make an effort not to let you down.

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Review #7, by KlwThe Rise of Lord Titus: Once More Upon the Breach

8th February 2006:
I like the imagry u use at the start of this chapter. It's really sad what ron had planned after the battle, like his life isn't worth living. It's ironic the way Ron and Draco, old enemies, ivevitably come together in the end. Ron's speech was very moving too. Draco is still the same little sneak he always was, using people to get into a better position. Good chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks, one more chap...

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Review #8, by KlwThe Rise of Lord Titus: The Predecessor

7th February 2006:
Ron's new mood seems to fit in with the whole situation. OMG Ron is becoming harry. It sent a chill down my spine as i read. He's becoming just as brutal. The way he labled the cross harry is quite chilling. Don't ask me why. This is all getting unnerving now with the three, well two now that hermione's gone, fighting. Doesn't seem right, they had such a strong friendship, it's so sad! They're not that different in the end, are they?

Author's Response: Hmmm, who knows?

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Review #9, by KlwThe Rise of Lord Titus: The Lament

7th February 2006:
I like the idea that Ron is digging with hands instead of magic, symbolises how much she means to him. The emotion is shown well. Such a sad eding to Hermione's life. This chapter was written well in the way it made it final. I hope Ron gets his revenge! By the way, i apologise for not reviewing in a while, i haven't been on the site but i shall catch up!

Author's Response: No worries in regards to your reviewing. I view it as a privelage, and you should not view it as an obligation.

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Review #10, by KlwThe Rise of Lord Titus: Wrath and Retribution: Part II

18th January 2006:
Oh no...Mrs. weasley and the others dead...that's terrible. I thought there was something funny about that crow in the last chapter. Titus' big speech very much puts me in mind of voldemort, the way he explains everything. NO! You killed hermione? I honestly thought there'd be some doubt with titus there. Hermione helped harry and was there for him so many times and he didn't even stop for a moment. I would have thought he'd have another internal battle with himself. I hate to think what ron will do now...

Author's Response: Now you see, why I said that this did not belong in the romance section. And at this point, Titus has completely smothered the influence of his former self, and used Hermione as a weapon against Ron. You are right to fear what Ron will do next...

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Review #11, by KlwThe Rise of Lord Titus: Exposure and Deceit

12th January 2006:
Ooh, creey corpse up in the bell tower. I like the fact that ron and hermione are finally getting along, hopefully we'll see more of them together...Oh, Ginny's still alive. The bit in her letter where it said "i had to devote a day to mourn for them" makes it sound like it's a burden to her. Uh-oh...i sense titus...i wudda though ron wud have more sense...(great chapter again!!!)

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Review #12, by KlwThe Rise of Lord Titus: Adaptation

5th January 2006:
This is really sad! The dream he had. I can't believe he'd destroy the only place he ever truly called home! How could he? And it was really upsetting when Ron swore he'd kill him. They were such good friends! Finally, the moment when Hermione realises everything! I feel sorry for Ron, having to carry the burden of this secret around. It's so sad, a friendship that used to be so strong breaking like this...No, he's going after Ron and hermione...they better watch out! Another great chapter, i look forwards to every one you post, good work!!! I love this fic, it's the main one i read. I hope to see, or rather, read, a chapter where the three friends confront each other, it should be intresting with them coming face to face.

Author's Response: Once again, I question whether this should be in the angst category. As I had Titus note, the final conflict is drawing near, and the conclusion to this story as well.

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Review #13, by KlwThe Rise of Lord Titus: Wrath and Retribution: Part I

4th January 2006:
Wow i like the beginning scene in this. I like the battle you've got going on between harry and titus. You portray his anger very well and it showed he's getting like voldemort with horcruxes. He's rather brutal, the way he killed that man by stopping him breathing! Good to see Ron's finally caught on about how simple the rescue was. I was cringing as the titans approached, can't believe no one noticed!!! He really is rather evil, that titus! Good to see McGonagall again! I like the think you wrote about losing Hedwig, it must have been distressing, like loosing a last remaining part of harry. Great chapter once again, can't wait for the next it's getting very exciting!

Author's Response: It will only get worse from here, as a warning.

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Review #14, by KlwThe Rise of Lord Titus: A Daring Gambit

28th December 2005:
I liked the little humour at Ron's "beard" in this! LOL Intriguing cellmate...wonder who...? Ron's speech sounds much better in this chapter and i like the thing bout bein protective over hermione. The Titan base seems a little too deserted...too easy...good to see the fred and george mischevious nature shining through in ron! Moody a horcrux?!!! What a twist...excellent! Must have been horrible for ron to do this. These little emotional struggles are written into the story well! Another excellent chapter, keep up the good work...loved it and the plot twist!

Author's Response: Yes, you noticed the main focus of this chapter. It was far too easy.

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Review #15, by KlwThe Rise of Lord Titus: Winter Strife

27th December 2005:
I like the opening of this chapter. The bit where Ron goes back to his home is really sad, makes you feel really sorry for him. I think the way you write how Ron is feeling and what he's lost is done very well but there's one thing that makes me pause in this story and it doesn't seem to fit. It's the way Ron speaks. I can't imagine Ron speaking in such a "proper" manner. I can't believe Ron doesn't see right through Draco's nasty little plots! It's obvious he wants titus gone so he can get rid of the resistance...he wants to get rid of ron and the others. Oh no, why did they let Shamus go out and fight! That entry in the journal was very interesting. It sends a shiver down your spine as you realise what's happening to him. It's sad really. It's hard to believe he still wants to defeat voldemort but wants to hurt everyone he cared about too! You said you're not good with romantic descriptions but sometimes what you don't read means more than what you do if you get my meaning. Great chapter i have longly been waiting for this and loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you, it has seemingly taken ages to get this validated, as it was well over a week. I apologize for making Ron speak as he does, it's just how I write, and be it as it may, perhaps it is a bad habit, I'll edit just a touch.

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Review #16, by KlwThe Rise of Lord Titus: A Fallen Knight

18th December 2005:
This chapter was really sad. I loved the was you depicted Neville's funeral and how he'd died, it really showed the scene with Shamus. That almost made me cry. The funeral was real sad too. The was you described how Neville had been. That was really great writing. I liked the scene with Ron and Hermione too. The emotional battle ron faces and the secret h keeps from her is really well written. Well done on another excellent chapter! There's one thing i'd like to know more about. Like how exactly Harry disappeared. This story just keeps growing in brilliance! Kepp up the good work...welll done!!!

Author's Response: Thanks. I did my best to make this chapter depressing, and I'm starting to wonder if I shouldn't have put it in the Angst category? Anyway, Harry's disappearance is mostly just assumed. Nobody knew who Titus was on his debut, and searches for Harry and the like would prove useless, so, there you go.

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Review #17, by KlwThe Rise of Lord Titus: Revelation

15th December 2005:
Harry! I hear him. I liked that you put the agruement of good and evil in. It gets Titus questioning himself and i think this is good, it sort of shows why he killed Neville so horribly. It seems he was really confused when he hesitated because the horcruxes have consumed him. Another great flashback, kinda sad and more great description. Sad ending because i want to see hermione and ron live through it and get together but it doesn't seem possible at the moment. I like the fact you've paired them up, like with neville and luna, because i'm sick of idiotic people paring up like hermione and draco or's rediculous. I just want to congratulate you on another superb chapter! Great work!!! Post more soon pretty please...i'm dying to read more, it's like a book i can't put down!!! LOL

Author's Response: It's so encouraging to have a dedicated reader, so for that I thank you so much. I've really put a lot of thought into this story, more than my last. It's been tough to nail all the angles, but I've done my best. I already have some chapters on the way, so don't worry about that, and also, I agree with you on the Draco/Hermione thing, or the even more absurd: Draco/Ginny. Strangely, there are more Draco/Hermione stories than any other. Weird.

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Review #18, by KlwThe Rise of Lord Titus: Ruminations

15th December 2005:
I love the way you explain what has happened before these events, it's very helpful. It gives you a better picture of the full story. I knew it was too good to be true for Draco to help Ron and the others but it fits that he'd hate his father. He doesn't seem as power-hungy as he is in the books. Is he possibly planning to create some army like the resistance? Who's side is he on exactly? Wow, Neville's really brave. It makes you panic when Titus shows up! You're writing this very well and pacing it to near perfection. I'm enjoying it immensly! Wow! Was that harry i heard inside titus? Yes, that's the harry i know! YAY!!! Very good! At last! OMG! He killed Neville? No! That was horrible. I hated the way he said he'd be with Luna! He really is unhinged! Surely there's still some good in there somewhere...? I think you still need a little bit about why he is SO evil...really doesn't seem possible without explaination but sheer brilliance with this chapter...well done!

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Review #19, by KlwThe Rise of Lord Titus: Cloak and Dagger

15th December 2005:
Good chapter but i don't get why Lucius would just kill himself like that. Also, was he on Titus' side? That doesn't really make sense. I like the way you got Draco to help, i suspected it was him. It makes sense after everything he would have been through.

Author's Response: Lucius killed himself, utilizing a tactic who knows how old. It's just the depriving the enemy of an intelligence source. With Seamus hospitalized and the other spy dead, the resistance was in dire need of intelligence, one which Lucius was not about to give them.

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Review #20, by KlwThe Rise of Lord Titus: Urban Warfare

15th December 2005:
I loved this chapter, even though it was rather gruesome! The imagery you used with Shamus was horrible but it certainly shows how horrible the whole situation is. You really put a clear image into my head as i read this chapter. I particularly liked the section with hedwig. I really felt sorry for Neville and...i loved the way you described the battle, it was great...i can't say enough good things about this story, i'm running out of compliments! There's just one thing i'd like to say, though. I think someone mentioned this in a review and i agree that you should write something about harry having an inner battle between good and evil, it'd make the whole thing easier and it's fit more with the stories we know and the harry we know. It's be interesting to read about how harry chose to do this. anyway, loving the story and i'll read more soon, keep up the good work!!!

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Review #21, by KlwThe Rise of Lord Titus: Eye of the Storm

13th December 2005:
This chapter was very exciting. Titus is quire gruesome! The letter Ron got was intriguing i shall certainly look forward 2 reading more on that when i continue to the next chapter. Poor Sheamus. It was quite ironic how he wasn't spotted as a spy but was then killed by a death eater for singing. That was really sad! Great chapter...i shall recomend this story, it's great!

Author's Response: Yes, indeed he is gruesome. And I feel your pain for Seamus as well.

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Review #22, by KlwThe Rise of Lord Titus: Chronicle

3rd December 2005:
This chapter was very exciting, it certainly filled in a few gaps! I didn't expect lord Titus to be harry potter. I thought harry was just using horcruxes to help him defeat voldemort so he'd live to see him gone. Good work...keep it up, i'm enjoying this story very much!!!

Author's Response: You see, I don't think I'll write a chapter from Titus' point of view, and so one can only assume that Harry Potter became... addicted to Horcruxes?

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Review #23, by KlwThe Rise of Lord Titus: The Successor

2nd December 2005:
this is getting really good. I assume Titus is Percy or someone else from his family at the moment. I can't wait to see more of Titus's evilness...

Author's Response: One can only make assumptions...except when there's more chapters.

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Review #24, by KlwThe Rise of Lord Titus: Fighting Fire with Fire

2nd December 2005:
OMG! I love this beginning, it's so good. You write really well and i shall add u 2 my favourite authors list! LOL This chapter makes u want to read more...and i's very intriquing!

Author's Response: Wow! Favorite author's list? I'm honored! Thanks and I hope you enjoy!

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Review #25, by KlwThe Marauders: Love is in the air...

22nd October 2005:
I liked the plots and stuff in this chapter but it seems you were rushing when you wrote. It made me stop when reading because of poor grammar have them in ur other chapters a little but this one the most...

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