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Review #1, by gabzi27Seventeen Ain’t So Sweet (Especially When You’re A Half-Blood): I Dont Wanna Be In Love

15th March 2008:
Remus-Isabelle, give it a chance ! Please 10/10 i dont rarely review ang thing but if i can vote for a goo ship that was ment to be i will

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Review #2, by gabzi27From Hate To Love: Fulfilling A Prophecy: The Rescue

17th July 2007:
omg omg you updated this is my favorite story, i thought you had died, those bastards trying to do that to sirius, but why did that happen to lilly and not to raven, o o o oo im so happy keep more comming

Author's Response: i'm glad i still have readers! i will be submitting the next chapter by the end of this week

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Review #3, by gabzi27Not Another Harry Potter FanFic: Chapter 7

28th May 2007:
So glad that the twins are back (in a way), but Brad, the x-files, now is that for comic relife or will it actually matter later on? ,a chocolate coffin and cotten candy snow, perfect. Why's the Room of Requirement not working? Amazing chapter, glad you updated.

Author's Response: I couldn't bear not to have them around. The X-Files... not sure. I might have them come back, I might not. Like I've said before, I really have no clue what's going to happen until I write it.

The room of requirement has stopped working for a very specific and serious reason.


Come now. Every author at one time or another has used that room for characters to shag in, no matter WHAT pairing they're shipping.

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Review #4, by gabzi27Harry Potter and the Priest of York: Forgiveness.

23rd April 2007:
Hi ya Brad,
Glad I read this as soon as I did, really a good read. I don't exactly know if this is the right idea but did Father Ted, save Harry from killing himself or at least having a midlife crisis. Loved the story, understandable that Bill would be able to destroy them, being he is a curse breaker, good idea, once again,

Author's Response: Hi Gabrielle!

Thanks for reading this. Um, I don't think that the Harry in my story would have killed himself, per-se. The rating on this is 12+ (and has always been) so the possibility never really even entered my head. If you're thinking that his wounds in the first chapter first self-inflicted, you've mistaken my intent. I was only trying to indicate that he'd nearly been killed in his final battle with Voldemort.

That theory about Bill has been floating around for awhile. I think I first read it in fanfiction here, but I can't specifically recall where. It makes sense though. His job for Gringots has been shrouded in mystery since the first book.

Thanks for the great review!

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Review #5, by gabzi27Wishing This Day Would Never End: Parental Panics

16th April 2007:
more now, please

Author's Response: second Chapters in validation

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Review #6, by gabzi27Christmas in Peacetime: Christmas in Peacetime

13th April 2007:
im glad found this as it was an amazing story and i was one of the people you thanked

Author's Response: Hi, Gabzi27! Thanks for all of your awesome reviews!

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Review #7, by gabzi27Not Another Harry Potter FanFic: Chapter 6

7th April 2007:
Brad, what are you thinking, lol never mind love the story keep working, cant wait to see more like the prophecy thing and that Hermione gets to keep a secret from everyone for once, and making Hermione write that letter, very interesting, o and you better have a really good reason why you killed off Gred and Forge

Author's Response: Hi Gabrielle!

Thanks for reading, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Truth be told I have no idea what I'm doing. When I had Hermione write that letter, I did it, because it seemed funny at the time. Who knew that the reason had anything to do with a prophecy?! Certainly not me. It turned out rather well though, all thing considered. And when I say "all things" I mean me not having a plan or an outline for this story.

The same thing goes for Fred and George. To a certain extent anyway. I don't really think it's funny at all, but I wanted to find out what would happen if I did it.

It makes for some very interesting writing. chapter 7...someday.

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Review #8, by gabzi27If Only: Déjà Vu

7th April 2007:
omg more please

Author's Response: lol! Sure x)

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Review #9, by gabzi27Done: Leaving

2nd April 2007:
more or i shall, i dont know what i shall do but i shall do something

Author's Response: lol! don't worry! more is on the way! ^_^

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Review #10, by gabzi27Questions: Questions

2nd April 2007:
o please do

Author's Response: I will i promise it is already started

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Review #11, by gabzi27Just Another Love Story: New Years Ball

13th March 2007:
more plaease !

Author's Response: already updated =)

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Review #12, by gabzi27Love and Jealousy: Love and Jealousy

13th March 2007:
i like hermione gessing what "her" name was going into favorites , o and 10/10

Author's Response: oh, thank you so much! *tear*

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Review #13, by gabzi27He Knew: He Knew

23rd February 2007:
omg perfect, and going into favorites o and 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you so much.

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Review #14, by gabzi27Truth.....or Dare: A Review of Summer

19th February 2007:
i really do like you story please keep writing and ill keep reading

Author's Response: Thanks! I just fixed this chapter with my beta so a better version will be up soon! As soon as that is validated I'm going to send the second chapter of this to my beta. Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #15, by gabzi27What Really Matters?: The Cold Shoulder

15th February 2007:

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Review #16, by gabzi27First.: Apartment 2b on Gardenia Street

15th February 2007:
o keep writing

Author's Response: i sure will. ;D thanks for the review.

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Review #17, by gabzi27The Secret of Ginny: Getting Together + The New Order Member

11th February 2007:
more please

Author's Response: coming right up

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Review #18, by gabzi27Not Another Harry Potter FanFic: Chapter 5

11th February 2007:
Brad, your the best, keep writing

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! Keep reading!

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Review #19, by gabzi27Ginny's Fate: The Plan

8th February 2007:
more please

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Review #20, by gabzi27The Way You Make Me Feel: Yes, James. I'll Meet You At Midnight

24th December 2006:
omg too cute, i love it

Author's Response: Cuteness! YAY!

Happy to hear you loved it!

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Review #21, by gabzi27A Promise Made is a Promise Kept: Take Two

24th December 2006:
o loved this chapter update soon please

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing again! And thanks once more for reading :-)

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Review #22, by gabzi27Remus's Memories: Epilogue

24th December 2006:
omg that was so cuite, you are a great author, keep writing and ill kepp reading. it as definaltly worth the wait

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Review #23, by gabzi27Have A Very Merry Potter-Weasley Christmas!!!: Have A Very Merry Potter-Weasley Christmas!!!

16th December 2006:
omg so cuite going into favorites

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #24, by gabzi27Six Things I Hate About You: Bad Habits

11th December 2006:
More please

Author's Response: okays!

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Review #25, by gabzi27Different Shades of Love: Comfort at The Burrow

2nd December 2006:
update please, I NEED MORE

Author's Response: i will :D soon.
chapter four is completed and is being edited as i type lol
thanx 4 ur review

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