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Review #1, by Innocent EyezBehind these Hazel Eyes: Behind these Hazel Eyes

24th October 2005:
it was very very beautiful ! , i hope those five words show my love for this fin .

Author's Response: Why thank you. It is pretty emotional. I'm glad to know you've enjoyed it.

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Review #2, by Innocent EyezWelcome to My Litter Box: Escape Pod

14th September 2005:
Lol very funny i loved it sooooooooo much Please continue its soooo cute and funny!

Author's Response: Ill definitely continue!

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Review #3, by Innocent EyezSwitching with Sirius: The Unfortunate Swap: Part 2: The Chapter of Stress, Truths, and Hallway Conversations

13th September 2005:

Author's Response: Don't shake your fist at me silly. Glad you loved the chapter, don't worry, I will write more. *wink*. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #4, by Innocent EyezMissing Memories: I Hate You

4th September 2005:
I love this story its been in my fave for a long time now but i never really started it until today and i couldnt stop reading it I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! I'm glad that you like it so much! Keep r/ring; the next chapter should hopefully be up soon!

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Review #5, by Innocent EyezWhose Line is it Anyway?: Hoedown

30th August 2005:
OMG my dad is staring at me and saying "Shut up will you !"and my sister is laughing too i love this story its hilerius

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Review #6, by Innocent EyezWelcome to My Litter Box: The Orange Abomination

29th August 2005:
I Need to slapp my slef *SLAPS!*.....ow! that hurt , i noticed i read this story but i forgot to Review it and add it to my favorites , it took me a hour to find it again , But since i love it soo much i found it and am writing this review which i neglected to write before , If you wish to slap me aswell please do so *Bows head* But anyway i love this story WHY HAVNT YOU UPDATED ! its a great story its my frist humor fic i read ! i love it ! It is sooooo going on my favorites ...............i will be pokeing you with a stick until you continue *Pokes with stick...Pokes with stick..Pokes with stick..Pokes with stick..*Muahahahaha*continue's to pokes with stick..*

Author's Response: Hey Innocent Eyes I'm really glad that you are enjoying this! I am reallllly sorry that it's been over a week since I updated this story, but I am working on two stories on this site, this one and Eclipse of the Sky which tends to have significantly longer chapters. I also have 17 credits this semester, am working in a reptillian/amphibian lab (My first job in my field! WOOHOO!) and just found out that I may need carpal tunnel surgery (for writing so much) so I've been going a bit easier on writing. Hopefully that pathetic plea of mine will make some sense. ;) Chapter 3 however should be done sometime towards the end of the week. I am so sorry about that btw, normally I do update quicker. And whats this poking with a stick? *Grabs stick and pokes back* (((Sees Innocent Eyez with a tree branch charging)))) AHHHH!!!! *runs*

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Review #7, by Innocent EyezOne dozen Pink and Purple ping pong balls: 1st ending

29th August 2005:
Lol okay Different....DIFFERENT IT GOOD!

Author's Response: Thank you!!

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Review #8, by Innocent EyezFive Golden Rules: Rule Number Three

28th August 2005:

Author's Response: Great! Thanks!

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Review #9, by Innocent EyezA Journal and Time Travel: Your Son

24th August 2005:
i didnt know you made another story i was readin it then i read the author and i was like "OMG KIM NEVER TOLD ME SHE DID ANOTHER ONE! " i thought twins dont keep secrets :( lol j/p i like this one but The Witch With Pink Eyez i better i think but thats just my opinion so i dont no one screaming at me lol yea so see you at dinner

Author's Response: lol i forgot to tell you ! opps

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Review #10, by Innocent EyezThe Witch With The Pink Eyez: Hurting Ron

24th August 2005:
Sissy i like your story it getting good lol poor ron

Author's Response: LoL "sissy" you know i dont like it when you call me dat lol its ok i guess yea i know poor ron getting elbowed...IT HURTS!

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Review #11, by Innocent EyezA Marauders Tale: The Wrath of Amber

23rd August 2005:
I LOVE IT ... Oh Hi im OwlEyez Sister lol you can tell by the Eyez thingy lol were soo related lol were twins! oh are we lol j/k My sis told me too read this story . I LOVE IT !

Author's Response: :) Yay! I'm soooooooo glad you like my story!

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Review #12, by Innocent EyezThe Clear Signs: Moony Sucks at Giving Advice

22nd August 2005:
love it keep going !

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm working on the next chapter.

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Review #13, by Innocent EyezThe Witch With The Pink Eyez: Whos she?

20th August 2005:
Hey Sissy! its your little sister i hope you read my FanFics . I LOVE YOUR'S there better then mine *sobs* lol i'll shut up now . Hey read my Fanfic i based someone on you kimmie! K bye -Luv Kimberly

Author's Response: lol I will read them lol and dont you mean -Luv you Kimberly ?? lol your an almost worst spelling then me By the way ....Owl Eyez is soooo much better then Innocent Eyez lol and you aint innocent ..Girl you know im playin k luv yea thanks for reveiwing

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Review #14, by Innocent EyezA Changing of Faith: Reveal Your Secrets

20th August 2005:
LOVING IT LOVING IT ...........i secretly thing Regulus is R.A.B i was just thinkign of it yesterday . Is Artimis really his middle name ? I love it !

Author's Response: LOL...THANKS! I'm not sure if Artemis is really Regulus Black's middle name...but I thought it suited him at the time I wrote it. I'm glad you like it so far. I'll probably have the third chapter up by Friday or Saturday of this week. Thank you for your review!

Author's Response: Scratch that! Friday or Saturday of NEXT week...sheesh! It's almost 3:00am and I'm really tired...LOL...hope you all forgive me for the temporary brain fart! So yes...chapter three will be up by the 26th or 27th. Happy reading!

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