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Review #1, by quill_in_the_inkLiving Life: Chapter Thirty Two

7th July 2006:
WOw good chapter! But once again I have some constructive (yes, it's constructive, don't look at me like that!) criticism: That little voice in the back of your mind that tells you right from wrong is your conscience. Your conciousness is something different, your being awake, alert, and aware of your surroundings.

Keep up the good work!!

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Review #2, by quill_in_the_inkLiving Life: Chapter Thirty One

6th July 2006:
Good story, but you really need to do some proof reading. Just go over it after you write it- especially the newspaper article.

Good job so far, keep writing!!

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Review #3, by quill_in_the_inkLiving Life: Chapter Eighteen

4th July 2006:
retreating, NOT retrieving!

re·trieve: (r-trv) v.

1.To get back; regain.
2. To rescue or save.
3. Sports. To make a difficult but successful return of (a ball or shuttlecock, as in tennis or badminton).

re·treat: (r-trt) n.

1. The act or process of withdrawing, especially from something hazardous, formidable, or unpleasant.
2. The process of going backward or receding from a position or condition gained.

I'm sorry for being snappy, but you use that phrase so much incorrectly it's taking away from the story. Please fix and keep on writing, I love your work!!!

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Review #4, by quill_in_the_inkLiving Life: Chapter Seven

22nd June 2006:
Good story, but I just can't see Voldemort getting into politics. He strikes me more as a "Godfather"-type character, staying in underground and having his goonies do the dirty work. Blatantly and openly declaring one's discrimination against another race or group is never good for the reputation, no matter how many followers are aquired.

Author's Response: I suppose I could see Voldemort as the "Godfather", but I don't think that he got his taboo from working underground...I think he was really open about how he felt, and since many of the Wizarding Community feel the same, I don't think it woudl be that bad for his reputation. I don't know though--that's just how I would imagine it would be.

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Review #5, by quill_in_the_inkI Loved You More: Blaze of Hatred

14th January 2006:
Ergh..I'm sorry....I couldn't even finish this chapter...

Author's Response: Was it really that bad? Well, fine. While we're being honest, you're pretty mean sometimes.

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Review #6, by quill_in_the_inkI Loved You More: Shattered Perfection

13th January 2006:
Reviewing!! Five or six more chapters? But they're only in fifth year! I liked this one, but it kind of had a lightheaded feel to it. And two months?! Come on!! I'll never last that long!!!! TYPE FAST!!

Author's Response: Ahh, where are you coming up with these numbers? I can't remember saying that anywhere. You're freaking me out!!! (by the way, glad you liked the chapter).

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Review #7, by quill_in_the_inkI Loved You More: In the Rain

13th January 2006:

Author's Response: I'm trying, I'm trying

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Review #8, by quill_in_the_inkI Loved You More: The Only "He"

13th January 2006:
Write fast! You're smart! You're speedy! YOU'VE GOT THE POWER!!!

Author's Response: Yay! I'VE GOT THE POWER!

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Review #9, by quill_in_the_inkI Loved You More: Trust Me

11th January 2006:
Erm...sorry...but i HATED that chapter....it's such a big twist that the storyline gets bent in all sorts of directions....and it didn't exactly have a main event, either.... better luck next time!

Author's Response: Aww, you really HATED it? Oh well, at least you're honest, huh? This chapter didn't really have a main event because it's kind of a part one of a little plot. I mean, I just end my chapters where I think my readers will be most intrigued (hem, hem, annoyed) or where I'm just tired and want to get an update over with...But I had planned where I wanted to end this one. Sure, it's not a hugely significant chapter in the action sense of the plot, but it WILL turn out to be a necessary part. Just wait and see. Now let me go scrape up some happy thoughts so I can forget about this review.....

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Review #10, by quill_in_the_inkI Loved You More: Part III: Sacrifice, Chapter 23: Those Spring Nights

11th January 2006:
Only five chapters to go......keep updating!!! PLEASE!!!

Author's Response: Ah, it's coming!!!

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Review #11, by quill_in_the_inkI Loved You More: Unforgiving Marks

11th January 2006:
The only reason I am reviewing is that I don't want to finish the chapters you've written so far...I'll drive myself insane waiting for the next one. So, very good chapter, a little vague in parts, and Lily does seem to have a lot of mood swings. (i've found that it's easier to write about how a character feels when the author feels the same; i.e. cheerful, bummed, repressed, etc.) I like how you subtly hint that Lily is starting to like James, though. Oh, and by the way... "James’ smile lingered on his face but a hint of deep interest had crept into it. Lily thought she detected a trace of hope, too." <
Author's Response: Oh yes...Lily is extremely confused and messed up in that chapter. She just doesn't really know what to feel. And I TOTALLY know what you mean about the author feeling the same way as the character. I cannot write happy parts when I'm depressed or pissed off and vice versa....probably one of the reasons why it takes me a while to get a chapter done. Cause I really have to get in the right mood and I think it's easier, and the result is also much better. Thank you so much! great review!!

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Review #12, by quill_in_the_inkI Loved You More: To Be Loved

11th January 2006:
What?! AaH! too short!!! I don't want the story to end!! I want to read!!

Author's Response: Hahaha! It's not quite over for you yet...

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Review #13, by quill_in_the_inkI Loved You More: Despised Addiction

10th January 2006:
Ah! Poor Lily!! This chapter is a kind of deja-vu...exactly what happened to Harry, but for different reasons. I really like it! The story's like a roller-coaster: ups and downs and right now, in the middle of a pretty big twist. Keep up the good work, and update as fast as you can!!

Author's Response: I don't know what you mean about it being exactly like what happened to Harry....You mean with Cho? Because this whole thing with Clive and Lily, sure, they're not exactly meant for each other either, but it's more of an esteem issue with Lily. With Harry, I'd say they had different priorities and they just didn't go together well....But I'm so happy you like the story. Thanks for the reviews...they actually make me think about my own fic. Thanks!

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Review #14, by quill_in_the_inkI Loved You More: Disguises

10th January 2006:
Ok, ok...reviewing........ That was a very good chapter, I think. A tad on the confusing side but you snap it back up at the end. It's one of those stories where you're reading it and go, "What the heck is his problem?" And inwardly decide not to talk to that person, but then suddenly remember that they don't exist. Keep up the good work and update quickly! I read fast!

Author's Response: Yeah, I just skimmed it and I agree, it is a tad confusing. If I had written it now, I would do it differently but whatever. I'm not prepared to rewrite the whole thing. haha! I love the way you put that...deciding not to talk to the characters. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #15, by quill_in_the_inkI Loved You More: The First of Many

4th January 2006:
Aah! I don't like how it jumps to Harry at the end!

Author's Response: Whoa...I forgot I'd even done that. I went back to read that part and I agree, it was pretty cheesy. But I wrote that chapter over two years ago so give me a break. hehe. I like to think I've come a long way since then. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #16, by quill_in_the_inkI Loved You More: Dipping and Spinning

4th January 2006:
I really like the story! It's weird how you have them only in fifth year, though..

Author's Response: Yes, I know. When I first started this thing, which was a LONG time ago, I planned on going right up to when Lily and James die and going canon the whole way. But that's certainly not going to happen. I've edited the fic to make it sixth year but I can't post that on this site because so many people have read it and it would confuse them. That is just one of the MANY things I would change about this story if I could.

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Review #17, by quill_in_the_inkI Loved You More: Incredible

4th January 2006:
If you want reviews, you shouldn't write a story that makes people want to keep reading!!! ;) nice story

Author's Response: Ah, but then no one would read it and I wouldn't get reviews anyway. Haha...Thanks!!!

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Review #18, by quill_in_the_inkThe Visionary: Hogsmeade

24th November 2005:
type the next chapter!! fast!!

Author's Response: AHHHHH! I'm working on it!

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Review #19, by quill_in_the_inkThe Visionary: Confession

24th November 2005:
must...keep...reading....eyes...fried to computer screen.....

Author's Response: O_O LASER VISION.... haha =)

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Review #20, by quill_in_the_inkOne Sock Left: O P L

28th September 2005:
Erm....you lost me at "I, James E. Potter, am going on a date with the Lily Evans."

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Review #21, by quill_in_the_inkRelentless Passion...: Going Stag?

31st August 2005:
Write the next chapter!!! HURRY!!! ~a fan

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Review #22, by quill_in_the_inkScribbles: From the Mouth of Padfoot

30th August 2005:
Lol amazing story! The battle for Middle-Earth...that really had me laughing and my parents actually were giving me worried looks. Ha!

Author's Response: Well, getting parents to give their children worried looks is what I do best, you know! I'm glad you decided to come and check this story out, and i hope that you like the rest of the chapters! As for the battle for Middle-Earth...well that would be my odd lotr obsession coming out into the open. lmao, thanks for reviewing!

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Review #23, by quill_in_the_inkLiving Life: Chapter Thirty Eight

23rd August 2005:
awesome job!

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Review #24, by quill_in_the_inkLiving Life: Chapter Seventeen

20th August 2005:
this is such an amazing story! i keep telling myself not to read it so fast or it will be over. One thing, though-it's retreating, not retrieving. lol but this is so awesome! keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

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