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Review #1, by xlivexlovexdreamxWhat We Knew: Finally Parting Ways

4th October 2010:
no no no no NO! they're meant to work things out, live happily ever after (cliche, I know. lol) I can't believe she couldn't be with Draco!! Now I must get to reading the sequel. How could you do this!! *sigh*. I think my friends may kill me - I've been so worked up over the drama of this story, it's sort of frustrating. lol.

But lovely work, dear. It was an enjoyingly frustrating read and I will be coming back for more of your work! Well Done =]

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Review #2, by xlivexlovexdreamxDraco, Please Don't: Stop

20th April 2010:
very well written!!

Author's Response: thank you very much =]

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Review #3, by xlivexlovexdreamxA Measure of Uncertainty: A Measure of Uncertainty

3rd February 2010:
Short but different to anything I've ever read! (this is my first slash) but it was quite good! i found some humour in Scorpius' drunken state and it just - well despite it's length had a story to tell! Well done on your first slash. I'm quite impressed!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm really glad that you enjoyed it. It is short (much shorter than my other works) but I think it worked out. Thanks again for the review and the compliments!

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Review #4, by xlivexlovexdreamxSecret Relatives: I Thought You Were Better Than This

26th December 2008:
I didn't know how else to contact you ^_^ your story is fab though. Anyway, I updated Lexicography as you asked and I have also come to elt you know how to get a banner. go to The Dark Arts and register. There's a forum where you request a banner so you just fill out he form and someone picks it up you basically get the graphic and host it in Photobucket , grab its URL and add it into your story summary! There are tuts and all on how to do that on TDA ^_^ hope I helped!! email me if you need more help ^_^

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Review #5, by xlivexlovexdreamxBetrayed: My last pain

10th July 2007:
Great story love. I finally got the chance to read something of yours. This was very emotional and well written. The description used was fab - it made me feel as if I were there. Really, really well written. Keep up the excellent work =] xx

Author's Response: Oh Rosette, thanks for that brilliant review. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #6, by xlivexlovexdreamxLife After: Communication

5th July 2007:
Sorry I'm not logged in. Wasn't really bothered. Lol. But I must say, this is unlike anything I've read. It's the first time I've seen more of a caring relationhip between Harry and his Aunty and what's even better, you've managed to pull it off without making it seem fake. Well done, love! Looking forward to BETA-ing chappie 2 =] xx

Author's Response: Thanks! I was kinda worried about how people would perceive that scene. Glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #7, by xlivexlovexdreamxWhat Hurts The Most: Culpability and Confessions

11th June 2007:
Pitchforks arent good. *grumbles* If only people were nicer. *folds arms* hmph...

So much for not wanting to tell anyone about being a TA Danni! Lol.. excitement got the better of you... I understand. *nods head*

Well guess what... I'M BACK!! But it's a shame Draco is. I've never said this before because I've never felt this but I wish Draco hadn't arrived... I mean...I would've loved to see what happened.. But then again...had it not come...there'd be no story. And then again... I feel so sorry for him... I mean, he's doing so much and Hermione is cheating on him. =[ Ahh well...Drama... you need it in every story.

Well done lurve! x

Author's Response: Oh Rosette, you know they are... sometimes. xD

Yeah, I know. I went against my own word. But it was too exciting to keep from people! Haha.

LOL. I know, poor Draco, right? I'm so horrible. But it's the plot. If Draco was not a part of this, there would be no plot. =P

I'm so glad you're enjoying it hun! ^_^

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Review #8, by xlivexlovexdreamxWhat Hurts The Most: Hatred and Hunger

10th June 2007:
Yay! Another chapter! I'm celebrating... Ive finished half of each assessment... Lmao...
I loved this chapter! I loved the description! I loved Blaise!! Lmao... turn it into a Rosette/Blaise? Please :P lmao...just kidding... Im in a little high mood...its early in the undersrtand.
I'll stop annoying love. But I really did love this chapter and I am soo looking forward to reading the next few :D 10/10

Author's Response: Rosette! Haha, I don't know why I'm always so surprised to see a review from you. *shrugs* Oh well, I'm over it. xD

Thanks so much for an amazing review. And you know, I would change it to a Rosette/Blaise, but think of all the other Blaise lovers that will come after you with fire and pitchforks! =P

I'm glad you're enjoying it. And good luck with those assessments! xD

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Review #9, by xlivexlovexdreamxWhat Hurts The Most: Choices and Conclusions

9th June 2007:
Man... it's such a relief to have a seconds break of assessments and be able to read! Consider yourself lucky my crazy bestie... I have three assessments due in four days time and Im sitting here, not able to let go of your story :P I might treat myself to the next chappie later on...unless my body is to tempted and drags me over to my screen :p

Lovely chappie... you're making me want to write a Blaise/Hermione! lol. Maybe when I have some of my other stories complete :D


1 million/ ten :P

Author's Response: Rosette! *grins* I'm surprised you're reading this, actually. Teehee. Well, I do consider myself lucky that it's my story you chose to read during your free time. But I do hope those stupid assessments stop pestering you soon so I can have a decent conversation with you! =P Thanks so much for the review hun! ♥

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Review #10, by xlivexlovexdreamxThe Deadliest Sin: The Deadliest Sin

29th May 2007:
Beautiful story. It's so unlike what I usually read but I loved it! I fail to see why it isn't a person's favourite yet! Well, its mine :P. It was a little short and it lacked a bit of detail. Overall though, it was a great read and something I enjoyed. The fact they Snape and Lily had a 'thing' is so - different. You don't see this happening much - atleast I dont :P I think that's why I liked it :D I love your description. You use great vocabulary that attracts the reader in a way. Keep up the fab work love :D xxx Rosette

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! We Snape/Lily fans ride under the radar, I think--though it's a choice in the 'ship list when submitting and most of my OTPs aren't *wink*! I appreciate your kind words so very much :)

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Review #11, by xlivexlovexdreamxOur Last Breaths: Tears Don't Fall

28th May 2007:
I feel like such a bitch! I should've read this ages ago! But you know, bloody assesments *groan*. I'd absolutely love to leave a long as review for you to sit and enjoy but i just can't! No it's not a crappy story... how could it be, it is, afterall, dedicated to me :P Lol. No, its just so perfect! and I'm so jelous of your writing skills! :P The plot is so moving and tear worthy and so sad that I love it!! And I can't say's left me speechless... xxx

Author's Response: No! It's OK hun, I forgive you! Haha. Better late than never, eh? I'm glad you liked it so much. It means my job here is done. xD Thanks so much sweetie!! ♥

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Review #12, by xlivexlovexdreamxThe Lake: Not-So Alone Time

20th April 2007:
I'm so loving this! I think you should probably add a little more description though. Other than that, I quite like it! Now, I'm not going to beg you to update because I hate when people do that to me but I am looking forward to chapter two :D

Author's Response: I think you mean chapter three??? But thanks for the review anyway!

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Review #13, by xlivexlovexdreamxThe Lake: Hermione's Spot

20th April 2007:
Nice start. It's very different to other stories. I like it :D

Author's Response: Hey
I try to write stories that are different and havent been done before
Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #14, by xlivexlovexdreamxOnly One: Why Me?

18th April 2007:
That wasn't that bad. I enjoyed it. Although it was really short. Maybe if you added a bit more about how she felt or their relationship or actually bringing up the daughter. But well done :-) xxx Rosette

Author's Response: I actually was considering adding on to this when or if i can get the time! It means a lot having reviews, so thank you very much! :)

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Review #15, by xlivexlovexdreamxHow do I hate you??? Let me count the ways...: How Do I Hate You? Let me count the ways...

18th April 2007:
Yay! You're first review! hehe... I really liked the idea of this story. It was well written and I actually found it quite funny. But then there's this line Draco Malfoy stood, rooted to the spot, staring at the girl before him. His vision cleared for the first time in his life and he realized just how beautiful she really was. I found it a little bit too cliche ... most fics are like that and the 'spark' - the usual effect it has on people has sort of rubbed off. But then again, this only a one-shot so it's not bad. But when it comes to a novel length story, it sort of turns me off. But other than that, I absolutely loved it! I like how you wrapped it up at the end. It was wonderful! Keep up the fab work! xxx Rosette

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Review #16, by xlivexlovexdreamxFall Into Shadow: Fall Into Shadow

17th April 2007:
Wow! That was just - wow! It was so full of emotional that I'm speechless! I Love the way you describe so well. It captivated me from the first paragraph. All the emotion just got to me! One thing that was on my mind was why was Hermione like that? Did I miss it? Was I so much into all the emotion of the story that I never saw it? lol. I am absolutely in love with this one-shot. It's going to my favourites!

x Rosette

Author's Response: hey rosette hunny! thanks heaps for reading and reviewing! i'm glad you liked it. why was Hermione like that? it was very subtle, but they'd lost a baby. i didn't want it to be blaringly obvious, so i just wove it in a little.

thanks darl!

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Review #17, by xlivexlovexdreamxAthena Alexandra Malfoy: Mr. Berny's Cinnamon and Berry Ice Cream

16th April 2007:
LMAo that story was hilarious! I love it! I'm so adding it to my favourites!! Well done! Very amusing ^_^ xxx Rosette

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Review #18, by xlivexlovexdreamxSecrets Behind a Smile: Pansy's Stinging Statement

10th April 2007:
Wonderful chapter! haven't been here in a while! Been working alot on my site. But I'm here now and still loving this fic! xxx

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Review #19, by xlivexlovexdreamxCan You Hear Me?: Are you Listening?

17th January 2007:
So you've reviewed alot of my work so I thought I'd come and check out some of yours ^_^ This was really good. Although I think it needs a bit more detail. Like it was rushed and not to detailed. And what happened with Draco...a bit too quick...

But other than that, I loved it! I even love the song ^_^

Keep up the fab work ^_^

Author's Response: Thankyou sooo much. I'm glad you liked it.
I'm sorry it was rushed, but it's a songfic, so it can't be that long. However, I'll take a look at it and see if I can fix it up a bit.
I'm glad you like it, and your stuff is great as well.

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Review #20, by xlivexlovexdreamxSecrets Behind a Smile: Tears and Secrets

22nd November 2006:
OMG I LOVED IT! lol totally and completely! Although there wwere a few punctuation issues and all but that's nothing. And maybe a little extra detail was needed. lol but other than that, I loved it to death! I love the length too ^_^ I am totally looking forward to continuing...reviealling the secret isnt goin to change my views ^_^ xxx Rosette

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Review #21, by xlivexlovexdreamxAngels: Silhouettes

14th October 2006:
Hey there!
So far so good to tell you the truth. There was barely anything I can pick up on that isn't correct. There was just one insy thing.
I'll tell you that first ^_^
Ok, so when you were in the girls perspective, you said that her sister was a doctor. I don't know if the girl is a muggle or not but if she isn't, in the wizarding world, I think the doctors are known as 'healers'. That's the only thing I could pick up on ^_^.
Now for the positive ^_^
You have a good use of words. They are all very descriptive and not just plain, simple words. If you know what I
Your descriptions of things,looks and so on are very well written and descriptive. It might not seem much to some, but I find that it helps picture the scene better. So tha'ts very good. I also love how you wrote in different perspectives and have kept the readers longing to know what will happen next.
Great Job ^_^

Author's Response: Hiya,

Thanks for the review, yeah I might go back and change that last bit.


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Review #22, by xlivexlovexdreamxYou Lost My Heart Once, Dont Lose It Again: Telling parents and draco

13th October 2006:
From the moment I read the summary, I was hooked...and the first chapter hasn't disapointed me! Although I can pick up on a few things. Punctuation and spelling. Just simple things like capital letters and those little marks which I always forget what their called. The ones like this (" ") lol. I suggest you run your chapter through Microsoft has a spell check so it fixes it all up for you ^_-. It all happened a bit fast...but other than that it was awesome. I'm looking forward to your next chappie ^_^. *crosses arms in lap and waits for what seems like years*
So is the next chappie up yet? :P

Author's Response: the next chapter will be up by next cause right now its getting validated.thank you for your review and it means alot to me. i wiil try to fix the little mishaps.

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Review #23, by xlivexlovexdreamxYA BABY: Hermione's Lie

19th September 2006:
Yes, it was very short but still one of my favourites :D lol. It did sure move it into a different direction. It's making me or the readers question whether Draco is actually a stuck up snob in this story or not. He actually cares about Hermione...i think... lol well update soon :D
Rosette xxx

Author's Response: Thanks so much this review ment alot to me!

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Review #24, by xlivexlovexdreamxTears of the Past: A promise and a start

6th August 2006:
Hey So, remember me? Rosette? Long time no talk! How you been? Lol Well visit my site lol well newaii im hear to comment on your story... I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE START SO FAR! lol looking forward to continuing :D

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Review #25, by xlivexlovexdreamxArabesque: Of Dreams and Failed Planning

4th August 2006:
Great chapter although i noticed one thing. Im not sure if its done purposefully (sp?) or not. But the headmaster is sometimes mentioned as 'she' and others 'he'. Just thought i'd let you know. Other than thatm the chapter was fab :D Update ASAP>

Author's Response: lol Heyu rosette. Yes, I am aware. Hence why I no longer have a co writer . . well there are many other reasons . . but alll in all it did not work out.

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