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Review #1, by AwakEinaNightmarE_170Tortured Imagination: Sanctuary Abandoned

3rd March 2006:
*Taps fingers impatiently on desk.* Hellooo?

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Review #2, by AwakEinaNightmarE_170Tortured Imagination: Sanctuary Abandoned

7th February 2006:
Help! There's this thing called suspense, and it's killing me! XD Do you guys have any idea when you'll be able to update? I can't help but be a persistant little berk--it's in my nature.

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Review #3, by AwakEinaNightmarE_170Crowes Flight: Getting There

25th January 2006:
Hey, I like nutrition bars! XD Good job, this was quite interesting. But you've got it all wrong! We LIKE the Weasleys, you see? Lol... sorry, I'm a bit... loony today. Can't tell you I'm not normally like this, though, 'cause that would be a lie.

Author's Response: lol...I know I've made Gina come off a bit...harsh. I'm sorry for that but, well, she'll get better. She's really nice but you know, not with the Slytherins and with Ron being her dad, you can understand...

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Review #4, by AwakEinaNightmarE_170Crowes Flight: Crowes Beginnig

25th January 2006:
Wow! I really like it, although it was a bit short. *Zips off to next chapter.* BYE!

Author's Response: I'm glad that you liked it and i'm sorry it was so short, I've tried to make it longer, but it never quite works out.

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Review #5, by AwakEinaNightmarE_170Tortured Imagination: Revelations

24th January 2006:
I still hate Lurtz, that filthy berk. >.< Good job though, I absolutely loved this chapter! I like the way you're approaching the G/H relationship... I'm not too fond of full-on snogging characters. It seems... sweet. Like a Neville/Luna sort of thing. XD Again, great job! Can't wait until chapter four.

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Review #6, by AwakEinaNightmarE_170Tortured Imagination: Unshed Emotions

16th January 2006:
Hello? *Knocks on imaginary door.* It's Monday... Does there happen to be a certain 'Chapter three' hanging around here anywhere? >.< Don't leave us hanging again!

Author's Response: Hey, just to let you all know. We did post the chapter Monday night. We don't know what is taking so long for the chapter to be validated. But, it should be up soon. We will also be posting the 4th chapter this Sunday.

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Review #7, by AwakEinaNightmarE_170Tortured Imagination: Freak

9th January 2006:
Monday... =[ Still no Harry! *Slams head on keyboard.* adfsuiJHBJKSDBGJKD Bjbkj jkda.;'l,';m... Darn those chapter accepters... *Runs off to read 'Freak' for a bajillionth time.*

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Review #8, by AwakEinaNightmarE_170Beautiful Disaster: Beautiful Disaster

8th January 2006:
Excellent! I love it. The dialogue at the beginning was a bit confusing, but it made sense when I went back to it. Can't wait for the sequel! Keep up the great work. XD

Author's Response: yayayayayaya you liked it! I sed that on IM too!

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Review #9, by AwakEinaNightmarE_170Tortured Imagination: Freak

3rd January 2006:
*Hugs.* YAY!

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Review #10, by AwakEinaNightmarE_170Tortured Imagination: Freak

6th December 2005:
September... October... November... six days of December.... It's adding up, y'know! *Spazzes.* Bejesus, will you please update soon? I'm desperate! >.<

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Review #11, by AwakEinaNightmarE_170Tortured Imagination: Freak

8th October 2005:
Goodness, hurry! *Having a mental breakdown.* I've heard of suspense, but this is just ridiculous. Did I even spell that right? Who knows. Who cares. HURRY!

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Review #12, by AwakEinaNightmarE_170The Line Between Illusion and Reality: A Run In

19th September 2005:
Ooh, Harry's in trouble now! Lmao, good job! You have a great knack for writing. Update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'll be updating sometime today!

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Review #13, by AwakEinaNightmarE_170Deleted Scenes From Adflictation Lair: Ron/Harry Fight

1st September 2005:
Oooh... Good idea! Everyone loves deleted scenes! *Dances* Can't wait for Tortured Imagination! Well, I guess I can, but... *Waits*

Author's Response: Thank you! Tortured Imagination is out now! More Deleted Scenes coming soon.....

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Review #14, by AwakEinaNightmarE_170More Pain Than I Can Bear: Chapter 9

11th August 2005:
Amazing! I've been looking for good angst stories for ages, and these are definately top notch. Angst is the best category, hands down. And you're the best angst writer, hands down. Great job.

Author's Response: As I always say, Angst=Life. ^_^ Thanks so much for all of the wonderful compliments. *hugs* And you're awesome for saying I'm the best angst writer - that makes my day!!

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Review #15, by AwakEinaNightmarE_170An Alternate Ending: Epilogue

11th August 2005:
Amazingly amazing! You're a great author, I love the way you let them have 'mindless conversation', like back at Grimmuald Place. Dialogue is what makes a story so interesting. I also really like how Harry became a threstral, it was such an original idea! The details were great,'m going to stop now before I annoy you to death; like I ahve done with so many others o.O

Author's Response: I entirely agree with you on the 'mindless conversation' thing. I know that a lot of people say that if your dialogue isn't moving a plot along at all then you ought to scrap it but I don't think that's necessary and instead it can be used to make the characters seem more real and develop relationships and whatnot. Lol, you're not annoying... believe me when I say that I've had more annoying reviews than this! The thestral idea was one that just jumped out at me one day whilst trying to think of interesting animals he could be, although sadly in the real books you can't have magical animals as your Animagus form and Harry won't become one anyway! :o)

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