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Review #1, by JaxGrangerThe Solution is Murder: Chapter 7

22nd June 2006:
Such a great reveal!!! I love this fight scene in the most incredible way!! From it's meager beginnings comes a really amazingly written scene... full of fight and energy. You can almost feel it radianting out of the screen. Incredible work! :) (And I can't wait for the sequel!)

Author's Response: That fight scene would have been nothing without your input!! I hate writing the action scenes...simply because I suck at them! Your help on that scene truly made it something for me to be proud of! I thank you again!! You are my person!!

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Review #2, by JaxGrangerThe Solution is Murder: Chapter 6

22nd June 2006:
Nice shout out to all the times we've spent banging our heads off of desks during one or another of the tournaments or another one of Logical's torturous riddles. :) I love that reference.

The suspense here is just magnificent. I am loving it so much more now that I can read it without worrying about your "3 or 1 not 2" problem. Beautiful job.

Author's Response: YES!! That is exactly the reason I put that line in was a little shout out to anyone who has ever competed in one of Logical's brainbusting competitions!

As for the 3 or 1 not 2 have my sincerest apologies for having to beta that issue for me ...over and over and over again!! lol Thank you Jax!

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Review #3, by JaxGrangerThe Solution is Murder: Chapter 5

22nd June 2006:
Bloody Hell, Woman!... That just pleases me.

I love the way you write Cho in this chapter. Her humanity really comes out here, and it makes me smile... eventhough she's going through something not so pretty. It's nice to see her being a person, not just a tool in solving clues... very nice chapter... of course :)

Author's Response: Again I am delighted that Cho's humanity really shines through. I felt it was a very important part of the story not just for the sake of the plot but to show Harry that side of her. Thanks luv!

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Review #4, by JaxGrangerThe Solution is Murder: Chapter 4

22nd June 2006:
I love how dishelved Cho has become. She's like a tornado of a mess, coming up with answers and the like. It's just such an honest portrayal... because seriously, who is out fighting evil, and still looking good?

On a more serious note, I become more and more enamored with the weaving of the plot as I read on. You're just genius. :)

Author's Response: The writing of Cho was the most challenging part of this story for me. I was never a fan of her character in the book but since this was for the lovely LogicalRaven I knew I had to get the character just right. I wanted her to be strong but still have weaker moments; I felt she needed to get frazzled and frustrated. I think that is what made me enjoy writing a grown up Cho. She felt human and real as I wrote. Which is something I am really glad came across to you!

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Review #5, by JaxGrangerThe Solution is Murder: Chapter 3

22nd June 2006:
Malfoy is such a twit. I could reach through the screen and just pop him one.

That being said, I love how you introduced Ron, if only briefly, to the story... He adds a real humanity to an otherwise tough Harry. This story really does unfold beautifully... and coming back to it after such a long time away from the original viewing, you really bend the words delightfully. If I didn't know the end, I would have no clue who to blame :) lovely job, as usual.

Author's Response: You didnt have to pop Malfoy, Harry did it for you! :) Thank you again for your lovely compliments!!

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Review #6, by JaxGrangerThe Solution is Murder: Chapter 2

22nd June 2006:
I get goosebumps everytime I read the beginning of this chapter. The unfold is chilling and very well played. I love Harry's emotion throughout the story, but especially when he realizes what the offender is intending.

I also love the way you write Colin. Most people think that he's a bumbling idiot.... but I've always known that there was something more to him. ;) Seriously though, you create a life for characters that one wouldn't expect, and it's just amazing. On to the next chapter!

Author's Response: *Blushes furiously* Thank you so much! Coming from a talented author such as yourself that means so much to me! I am delighted that you enjoyed it!

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Review #7, by JaxGrangerThe Solution is Murder: Chapter 1

22nd June 2006:
I'm so blessed that I got to be a part of this story from its incarnation. The riddles are genius -- a HUGE pat on the back to the gals behind them. I love the way you've planted the seed of mystery from the get go! Genius. Although, my favorite part is how you have chapters that easily flow into the next. This is a brilliant beginning to an amazing story.

Author's Response: Thank you so much hun! Your input and beta'ing genius was invaluable!! I cant thank you enough! And I agree my riddle writers were the most amazing girls ever! Thanks again to Linaewen, BJ Auth and Haylie Lupin!!

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Review #8, by JaxGrangerInfamy and Entropy: 2098: The Dark Lord

24th April 2006:
As you know, I enjoy this story a great deal. You have Voldemort so highly developed, even this early. I can't wait for you to share the rest of the characters -- only this time in your words, not ours. It will be very interesting to see how you intended them before we jumped in. :)

I can't wait to see what you come up with for the next chapters... it will certainly be fun to beta/do my Word Perfection. :) Great work, as usual.

Author's Response: *loffsyou* I'm so happy you like it. I have this fear that it just wont live up to the rpg, or that my original plot just wont cut it or something. You'll be proud though, I've alreayd got 700 some words of chapter 2 done!

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Review #9, by JaxGrangerThe Sign of the Birtwhistle: The Sign of the Birtwhistle

12th January 2006:
Oh, my dear!!! That was just adorable! Sometimes crawling inside Luna's head is just confusing and weird, but you executed this perfectly. I especially liked the jab at Ron/Hermione -- very very funny! You did an excellent job, and I'm glad you had me come and read this!! :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm so glad you liked it! Your snortfix and muumuu were definitely an inspiration, lol...

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Review #10, by JaxGrangerI`d Die For You: I`d Die For You

17th December 2005:
Well, you asked me to review your other stories, so here I am :) The story was a little difficult to follow... I think because the narrative was a little repeatative. But that doesn't mean that I didn't like it!! :) Hermione takes care of Harry, and you wrote that very well. She's something of a savior to him, which I think you pushed to the forefront here... Nice work! :)

Author's Response: I`m glad you liked it! Now that I think about it I guess it was a bit repeatative....... I`ll see what I can do to fix that! Yeah, Hermione is sort of like a savior to Harry, not only in this but in the books as well, and that did take center stage in this. Anyway, thanks a bunch for the review!

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Review #11, by JaxGrangerA Mother's Worst Nightmare: one shot

16th December 2005:
Jen -- You know I love this. I think you did a fantastic job conveying real tangible emotion. You give a real sense of urgency in the beginning... I got a little nervous! and when you called James her best friend... I got chills. You're great Jen!!! Happy Writing!! - Jax

Author's Response: Thank you so much Jax!

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Review #12, by JaxGrangerHypothetically: Hypothetically

10th December 2005:
Very nice, easy read :) Of course Harry and Hermione belong together... so its just perfect :) Good work :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I agree, they totally belong together!! I`m glad you like my fic! If you ever get a chance R&R my other fics, kay? All but one are H/Hr and the other just angst. Anyway, thanks again!

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Review #13, by JaxGrangerHarry Potter: The Musical: If I Have to Live Alone

1st December 2005:
Obviously, I love this. Something that I didn't catch when beta-ing was this... Didn't he invite Ron to live with him at Grimmauld place? Why didn't Ron go with him? Just a thought...

Anyways, I thought that this was a great change up to the humor of the other chapters. Just as with a good musical, there is a mixture of feeling -- like life... wow, who would've thought it? :) Anyways dear, I hope I get to see an advanced copy of the next chapter really soon :) :)

Author's Response: He didn't invite Ron because the Death of Amos just kind of reminded him of Dumbeldore's and he just wanted some alone time....I know I didn't explain but I thought it was kinda obvious, don't worry there will be some 'guests' next chapter. Catch my drift?

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Review #14, by JaxGrangerI'm Positive: Chapter 1

1st December 2005:
Wow... that was quite intense. I hate (and love at the same time) how Ginny vilified Hermione... The sad part is, there is truth in fiction, and somewhere -- something like this happened. The story on a whole was quite wonderfully written, although depressing as all get out. ;) I would've preferred Ginny just fall into a pit ;) Happy Writing!

Author's Response: I LOVE THAT STORY!!!!!!!!!! I'm glad you like it!!!! -- Sage

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Review #15, by JaxGrangerEnd Of All Sorrows: End Of All Sorrows

1st December 2005:
The idea was really cute, but you changed tenses so many times that I had a hard time keeping up with you. You went from first person past, to third person present, and to third person past throughout the story, and that makes it very difficult to understand... BUT, I thought that the idea was good, and that you portrayed Hermione well. There were several typos/spelling errors throughout... so you might want to look over that again. Happy Writing! Don't quit!

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Review #16, by JaxGrangerGoodnight My Daughter, My Darling: Goodnight My Daughter, My Darling

27th November 2005:
Wow. I need a moment to collect my thoughts....

That was incredibly sad... very stark and desolate. I felt so empty as I read it... there is nothing sadder than the death of a child.

I wish you had mentioned what illness it was... Just a sick curiousity that I posess I guess... I was longing to know the entire time. It lingered in the back of my mind through to the end.

I was very sad that Hermione and Ron couldn't support Harry more. I wished for some kind of hope from them... but alas... still empty and so sad.

Sadness aside, it was a brilliant bit of writing. Very good work... Amazing.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing! I didn't mention what the illness was because I made it up (don't worry, I'm morbid as well) I suppose I could have written Ron and Hermione as being more hopeful and reassuring, but at the time I didn't think to, and I was aiming for the feeling of hopelessness, because they realised, there was nothing anyone could do, and trying to reassure Harry would most likely anger him. I'm so glad that you liked my story and it provoked such feelings (not that I'm happy about you being sad, but happy that a made-up story can make someone feel like that) Thanks again for the review : )

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Review #17, by JaxGrangerWaking to a Nightmare: Waking to a Nightmare

27th November 2005:
Very good work.

I loved how you wrote with little dialogue... very good choice for this. I liked that Hermione didn't dwell too much on Harry, although usually that would bother me, here it worked very well.

A question. How is Ginny a healer at 20? I thought that that would take a little longer? Perhaps she's an intern ;) I didn't understand why Ginny was so bitter at the end. Because Ron turned out the way he did? Or because Harry was dead? or a combination of all those circumstances... either way, I feel that she could've been a touch softer, but the edge in her creates a really pleasant tension....

I really loved the twist at the end. Very good planning on your part. I wish we could've found out a little more about what happened in the final battle... but thus is the one-shot... always leaving us wanting more. Very very good work :)

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing my story. I didn't really mean that with the dialogue, I used little dialogue because I don't write it well, but I'm happy it turned out that way!

Yeah, Hermione didn't dwell much on Harry did she? I guess it didn't shock her a lot because she had heard the prophecy, but I wrote it so that pretty much all she could think about was Ron and what she did, and that little else could distract her from that.

Oh yes, the Ginny thing. Hm, well, see, I did originally plan this so she would be in her early twenties when Hermione wakes up, so for her to be a healer at 20, she would have started as soon as she left Hogwarts (at 17) and then she would have had three years to train (as 2002 was her first year of being a healer) I know that I should have written that Hermione awoke five years after, but frankly, I thought four years was too long to be asleep, but I only did that so Ginny would have time to become a healer. So, lets just pretend that Ginny is an ambitious young woman and was able to complete Healer training in three years :P

The reason Ginny acted the way she did was yes, because Harry was dead, Ron had become a Death Eater and Hermione killed him. However, you must think that she would have been involved in a this huge war, and that would have an effect on you. The reason I wrote her that way was (and this is so cliche) because all of things had hurt her and she had to almost desensitise herself, and adjust to not get close to anyone, because they could hurt her even more. Or, if that is indeed too cliche for you, then you could saw that Ginny was confused about how to act towards Hermione, because Hermione killed her brother, but she had a good reason, because Ron was a Death Eater, and would have killed other people from the Order. I don't think that Ginny is the sort of person who likes to be confused, she likes to be in control of her mind and feelings, and Hermione waking up, disrupted everything. So in confusion, she acted like that, but that isn't a very good explanation, so you have the choice to believe the cliche one, or the poorly supported one :P

I'm happy that you like the twist. I'd actually thought of the ending to this story before I thought of the beginning, d\so my twist is very dear to me and I wouldn't change it for the world. Thanks again for reading and reviewing :)

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Review #18, by JaxGrangerHome Is Where The Heart Is: Chapter One

27th November 2005:
Very cute :) It was very adorable... the summary didn't lie! :)

Author's Response: =) Thanks!

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Review #19, by JaxGranger:

25th November 2005:
That was completely brilliant. My hats off to you... I love Harry/Hermione so much, but most expecially when its post-hogwarts... and just like this. GREAT JOB! I loved it.

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Review #20, by JaxGrangerI Am: Christmas, Goddesses, and Love

14th November 2005:
Very nice... I really enjoyed the myth that you wove in... As always Harry and Hermione win my heart. Thank you so much for sharing this with us... You did a wonderful job!

Author's Response: Yay! TY for the review, I think I have been waiting for this story to be validated for 2 weeks now, so its good to finally have some feed back.!

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Review #21, by JaxGrangerThe Girl Who Doesn't Make Mistakes: The Girl Who Doesn't Make Mistakes

11th November 2005:
I think that the idea for this story was just adorable! You made the changes in Ginny seem nealy seamless. And the end was just far too sweet for explanation. I absolutely loved it.

My only complaint is the layout. I think you really could've done without the bars across between every paragraph. Simply spacing the paragraphs would be perfectly fine and far less distracting. :) Very good work otherwise :) Thank you for sharing it with us :)

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Review #22, by JaxGrangerCan You Be My Man?: Strong Enough

25th October 2005:
I think you did a great job! The only thing that I didn't like was that the lyrics at the end imply that Harry is lying to Hermione to make her feel better, and our Harry would never lie to her... It was really cute though -- good job:)

Author's Response: Thank you very much, I appreciate the help on my story.

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Review #23, by JaxGrangerMission 93739653: Mission 93739653

24th October 2005:
I am speechless. That was amazing.

The detail here was fantastic. I haven't encountered attention like that in your other work... this one stands alone. You described everything so clearly that I could actually imagine each moment. You even went so far as to spend two sentences on a sock... a black sock. I think that shows real skill.

Now, I don't think there's really a way to make this story any better. But... I feel like you petered out a little at the end. I wanted a little more anguish from Lupin. A little more... feeling. Really, this is amazing.... grammar was good (or the story was too enthralling for me to notice bad grammar ;)). Either way is fine :) I am more impressed with your style with each story I read. Great work.

Author's Response: I dont know is this is any good it barely has any reads and just as few reviews...but I appreciate your enthusiasm and I take the appreciation and your comments to heart. Thank you for reviewing this story as it had become dust on the top shelf...

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Review #24, by JaxGrangerHarry Potter: The Musical: The Popular Sister In-Law

24th October 2005:
First... my obvious comment -- In addition to Megan Hilty, it was originally performed by Kristin Chenoweth - who is seriously amazing! :)

I think this chapter is great!!! You moved the plot, with Amos' death, as well as giving us a laugh with Fleur, Ginny, and Hermione, which I liked alot. The song fit Fleur perfectly, AND you added her accent in -- I loved that! Your grammar was a little crazy in this chapter :) That can be fixed though. Great job!!! I know there is more to come, and that makes me very happy :)

Author's Response: lol only you would know that! Ah yes my grammer, I'm too impatient for a beta and too dumb for my own good lol. Maybe I should get one...I'm glad you're happy! :-)

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Review #25, by JaxGrangerRegulus - Black As He's Painted?: The Most Noble and Superior House of Slytherin

22nd October 2005:
I liked this chapter. At some points, I felt it got very wordy... and that's not bad as long as the length balanced it... which it did. I'm hoping to see some kind of journey in Regulus' character... Hopefully in the next chapter :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I'm glad you enjoyed it. There will definitely be a "journey in Regulus' character" as you said, although it takes place pretty gradually.... I'm a little confused about your comment about the length balancing the wordiness of the chapters though - do you feel like fics which are wordy should have longer or shorter chapters? Thanks again for reviewing!

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