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Review #1, by R3dL1nkIn the End . . .: Epilogue: In the End . . .

13th March 2006:
I thought that she would end up losing her powers and Im really glad it ended like this. All the loose ends were tied up and everything fell into place. I absolutly enjoyed reading and proofing this trilogy. I look forward to reading (and maybe proofing) your future works. Good luck with your writing!

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Review #2, by R3dL1nkIn the End . . .: Defeat

7th March 2006:
Ohhhh.. I SO called this in meh head.. Good work.

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #3, by R3dL1nkDaddy: St Mungo's

19th November 2005:
My gosh.. I've been reading your stories for a while and I absolutly love them! Keep up the good work!

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Review #4, by R3dL1nkWhere Did I Go Right?: Where Did I Go Right?

25th October 2005:
In response to Kelso's review, I imagined Hermione falling, and I laughed. Really loud. HaHA!

Author's Response: Lol! I laughed just by reading that review! But now I get it . . .

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Review #5, by R3dL1nkWhere Did I Go Right?: Where Did I Go Right?

18th October 2005:
Aww... thats adorable.. Lovies!!

Author's Response: Yeah - it's all gross and lovey dovey - but you already knew that!

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Review #6, by R3dL1nkIn the End . . .: Spur Into Action

10th October 2005:
Bloody brilliant. Keep it up. And oh yes, other readers, I do know whats happeneds next!! Mwahahaha!!!

Author's Response: Your quite evil R3dL1nk - poor poor readers - you teasing them all the time . . . he he he . . . just remember that I know more of what happens than anyone else!

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Review #7, by R3dL1nkIn the End . . .: Im a Malfoy and I Always Win

1st October 2005:
Greatizzle for shizzle.

Author's Response: You've got some really interesting words!!!!

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Review #8, by R3dL1nkIn the End . . .: Saying Goodbye

28th September 2005:
Bizang! Great work!

Author's Response: I love that word 'Bizang' it sounds strange - I'm all about strange!

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Review #9, by R3dL1nkTwo Wars to Fight: The Epilogue - Of Things to Come

24th September 2005:
Beginnings and Ends. Great time reviewing and proofing. Great work! Looking forward to working with you soon.

Author's Response: Thankyou - and you'll be hearing from me very soon!

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Review #10, by R3dL1nkTwo Wars to Fight: Shes Really Back

20th September 2005:
I am... teh beast.

Author's Response: Oh really!?

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Review #11, by R3dL1nkTwo Wars to Fight: Diagon Alley

17th September 2005:
Teh Proofer. <-- Title

Author's Response: Yes, yes - we all know . . . and what a wonderful proofer you are!

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Review #12, by R3dL1nkTwo Wars to Fight: Room Rivalry

13th September 2005:
I think (s)he means the movie Annie, with Daddy Warbucks and stuff (and I think j/w is 'net talk for 'just wonderin'). I could be wrong though.. don't think I am but I could be. Great story..and I know whats going to happen! Hah!

Author's Response: Stop teasing them . . . poor readers! Just so you all know, R3dL1nk is my proof reader - hence, how she knows about the ending!

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Review #13, by R3dL1nkTwo Wars to Fight: Diagon Alley

13th September 2005:
Oh.. I sooooo know whats going to happen next and you guys dont! Nah nah nah nah, nah nah!! <(^_^<)

Author's Response: R3dL1nk, thats mean to these poor readers - we're making them suffer . . . Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha! So evil! So very evil! Dont worry guys, the last chapters are on their way . . .

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Review #14, by R3dL1nkTwo Wars to Fight: Exposed

5th September 2005:
As much as I love seeing them together, I thought there was going to be more of a struggle. I expected her to like Apparate immeadiatly after she saw Blade but whatever, your the writer.

Author's Response: I know - I wanted to make it a bit more of a struggle too but Draco was desperate so I didn't want to make it too much harder for him!

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Review #15, by R3dL1nkTwo Wars to Fight: A Change For the New and Improved Malfoy Family

5th September 2005:
Heck yes! Finally. I've waited forever to see these chapters..

Author's Response: Well - HECK! Their here . . . :)

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Review #16, by R3dL1nkTwo Wars to Fight: The Ancestors Tale

26th August 2005:
Oh my.. finally lol. I've been checking for a long while. Saw the title and I was like "flippin' yes!!'. Haha.. good names. I like them. Harrison is a good one. I like the part about the first wizard. Keep it up and remember, if you need help proofing or reading (^_^), lemme know OK? redlink90@gmail.com Toodles, and again great job.

Author's Response: I loooooooove the name Harrison! It's so one of my favourites! I also love Charlie, Dominic and Reese! Hmmmm . . . I think I just gave something away!

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Review #17, by R3dL1nkTwo Wars to Fight: Welcoming the Unexpected

20th August 2005:
Awwwwwwww. Theyw such widdle cuties. Argh.. I must know names! Oh my, I can't stop smiling now!

Author's Response: You'll get names in the next chapter! I love the names that I decided on! They're like my favourite names on the entire planet!!!

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Review #18, by R3dL1nkTwo Wars to Fight: Delay

12th August 2005:
Im not trying to sound ungrateful or anything but I would have rather just waited. I was expecting this large update but oh well lol. Beggars cannot be choosers I suppose.

Author's Response: Sorry that it was dissapointing for you! I feel bad that I let you down!

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Review #19, by R3dL1nkTwo Wars to Fight: Surprise x2

9th August 2005:
Wow. Just...wow. You work is awesome. When are you gonna finish it? I can't wait for 'In The End...'. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: It'll be finished in it's own time - the story doesnt like to be rushed!

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Review #20, by R3dL1nkFinding Out How: The Trouble With Potters

9th August 2005:
You should definatly make a sequel.. even if you don't want to lol!

Author's Response: I AM NOT GOING TO MAKE A SEQUAL. its not that i don't want to, its that there is no where to go with it.

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