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Review #1, by Ophelia WeasleyI Will Never Forget You: I Will Never Forget You

12th June 2008:
So sad! Made me tear up. I really like the idea of this story. It was very well written. The only thing that really got me was before the end of the first war, Voldemort was just Voldemort, they didn't call him he-who-must-not-be-named. Or at least that's the way I remember it. Anyway, great story. Loved it and loved the actors you chose for the banner. :D

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Review #2, by Ophelia WeasleyI Miss You: I Miss You

5th February 2008:
It's so sad...I actually started writing a story like this before book seven and it wasn't nearly as good as this. I actually teared up. Beautiful.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you like it, and I'm sure yours was good too!

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Review #3, by Ophelia WeasleyNot Dark Yet: Chapter 9 - Presents

29th January 2008:
I love this story! I saw this couple the minute I read the prologue in DH. It is nice to see a Scorpius/Lily fic when so many have Scorpius/Rose fics. Can't wait for more.

Author's Response: Thanks so much.
I too when reading the prologue immediately thought of Scorpius/Lily - i dont really mind Scorpius/Rose, but it gets a bit repetative and most become too Dramione for my liking.
more coming soon :D

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Review #4, by Ophelia WeasleyYour Lullaby.: The Prologue

17th January 2008:
Got a little tear! Great for your first story. Got to love Sirius. Now if we can just get him to settle down with one girl. lol.

Author's Response: aw, thank you:) ive always wanted to write a story.
and yes, i love sirius and
i couldnt agree with you more♥

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Review #5, by Ophelia WeasleyDark Son: Epilogue

4th August 2007:
OMFG! I have been reading this all night and you end it with her dead. Make me cry. Oh well, I live for these stories. Great job. 7/10

Author's Response: Thank you! Yeah, originally, it was Snape that killed her, but then I decided I didn't like it that way and I had to change it. Well, thank you again for reading and reviewing!

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Review #6, by Ophelia WeasleyA Lost Love Brought Back: Chapter One

3rd August 2007:
I have one word.huh? Please update soon.

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Review #7, by Ophelia WeasleyFallen Heroes: Fallen Heroes

31st July 2007:
I totally give this a 9/10 and adding it to my favorites. I love how you had Sirius talking to Harry at the end. I almost teared up as he talked to the casket. Brilliant Story.

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much Ophelia ^_^ I appreciate that a lot ^_^

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Review #8, by Ophelia WeasleyOvershadowed: Severous

30th July 2007:
That's it so far! AH! I need more...can' Okay I'm overreacting but I am looking forward to the next chapter. :D

Author's Response: hehehehe, glad you....liked it. lol, it's ok, i overreact when the cheese faries steal my cheese. lol, thanks for the review!!! new chappie will hopefully be out it a short time!

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Review #9, by Ophelia Weasley:

26th July 2007:
OMG! And here I was thinking it was going to be a happy so suck! No, I'm kidding. That was a great story! I love the fact that it was Severus that killed her b/c that just fuels the fire of their hatred for each other. Great story. Siriusly (lol).

Author's Response: I like bad endings, don't ask me why, and I specifically wrote it so that Eden was the reason Sirius and Snape hated eachother so much. I think Snape hates each Marauder individually for a certain reason, and this is the story for Sirius. I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #10, by Ophelia WeasleyMy Sid: And My Fear Begins Here

24th July 2007:
OMG! I love this story so far. Please tell me there is more.I know school and life/work can be hectic but please tell me there is more. :D

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Review #11, by Ophelia WeasleyDaybreak: There and now Here

27th January 2006:
Finally a Fred story! Good start! Can't wait for more. :D

Author's Response: Yay for Fred! I've been sick for the past few days, but I'll post chapter three soon.

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Review #12, by Ophelia WeasleyPrejudice and Pride: First Impressions

10th September 2005:
this is good start. I have been looking for a Sirius story to get into. update soon....really good start and love the banner.

Author's Response: I love the banner too!!! Adrian is the COOLEST SNAPE EVER!!!! Thanks for the review!!!!!

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