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Review #1, by luckistarsNote to Self: Love is a feeling (so is pain)

2nd September 2010:
hi! :) it's iriki from tda and i came in because i was looking at your banner request and your current banner is so pretty, i just had to read it! i absolutely love the OC - i mean, her being the daughter of the Nimbus company was just a really good characteristic that's unique. your descriptions were great too. :)

def added to my favorites - i can't wait to read more.

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Review #2, by luckistarsBetray the Night: Chapter the Fourth

24th June 2010:
Susan, it's tiffany from tda! i'm absolutely in love with this story, and desperate for your to update! please do so soon!

Author's Response: Thank you very much, Tiffany! It's fantastic to hear that you love the story and want an update. I'll try to get one of those out for you soon. :D

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Review #3, by luckistarsHung Over: Hungover

21st June 2010:
hey, it's iriki who made the banner on tda, and i was intrigued by the request so i decided to check out your story! i love this ke$ha song and i love how you turned something sort of trashy (because it's ke$ha) and turned it into something classy and sweet. nice job!

Author's Response: Wow. I think thats one of the nicest things anyone ever said to me. Thank you so much for the banner again and i'm glad you liked it!

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Review #4, by luckistarsStrictly Sports: Craig Hammel: Resident Perv of Gryffindor

17th June 2010:
i really hope you keep writing this! i miss it!

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Review #5, by luckistarsPlay: Dark Blue

27th April 2008:
I like the fact that Aimee isn't a Mary-Sue but a slightly overweight asian - it's really interesting that you also added the references to Buddhism to your story. (Being an asian and a buddhist, it was refreshing.)

Nice story so far - I absolutely love Oliver/OC fics!

Author's Response: Well, I was tired of people complaining that they were too thin- besides, I felt like the average character needed to be changed around- I felt like there were too many dirty-blonde, hazel eyed OC's out there.

I hope this keeps going to your expectations, and thank you so much for reviewing! You're my first for this story!


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Review #6, by luckistarsThe Untold Adventures of Lacey Ackhart (and her not-so-beloved Quidditch Captain): Meet the Parents (who are rather nasty and slightly sadistic)

13th April 2008:
hey great update! i really enjoyed the chapter. while the whole mudblood-pureblood thing was a bit cliche, i just looked past that and the great story.

by the way - 440 views to a story with 16 reviews is actually pretty good. a lot better than my stories anyways. :P

Author's Response: Hah, yeah I know that although the blood thing is very cliche, it plays a role in the story. i wanted to show a darker side to the story, i guess.

thanks for the review!

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Review #7, by luckistars:

7th April 2008:
Hey I liked the fact that you tried to make a crossover fic! i like ouran so it was refreshing.

one note you should take is that you should note that your fic is a crossover of ouran in your summary because i didn't know that when i clicked it and it might be a little bit of copyright infringement otherwise? i'm not sure - but just play it on the safe side. :)

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Review #8, by luckistarsWhat kind of a person are you?!: Take Two, Another Try.

26th March 2008:
I think this story has great potential but there are a few spelling errors and I feel like Hermione hasn't been developed enough. Also, she seems to overreact a bit and since it is written from her side, it seems like she believes she is justified so while I really feel like she's being a bit crazy.

Perhaps if you tried to tone down Hermione's style of teaching? I mean, 100 points in the first chapter? A bit much. I think in the book, it'd only be perhaps 50, even if he was so rude. Plus, you need to take in account the first year.

It seems like this is a bit over exaggerated so try to tone it down a bit. :) You're doing great!

Author's Response: Thanks for the advice, Yeah I meant to change that, but I must've forgotten.
I will check through for the spelling errors, as I dislike grammatically incorrect stories and didn't realise that it had spelling errors,
I shall try to tone it down,
Thanks again,

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Review #9, by luckistarsThe Untold Adventures of Lacey Ackhart (and her not-so-beloved Quidditch Captain): Those Flying Potatoes Can Be Especially Lethal...

12th March 2008:
hi hon - it's iriki here, reviewing your story! anyways, i absolutely adore qudditch romance stories in general, so I guess that's what made me like your story so much. But I think you did really good. Anyways, you have a few capital letter issues, but your story is great. I hope you update soon!

Author's Response: Hey iriki!
Aww so glad you got a chance to review! Thank you !

And once again, thank you so much for the most amazing banner in the entire world! I lurvvve it!


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Review #10, by luckistarsIt's Not About The Money: Roses

7th November 2007:
i thought that it was sort of unbelievable - Lily had been going out with kyle and was engaged - and then at the drop of a hat, she just dumps him (at her mothers grave practically) and then she goes jumps james' bones? i understand that love and passion were in it, but i thought she was way more practical than that.

Author's Response: Part of that is my own impatience... I was sick of them being apart. I definitely see your point.

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Review #11, by luckistarsFrom: Krakow, To: Home: September 1940; Part I

13th August 2007:
I did a world war two study last year, and i think that this story went along very well, and it kept to the facts! it was interesting, and i can't wait to keep reading!

Author's Response: You did a study too? I did a HUGE project for it (required, but I was excited!) for US History; me and my dad are history nuts, so we look up everything and anything we can. I'm glad you thought it stuck to the facts, it means a lot - and it also means that my time researching timelines and such aren't wasted! =) Thanks luckistars! I appreciate it!

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Review #12, by luckistarsThe Mystery Assassin: A Bump in the Night

8th August 2007:
I liked the way you started the story, you jumped into it, and forfeited enough information each time to keep the readers entertained and I liked that.
Though there were some parts that I didn't totally believe, I think you did a pretty good job!

-Iriki of HPFF Forums

Author's Response: Thanks. I thought it would be kind of silly to beat around the bush with this one, so I just sort of dived right in! And yes, I do use quite a few cliff-hangers!

Of course, with any fan fic, there's no way to be 100% canon, but I do my best. I know some parts are a little out there, but if they weren't, it wouldn't be any fun!

Thanks for your great review!

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Review #13, by luckistars:

8th August 2007:
So, when I read this, I was so happy that Sirius and Regulus didn't go to Azkaban, and instead, this acted as an AU, so everything happened the way I wanted it to be.
To be honest, I don't think this was one of your best works, it seemed a little sped up, and some more care to detail could have been put in.
Otherwise, I think you did a good job, but if you put some more effort in (just a little) it'd be a lot better.

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Review #14, by luckistarsFrayed Expectations: Fresh Discoveries

8th August 2007:
Well, here to review!
I think that it was an interesting thought that possibly Narcissa + Lily could have been best friends, and that Narcissa was once lively and fun. I mean, I wouldn't have thought that, that she was always sort of mean and cold, but this gave a better perspective of it all.
And wasn't Petunia the eldest sister? I don't know, my memory might be lapsing, but I always thought that she was the older one.

This was pretty well written, though a little skimpy on the details. Nice work though!

Author's Response: Hey! I'm glad you like that idea! And yes, Petunia is older. I don't know where I wrote that wrong. Thanks so much!

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Review #15, by luckistarsThe Silver Doe: Of Innocent Does and Enchanted Lilies

31st July 2007:
Iriki reviewing!
I do think that you did a very nice job writing this chapter, since I can't recall whether or not you did reveal who was the boy, which was something that sort of resembled a cliffhanger. To the unknown boy, the impact of Lily was something clear and obvious, which I think you were going for, so you wrote this well.
Nice job!

Author's Response: Hey Iriki! :D
Thank you so much! :D Mhm, the boy is Snape alright :P Heha, did I really not reveal the boy?? Well, I hope my intentions were clear (a) hehe.

Yeah, who would have known that the girl he spied in the woods would change his life forever? :)

Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #16, by luckistarsBlack Hearts Fading: Their Wedding Days

31st July 2007:
Iriki here to review!
I really do love your personification of the three sisters, in particular, Narcissa. The way that you made it obvious that she wouldn't be happy, and the deceit and treachery in the family was rampant within the pureblood home made the story more believable, as well as gave me more possible insight on the sisters.

I think you did a great job overall, though I'd watch for how often you used pronouns and proper nouns, as when I read 'Narcissa - she - her' about a million times, it got me a little unnerved. Complex sentences!
Nice work!

Author's Response: Narcissa's description seems to be pretty popular! I guess it shows when you enjoy something. I wrote Narcissa's first when I was full of inspiration, so I'm glad to see my best effort is appreciated.

Thanks for pointing out the pronoun/proper noun thing...I've never noticed it before. But it's really good to know so that I don't get repetitive.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #17, by luckistarspale cheeks & cold eyes: pale cheeks & cold eyes

28th July 2007:
Tiffany here to review!
I really did love this story, the personification of Narcissa was perfect to the tete.
The affair between Narcissa and Rudolphus was something I'd never even expect, which was a great turning point in this. You characterized him well.
I did see a couple grammar errors, but none that would really get in the way of the story, so I think you've done a great job. :)

Author's Response: Thank you for a great review.

I was afraid that Narcissa was a bit to out of character in this fic, but as she was much younger, I suppose I was pretty free to let her be however I wanted, and I'm glad it worked out.

Before writing this story I would never have thought of a Narcissa/Rodolphus pairing either, but I am quite drawn to it now. I really love those kinds of pairings, and am deveolping a certain fondness for Cissa.

I'll keep trying to keep an eye out for my grammer though, thanks!

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Review #18, by luckistarsHopes and Fears: Everything That You Want And More

28th July 2007:
Tiffers here! :)
Anyways, this was a pretty good story, though I'd have spent more time on some more minor details that can end up being pretty important.
Also, the developement of Meg didn't really seem to happen, she was somewhat just there for talking, not really as a 'major' character. If you described her more, in looks or personality, it might have helped make it more obvious that she was a major character rather than someone who was just there to talk to, which I thought when Seamus first met her.
I think you did a really good job on personifying Seamus though. :)

Author's Response:
I'm glad you liked his characterization. :) I'll work on developing Meg, though. :)


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Review #19, by luckistarsConfessions: My Name is Jane

27th July 2007:
Iriki here to review! :)
It seemed sort of strange, Jane seemed like a Mary-Sue to me, which you might want to change.
Also, I caught many spelling errors which made it harder to read the story and concetrate as well. You might want to get a beta for that.
Besides that, it's an interesting plot, and I think you did it pretty well.

Author's Response: Yeah, I have noticed the few spelling and grammar mistakes in there - the procrastinator in me just hasn't gotten around to doing anything about those yet. And I've just requested a BETA, and she seems complient, so I have that covered too :) Thanks for the honest review, though. I really appreciated that!

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Review #20, by luckistarsBackflip: Silent Vow

27th July 2007:
Iriki's here to review!
I liked the way that the story started, immediately jumping into it, which made it really interesting. :) Pansy seemed somewhat MarySue-ish to me for, she rejected Draco, beautiful, and all that stuff. Just try to make sure you spend more time to develop characters from now on.
Nice work! :P

Author's Response: Thanks! I\\\'m glad you enjoyed this! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #21, by luckistarsFebruary Stars: February Stars

27th July 2007:
Iriki's reviewing! :)
Well, this was a great story! At first, I didn't know who exactly was talking (you didn't describe him until you said Ron in one paragraph) therefore, it made me really hard to get into the story.
I loved the emotion that you got from Ron and the unrequited love of his. Ironic that it is always Luna who manages to keep everyone level headed, isn't it.
Nice work! :)

Author's Response: Hey Iriki! Thanks for stopping by to review! Ah, orginally this was sort of a 'nameless' fic, but seeing as I still can't succeed at them, I finally added some names. And I'm glad you pointed that out about Luna! Again thanks for the review =)

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Review #22, by luckistarsCooking Class With Your Best Mate: Chicken Caesar Salad Sandwiches

26th July 2007:
Here I am, Iriki to review!
This was hilarious! To be honest, I didn't exactly know what to say when I saw the title, so I decided to read it, and well, it was just really good! I was loving your five rules, three was my favorite.
As long as you keep it up with this style, this story will be great. :)

Author's Response: Haha, I'm glad you found this hilarious. Yeah, I suppose that some people might not read this story because it's y'know... not your average story. I'm glad you liked the story though, and I'll definitely try to continue the story with the same writing style. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #23, by luckistarsJust So You Know: Just So You Know

25th July 2007:
Gosh, here to review!
Whoa, 9000 words that really packed a punch for me! I really loved the perspective of Neville, and though forever I know that H/G are meant to be, I think that it really worked in this story.
The feelings of Neville really got to me, and the ending was so sweet, it was amazing.

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #24, by luckistarsMemoirs of a Kelpie: Upbringing

25th July 2007:
It is interesting that you based a story on the loch ness monster, which I dont know a lot, so it was really different for me!
Also, the thoughts, descriptions, and monologue between the creatures was really interesting, it gave a different perspective of magical creatures.

Author's Response: Thanks. I do want to try and write something different. :)

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Review #25, by luckistarsThe Death Virus: Tale One: Can't Cope - Part 1

25th July 2007:
There were a couple grammar errors lke 'He placed chin on her shoulder' but thats not a big deal.
The future of Ron & Hermione seemed to work really well, though I always figured Ron in a different career (though that doesn't matter.)
I've been curious now, whether or not Ron has it or not, and thats a good thing since now I want to read more!
If I have time I will, but I have to get to everyone else...
Nice work!

Author's Response: I tend to not be able to catch my typos like that unfortunately :/

Thank you for your reviews! I hope you will be able to continue reading.

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