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Review #1, by LisaMacKayHarry Woke Up: Draco Wallows

19th November 2007:
awww... he's really leaving, isn't he? and poor draco, actually is in love with harry! really, really nice chapter, very much different than the last one, but i loved the words you chose to put together, i don't know how else to describe it. it made my stomach tingle and i almost cried again. Only my room mate it in the room so that would have been a little awkward. 10 points for an amazingly sad draco and a harry that i KNOW is going to come out of this closet one way or the other! *glares* i like the idea of the speech writer, and i doubt draco will be around muggles all that much, especially now since his only way of properly communicating will be a very obviously magical one. i also always found it interesting how Harry reacts to Ginny, even last time he saw her, or maybe it's just what Draco sees, not necessarily what Harry actually does. and i loved when he refused to let her help him. so Harry. looking forward to the chapter and to what direction you will take this story!

Author's Response: Hey Fliss! Thanks for reading! (o: And yes, Harry is really leaving. Really. And yes, Draco most definitely has feelings for Harry. Poor bloke.

Your stomach tingled and you almost cried again?! *smiles* I always aim to provoke emotion, so that's a lovely thing to say to me. Though sorry it made the awkward situation with your roommate, haha!

And you're right, Draco wouldn't be around Muggles much so the Speech Writer is good for him. And as for Harry and Ginny... Do remember that you see what Draco sees - however he views or interprets it, as well. Maybe Harry will clear things up, in time.

Next chapter coming soon! Thanks again, dear! (o:

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Review #2, by LisaMacKayHarry Woke Up: Harry Whispers

8th November 2007:
You made me cry. Oh god, you should see me, I am about dissolving in tears. Jenn this was amazing and sad and tragic and so realistic and... *sniffs* I haven't cried this much since I read DH. Sorry I didn't review the last chapter. For that one I only have one word: SQUE! It was really nice, but I was just sitting there at some moments thinking "just get it over with!" You drew it out so long and so slowly and it was painful at times but I think that actually made it even better. Gave me that tingly feeling in my stomach. And I think you might have done some experimentation with your description skills in that one. Well this new chapter was one of your best in this story, if not your best, period. It would get 13 points from me if I could do that and it made me check your warnings :P Poor Hermione and poor Ron... Poor Eva... I am going to go cry some more now...

Author's Response: Hello dearie. (o: I'm sorry I made you cry... Or, actually, I'm sorry you cried but it actually means a lot to me to connect emotionally with my readers. I'm sure you know that.

I was aiming for realistic, with healthy doses of sad and tragic, so I'm glad it came across that way, even if it meant I had you weeping. :oP

As for the previous chapter, I'm glad you squee-ed, even if you thought it was taking too long. LoL. But the description was important in the chapter, because Harry couldn't see, so you had to experience it somehow!

I'm amazed that you thought this was my best chapter. This chapter is quite dear to my heart, though I think it impossible to choose a favorite or best, I think... Well, it would take me ages to decide anyway! Heh...

Anywho, thanks for reading dear. I hope all my warnings were correct. Wow, I haven't checked them since the first chapter! *blush* Well, the next chapter will be coming soon, probably in the next few days!

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Review #3, by LisaMacKayHarry Woke Up: Harry Wraps

17th October 2007:
you just made my day. this was such an ejoyable chapter, it had humor, angst, sad things (ZOMG narcissa!) and it went by sooo fast, i think i'll have to reread it. Malfoy's story was very touching and i love the whole spy-theme in it and that he is able to talk so freely of his past to Harry. I hate braille, i tried it once, to me it's only a jumble ot dots that make no sense at all, but i guess thats why you usually use both hands. :P I also like how you didn't turn Draco into a suddenly-reborn-muggle-lover, but that he still has his upbringing with him.
The end of the chapter was absolutely fabulous, it had me squeak happily and grin at my screen. :) i love you!

Author's Response: Flissy! Hi deary! I'm so glad I made your day! Wow, what a lovely review, you're making MY day!

I'm glad you liked Malfoy's story. He had a rough go of it, and things have been rocky between he and Harry ever since Draco sort of joined the Order. But finally they're talking about things, opening up and trusting...

Braille - yeah I can't use my fingers to read it, but I can write it, and read it with my eyes, sometimes. Anyway, blind people are a lot more sensitive to picking up the dots that we seeing people are.

Nope, Draco doesn't love Muggles. He's still same old Draco and I think it would take quite a large chunk of time and years to flush out some of those inbred prejudices and tendencies.

Hehe, you squeaked and grinned at your screen? Teehee. *giggles* Thanks for reading, love!

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Review #4, by LisaMacKayHarry Woke Up: Draco Wheedles

11th October 2007:
I cannot, I CANNOT believe I forgot to read this chapter! Anyways: *SQUEEE* hahaha! So, he swings both ways does he? You made me quite happy with this chapter, Jenn, you really did. I love you even more now than I already did. And the thought quill is really a nice idea, even though Harry will have to learn to pay much closer attention to his thoughts now than before. Even though I guess, with his (more or less successful) occlumency lessons back at Hogwarts... okay, now I'm making myself laugh. And I am really, really really, thankful for what you made of Draco and, maybe even more, for what you did to Ginny and Harry. I really like it, somehow I never got reconsiled with all of them marrying their high school sweet hearts. It's just not realistic. I adore the conversation between them, it had me reading it out loud, and LAUGHING out loud at times, because it was so sweet and funny. And Harry talking about Cedric almost had me in tears. Wonderful chapter, even though I was confused in the beginning. I blame the midterm studying. :P 10/10

Author's Response: Hey Fliss!
Wow, I dunno how you missed the chapter, I guess I snuck it in under your radar. (o: But I'm glad you're squee-ing. Haha!

Mmm, yes Draco does, indeed, swing both ways in this tale. (o: I'm glad that and the chapter made you happy, haha. Was this some of the progress you were hoping for?

Indeed, Harry will have to pay attention to his thoughts now, but I'm glad you brought up his occlumency lessons. He's been trained in controlling his mind, AND he's a successful Auror who has since had much better teachers to help him close his mind when needed. Luckily for Harry, I don't think it'll be near the disaster as it could be for others. Imagine Ron with a Thought Writer! haha! Plus, Harry did say it was something he can turn off and on. Good thing, too. (o:

Yeah, as for marrying their high school sweethearts - that was all quite fairytaile-esque and definitely not all that realisitic. But, it wasn't my story to tell, right? This one is, hehe. Even if HPDH did ruin my plotlines. (o:

You liked their conversation! *dances* Good, this was hopefully supposed to be a fun chapter, something a little brighter at last. I'm thrilled you liked it! Hopefully I'll have more coming soon!

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Review #5, by LisaMacKayHarry Woke Up: Harry Wonders

25th September 2007:
Yeah, of COURSE it doesn't feel right! He's in love with MAL-FOY! duhh :P I bet Draco is just watching them, glaring and cursing Ginny for... being there. I can't help it but I keep sensing a weird tension between Harry and Hermione. Do you write Harry/Hermione normally? It definitely gives the whole thing a certain twinge when you read it. And poor Draco, has to sit there and watch Harry have visitors and being snogged, and nobody comes to see him. Equality, I say! :)
I really liked this chapter, especially how you kept bringing up how unhappy he is about not seeing and how it just affects everything he says, everything he feels and does. Ii just occupies every bit of him and it naturally would, if I was blind suddenly I'd be a pile of nothingness, especially since I'm rather scared in the dark. :)
Anyways, bring on that slash action, Jenn! Where is it? I'm still waiting! (patiently of course) :D

Author's Response: Hey Fliss! Lovely to see you dear! The first to review this chapter!

Haha, Harry not feeling right, no, of course not, haha. Is he really in love with Malfoy? Haha.. That'll be a rude awakening if he ever figures that out... I mean.. if that's how it goes down. (o: Hrm, is Draco watching them?? I can garuntee you'll find out next chapter!! Haha...

Weird tension between Harry and Hermione? Hmmm.. As a matter of fact, I do write Harry/Hermione stories, but I'm also of the belief that Harry and Hermione are quite close in their friendship, and I think that's backed by cannon and doesn't take away from Ron and Hermione's relationship. You see a lot of close moments, and even a large section of HPDH with just Harry and Hermione... And, I'll admit we get that lovely line about brother-and-sister... So I have written Harry and Hermione as quite close, and I believe that they are, though here it is absolutely platonic. If it felt strange, it might be because they are too close for your comfort. But remember, they've been big parts in each other's lives for 13 years, by this point... Anyway, you'll see more on this relationship, and others, as the chapters progress. (o: Perhaps they feel too close to you, but I'm writing them as I read and understand them, hehe. *shrug*

Yes, it's a terrible bummer that Draco doesn't have friends coming to visit him or snog him... Haha... *lovely mental image and idea*

I'm so glad you liked the chapter, and Harry's unhappiness with blindness. It is a HUGE part of who he is now and it can't be tossed aside unimportantly. It's going to consume him - both of them...

Slash action? Are you begging me for slash action? I think we've discussed this and I've tried to be quite fair. Haha. Good things come to those who wait, my dear. And I see good things coming. (o;

Thanks again!!!

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Review #6, by LisaMacKayHarry Woke Up: Draco Withdraws

17th September 2007:
Aw. Hooray for movie nights :P This was really nice, and thank you for having something happening to Draco and his ears, no matter whether it's good or bad. He deserves some change. (And do I sense some slash action on the way? Finally?) Wooh! Oh and I know about the buzzing, gives me headaches regularly, it sucks. I really liked their conversation about what the actors looked like, and aw Draco and the hair!! *swoons* Short review, but I really enjoyed this chapter and all the tingly feeling throughout it!!

Author's Response: Hallo dearie! So lovely to see you!

Haha, yes, those movie nights are something, eh? (o; I'm glad you liked the funny buzzing in Draco's ears though I think he probably didn't liked it (even if it WAS hearing...)

Hrm, do you sense some slash action? *grins mischievously*

Hehe, I'm so glad you were tingling and swooning. Makes me so thrilled! I hope you'll enjoy what's coming up just as much! (o; Thanks for reading and reviewing!!

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Review #7, by LisaMacKayReason Free From Passion: Chapter Three

5th September 2007:
Oh wow. *stares* Charz, that was amazing! The way you captured the last scene and everything, every emotion, that was fantastic! And I loved the "oh god" sentence in the very end. It's my favorite one in the whole chapter, because it makes perfect sense even though it technically doesn't. Molly was horribly sad to read and it's sad to hear that Ginny is enstranged from her family, taken away from them because she cannot let go. And you included Charlie! Charlie is my absolutely favorite character of all times and since JK left him practically out of book 7 so shamefully I love everyone how includes him in their stories! (even if it's just a tiny mention). Daniel is hillarious, and I think that Dean is quite a bit jealous of Draco, I bet he would like to dance with Ginny himself. ;) Well the last couple of paragraphs were definitely 15/10, if not 16 (if I could), and the rest was a solid 10/10 as well, so, I'll go with what I have. 10/10 and my lifelong admiration for the wonderful, fantastic "oh god" sentence!!

xo Flissy (who wishes she had her msn awe-ing smiley to use to describe her feelings for this chapter!)

Author's Response: :D I'm gad you liked it! That was my favourite line too actually, when I wrote it. So everything was implied but it was focused more on the feelings and emotions running through Ginny.

I'm also happy you found the Molly scene sad :p . I wasn't sure how that one came out. And lol on the Charlie thing! I'm glad I didn't kill him off now actually :p .

Ah, well we'll see how the Dean thing turns out. I really need to get another chapter up! Or, you know, written :p . Thanks for another great review! :)

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Review #8, by LisaMacKayReason Free From Passion: Chapter Two

4th September 2007:
Well I finally found the time and muse to read your story. I think there just are stories that you need a proper setting and internal mood for to be able to properly appreciate them. Well, this chapter was truely short, but as we all know it's not about quantity, but quality, And the chapter definitely was filled with a whole lot of that (quality I mean ^^). Pansy is delicious and your dialogue is absolutely -and I'm sorry but there is no other word for this- superbe, I love it, it makes me read it out loud. I even found myself doing whatever you had your characters do. Facially I mean. Fortunately my back is turned to my roommate because otherwise she would think I've gone mental. ;) Ginny is wonderfully twisted and Draco is great! Oh, and one more thing (I even copied it from up there so I could paste it here): "mollified"! How awesome!! It's my new word of the week! I have yet to find out what exactly it means but it made me think of Pansy wearing Molly's clothes and grinning like a happy mother.

Well, I really enjoyed this but I will have to put off reading chapter 3 until it's not quite so late, as I have school early tomorrow!

xo Flissy

Author's Response: Wow, I don't think anyone's ever got so into a story of mine! lol Though I have to say imagining you doing the expressions is kinda entertaining :p . It was short I know, but the next one is longer and overall keeps the average up I think. Dialogue has always been very important to my stories, I had to improve my narrative a lot and it still needs some work. I'm happy you're enjoying it so much :D . Mollified is a good word! But nothing to do with Molly, lol! It means, erm, placated, appeased. Like say someone is upset with their friend and their friend says something or does something in an effort to mollify or soothe them :) . Thanks for the great review though! :)

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Review #9, by LisaMacKayHarry Woke Up: Harry Waxes

4th September 2007:
I must admit I'm really not a fan of Muggle things being thrown into Draco's world, but you actually pulled it off and made it realistic! :) Nice chapter, I liked the backflash a lot, it made me think of the book "1984", the last part, where he is locked up in the Ministry of Love. I don't know if you've ever read that book, but it definitely reminded me of it, especially when he goes on about how they could make him believe ANYTHING, seeing as he can't see (now THAT was an awkward sentence!). They're so cute together and poor Draco is so concerned! I was about to be really angry at Harry for seeing, while poor Draco has to remain deaf but well... at least you torture Harry a little for it. :) nice chapter, it was a really good read!!

Author's Response: Hello Deary! I'm not a fan of Muggle things entering stories of magical people, all that much either. But, ah, somehow this happened and I do hope it was a successfuly venture. I'm glad you found it realistic, anyway!

Liked the flashback? Made you think of 1984? I actually happen to love 1984, though it's been a few years now since I read it. Perhaps it was subconciously influencing me. (o:

Draco, concerned. Poor fella probably doesn't know what to do with that! Ha, you were going to be angry at Harry for seeing!! Hehehe, you're funny! But yes, I did, instead, torture Harry a bit. Thanks so much for reading, dear! *grins*

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Review #10, by LisaMacKayHarry Woke Up: Draco Waits

2nd September 2007:
Alright, the reason there were no more reviews until this point is that there was no possible way I could have stopped reading before there wasn't anything more to read. I love you story, I truly do, and I'm very glad snark mentioned it to me. Your description is amazing and I love how you conjur up that tingly feeling that you have when you know something is going on there, without really ever actually reffering to it. I will be waiting for an update patiently, though. :)

Author's Response: Hehe, impossible to stop reading and pause then? Well, I suppose I understand and I'll let it slide! (o; I'm so glad you love this story, and I'm glad snark mentioned it. This genre is definitely not popular so it's always nice to have new readers.

I conjure up the tingly feeling, do I? *dances with joy* I'm so pleased you say that! Hehe, that's an absolutely perfect response. Wow! Well, anywho, the new chapter's up so I'll be hoping to hear from you! Thanks!

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Review #11, by LisaMacKayHarry Woke Up: Harry Wigs

2nd September 2007:
Wow. That was wonderful (even though it might seem like the wrong word considering what was going on in the chapter itself). A great chapter, almost better than the first! There's really not much I can say about this except how awesomely evil your Draco is and then again he suddenly was so cute when Harry was bleeding. You're doing really really good with this story :) 10/10

Author's Response: Almost better than the first, then? I liked this chapter, too. I love fights or anything that springs from passion and pent up emotions (whatever they may be!) Plus, how could they NOT fight at some point? Sheesh, boys. I'm glad you enjoyed my awesomely evil Draco and his sudden cute moment when Harry starts bleeding. LoL. Thanks for the 10/10!

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Review #12, by LisaMacKayHarry Woke Up: Draco Weakens

2nd September 2007:
Aw he's being cute. If you hadn't put the slash warning in the summary people could definitely guess by the way you have Draco describe how everything feels. And I must admit I just now realized the relation of your banner to the story. :) The eyes and the mouth. Good thinking there actually. Very nice chapter, I liked how he opened up to Harry and how Harry himself can't just keep writing single letters when he wants to express something. I myself talk and type really fast and that would just kill me! :)

Author's Response: Hehe, Draco being cute. He'd be thoroughly angry if you told him that. I'm glad you see the connection with the banner. (o: I'm so happy you're enjoying this story... And yes Harry just can't say what he means to with their crude hand writing. It would take a lot of work and concentration, and it would take ages to write anything lengthy... Thanks for reading!!

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Review #13, by LisaMacKayHarry Woke Up: Harry Wanders

2nd September 2007:
I actually felt like I should try out blind writing. Sounds like fun. Like typing with your elbow. It was a good idea though, sad enough. A little too much counting in this chapter (in my opinion but I am a math invalid par excellence), but I guess when you have a blind person trying to figure out where it is it gives you a great chance of practicing your description skills. this was kinda short but still good. :)

Author's Response: You should try out blind writing! Teehee! I did! I know, a lot of counting and descriptive work, as far as the room goes. Hopefully not too boring... (o: Thanks so much for reviewing all these!

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Review #14, by LisaMacKayHarry Woke Up: Draco Watched

2nd September 2007:
This is absolutely hillarious. And so in character! I love your Draco, he is just evil but still not unsympathetic. I like the idea (I hope I got that right) of him having taken up the position of an Auror. and the name of the letter-writer is absolutely awesome. *still holding her prize proudly* It's also really nice of Draco to at least attempt to help Harry with the food and everything. A very short review, but there just isn't much to say about such a wonderful story besides 10/10, keep it up! :)

Author's Response: Yay! Hilarious and in character! Oh good, you like my Draco as well as my Harry! Hehehe... And yes, Draco was sort of an Auror. You'll find out bits and pieces about his recent profession, I believe... Glad you loved the letter writer and his name. You better keep that prize polished! It is rare and hard-won! Thanks for reading, dear!

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Review #15, by LisaMacKayHarry Woke Up: Harry Woke Up

2nd September 2007:
This was about as awesome as it can get! One of the best pieces of writing I have ever read. Seriously. And I don't know whether you intended it or whether I'm just evil, but especially the dialogue... or... well what would have been one had they been able to communicate had me almost falling out of my chair from laughter. I love your Harry and the description is wonderful. Especially describing what a blind person experiences when one is not blind themselves, that is some kind of challenge, but you did perfect and I am proud of Harry that he found his way back to his bed. :) I am definitely favoriting this! 10/10 and I'd give you 15 if I could!

Author's Response: As awesome as it can get?! Wow! *dances* hehe. I can't believe you would say such nice things about it! *blushes* I'm glad you liked the 'sort of dialogue.' It was all definitely fun to write. I'm pleased you like my Harry, and I'm glad you were proud of his tiny success. Thanks for adding it to your faves and for the 10/10!

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Review #16, by LisaMacKayReason Free From Passion: Chapter One

19th July 2007:
So I finally got around to read something that you've written. I'm quite impressed I must say. :) I don't think I ever told you about how picky I am when it comes to dialogue but yours was perfect! Absolutely in character and every single word was believable and realistic! I am not so fond of Ginny (excuse me, "Ginevra"), but that has nothing to do with your writing, and I also don't think you intended her to be too sympathetic in this either. Draco is a blast though, I loved his first scene and his general behavior. What you did to Harry was absolutely great and believable. Actually it's one of the best solutions for this that i've read so far. Dean is a real cutie as well! great job! *favorites* deffo!

xo Flissy

Author's Response: Yay, hey Flissy. I'm happy you're impressed :D . Dialogue is what I know best, I've had to work on my narrative and particularly my description quite hard, but I've always enjoyed dialogue. I actually quite like Ginny's character, and I think she is a match for Draco, or at least I hope I can write her to be. I only liked her since HBP though I think, or it might've been OotP, when she stopped being droopy and got a personality basically. Draco is just fun though, I really liked writing him in this chapter. Thanks for the lovely review! :)

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Review #17, by LisaMacKayHippogriff Fever: Now would be the time to shut up

19th July 2007:
Well, this was cute! And she is still Madame Piper. There were a few tiny little spelling mistakes here and there but nothing to worry about. Besides that this is the only thing I have to say: *sque*

;) Flissy

Author's Response: Aw thanks for all your reviews! They're really helpful. I like how you're specific and not just 'great chappie' (but I'm not complaning, I would take any review, lol)


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Review #18, by LisaMacKayHippogriff Fever: Twitchy Woman

19th July 2007:
hey there! the nurse is back to Madame Piper again! I personally think this wasn't your strongest chapter, especially with the conversation in the end. It seemed a little stiff. I DID like the punching though, he definitely deserved it. :) I know sometimes you just need to get a little wobbly in your writing to get the plot running again, and it really wasn't a big deal, and maybe it's just my personal preference, but the whole "beaking Sirius" thing was a little confusing to me. The beginning was really nice though, I especially like the pillow part ;)

xo Flissy

Author's Response: Haha, yes, I changed it, permantley to MAdame Piper. I agree this is probably my weakest chapter, but we need to get into Sirius's mind and not just his body, yeah? Lol. That's for the help:)


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Review #19, by LisaMacKayControl the Wind: Theodore

18th July 2007:
Ooh, intriguing! I am a big fan of minor characters, or even those that were barely mentioned and it's always nice to see when someone picks one of those characters and turns them into something great! It's nice how you made the connection that Theodore is being able to see thestrals because he saw his father die (yes, I did my homework! :D). He is a very sympathetic character, I like how he struggles between weak and strong, between emotion and the legacy from his father. The way you portrayed Draco was very good as well, I can just imagine him being that way after he received his Dark Mark. The random bits of memory here and there only add to the torn up state of Theodore's mind. The small pieces of dialogue were well spoken and realistic and I am very fond of the house and especially the Muggle switch to the secret drawer. I really like your style and I'll be looking forward to any prospective updates!

xo Flissy

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Review #20, by LisaMacKayHippogriff Fever: Like Christmas Morning

18th July 2007:
well... that's what I call mood swings... God, imagine waking up with his face staring at you, grinning like a lunatic! This was a really nice chapter, but I think the insivible cloak should be an invincible one? Surely Madame Pepper didnt mean to be invisible? And she was called Madame Piper the first two times her name was mentioned, maybe you would like to go back again and change that to avoid confusion there. and he just HAS to be stupid the moment he wakes up... *shakes head* :) good one, off to the next chapter!

xo Flissy

Author's Response: Did I put Madame Piper? Oh my-thank you for pointing that out!


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Review #21, by LisaMacKayHippogriff Fever: Second Helpings

18th July 2007:
Now new at Disneyland: "the Giant Squid Ride"! An excellent idea! I love it! But what about the bickering over the cheese? Did Peter eat it all? Would fit to him if he had, anyways. And the scene between them was.. woohoo, I could just feel the tension and how close they were. Wonderful job on that one! It struck me as a little odd when Sirius talked so freely about his feelings for his friends, but then I guess it's absolutely like him to be NOT like him, you know what I mean? anyways, I have decided this deserves to go onto my favorites :)

xo Flissy

Author's Response: Wow, thanks for adding it to your favorites it!!! Means a lot to me:D

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Review #22, by LisaMacKayHippogriff Fever: It's official

18th July 2007:
So... phew. You really did well with that sexual tension thing *sweats* :). The dialogue flowed better than in the last chapter, and you really brought over what you intended to. The description of the fever and what happens to Sirius' pants is really good, I could actually feel/see what I read and that means something. This is getting quite intriguing, I'm curious to find out what happens next!

xo Flissy

Author's Response: Thank you again for another great review:D


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Review #23, by LisaMacKayHippogriff Fever: You give me fever

18th July 2007:
I like it! Nice start, I'm quite fond of Milli, and I really like the whole tension between them and how it is expressed in the way they talk to each other. I'm not quite so fond of Lily, I can't really tell you why, but that may be the simple fact that she dislikes James, which is canon, and I didn't like Lily in OOTP either :) I also like how you get right to the point in your story. It's really fun to read. I don't think I have to tell you how good this is, judging from all the other reviews you got on this already! going on to chapter 2!

xo FLissy

Author's Response: Wow, thank you!


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Review #24, by LisaMacKayIn His Eyes: Back To School

17th July 2007:
well, this is cute. :) I'm not a big fan of post-hogwarts fics normally, but your writing is very nice and good to read, so I'm going to give it a shot. The thing about all the main characters being teachers is a little random and I think will lead some people into thinking your story to be very clichee'd, but I always say it depends on how you pull it off. You did really well on your characterization of Hermione though. Going o to chapter 2!

xo Flissy

Author's Response: well thank you! it's always a thrill to be critiqued by another author.

thank you for complimenting my writing. i'm dying to know what you think about the direction i've taken with this so please review more. i thank you for your comments on hermione- i'm wondering if you think i kept her on character. (it's hard in a dramione ya know- to make it believable that she would go for draco) anyway thanks again for taking the time to read and review!

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Review #25, by LisaMacKayInbred: Curves In All The Wrong Places

20th November 2006:
rofl that's great. yay for updates... i love updates. and even though there didn't very much happen plot-wise in this chapter, it was very entertaining! oh, and the obligatory metamorphosis of hermione... you had to put that one in didn't you? i think draco likes molly. everyone likes molly. it's not a option. it's a sacred rule. everyone loves molly. and so does draco, no matter how much he hates the rest of the family. oh and i had almost forgotten about all the wives and twins and triplets in the last chapter. very nice chapter, great conversation, very much in character!

Author's Response: Updates are fabulous...I wish I could do it quicker sometimes. This was a plot-less chapter (well, more so than previous chapters. I can't say the plot is particularly thick throughout in general), but Hermione had to change. She was getting impatient and actually brought the jeans weeks ago and was stropping that I wouldn't let her wear them sooner. Molly is universally likeable too, although Draco is fighting against that. Thank you for the review, I am glad you are still finding this funny =)

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