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Review #1, by Harrypottergirl4evaWings: Wings

19th April 2010:
beautiful. i especially love the ending. let's hope that's what death is really like..

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Review #2, by Harrypottergirl4evaWander By Me: The Execution of All Things

26th September 2006:
oh my lord.

i have only one word: wow.

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Review #3, by Harrypottergirl4evaVelvet Lies: Chapter 8

1st September 2006:
oh that is so sad! i can't believe Sirius never heard from her... It's a brilliant story though and I err commend you... lol cool word. I will most definatly be reading the sequel. x x x

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the amazing review. I'm glad you enjoyed this story. I was sad to see it end but it does have a sequel so I can revisit the characters. :) I seriously considered an alternet ending so I could have had some sort of closure with the two of them.

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Review #4, by Harrypottergirl4evaLetters to Lindsay: Attack Of The Clones

3rd August 2006:
oh i love it. light hearted marauder fics are a favourite of mine. keep going! x x

Author's Response: light hearted hmmm... thanks ever so much!

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Review #5, by Harrypottergirl4evaThe Forest Door: Glass Houses

2nd August 2006:
oh this is genius. when is more coming? it's so light hearted and funny. she's the perfect mixture of cool and... not so much that we love in our heroines! hope the next chapter is coming soon. As I now love all your stories I feel obligated to add you to my favourite author list as well. tehe.

hope you write more! x x

Author's Response: thank you so much - i'm quite flattered! this story is next on the update list (let's say... is in waiting at the moment) but hopefully in a few days i'll add chapter 3 of this. keep an eye out!

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Review #6, by Harrypottergirl4evaLacking Fourty Winks: Feeble

16th July 2006:
oooo wait, feeble is the nme of the chapter.

ok, feeling like an idiot.

err... yeh.

x x

Author's Response: Oh. Yeah, it is.

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Review #7, by Harrypottergirl4evaSaying Goodbye: Saying Goodbye

13th July 2006:
your writing is wonderful. you can feel and see lily's pain completely. I loved the end line, sad as it was, i think it added just that final touch. well done! x x

Author's Response: aw, thank you, Harrypottergirl4eva! And I'm flattered ^_^ Once again, thank you for the lovely review!

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Review #8, by Harrypottergirl4evaMy Favourite Things: My Favourite Things

1st June 2006:
oh it's so good! your writing is fantiastic, fun fun fun eh? love it, love you both! hugs all round and a big box of cookies! x x

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Review #9, by Harrypottergirl4evaThe WOEG: He-shes and GM tag

1st June 2006:
oh dear oh dear, what goes on in those crazy minds of yours? I bet you a thousand galleons no one else on this site (maybe even the world!!) could ever come up with something that.... odd. hahahahahaha I LOVE it. You are truely mad and certainly smoking something you really should be advised against... but hey, if it brings me the amount of laughter this did then I say why not!

oh dear, *wipes tears away* absolutely bonkers, the pair of you.

*shakes head* please, ask me to review again. It really is surprisingly fun.

x x x

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Review #10, by Harrypottergirl4evaLupus Romanticus: Lupus Desirus

1st June 2006:
oh my lord, how did you come up with that? That story line is so... so... I don't know it's just fantastic. It's so real and original and I don't think I've read anything like it ever before. You truely believe that he's in love, the words are so overused these days and in this site even yet this is so much more. You make the reader feel his pain, this is so sad and real and I love it. Keep writing, you're amazing.

harrypottergirl4eva x x

Author's Response: Oh my heck. .. I can't believe you like this stuff so much! I really felt this thing, you know, and I am glad you did too--hahaha. You just made me really happy! Thanks so much for your review and I hope you have a great Summer! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #11, by Harrypottergirl4evaLupus Romanticus: Lilus Confusus

1st June 2006:
wow ok I actually really like your style of writing. It took me a couple of paragraphs to get used to and it's sort of diskointed but it gived you the feel of the way the character actually thinks you know. The things that you are saying as well, the ideas are very mature and well thought out, the reactions of the characters extremely realistic. It's very good and I'd be interested to see where it's heading. I've always loved Lily as a character as well, she facinates me and I love to see how different people interpret her. Good job!

harrypottergirl4eva (u_had_me_at_hello)

x x

Author's Response: Oh my gosh, thank you so much! I', glad there's someone out there who likes this story too! Other than myself. . .okay, getting vain here. . . just--thanks a lot!

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Review #12, by Harrypottergirl4evaWander By Me: Of Knickers and Night Owls

1st June 2006:
wow, that's so got me wanting the next chapter! gah, cliff hangers kill me. your writing is very good, cant wait for an update! x x x

Author's Response: it's on the way!

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Review #13, by Harrypottergirl4evaReflections: Reflections

31st May 2006:
well it was certainly a pleasure reading this! I'm glad such a good piece of writing was inspired!

Firstly, I love the way that time passes through the one-shot, you can see how the dream with the mirror in it affected his decisions enough to make him go after Harry in the department of mysteries, even though he probably would've anyway, we can now know that he did it with a smile on his face!

I also love the dream idea, I assume that was your way of getting round the fact that you didn't know where the mirror was after book one, but it is original and kind of gives the impression Sirius was meant to see his deepest desires just that once to understand that he needed to save Harry. It also means he can't go crazy because there is no way he can revisit it.

Loved everything about it, well done, you have certainly completed this challenge with flare and passed with flying colours!!

harrypottergirl4eva x x

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I was fearing your reponse actually. I was a little bit apprehensive since you are the one who set the challenge and if you'd like it or not. But I guess, there's no fear now :)

Yeah, that's the exact reason why I put it in a dream. I didn't know where the mirror was or if it was destroyed. It's an obvious guess.

I am very happy that you enjoyed it and that I "passed with flying colours" *jumps around pumping fist in the air*

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Review #14, by Harrypottergirl4evaLove Hurts: Mischief Managed

28th May 2006:
it didn't suck, it was great. You shouldn't make excuses for your writing! It is briliant and you are very tallented, your stories are so popular! Be modest not in denial!

I liked this chapter, I can't stand arguements that have no closure so I'm glad she went and talked to him because people always need to know where they stand. And that ending... it was briliant! It's hard to tell when boyfriends or friends become more important... if you're in love I suppose but then your friends still count. Hmmm hard.

Anyway, keep working through that writers block! you obviously can still produce good stuff even if you arn't too happy with it!

x x

Author's Response: LOL thank you. I appreciate it, really, I do. Being in love is no reason to ditch your friends. Love doesn't always last, but friendship as long as you're willing to work on it. Trust me. Thanks for reviewing, glad you liked the chapter!

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Review #15, by Harrypottergirl4evaA Pair Of Woolen Socks: A Pair Of Woolen Socks

27th May 2006:
This story is so good and very mysterious. I didn't realise s_p had already set a mirror of erised challenge but oh well - it's not on the master thread so I assumer mine is alright! This is exactly what I meant when I set the challenge anyway although I was looking for people to uncover the mystery whereas yours is left open which is just as good! Well done, I truely believe that this is the albus dumbledore we all cried for in book six and I hope to read more of your stories!

harrypottergirl4vea (u_had_me_at_hello)

x x

Author's Response: hehe thank you, i'm glad you liked it!! oh, and don't worry there's plenty of stuff around that i wrote. ^^ thanks a bunch for the review! it means a lot to me! sauerkraut's challenge was to write what dumbledore really sees and i simply kept the idea of what he said and took it a step further.

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Review #16, by Harrypottergirl4evaStag Knights: Stag Night

18th May 2006:
It's good - a little humour in the midst of all that despair never hurt anyone plus, it'll be easy for authors to choose humour, angst, romance ect for the next chapters. The story really could go anywhere!

Excited to see what's coming, i don't get my turn till chapter seven! well done though, a great start to what should be a rather wonderful story.

x x

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Review #17, by Harrypottergirl4evaLet's say...: One of a Kind

12th May 2006:
wow i can just imagine her costume - infact that has totally given me an idea for a costume party i am going to soon (although it bis summer so maybe a little less fabric!! haha) anyway the chapter was amazing! loved it - as always! keep going x x

Author's Response: glad to be an inspiration!

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Review #18, by Harrypottergirl4evaThe Fires Within: Eleven: My December

9th May 2006:
Your story is very well written and your characterisation is extremely realistic. Your writing style reminds me alot fo Jk Rowling's actually - how you write about Emma in the same way she writes about Harry. I don't usually go for the novel length fics but this one has intrigued me, I think it is something to do with the fact that your main character is someone everyone can relate to. Everyone feels as though they are just plain - that people don't notice them and that their friends are so much better when infact they are just missing the attention or not noticing their best qualities. You're a wonderful writer - you pay alot of attention to detail and it pays off as your story is rather encapturing.

At first, I thought it was going to be Sirius and Remus that battled for her affection but it is clearly now Sirius and Snape. I have never really liked Snape fics - I find him a hard character to explain and therefore fail to understand most author's descriptions of him or motives of his actions however I think yours are the most realistic I've come across. I can also see how he could fall in love with Emma whereas I can never seem to grasp the Lily/Snape pairing. To me, it just seems slightly ridiculous that he would fall for a girl who goes against everything he believes in (kind of like draco/hermione but lets not get me started on that...)

Anyway - this review is far too long for such insigificant ramblings so I will leave you with this last comment:

"The pen is mightier than the sword - and considerably easier to write with."

Keep going - it's truely inspiring.

ps I hope none of this sounded too cheesy or tedious! Wouldn't want to give you a rather dull impression of myself now would I? :D

Author's Response: Wow, thanks very much for such a wonderful review. I don't mind your ramblings at all - I quite appreciate hearing from readers in this way. =) I'm glad that, although you don't usually go for Snape fics, that my portrayal of Snape works for you. Some people make him too fluffy or too mean - I'm trying to stay between those two and it's great to know that it's working out for readers too.

Your comments about my writing style made me blush. Reading it brightened my day for sure. Thanks very much for reviewing. I'll try to update as soon as I can. =)

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Review #19, by Harrypottergirl4evaSay, what?: Curiousity Breaks Hearts

8th May 2006:
Well i was beginning to worry you know... this story is so funny and three months is a long time to go without your humourous ways! but hey ho, i'll survive.

Loved it as usual by the by so keep writing even if you have to have yearly gaps (that is no way an encouragement by the way... I don't want to be bashed by reviewers for telling you to take your time *smiles innocently at the other reviewers*)

Anyway - "Until next time"

x x

Author's Response: haha i'm glad you're willing to wait hopefully when certain thins (UGH SCHOOL) wrap up i will be better at getting chapters out

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Review #20, by Harrypottergirl4eva:

29th April 2006:
wow that's good. terry is a prat. pah! but she should forgive ron... im not even too sure what she's mad about but hey! keep going! x x

Author's Response: Thanks! Yes, Terry is a prat. Yes, she should forgive Ron. She's mad because it all seems to be one secret after another with her friends and family. She's also hurt and is looking for the smallest reasons to push certain people away. That, and it's all part of my master plan! Mwahahaha! Okay, I'm done...

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Review #21, by Harrypottergirl4evaCome What May: Come What May

29th April 2006:
it's over? what? no! you have to make haste (haha) with the sequel! it is such a good story line, i absolutely love it and your writing - you definatly have a talent! well done and please keep writing! x x

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Review #22, by Harrypottergirl4evaVelvet Lies: Chapter 5

29th April 2006:
i am in love with this story! it's so typical romance but it's also really original! wow... you make me smile! well done! keep writing xx

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the kind review. I'm delighted that you are enjoying it and I appreciate you taking the time to check out the updates!

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Review #23, by Harrypottergirl4eva:

29th April 2006:
woot! about bloody time can i just point out! i

Author's Response: haha. yup ;) thanks for the review!

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Review #24, by Harrypottergirl4evaPull of Evil: Learning

27th April 2006:
woot, marvelously done my dear and with so much passion! what a lot of action crammed into the pages of just one chapter... impressive and inspiring. i feel there isn't much more to say that you haven't already been told so well done once again and keep writing! x x


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Review #25, by Harrypottergirl4evaOur Lady of Sorrow: Heroes Never Die

25th April 2006:
well yes, depressin but also very sweet and a good tricute to the character. it was a very good story and you have hardly any flaws - your beta must eb very good! well done and keep wririntg.


ps - update love hurts! i love that story to bits! x x

Author's Response: I didn't have a beta, I should though, but thank you for reviewing all of the chapters. I really do appreciate it! And don't worry, Love Hurts shall be updated soon.

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