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Review #1, by AzkabansMostWantedWhere are you, Fred?: Dancing in the Dark - Bruce Springsteen

4th June 2012:
Awh, that actually hurt my heart. I always hoped the Weasleys would all make it out alive, but of course that was unrealistic. Poor Fred, poor George. Good story though! ♥AMW

Author's Response: I know, hey. All I could think about was how it would feel to lose one of my brothers :/ kinda pretty much sucky, that's for sure!

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed it.

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Review #2, by AzkabansMostWantedOverlooked: Overlooked

29th October 2009:
Awh! This is adorable! I love it. [=
Even though I'm a strong Ron/Hermione shipper lol. So cute!

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Review #3, by AzkabansMostWantedThe Night That Followed: The Night That Followed

3rd May 2009:
Awh, I love your writing. I always have. Good job!♥AMW

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Review #4, by AzkabansMostWantedInto the Chamber: Into the Chamber

3rd May 2009:
Hahaha! I LOVED it! This was amazing! Fantastic job. ♥AMW

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Review #5, by AzkabansMostWantedClosing the gap: The Marauders

2nd May 2009:
interesting...are you planning to continue?
I think it could really go far..

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Review #6, by AzkabansMostWantedThe Cold ones: The cold ones

2nd May 2009:
awh. How sad. ]=
Good job tho! ♥AMW

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Review #7, by AzkabansMostWantedHe Made the Stars Fall: He Made the Stars Fall

2nd May 2009:
I loved it! What else can I say? It was perfect! I wish I had a love like Lily and James! Good job! ♥AMW

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Review #8, by AzkabansMostWantedA Summer Day to Remember: "FOUR EYES!"

2nd May 2009:
This was really short, fast paced, and didn't have a good balance of dialoge and plot, and ended aburptly. I think that if you were to lengthen it, it would be really good. It is interesting, but I definitely think it could be better, and I wouldn't mind reading it if you were to continue! ♥AMW

Author's Response: thank you! i do plan on rewriting it, actually. I stepped away from fanfiction for a while, but I'm (slowing) making my way back and revamping my old stories is on the list!

thanks for reading and reviewing with constructive criticism, it's much appreciated!

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Review #9, by AzkabansMostWantedConcordia Persentis: A Man's Day In the Life of a Pregnant Witch

2nd May 2009:
hahah that's great. [=

Author's Response: Thanks! :)

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Review #10, by AzkabansMostWantedHome Again: Home Again

2nd May 2009:
Sad. ]= I wish all the Weasley's had made it through. Poor George . Good story tho! ♥AMW

Author's Response: I do too. Thanks for the review!

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Review #11, by AzkabansMostWantedHe Nearly Killed the Cat: He Nearly Killed the Cat

26th April 2009:
This one made me want to cry too. I get so frustrated about James and Lily and how proud they would have been of Harry and how much they'd love him if they got to watch him grow up. Of course, they already did love him, but you know what I mean. But that also would have changed the whole story. UGH. It makes me so mad though. Iol. I love James and Lily. This was heartwarming. Good job! ♥AMW

Author's Response: Yes, it is very sad - they could have had a really wonderful family! I'm glad you liked it. Thank you for the awesome reviews!

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Review #12, by AzkabansMostWantedFrom Third Brother to Fourth Brother: From Third Brother to Fourth Brother

26th April 2009:
Oh my gosh. I'm seriously sitting here in tears right now. This is so so sad. It was already terrible enough when Fred actually died, but this was heartwrenching.
Godo job though! Nice writing. I liked George's joke about his ears and Fred. Such an amazing story. Kudos. It's going into my favorites! ♥AMW

Author's Response: Thanks for the fantastic review! I'm honored to be part of your favorites!

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Review #13, by AzkabansMostWantedThis Tragic Place: This Tragic Place

30th May 2007:
oh my gosh.
I am speechless.
Such insight. I mean, what Aubrianna wrote. She seemed like such a young person with wisdom beyond her years.
It was so sad, so sweet.
I loved it.
It went on my favorites. Nothing's gone on there for a long time. I'm glad I stumbled upon this. ♥AMW

Author's Response: Well thank you so much! Your review let me know that nearly everything I tried to portray came through in my story!!! Lovely!!! Thanks so much for putting this on your favorites!!!! You rock!

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Review #14, by AzkabansMostWantedHogwarts Sanitarium: Father, Meet My Dogfather

16th January 2007:
lol! Thatw as great! update reallly soon please! I miss this story! ♥AMW

Author's Response: I will!

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Review #15, by AzkabansMostWantedWhen in Rome ...: ... Do as the Romans Do

24th December 2006:
AAAH! I loved it! That was soo good. Really well writen. 10/10. [=♥AMW

Author's Response: Thanks so much!!

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Review #16, by AzkabansMostWantedPoison: Poison

21st December 2006:
No suggestions! It was perfect! I loved it! No, I adored it. It all fit together, the song, the story, everything. Awh! Nice work! 10/10 for you. But I also have to ask where you've been lately? Not that it's a big deal or anything, but you haven't reviewed my last two chapter to Poisoned I was wondering if you were still around...Are you? lol. I miss your reviews. But if you're spending your time with stories like these, then that's perfectly ok! Good job with this! ♥AMW

Author's Response: I've actually been a bit busy lately, you see I just found out that I'm pregnant and obviously that takes priority over my stories, which I will be getting back very soon I promise. Thanx so much for you wonderful review and kind words. I will be back more often soon I promise.

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Review #17, by AzkabansMostWantedI Loved Her First: I Loved her First

11th November 2006:
I love that song! I've always thought it was so sweet. I liked the story, although I don't usually like reading the next generation stories, so maybe I'm biased, but I think it would have worked a bit better with like, Ginny be the little girl ready to get married to Harry and Mr. Weasley going through all that. Or Hermione with her know? With characters we know a bit more about. But I liked it, I almost cried. WEll, thanks for the great read! Oh, and thanks for R&Ring mine. ♥AMW

Author's Response: I loved your story, I had to review it! ANyway....maybe it would have worked better, but who knows? Maybe I'll try it someday! LIke....I lOved Her First, Version Two?


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Review #18, by AzkabansMostWantedAncient Magic: Love

10th November 2006:
Oh, my gosh! That was so amazing. So sweet. I loved it. And you wrote it so well. It was just perfect. Kudos to you!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #19, by AzkabansMostWantedMistakes: Mistakes

8th November 2006:
I did, I loved it! I think it could have made a really great multi chapter fic, but it's fine as a one shot too. So, I have to ask, though, if you are a Luna/Neville shipper?Just because of the reference you made about them. I think they are a cute couple. And what is a crèche? lol, sorry. Anyways, I loved this, it was cute. ♥AMW

Author's Response: Okay that's a lot of questions for me lol! First, you"re not the one to suggest me to make a multi chapter fic of this one-shot and I think that I'll do it! I'm a Luna/Neville shipper, it is true that they are cute even if I think that it would have been interesting to put Luna and Harry together but J.K. decides so....
Anyway, a crèche is...well I thought the word was the same in french ( and my dictionnary said it to...damn him lol) It's a day nursery, in fact. Thank you for your comments!

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Review #20, by AzkabansMostWantedSo You Want to be a Death Eater?: So You Want to Be a Death Eater?

7th November 2006:
Hehe, I loved that! It was hilarious, how did you come up with the idea? It was brilliant...but I have to ask..what would the Death Eaters do to those they don't accept? lol. Cuz I would definately be one of Great idea though, just brilliant. ♥AMW

Author's Response: ... hate to say it... but they'd probably get bumped off-- if you know what I mean. :-D Hehe, Glad you enjoyed! I don't think I'd make it as a Death Eater either though.... don't tell.

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Review #21, by AzkabansMostWantedMissing Memories: Facing Death

29th October 2006:
I LOVED it!! It was amazing! I've been dying for Ron and Hermione's reunion! It was so good, and soo sweet, I was smiling the whole time, and by the end, I was almost crying. I can't wait for your next chapter, but at the same time I can, since you'll be leaving hpff after that....but..still....this chapter was amazing. ♥AMW

Author's Response: Awwwww...thanks. That means a lot to me, especially coming from you, one of my most loyal reviewers...

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Review #22, by AzkabansMostWantedA Pureblood Can't Love: The Notes

17th September 2006:
UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE! lol. Yea, I really want to knwo what happens. So you should update. lol. Loves!! ♥AMW

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Review #23, by AzkabansMostWantedBooks: Books

3rd September 2006:
I've read this story like five times...and I don't usually reread fanfic..but this is so brilliant, and so simple. I just adore it. I'm going to add it to my favorites now actually, so that whenever I want to read it again I dno't have to look so far to find it. But this really is a stroke of brilliance. I just love it. Makes me smile every time. &heaqrts;AMW

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Its actually my favourite one-shot- it didn't take long to write and it just seemed to work.

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Review #24, by AzkabansMostWantedJealousy: Midnight explanation

31st August 2006:
This was a good chapter. I got all giddy and stuff. All i can say is, it's about d*mn time!! Hermione and Ron just belong together..nuff said. Anyways...great job on this! You write well. And thanks, so much, as always, for reviewing my story! ♥AMW

Author's Response: Oh yeah, it's about time...Hermione and Ron are so meant to be and it's more and more frustrating to see how they behave in the books. Thnaks so much for your review and for your compliments, of course! And as far as your story is concerned....well you write well, too and I just love your story! ;)

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Review #25, by AzkabansMostWantedThe Arcade Masquerade: Starting over

30th August 2006:
Well, what can I say? It's pretty good. I'm a bit anooyed, though, with how quickly Hermione seemed to accept Draco and Blaise being there after Ginny's short explanation, but perhaps there's more on that later? And I think more should be explained about Scott, like why we never met him at Hogwarts or anything like that. Or is he even magical? Is he just a Muggle? But of course, it is still the first chapter I don't expect everything to unfold just yet. Other than that, it's very interesting, and I'm intruiged. Please continue! ♥AMW

Author's Response: Thanx for your honesty.I really do appreciate it.

I will go over it and explain some more about Scott. I will also try and make it a bit clearer that Hermione is still unhappy about Draco being there. I wanted to expand on this chapter more anyway.

Thanx again for your honest and constructive critisms. I am really glad that you enjoyed the rest of the chapter.

Thanx for your review.

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