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Review #1, by SelfishBelieve Me: The Birthday Party And Then Some

10th September 2005:
I want you to know . . . what? Update soon :)

Author's Response: Oh don't worry, I put chapter eight in LIMBO today!! It's outta my hands now ;) I think you may like the chapter.... It's over 6,000 words!! W00t!! My longest chapter yet! <3

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Review #2, by SelfishHarry Potter and the Daughters of the Dark Mark: The Wolf and the Weasel

17th August 2005:
... It's so short! And you're making fun of me! *grumbles* And I can talk whenever I want to! I like it, it's short, but still good ... any chance someone will die soon? *grins and walks away*

Author's Response: Calm down. Someone did just die. And I wasn't making fun, I swear!! >< Aniahrie

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Review #3, by SelfishBelieve Me: Unexpected Encounter

7th August 2005:
Ok ... first off, the whole Kreacher thing was weird, but amusing too. I liked it. Anyway, I love how the story is going, it's excellent! Please post more soon.

Author's Response: I know it was weird, but it has it's purpose. I was extremely tired when I thought of it and it kinda stuck with me. Thank you, I am writing Ch. 6 now.

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Review #4, by SelfishOnly Time: Chapter Five

4th August 2005:
Ugh. Snape is being such a git. . . .James should definitely hex him for that. The story is awesome, please post more.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading!! I thought nobody was reading it I barely get any reviews!!

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Review #5, by SelfishHarry Potter and the Daughters of the Dark Mark: Dis-order

4th August 2005:
. . . .Only wondering if you've gotten out of your Writer's Block. . . .obviously you haven't, but I was being hopeful. . . .and bored. Byez!

Author's Response: Aww, thanks for being so patient with me. Just because you checked, I'm going to start writing now! ~No, I haven't gotten out of my writer's block! But...I'm going to try it anyway. Aniahrie

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Review #6, by SelfishThe Rules of Albus Dumbledore: The Rules Of Albus Dumbledore

2nd August 2005:
Love it.

Author's Response: Wow, thanks. :)

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