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Review #1, by Paola AlejandraWoes of the Waning Moon: Woes of the Waning Moon

20th June 2006:
I love happy endings !!! You got it all from the too old, poor and dangerous to t=when he finally gives up and the happy ending (did I mention I love those? )

Author's Response: well thanks i like the happy endings too. and well he dose have to give up in the end eh? thanks it means alot to me that you reviewed.

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Review #2, by Paola AlejandraWaiting for a Miracle: Third Month

23rd May 2006:
I have just one recomendation: i hope she hexes him on the next one.

That was an unexpected twist, but a very good one. In the kind of weird way that almost made me fall of my chair.

Author's Response: lol thanks for the recomendation, I'll take that in note :P

Thanks for reading my fic :) I'm trying to write the next chapter now, so it should be up soon ^^

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Review #3, by Paola AlejandraHarry Potter, The Boy Who Lived: Chapter Six: End of the Order Era

23rd May 2006:
Ohh, what happend to Kreacher? (nasty little thing)
Asking gthe Locket the nice way, that was amazing, very clever.
I hope you update soon.

Author's Response: Oh, Kreacher got exactly what was coming to him. And, yes, he was vile nasty thing. Whether or not he was forced to become that way or not. He still gives me the creeps. He did some powerful damage to Harry. Ugh. Thank you for the mention about the locket. My Horcrux disposal is definitely unique. Just wait until you see some of the other ones. :) I have already posted the next chapter for you guys!

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Review #4, by Paola AlejandraHarry Potter, The Boy Who Lived: Chapter Five: Wedding Bell Bliss

22nd May 2006:
I love your story!!!!!! With a capital 'L' it's great. Post soon please.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! It is so good to finally hear from a few people. I thought everyone here was review-phobic! I have the next chapter waiting, and I am ready to post all the way through chapter 12. I am currently workign on chapter 13.

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Review #5, by Paola AlejandraOpportune Mistake: Chapter 3

23rd March 2006:
Oh he's having labor pain (not technically of course) that is so sweet. I can't wait to see what Sirius does when he finds out his best friend and his cousin had a child out of a night of passion. And of course what would Remus do is actually quite tempting to let my imagination fly. Any way love your story, keep it up!!!

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Review #6, by Paola AlejandraThe Baby's Coming!: Forgetful

8th March 2006:
This is so funny, i can't breath..... ok better know. Ohh please post soon.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'll be sure to! = D

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Review #7, by Paola AlejandraA Boy Named Rufus: The Weddings

25th February 2006:
I love this story. Remus and Tonks little kid!!!! This is great, keep up the good work. Who are the one-shots about?

Author's Response: My one shots are; And He Loved Her -Remus and Tonks Return-Sirius, James and Lily come back to Remus The Sorting- Rufus Lupin, Sirius Potter and James Potter. I'm also doing a One shot about the Marauders, in the form of a diary.

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Review #8, by Paola AlejandraIt was inevitable: a perfect fit

15th February 2006:
i love it. I don't know if you ment it but i laughed so much. Plesase update soon.

Author's Response: glad you liked. i dont know if it was exactly planned but we hoped it'd be fairly amusing. we aren't sure when it'll be updated yet but hopefully soon.

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Review #9, by Paola AlejandraHarry Potter and the Year of Ends: And So It Begins

15th August 2005:
So far so good I just hope that when you say "a year of many horible deaths " you are not intending on killing Remus, Tonks, Hermione or any of the Weasleys (well maybe Percy him you can kill) but please no more close deaths Im' kinda of pittying Harry right now to much for my liking. Good story tough.

Author's Response: Lol...I don't know if the year of ends will include anymore deaths but it probably will...thanks for the review.

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