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Review #1, by bexi_potterDeath To James Potter: Full Circle

22nd July 2009:
I actually loved this story, a lot. It was brilliantly clever, amazingly written and just hilarious from word go. I'm so sad to see it finished ): But you definitely deserve a million and one out of ten for this amazing creation :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much! You're amazing :P Thank you for reading and reviewing, I'm so glad you enjoyed the story!

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Review #2, by bexi_potterPsychedelic: Of Itchy Bridesmaids Dresses and Embarrasing Exposés

27th June 2009:
I love it so far!

Verity is an extremely interesting character, and I guess she appeals to me more than normal as a reader because I'm also the extremely clumsy type that can trip over nothing ;D

So yeah, update soon? Lovely. (:



Author's Response: Hahaha seems like a lot of us are hopeless klutzes. :) It's a terrible affliction, isn't it?

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Review #3, by bexi_potterFinding love in an unlikely way: Chapter One - One hell of a train ride.

4th June 2009:
Hey, you reviewed my story and so I thought I'd return the favour. (:

I like the plotline so far, and I like the switching you've done between Remus and Ava's point of view (by the way, I love her name!) The way Remus reacted to the cut was exactly how he would react. Overall, it's quite good. You should write more, for sure.



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Review #4, by bexi_potterDare You To Love: Chapter Six

28th April 2009:
AHHH! I LOVE THIS STORY! This chapter was absolutely amazing, dear, absolutely amazing. I love the character of Damien and his dynamics with Tristan, and how Damien and Claudette act around each other, the sort of friendship they have.

You're brilliant, love. ;D

Write more soon, I love it!!! 10/10, obviously! (:


Author's Response: Thanks so much Bex. All your compliments really mean a lot. :)


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Review #5, by bexi_potterDare You To Love: Chapter Five

3rd April 2009:
This chapter is great! OOF, I love it (:

In fact, it could have been said that we had perfected derogatory look-making to an art form LOL I love you.

I really like this, the way you described everything and everyone, especially Tristan ;) And yeah, Spotted Dick is a bit GROSS. Erugh. =/

Update soon, love, and don't forget to email! ;D


10/10, obvz. (:

Author's Response: Hey hon! LOL! I'm glad you liked it... And I'm not surprised that anything actually called "Spotted Dick" is gross. Like, I actually want to know who named these dishes. >.<

Anyway, I swear I'll email soon. High school is slowly killing me! And it's an agonizingly painful death!!! Teachers are the most sadistic of creatures. *cringes*


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Review #6, by bexi_potterQuiet Connor: Make Me Over; Step Three, The Epiphany

27th December 2008:
AHH!! I was so excited when I saw this was up!

Well, I was on the inside because on the outside I'm a flu-ridden wreck and can't really show any sort of emotion that involves moving.

I managed a weak yay though :)

Moving on. I loved this chapter. I loved the first part. I love the way you write so in character, how she comes to her own conclusions based on her own thoughts and how her thoughts influence her actions. It's a great talent, you should be proud :) Because some people write it like and then i did this and then i did that and it's not very...flow-y, you know? Your story has good flow. I like good flow.

Anyway. Lol.

I loved this line: "After a moment of hesitation, I left my fist fall forward and... missed the door by a few inches."


And I love how she notices she's in her pyjamas but doesn't actually do anything about it. She's very unique :)

I can't believe this is the second-to-last chapter! I can't wait for the next one, but then again I don't want the story to end. My mind is like, so conflicted lol.

Amazing writing again. Definitely 10/10. You made a poor sick girl very happy, be proud :D



Author's Response: Ah, Becky!

I'm sorry to hear that you are sick, m'dear! I am, however, happy to hear that you are enjoying my flow-y-ness and whatnot. xD

Hope you feel better, love!

Thanks for the review!

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Review #7, by bexi_potterQuiet Connor: Swing and Miss

4th December 2008:
AHH! Finally! I've missed this story :(

I can't believe Remus did that! Well, I can, but you know what I mean. It' s just so sad. Completely believable as well though, I could imagine Remus doing exactly that if he were young and a werewolf and in love etcetera. It's just so damn believable that you'd expect it to be in the book, you know?

And your writing is still so amazing. I really love your style.

Also, just one thing? At the end, you spelt "brake" wrong, in this instance it would be "break". Just thought I'd point that out because I'd want someone to do the same for me.

I loved it so bad. I cannot wait until you post the next one. Please do it soon :)

And I don't know why, but I loved this line:

"And then the music starts playing and she tosses her arms around him and kissed him back as if that was what she'd been waiting for the whole time?" Caus movies totally do that. It's cute, sometimes. Others it can be a bit dodged and way too sappy.

10/10! UPDATE SOON! :)


Author's Response: Ah, becky, I thank you greatly. After I send Chapter 16 into validation I'm planning on going through and editing EVERYTHING to death, so thank you loads for pointing that out. It makes it easier to find the mistakes. Haha.

Next chapter was sent to validation last night, so hopefully you'll be seeing it very soon. xD

I'm thinking you'll like it. I liked it. xD

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Review #8, by bexi_potterQuiet Connor: Gasp.

10th November 2008:
Le gasp!!

And I certainly did gasp a lot. Kudos to you. ;D

I loved it. SOOO much. I think it was an amazing way for her to find out about Remus. And I am so so so happy that she doesn't care! Oh dear. :)

"Bloody hell, you ancient damnation, move out of my way!" HAHAHAHAHA. Best. Line. Ever. You ancient damnation? Where the hell did you think of that?! It's good. Congrats. :)

And also, I loved Merlin's Munchies! That was good too.

MMM, Yoast was a little bit drunk there I see? Haha, that's no reason to hit people. Tut tut. She went a bit psycho though, didn't she? Your characterisation of her was very, very good. You really showed how she just completely snapped and was ready to pounce, as you say, like an...enraged spider monkey...?

Er...nice metaphor...


Cannot absolutely WAIT for the next chapter. I hope everything's okay. Don't rush it if you can't, I'm sure I'll understand ;D

10/10, of course.

Oh yeah...

*does the little dance*



Author's Response: Heeheehee.

I heart you.

You're one of my favorite reviewers. You always make me giggle.

As for your questions, the term "Ancient Damnation" sadly isn't mine to claim, it's actually said in Romeo and Julliet, which I was amusing myself with as I bounced around with his chapter.

"Merlin's Munchies" however, *snickers* is all mine.

Plus, I'm glad that you liked the way she found out. I was a little iffy about it. I've always wanted to toy around with the idea of Remus actually telling her, but this sorta just rolled out and it seemed alright to me.

As for the "Enraged Spider Monkey" bit... well, that was all thanks to the madness that happens within the walls of my slightly larger than average brain. *snorts* Or slightly smaller, depending on how you look at it. xD

Everything is alright, just the normal build up that happens in the crazy house. ;) That'd be a mixture of school and the loonies that live in my house.

The next chapter is... slowly making it's way into being worth reading, so I'll be tinkering with that for a little while longer. Hopefully not too long.

Ah, virtual dancing. My favorite. =D

Anywho, thanks for the review! I'm glad you're liking what you're seeing.


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Review #9, by bexi_potterMoonlight And Marauders: Chapter Ten: One Size Fits All

23rd October 2008:
“Bulgaria is nice this time of year,” she rambled. “What with the trees, and other foliage.”

I'm sorry, but that is THE best line I have ever heard in a fic before, like, ever. I love the story! Of course the Remus/Lexi interaction wasn't too soon. Please update soon. I adore it. 10/10. :)


Author's Response: Haha, thank you so much! I'm glad you liked that line, and the bit of Lexi/Remus, it was LOADS of fun to write. I'm totally glad you like my story, that makes me super-dooper happy! Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #10, by bexi_potterQuiet Connor: Of Boys, 'Itches', and Bombardments

6th October 2008:


Oh, wow. I loved it. Sooo, so much. I love Remus drunk, you write him so cute. And The Look. Oh God, The Look. I love how she screeches about it, and how she got so adorably flustered about her past...really, who had a good year when they were ten? :P

You're such an amazing writer. I love you. :)

And the kiss. Oh dear, the incredibly-short-but-still-able-to-make-me-audibly-squee-as-a-reader kiss! YESYESYES.

Though I wasn't really liking that ending. I would have liked them to find James' room again, maybe...I'm sure they had a lot to...*cough* talk about. ;D

AHHH can you believe the haywireness of HPFF? I can't believe all my lovely reviews went missing in cyberspace!! :(

But I write this one to make it up to you. Heh. 10/10, for def. PUT THE NEXT ONE UP SOON OR I WILL EAT YOU :)


Author's Response: Haha, wow. That was funny. You make me giggle. Mostly because I threaten to each people all the time.

Lmao. Anyway. I'm still screwing around with Chapter 13, so please bare with me for a day or two more.

Other then that, thanks loads for the laughs and the reviews!


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Review #11, by bexi_potterGood Things: The Fourteen Year Conversation Theory

10th June 2008:
I actually love this! I think it's great, seriously, your writing style is brilliant, and you've good good grammar and punctuation :) Ha, sorry, I just love it when I see good grammar and punctuation, I think it makes a story ten times better. But this would be great without good spelling anyway :) I love the plotline and I can't wait for the next chapter. Definitely favourited, and definitely 10/10. :D

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Review #12, by bexi_potterThings are looking up: The Proof is in the Writing

20th April 2008:
hi :) i haven't reviewed yet and i feel kinda bad, so i thought i'd review now because i saw a line that made me burst out laughing and i love you for it :)
“My cute little friend happens to be fourteen; I realize as a man-child that may be alluring, but let’s not forget the law."
utterly AMAZING. you are a fab writer. i love the flow of the story, the plotline, remus, delia, ROSS omg i love ross :), and overall i think it's generally amazing. thank you very much for your story. please update soon. :) definitely 10/10.
becky xo.

Author's Response: Don't feel bad!! you left a review now and it made me super happy so that's all that matters. I love it when people pick out quotes, makes me feel special :). Oh and Ross is one of my fav's to write

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Review #13, by bexi_potterBlood and Chocolate: Blood and Chocolate

18th April 2008:
ROFL! Oh my god, I loved this. I laughed out loud. And I've wanted to see Blood and Chocolate for ages. Once again, ROFL. omg. Thank you so much for that :D blates 10/10.

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Review #14, by bexi_potterThe Puzzling Prattlings of a Pulchritudinous Potions Professor: The Mirror of Erised

11th April 2008:
i have to say, i absolutely love this. i don't review much lately (which is a bad thing, i know i should...bad bad bad) but i just HAD to tell you how much your writing makes me laugh. the way you make things coincide hilariously with actual events in the book is pure genius. i love the way your characters are all so adorably...adorable. especially dumbledore. it doesn't even matter that they're not in canon because that's what makes them so great. mcgonagall really makes me laugh in this. also, snape talking (well, talking...more like listening in horror) to the students? absolute, pure, amazing genius. i love you. :)

so...yup. please write more soon.

definite 10 out of 10.


Author's Response: Thank you! You're very sweet!

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Review #15, by bexi_potter♥ Unwell ♥: Fun and Kisses

31st July 2007:
I totally love this story. Actually, I worship this story. I adore this story. PLEASE UPDATE SOON. I love Robyn and Remus because I'm just in love with Remus anyway and I totally feel bad for Robyn and I'm glad that she and Remus are finally gettin' some off each other *raises eyebrows suggestively*, and I love Avena because she has a kickarse name and the whole eating disorder thing bloody sucks and I'm glad she's getting over it, and I love Lily because I got totally burnt like her and everyone laughed at me too and you just can't not love Lily really, can you? Oh, and I love the Marauders too because they're so loveable and adorable and if you don't love the Marauders then you're a bit gay tbh (that doesn't count Snape because we love him anyway XD) Oh yeah, and I LOVE YOU BECAUSE YOU MADE THIS STORY AND CREATED A COUPLE OF TOTALLY COOL CHARACTERS AND MADE THE MARAUDERS AND LILY BLOODY AWESOME.
And I love ice cream. Hehe.
Please update soon :)
10/10, I'd give you more, but y'kno doesn't go that high which is gay...

Author's Response: AND I LOVE YOU TOO!!!!!!!!

that was like the uber-longest review ever!!!

who doesnt love the marauders? like nobody.

at first i hated snape but now after HPDH i love him. so sad that he liked lily tho.

how can u not like lily? shes so dorky in her ness kind of way yet she has that lovable vibe.

yes its very unfortunate about robyn and avena but at least robyn has remus.

thank you so so so so so so much for this review!!! this completely made my day.



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Review #16, by bexi_potterScream My Lungs Out: Confessions of a Broken Heart

19th July 2007:
I bloody well loved this chapter I did, please new one soon? WHERE REMUS ASKS OUT REBECCA *hinthint* yes yes please please mmhmm ;) YOu honestly have no idea how much I LOVE YOUR STORY. So yeah. Carry on. Update soon. Please. :) I would say 122345764213456/10 but it doens't go that high. :(
Moving on. Th're bringing out a new album in January time! Cannot wait for that.
Actually, really moving this time.
I saw the movie, OotP and OHMYGOD I LOVE REMUS MORE THAN I DID BEFORE WHICH WAS A LOT. Yeah, But they missed out sooo much, like NEVILLES PARENTS!!! I MEAN, C'MON, THAT WAS LIKE THE BEST BIT. And Lockhart! That would've been bloody hiarious. I would have my proper 10 or so minute rant that my family and friends have already had to endure, but I may be telling people what happens when they haven't seen the film yet, so I'll rant in my head whilst waiting for the next chapter. :)
But one thing before I go.
"YAH! *voldermort*"
10/10 yerrr. (Y)

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Review #17, by bexi_potterThose That Remain: Power of Love

23rd June 2007:
Aw. Sweet stuff. Cannot wait to read the next chapter dear, you're doing such a marvelous job, keep it up forever. 10/10. :)

Author's Response: Ahhh. I'm a little afraid for you to get to last chapter. I don't want to have to respond to your last review ever on this series. *sobs*

Thanks, though :D

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Review #18, by bexi_potterScream My Lungs Out: And Cleodies Is Down for the Count... Poor Cleodies.

23rd June 2007:
Aha I was well mentioned! I feel special. Aw, shucks guys, I LOVE YOU TOO! Lol...
But yeah, write more please XD And I'll love you forever. We need to move FORWARD HERE, PEOPLE. FORWARD. lol. :)
10/10, as always babes.
PS: Cleodies? WTF IS THAT?!?!? LOL. (no offence if it's actually someone's name...but it makes me lol. :])

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Review #19, by bexi_potterLibrary Assistant: Chapter Seven

31st May 2007:
Long time reader, first time reviewer, one of the 24 faves. :) I love this story. I love the way you write Ophelia, and I love that name. I love the fact that Severus likes her XD I love the fact that Remus likes her too. Overall, I just love this. 10/10. Please write more soon.

Author's Response: Lol, thanks Becky. The next chapter is going to be really long, so I am going to update it as soon as possible. :P

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Review #20, by bexi_potterThose That Remain: A Trick Of Mirrors

29th May 2007:
"This battle has been anticipated for ages," said Moody. "And now, it's finally beginning."
Wow. That's so...dramatic. I loved every second of it. I love this trilogy so much, you're a brilliant writer. I really really hope you update quickly, I can't wait to see what happens now that everyone knows about Elle and Remus, and especially how Tonks will tell them they can be together...if she says such a thing...:) 10/10, I say.

Author's Response: The sad thing is that I've been told that I speak dramatically like that in real life. *facepalm* Thank you so much.

...*coughsplutter*... I say, thank you, madam, for your generous rating. *bows*

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Review #21, by bexi_potterThose That Remain: In The Dark

20th May 2007:
I've noticed that all my reviews start with OHMYGOD or OHMYGOSH, so I think I'm gonna start this one a little differently.
HOLY HELL! WHAT THE HELL?! Ron and Hermione got captured? :( I well hope they're ok...and that you put another chapter up quickly...;) 10/10 for just sheer brilliantness and because you got the chapter up so quick :)

Author's Response: Hahaha. But it's good to start with enthusiasm, eh? We'll have to see. I'll get it up within the week, though :)

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Review #22, by bexi_potterThose That Remain: Chaos

17th May 2007:
Oh My God! I hope everything turns out alright. I love this chapter. Please please PLEASE you actually have to write more dear, I'll love you forever. :) 10/10.

Author's Response: It's up and posted :D

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Review #23, by bexi_potterThose That Remain: Expressions and Advice

16th May 2007:
OHMYGOSH! Oh dear. Tonks, no...silly. Damn Mrs Weasley's interfering! Damn her to hell!
I'm terrible, I love Remus and Tonks, but DAMN YOU I LOVE REMUS AND ELLE MORE!!! Please make everything alright again...PLEASE :)
10/10 because you're just so goddamn fabulous.

Author's Response: Ahhh, don't damn them. They're good people. They just make mistakessss. :(

Well, thank you :)

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Review #24, by bexi_potterThose That Remain: Broken Teacups

11th May 2007:
Oh my, Remus is in a bit of a predicament, isn't he...Bless him. He's just way too cute. XD Brilliant, if short, chapter dear. Cannot wait to read more. This is totally being added to faves. :) 10/10.

Author's Response: Huzzah! Poor Remus. He just can't keep these ladies off of him :\

That's what he gets for having good manners.

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Review #25, by bexi_potterThose That Remain: Kisses

11th May 2007:
And knowing her mother, she would probably wait the rest of her life.
Naw. :(
Yeah, shut up saying gosh now Becky...
Uh..yeah. Moving on. Loved the chapter. I love Remus and Elle together, lots. :) MORE MORE MORE REMUS AND ELLE YEAHHH? *High Five Borat Style* 10/10 XD

Author's Response: Hmmmm...we'll see. Would you believe it, I haven't actually seen Borat. Ahaha. :D

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