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Review #1, by hugs2muchgalOf roses and chocolate boxes: Of roses and chocolate boxes

29th May 2006:
hey! cuuuuuute
i personally dont like tonks/remus, but this was really good!!!
so cute and fluffy and sweet and *talks for hours*
luuuurrrrvvved it!!!!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it even if it's not your usual ship ^^ Thank you for leaving such a sweet review, see ya soon ;)

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Review #2, by hugs2muchgalLove Works in Mysterious Ways... Especially When Involving Marauders: Saving Severus

29th May 2006:
heeeey! remember me? bouncy, bubbly, biracial girl? (i love having things starting with same letters) great chappie...dramatic...dun dun dun...will sirius realize his love for laura? will remus howl at the moon? will snape wash his hair? will tanya and lily get good grades? who knows? well you two do i guess...but shush!! i am right muahaha....sorry...long review cuz i am going stir crazy in my house cuz i broke my ankle and cant leave. oh you will love how i did it...i was walking home from the bus...i broke. the end. i wasnt even dancing like i normally do when i one believes me...well some people do cuz im the biggest klutz since....a really big klutz. i

Author's Response: I don't know. Loony's a very large klutz. She's hurt herself. While walking. And dancing. Like in those iPod commercials! Haha. And we have a friend who broke her ankle while walking. Well, we can't reveal anything about the plot. You'll just have to wait and see. (Although, its pretty safe to say that Snape will not wash his hair.) ~Sporky&Loony

P.S. We love long reviews!

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Review #3, by hugs2muchgalThe Four Founders: Year One: A Letter

31st January 2006:
awesome chappie, love love love the story. im reading this instead of doing my hw! cant wait for what happens next

Author's Response: Lol, I'm really glad you like it! But go do your homework:p Thanks for your review!

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Review #4, by hugs2muchgalFull Moonlight: Meeting the Marauders

16th January 2006:
wow, nice first chappie. i really enjoyed it. i hope u hurry up with the next chap! :)

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Review #5, by hugs2muchgalThe Isabelle Price Story: Tom's terrible holiday

7th January 2006:
omg i like love this story! i thought it wouldnt be that good since the maruaders dont play a big part, but it totally rocks! most origanal maruader time ive seen by far! omg u haaaaave to update soon, it was so good it distracted me from hw!(well anything could but this was a gooood distraction!) definetly adding this to my favs! u rock!

Author's Response: I love this story to, when you can't find a story that you are specifically looking for like an OC story set in the time of the marauders but not about them? Quit complaining and write your own...Well that's what I did anyway. Yes distraction from hwk is good, I do it often, why do it now when you can put it off and do it later? My motto is I'll cross that bridge when it is absolutely necessary and not a minute before. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't but hey had more free time to be lazy. Now back on track I will update soon, I hope...I've been good in the past few weeks and should congradulate me on that. Well what else am I supposed to do it's the Holidays?? Anyway thanks for the review, keep on reviewing and I'll keep on doing what i'm doing! Thanks

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Review #6, by hugs2muchgalDestined Tragedy: A Tale of the Marauders: What's in an argument?

6th January 2006:
omg hi! i got first review for the chappie heehee*pats self* im special, when i first saw this story i was like whoa someone stole the rohanelf from quizzila, then i realized..hey same person! so i started reading. both versions are good, are there going to b like alot of major changes? or no? and ya...i will prob ask more questions later lol. bibi ~lauren

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Review #7, by hugs2muchgalButterfly: Frustration

29th December 2005:
hey...interesting story. my brother is in a class similar to harry's in this story but alot more..less like main stream classes u could say i guess... do u have any experience with ppl with special needs, or r u doing this off of assumptions and just curious and would love to no the answer. keep up the good work.

Author's Response: I'll tell you now, that I have little to no experience with mentally handicapped people except with my sister in law who is in her mid twenties but is mentally a five year old. I don't really hang around her much... she insists that Elvis is her boyfriend, and I happen to not be able to stand Elvis... Also she likes Barbies... which I don't... I'd rather burn Barbies than actually play with them... I'm such a pyromaniac...

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Review #8, by hugs2muchgalFly Away: December Weather

28th November 2005:
OMG I LOOOOOOOVE THIS CHAPTER! this is by far my fav oliver fic thingy! cant wait for the next update, ur an amazing writer!!

Author's Response: Hah! Yes! Success! hahah I keed, I keed. Thank you so much!

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Review #9, by hugs2muchgalOut of the Abyss: One Mystery Down

15th October 2005:
hey, great chap, even if u dont think so. i really now want jen to find out sirius is the dog, or who sent her the necklace!! those would b sooo kool. lol. well cant wait for next chappie! chao!

Author's Response: hey! yeay! im glad that you liked it (i wrote it at like 12 so I was a bit sleepy so yeah *blush*) lol yeah dw that will happen eventually cuz Sirius can't keep that a secret forever. lol i'll update asap! thx for reviewing!

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Review #10, by hugs2muchgalThe Princess & The Prat (Finished): Chapter 31 - Auror Training

4th October 2005:
yay im the 1190 reviwer!!!! woot!!! i lurve ur story soooooooooooo much!!! ur an amazing writer and congrats on getting so many reviews.

Author's Response: Hooray! Broken 1190. Now, onto 23-whatever.

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Review #11, by hugs2muchgalEclipse of the Sky: Le Règne d'Enfer Commence

28th August 2005:
great chapter. like always. one thing- your stories always confuse me, i never seem to grasp what is going on. in other chapters will things be explained? btw this version is much more interesting than the quizilla version.

Author's Response: LoL No worries, that tends to be a common theme with my stories: Mass confusion! You see I intentionally introduce ideas and leave the reader in the dark about what is going on. I tend to favor stories with an air of mystery and confusion myself so I have started to write that way. Only I realllllly need to work on finessing that. ;) And yes, in fact in Chapter 21 there will be so much stuff explained taht everyones heads will be reeling. lol

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Review #12, by hugs2muchgalThe Ball Of Their Dreams: Quarrels and tears

26th August 2005:
hey i really like the whole story so far. um with lily and james and kaith..kaith. a little over emotional. lily was over reacting. too cool to deal with that from lily. update soon because i cant wait. luv ur story!

Author's Response: sorry you had to wait so long, I'm really happy you liked it and I hope you'll find a way to enjoy the next chapters, I already have one in waiting

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