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Review #1, by HermyDatA Cliché of Epic Proportions: Welcome Back

20th November 2009:
Hahaha, Liam, this is hilarious. I love love love your writing style, and the whole referring to yourself as 'the author' thing. Favourited - (It's PieIsMyFriend from tda, by the way)

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Review #2, by HermyDatHPFF United Collaboration: Operation Won-Won

21st October 2009:
Hahaha! Wow! That was amazing - you are such a good writer, and funny too! Loved Parvati's characterisation, and Harry's bemusement ... the whole thing, actually. Good job!!

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Review #3, by HermyDatHoneybees: Love Songs

10th October 2009:
Aw! That was so sweet and romantic. I just wonder -why exactly is Dominique talking about random things non-stop? Is it because she's nervous? Only I would find that really annoying. Teddy seems to find it annoying too, so how come he likes her so much? Sorry for the random questions, but this fic made me think a lot. Great job!

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Review #4, by HermyDatEye on the Horizon: Uneasy Contentment

10th October 2009:
Great start so far, I'm interested to see where this goes. I think the only thing really letting this fic down is the grammar, which is a little sketchy in places. Love lorcan's character so far - 9/10

Author's Response: Thanks, maybe I'll get a beta for this when I start writing more of it. :)

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Review #5, by HermyDatHardboiled: Hardboiled

29th September 2009:
Oh my gosh, that was brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. I'll admit, I was absolutely scandalized at the beginning (Oh no! Ron! How could you cheat on Hermione like that?!) But when I realised ... oh wow. My chest hurts from laughing! Congrats on the Dobby, this totally deserves it!

Author's Response: Ron, cheat on Hermione? NEVER! ^_^

Thank you for the wonderful review!

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Review #6, by HermyDatFe da Silva: James Potter II (I swear it's him!)

29th September 2009:
YAAAY! You updated! Okay, I'm probably very late with this. But still. YAY! Great chapter! The only thing I would say is, try not to make Fe too ... perfect. I know she has a temper, but so far both James II and Freddie II seem to be in love with her for no reason. Which ... is a little unrealistic. BUT don't get me wrong, I love this story and I'd love to know where it's going. Please update soon!

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Review #7, by HermyDatSo You Think You Can Duel: Want To Duel?

19th September 2009:
Luna! This is awesome! Sounds like these duels are gonna be a hoot and a half, can't wait to see what happens ... and I love how everyone sees the Dueling Competition as a chance to ... er ... prove themselves to their crushes, haha.

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Review #8, by HermyDatIt's a funny thing.. time: Where's your bearded twin?

20th April 2009:
I love this chapter. You have some really good ideas going, with the narrator Hermione and George being the only one to remember Fred's death. And there are the sweet, subtle things between Fred and Hermione ... so cute and romantic. Gah, I love this fic! I'm hooked. Please update soon!

Author's Response: Chapter 3 is in the validation queue :)

I'm glad you like it! Thank you for taking the time to read/review!

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Review #9, by HermyDatIt's a funny thing.. time: Introduction

19th April 2009:
I am so glad I saw your banner request. Otherwise I would never have read this amazing fic! This is such an great concept, and your description is STUNNING. And it's so so sad. :( But you have managed to make it interesting and intriguing and not too mopey, which is pretty difficult to do. And plus, you thought of timeturners to bring back Fred ... which I never even thought of. *feels stupid* Anyway, you're onto a winner here. Keep writing, it's wonderful! And I can't wait for some Fred/ Hermione. 10/10

Author's Response: I'm so glad you were willing to take on my banner :) And I'm so happy you like the story! (not gonna lie, I've read a few of yours and they are incredible!) Thank you so much for reading and I hope you like the following chaps :)

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Review #10, by HermyDatFe da Silva: The very-solid-wall.

19th April 2009:
Oh my gosh, I love your story! This is awesome. PLEASE update soon! I'm another person who just can't read description, so thank you for being so thoughtful :)

Anyway. I love this. I can't wait to see where this is going! 10/10.

Author's Response: Omigod!
Thank you!
Gosh, I was actually beginning to think that I was the only one :|

So thanks for that :D


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Review #11, by HermyDatHow The Sofa Ate The Sod-Head and Other Various Marauder Mishaps: How The Sofa Ate The Sod-Head

19th April 2009:
That is quite brilliant.
I love James, and Lily, and ... aw, everything. GOOD JOB!

Author's Response: Thanks! James and Lily are always adorable. No author can tamper with their cuteness. No matter what they write.

Hm. Lol thanks for reviewing

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Review #12, by HermyDatThe Clothes Make the Prefect: The Clothes Make the Prefect

21st March 2009:
Lol, very funny. Poor Percy!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot!

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Review #13, by HermyDatEleanor Digby: Let It Be

18th March 2009:
Nooo! Wow, you totally fooled me. And I'm a bit sad that she didn't end up with Sirius - make that really really sad. :( But at least she found Peter! And I love the last line, it's kind of happy and sad at the same time ... if that makes any sense. This is not like any Sirius/OC story I've ever read before. Thank you for writing it! 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks very much for taking the time to read and review this story! :D It is different from the usual Sirius/OC (which was my point in writing it), and I'm glad you still liked the ending. I definitely took a risk in ending i that way, so it means a lot that you didn't hate it. ^_^

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Review #14, by HermyDatCharlie the Dragon Hunter: Crikey!

16th March 2009:
Haha, I love Charlie. Great fic, I loved it :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #15, by HermyDatThe Tree of Knowledge: Prologue

16th March 2009:
Wow. I love it. That is such an original, awesome idea! The whole thing - there is nothing I would change! Well, only that there is only one chapter. I need more! (By the way, I found this in the fanfiction thread at TDA :) It's PieIsMyFriend)

Please please please update! I love Addie already, and if you are going to add in some Sirius Black ... :D

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Review #16, by HermyDatHogwarts Sanitarium: Where am I?

16th March 2009:
Ooh this is weird. Veeery weird. I'm intrigued!

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Review #17, by HermyDatEleanor Digby: Here, There and Everywhere

15th March 2009:
Oh no, I'm not sure I like the way Sirius is acting . Are you trying to totally confuse us? Cos it's working! Another awesome chapter :)

Author's Response: Haha, most definitely. *evil grin* It's supposed to be a bit confusing as that's what Eleanor is feeling while she tries to figure Sirius out. :D

Glad you're still enjoying the story! ^_^ Thank you very much for taking the time to read and review.

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Review #18, by HermyDatEleanor Digby: Norwegian Wood

15th March 2009:
Aaww. That is probably one of the sweetest and most believable starts to a Sirius/OC fic I've ever read. 10/10

Author's Response: Aww! Thank you! I'm really glad that you liked it, and thought it sweet. :D Hope you enjoy the rest!

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Review #19, by HermyDatEvil Villainy for Dummies: Evil Villainy for Dummies

15th March 2009:
Hahahahaha that's awesome! I was laughing the whole time :D

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Review #20, by HermyDatNever Say Never: The Photo Booth

8th December 2008:
Aaaw! That was the sweetest thing I've ever read ... I actually really got into this story, and saw a bit of Hermione/Ron chemistry, which I have never really got before ... wow. Just wow. It was amazing - favourited!

Author's Response: oh wow well thank you!! :D

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Review #21, by HermyDatA Passion For Peanuts: A Passion For Peanuts

7th December 2008:
In this story, you say 'nuts' 28 times. *nods*

You are full of awesomeness.

“Listen, Potter. If the next words out of your mouth aren’t ‘goodbye, professor Snape’, then I can assure you that they will, instead be ‘oh my crotch, you’ve punched me in the crotch.’ Alright?”


Author's Response: Lol, you counted? Actually, that's something I would TOTALLY do. *high fives* Thanks for the review!

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Review #22, by HermyDatYou Can Call Me Al: Hogwarts

3rd December 2008:
Aw, little Dumbledore! That was so sweet. And it's weird to think of Dumbledore not always being all serious and old. Oh, and I love Tommy ... Reginald.

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Review #23, by HermyDatThe Puzzling Prattlings of a Pulchritudinous Potions Professor: The Love Doctor is In...Trouble

30th November 2008:
Too awesome. Way too awesome. I read this story every time I need cheering up, and LOVE LOVE LOVE Snapey's little catchphrase. You are insane, in a very very good way :)

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Review #24, by HermyDatThe Scouts of Sorcery: Brownian motion

13th November 2008:
Loved it, as usual! You've got all your characters down to a t. (To a tee? I dunno ...) Anyway, loved how Albus seemed to be going a little better this chapter (apart from the quidditch of course) but we saw a bit of his love for medicine (YES!!!) and he found the WCP classwork easy so ...

Please update soon! i love looking more closely at your characters, and you're a fantastic writer :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much. I'm stuck at the moment, but perhaps I'll have the time and peace of mind to complete the next chapter soon.

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Review #25, by HermyDatThe Scouts of Sorcery: Bedknobs and Broomsticks

24th October 2008:
Yes! I knew Scorpius wasn't THAT bad! I absolutely love what you're doing with his character - although I must admit I feel kind of sorry for him, since everyone seems to hate him, I think it's a good thing since they seem to be putting him in his place. I loved the Hagrid reference, and the Charlie references, and I'm really hoping Albus turns out to be a Charlie type. After all, the only thing he really seems to have succeeded with so far seems to be about dragons. Blimey, I'm so addicted to this fic, I could study it all day! Amazing, just amazing - another 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you. I hope you manage to stick with me, because I'm beginning to fall behind in my writing.

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