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Review #1, by ShrewdPhoenixI Hate Being the New Kid: Prolouge: This Is Dumb

16th May 2007:
Good the next chapter going to be as good?

Author's Response: Sorry for such a delayed response!

Thank you! The next chapter should be just as good, hopefully better! I'm glad you liked it!


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Review #2, by ShrewdPhoenixLEGACIES: The Sword of Gryffindor: Enter the Triwizard Champions!

8th April 2007:
yay! nice update...

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Review #3, by ShrewdPhoenixLEGACIES: The Sword of Gryffindor: The Weighing of the Wizard Examination

9th February 2007:
Update quick please...I want to read the next sequels, but I'm making myself read them all in order.

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Review #4, by ShrewdPhoenixThe Torn Page: Fear Reborn

30th January 2007:
GASP!!! Nice ending to the chapter...I only found this fanfic yesterday and it's a really good read.

Author's Response: Did you like the ending? I'm glad! Please continue to let me know what you think. I'm really glad that you found the story. Please check back on Tuesday for the next chapter. Thanks for the review.

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Review #5, by ShrewdPhoenixHold Your Tongue: This Friendship Was Forbidden

21st December 2006:
Brilliant! it's nice to see that Sirius is starting to realise Regulus is actually not that bad...I'm looking forward to the next update...even though it won't be validated until after Xmas...

Author's Response: Thanks!
It is nice, isn't it. haha.

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Review #6, by ShrewdPhoenixA Different Life: Ellena Evans

6th December 2006:
Interesting take on Voldemort. I read 'Innocent' and it was pretty good. I hope that you're going to continue this story.

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Review #7, by ShrewdPhoenixWander By Me: The Technicalities of Surviving Death

29th November 2006:
WHOOP!!! An update at last...The story is progressing nicely...

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Review #8, by ShrewdPhoenixWander By Me: Laying Bare

2nd November 2006:
Excellant chapter, really looking forward to the next update...please try and get it in sooner! pleasepleaseplease!!!

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Review #9, by ShrewdPhoenixJade: Over the Wall

29th October 2006:
Very nice...I was watching this story last year, but after a few months without an update I gave up. Please update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! I am so sorry for taking forever to update, I completely understand giving up waiting for me (I would). I will definitely try to update quicker this time!

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Review #10, by ShrewdPhoenixshaydes of darkness: True Identity

24th October 2006:
Good twist to the story I don't thinkl anyone's tried a vampire/werewolf crossbreed before

Author's Response: thank you v. much

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Review #11, by ShrewdPhoenixWander By Me: Treading the Moment

20th October 2006:
WHOOOOOO!!! Brilliant last. I'm loving the twist at end of Kellers trying to turn herself into a dragon.

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Review #12, by ShrewdPhoenixWander By Me: When Darkness Falls

6th October 2006:
UPDATE!!! soon please!!!!

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Review #13, by ShrewdPhoenixWander By Me: The Execution of All Things

26th September 2006:

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Review #14, by ShrewdPhoenixWander By Me: Do You Dare?

7th September 2006:

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Review #15, by ShrewdPhoenixshaydes of darkness: a chilling secret

28th July 2006:
Interesting start...I'm looking forward to reading more...

Author's Response: cheers

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Review #16, by ShrewdPhoenixIt's Lily: Chapter Three

16th July 2006:

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Review #17, by ShrewdPhoenixWander By Me: Of Pitfalls and Promises

4th July 2006:
yay! an update! More please! After the end of the last chapter I half expected Kellyn to go nuts.

Author's Response: haha - she doesn't loose her temper so easily, but we shall see... :)
thanks for reading!

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Review #18, by ShrewdPhoenixTake Backs: Forgiveness is a Seven Letter Word

1st May 2006:
Please continue this's really good so far!

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Review #19, by ShrewdPhoenixMute: Chapter 2

27th April 2006:
Interesting storyline...looking forward to more chapters

Author's Response: Trust me, it get's better. :D -Melanie

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Review #20, by ShrewdPhoenixWander By Me: Of Bending Hearts and Breaking Rules

23rd April 2006:
Did you know, I check this story nearly every day to see if it's been updated?

Author's Response: hahahahah - i wish i could update every day - that would make my life so much more fun, but sadly, i don't write that quickly....but there's a new chapter waiting for validation, so it should be soon... ;)

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Review #21, by ShrewdPhoenixPrejudice and Pride: Rabastan Lestrange

28th February 2006:
AAHHHHH!!! Pride and Prejudice remake!!! I like it...

Author's Response: lol. Yes it is a pride and prejudice remake! I love Pride and Prejudice, my favorite book! Glad you like it. I hope you continue to read it!

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Review #22, by ShrewdPhoenixIt's Not About The Money: Drama

29th January 2006:
carry on!

Author's Response: of course! More to come, keep reviewing

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