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Review #1, by rainbow92Kidnapped: The Plan

5th November 2007:
I am absolutely loving this story :) It's quite original for a James/Lily - usually ones depicting them already married have them in a state of wedded bliss, and this one is really realistic. You also write really well, and your dialogue is particularly good - I feel as though I'm really there.

Sorry for leaving such a short review, but I don't really have anything else to say, except please update soon! ~Cat

Author's Response: Hi, Cat! :) Thanks for reading this and for leaving a review! Double thanks! *hugs* So happy you loved this; being realistic was what I was aiming for. :)

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Review #2, by rainbow92Just Play Your Cards Right: Just Play Your Cards Right

19th October 2007:
Wow, this story was absolutely brilliant. This puts a whole new, and realistic spin on the character of Teddy Lupin, and you've written it brilliantly - there were parts in it that just sent chills up my spine.

As a previous reviewer said, Teddy in the beginning reminded me exactly of a young Tom Riddle, and I liked it how you kept it like this the whole way through. A lot of stories would probably have some sort of guilt or reconciliation at the end, but wrote Teddy's mercilessness perfectly. Like I said, in some parts this was honestly creepy. Great work, Dracana, 10/10 :) ~Cat

Author's Response: Wow, it's you, Miss-I'm-And-Amazing-Writer!! I LOVE your story, the Black triology . . .

Anyway, thanks very much for this review. I really wanted Teddy to be very callous in this and entirely bent on revenge, so I'm glad that this was portrayed. That's interesting how he reminded you of Tom Riddle also . . . I suppose he is kind of like that, really. It wasn't what I was going for, but if that's the way it seems then that's more than gine with me. I loved writing this and I'm very glad that you enjoyed reading it.

Thanks for letting me know your thoughts, Cat.

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Review #3, by rainbow92No Magic Anymore: No Magic Anymore

10th January 2007:
Oh, Anne, this was a simply wonderful one shot. I considered taking up this challenge myself, but never got around to it, but you've truly done it wonderfully.

I have to compliment your writing. You are really descriptive, I envisioned things so well. And you really conveyed the heartbreak of this story brilliantly. I had a tear in my eye in it at the end. It was so bittersweet and beautiful, I felt so sad for Cassie! Beautifully written, Anne, it was absolutely wonderful. 10/10 ~Cat

Author's Response: Thank you, Cat. *blushes*
I'm glad you liked it. And I'm so glad I took up that challenge! That story has such wonderful reviews... *does a happy dance*
That story had been with me for a few months when I noticed Mon's challenge, and I'm very happy I did it right, even if it's heartbreaking. Now, I wonder what the other stories will be about...
Thanks for reading and reviewing.


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Review #4, by rainbow92Regretted Reflections: Reflecting on Regrets

31st December 2006:
It took me long enough, but I finally got here! There's not much for me to say in this review that I didn't say in the other one, except that it was even better the second time round (well, technically something like the 11th time around, because I read it about ten times! :D) It's wonderful, honestly, and I'm so touched that you did this for me, it really means a lot. Thanks so much, Shona, love you lots! *squashes with huggles* ~Cat

Author's Response: *screams* aargh!! I'm squashed with huggles! Just kidding. Your other review was great, thanks so much! :) lol I'm glad you liked it. Love you lots too!

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Review #5, by rainbow92Remembrance: Subtle Discoveries

29th December 2006:
Jessi, I was SO excited when I saw you had updated this! And believe me, it was more than worth the wait :D

Harry and Hermione's embarrassment at the start was totally's something I'd completely expect from them, they've been close friends for so long and now it's gone a bit further. I felt sorry for both Hermione and Sirius in that bit, too; I'd be so frustrated with Ron and Harry if I was her! Specially when I knew who he actually was.

The bit in the Academy.I could've killed Harry and Ron for ruining it! Poor Hermione's waited to be so long with Sirius and Harry and Ron come along and ruin it. Harry in particular really bugged me in that scene, but don't worry, it means you've written him well because, as much as I love him, he bugs me often in the books, rofl! And it's pretty sweet (and very IC) that he's trying so hard to protect her. Now, the bit at the end of that, about Harry's eyes, and it not being Harry, interested me. Is that relevant?

I absolutely love your Sirius, I think I've told you that before. He seems the epitomy of the Sirius we've seen in the books, only younger and you've made him your own. He's brash and reckless and immensely write him wonderfully, I envy both you and Hermione :P

The bit with Snape and Hermione made me chuckle. He's rather nasty, Severus, but their banter is amusing at the same. "I'm here because you apparated me here." She paused momentarily. "And I am in your dreams because you are a pervert," she answered fiercely. It's just like Hermione to be a smart alec when she probably shouldn't be, lol.

So she'll be a dream eventually? But she'll still exist in the other reality, so does that mean her whole life will just snap back to the other reality? And then Sirius in the future would fade into a dream too, right? But then they wouldn't be together...okay, I'm confusing myself now ^_^

So anyway, I absolutely loved this chapter! I can't wait for 12 to come, simply because you twist the plot and open more and more questions with each new chapter, and they're all so wonderfully written. 10/10 easy, my dear! Happy New Year! *huggles* ~Cat

Author's Response: Eeeek!! Cat!!! *huggle to death* Thank you SO much for the review, dear!! I'm happy you're excited still for my updates! I thougth no one would care because it'd be so long!!

I'm glad I did Harry and Hermione well - it was weird, knowing that they were embarrassed, because Hermione wasn't abashed at all when she was with Sirius in CH. It was nice to play on that side of her. And Harry.. well... =P

Yes.. Everything you've been reading about Harry since the end of Complicated Hexagon is relevent. Did I do a good job hiding it? Hehehe. *squeals* (sorry, that excites me). I'm glad you like the way I write him though... you'll understand why I chose it soon, I promise. :)

Thank you- Sirius - I think throughout the whole sequel and what not, I've tried SO hard to develop his character. I'm swaying between a few cliches... but him with Hermione makes him this inbetween strange, teenage, mature.. git. LOL.

I'm so happy you pointed out that line with Hermione/Severus. I had such a fun time giggling when I thought of that. It just stuck out to me as being very Hermione-ish. I'm glad you liked it!

Hehehe.. No, you have a good grip on what's going on. Although, maybe there's a few alternatives to it... you've got the right way of thinking though - and that's what counts. :)

Thank you SO much dear. I really appreciate the review and 12 is up now, so I hope to hear from you again!! Happy New Year!! *hugs*

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Review #6, by rainbow92Forty Weeks: Week Nine - Paging Augustus Pye

27th October 2006:
Bout time you updated this ;) Wonderful chapter, Jessi, I really enjoyed it. I love how you did the doctor thing; very amusing! Just one thing...I'm now sufficiently scared that you'll give into the urge to kill Ron! :P ~Cat

Author's Response: Oh oh oh! Hi Cat! Thank you so much for the review, I'm glad I've kept the humor about it. The urge to kill Ron is dying out every day. I think I like him, which terrifies me. But, you never know; he's very fickle. :P *hugs*

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Review #7, by rainbow92Remembrance: One Way or Another...

25th October 2006:
I can't believe it took me so long to realise you'd updated! And Jessi...just cause you said not to...I have to say it. ZOMG, what did you DO??!! :P I really enjoyed this chapter, though, however much it surprised me.

Yay! I was right about the Chester/Sirius thing! I was hoping he was him...if that makes sense. And what on earth does Snape and Regulus want with Hermione? And the Harry/Hermione thing...well, I suspected it awhile ago...I suppose I can live with it, just cause it's you :P You wrote that part very well, though :)

Jessi, you really, really have to update soon. I love this; it's getting to be more twisted than Hexagon, and that's saying something! Really enjoyed this, and the writing was great as usual. Loved it :) ~Cat

Author's Response: Hey Cat! You know, I only updated yesterday, my dear. :P It didn't take you too long. I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter -- trust me, it surprised me just as much as it did you. I didn't mean to write half the things that happened there, they just....came out. :P

I'm so glad you like Chester being Sirius. I almost had James as Sirius and then all of a sudden Harry said "Sirius..." and I couldn't change it. *lol* Ohhhh, Snape and Regulus do have some plans for Hermione...but I can't tell you yet! You'll see a lot of it in the next chapter, which will probably be uber-long. And, I know, I knowwwww you are freaking over the Harry/Hermione thing, but you know me -I can't keep Hermione in one place for too long ;) And thank you for the compliment on that scene - I tried for about 2 hours to get that right!

I promise to update soon and oh my... you really think it's more twisted than Hexagon? Oh my, what have I done?! Thank you for the amazing review dear, you know I appreciate it!! *hug*

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Review #8, by rainbow92Remembrance: The Root of it All

24th September 2006:
YOU UPDATED!! I was hoping you would before I go away. And I loved it, as usual. It's definitely getting very interesting. A dual reality? I'm really interested to see where you'll take this. I don't know how you manage to keep track of all these twists and plots, honestly. I'd have lost track of everything long ago!

I'm also intrigued by the ending. Who was it, when was it? Guess I'll have to wait and definitely know how to draw a reader in! Excellent work, brilliantly written as usual. I can't wait for an update! 10/10 ~Cat

Author's Response: YAY for updates!! You know, I probably will have 2 or 3 updates when you get back! I really hope you have fun wherever you're going. :P A dual reality... I don't know what was going through my head when I made Dumbledore say that, and now I have to dig myself out of the hole I made. But, I have a feeling it's going to get interesting. :) You know, I've lost just about everything I had going on in this story and somehow whenever I read the reviews it keeps me on track. So, THANK YOU!

Thank you so much for the great review, Cat. Who knows -- maybe I'll reveal who it is on SAYS... very discreetly of course. Because I have to make it believable. ;)

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Review #9, by rainbow92Remembrance: Reunion

8th September 2006:
Ooh, I liked this. The reunion was really good, I liked the situation you put her in; with Snape and Regulus and Sirius all there. I have a feeling this is going to get very interesting.

I was delighted when Ron finally got rid of Lavender. You know that's the moment I've been hanging out for since about Chapter One of Complicated :P I have to admit, that's one of the chapter highlights for me.

And Jessi, you know I'll stick with you. However strange and *takes deep breath* AU it gets. You're an excellent writer, I know you'll pull it off brilliantly. 10/10 for this one, as always :)

Author's Response: Thank you, Cat!! Do you know how hard I tried to not have her and Sirius just "run" into each other... Gah, the cliches were biting at my ankles. :) Ron and Lavender had to end -- not because of the awful canon *cough*, but because Ron wasn't meant to be with someone who is LESS mature than he is... although I can't say if he really belongs with Hermione either :P

I'll be here for you when things get really AU, I promise.. I'll even let you rant at me on MSN if you need to. :) Again, thank you!!!! *huggle*

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Review #10, by rainbow92Remembrance: Sominiare Meminisse

2nd September 2006:
Yay! You updated! And so quickly, too. Jessi, I loved this one. I'm truly intrigued. I think I've worked out who Rebecca is ;) But knowing you, you'll chuck something completely unexpected into the mix and I'll be confused all over again. :P

Anyway, I did enjoy this. It was really well written, as usual, and I loved your characterizations again. You do dialogue really well, it seems so real. Jessi, it was fabulous, not much more I can say. :)

Author's Response: Yay! :) Thank you Cat! I'm glad you liked the update. You know, so many people have thought they knew who Rebecca is and you're the first to second guess yourself. Yay! :)

Thank you most for the compliment on the dialogue - you know that's the one thing I worry about the most. Thank you thank you thank you!! :)

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Review #11, by rainbow92Remembrance: Cleansing Old Wounds

26th August 2006:
I loved it! You described Hermione's emotions so vividly in this, I felt so sorry for her. But Harry was so nice to her. You know, it's funny; and no offence meant to JKR-I think I prefer Harry in this to HBP, mainly because he really bugged me in HBP.

Ron's such a jerk at times. So clueless, too...that's why I love him :P You write him heaps good, too; I really love how good you've gotten at writing him, specially as I know you don't like making him nice. And I admit, when I read the first chapter of Complicated, I was a bit surprised at his characterization, but I think you've come to write him so well, and very canon.

Anyway, I absolutely loved it; brilliant writing, brilliant everything. Excellent work, 10/10! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Cat! Hermione's emotions are so important to this fic. I'm trying not to make her emo, while still conveying her pain over leaving Sirius. And, zomg, you really prefer my Harry? *major huggle* Thank you so much!!

Thank you for the compliment on Ron. See, you know I dread writing him and lately, wow --- I've been drawn to writing him! I don't know why, but yeah. :P I'm glad you think I've gotten better at him. I see the difference in him from Complicated. I think it was Forty Weeks which really changed my perception of him.

Again, thank you so much!!!!

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Review #12, by rainbow92Hard to be Faithful: Hard to be Faithful

21st August 2006:
Jessi, for something you had a hard time writing, this turned out absolutely great. I was a bit worried that he'd stay with Cho, but I was glad when he came to his senses and went back to Ginny. It was very well written, and very fluffy :P A very sweet story. ~Cat

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Cat!! There was no way I could keep Harry with Cho. Actually, I tried, but Ginny kept poking me with Elfy's stick telling me no. Hah. Really, thank you so much for the compliments. They mean so much!! ~Jessi

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Review #13, by rainbow92Forty Weeks: Week Five and a Half- Telling Ron

21st August 2006:
Jessi, this story is absolutely brilliant! I loved this chapter.

I loved that you used the 'How?'...that still cracks me up when I think of it. Honestly. Such a male thing to say, lol.

I can't find anything bad with this chapter, not even any typos. I don't know how you manage to write so many chaptered stories at once, and they're all great! 10/10, Jessi :)

Author's Response: Aww, thanks Cat! I'm glad you liked it so much!

You know I couldn't pass up "How?" It was just too priceless. :P Especially with Ron-- haha!!

Yay! No typos - I think that's a first for me, seriously. Haha. You know, I don't know how I do it either. I think it has to do with my ADD - not being able to pay attention to one thing at a time. Along with a combination of my one-track mind. It melts well together. :P Thank you again!! :) ~Jessi

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Review #14, by rainbow92Remembrance: Looking to the Future

20th August 2006:
Jessi, I loved it! And I was so excited that it was up this soon, too. I liked the time switches; how you show us what's happening to all of them. It was brilliantly written, as usual; I really liked the bit where the trio went to Godric's Hollow. And when James proposed to Lily. And, as I said, I liked the juxtaposition of the time flashes; very nice.

I'm really looking forward to seeing where you'll take this; knowing you, it'll be something no-one's expecting. Loved it, Jessi, definitely 10/10. :P ~Cat

Author's Response: Cat, thank you so much!! :) Hooray for TA status, eh? The time switches are going to be difficult to maneuver because a lot of things will change with the next chapter. This one was just a nice, fluffy beginning. Haha!

Thank you so much, Cat. Your words really mean a lot because I know how much of a canon mistress you are ;) And, it's funny how hard I've tried to keep this whole complicated thing to canon (though, I had no idea I was doing that until chapter 17 of Complicated. :P) ~Jessi

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Review #15, by rainbow92Complicated Hexagon: Reunion

16th August 2006:
This review goes for both 18 and 19, because somehow I missed chapter 18 ^_^

Jessi, I loved them both. I was so worried she was going to change her mind at the end of 18! And I loved the end, I had a bit of a tear in my eye, I must admit. And I can't wait for the sequel! There's still so much unresolved. But I loved this story, Jessi, absolutely excellent. 10/10 :)

Author's Response: It's okay, Cat. 18 and 19 came in quick succession. :)

Aww, you had a tear for my story! *huggle* Thank you for the lovely words, deary. You're right, there's a lot left to resolve and that will definitely be tied up in the sequel. ~Jessi

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Review #16, by rainbow92Forty Weeks: Week Five - Big News

12th August 2006:
Jessi, this was wonderful! I can't wait to see where you'll take it! There's nothing to criticise in this, because I loved everything about it. 10/10, dear, and congratulations again on your wonderful news! ~Cat

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Cat!! *huggle* This review means so much to me; especially because of the news and all that fun stuff. I know I'm going to take this fic so serious. I really appreciate the kind words, dearest!! :) ~Jessi

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Review #17, by rainbow92Complicated Hexagon: Where I Belong

11th August 2006:
Yes! I thought that was the choice she would make! This was a great chapter, it was sad and funny all at once. I feel sorry for everyone involved....James, because he loves her but she doesn't love him, and Sirius, because he loves her and she loves him but he's losing her, and Hermione, because she's gotten herself into a right mess, and Lily, for being stuck in the middle of it all. Anyway. I really, really loved this chapter, Jessi, and the writing was brilliant, as usual. 10/10.

Oh, and I don't hate you anymore :P

Author's Response: *grin* I'm really happy you liked the chapter, Cat.. Of course, it's a BIG mess and there's more to come, so it's not over yet. And, I'm really excited that you don't hate me anymore!! *huggles* :) Eeep!! I can't believe there's only one more chapter of this!!! (of course, there's a sequel..but, still!) Thank you as always for the review!! ~Jessi

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Review #18, by rainbow92Complicated Hexagon: The Greater Good

25th July 2006:
Oh, Jessi, I was so excited to see you had updated! And so quickly, too...I love you! It was an excellent chapter, as usual, if sad. And it wasn't confusing in content, as such, but I still can't work out what she's going to choose. In all honesty, I've given up making predictions on this story, because you usually outdo them :P Anyway, brilliant chapter-have I ever told you how excellently you write? Loved it, dear! ~Cat

Author's Response: Hey Cat!! Thank you so much for the review! I wub you too, darlin! :) I'm glad the sadness got there... I sort of used an angsty edge in this chapter that I've neglected before. :D You know, I really wish I could tell you who she chooses.. but, it'll ruin all the fun surprises along the way! :P Thank you for the awesome review dear, and the compliments don't fall on deaf ears, I promise!! ~Jessi

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Review #19, by rainbow92Complicated Hexagon: The Aspects of Choices

13th July 2006:
I inspired this? I inspired this? And I'm more confused than ever! It was brilliant though, as usual. Jessi, why haven't you ever told us you were a genius? I swear you must be, to keep track of who's in love with who and what time various people are in, and what's different in different times and...

Hmm. If she chooses to stay with the Marauders, James won't be too pleased, will he? Lol. Just out of interest, Jessi, is the story a simple one of choices from here on, or do you have something even more evil up your sleeve? Nothing would surprise me anymore ;) Anyway, I loved it Jessi, and can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: Yes, you definitely had a hand in inspiring this chapter!! In your review for chapter twelve you said: agonizing over what Sirius and Hermione are getting up to?--- That made me even more excited about writing Hermione/Sirius (and I even had them go further than I thought they were going to!!) .

I'm not so much a genius as I am an indirect Drama, I'm glad you think that I am. I keep everything straight in my head by double checking information constantly...and when I can't remember something (or forget where I was going with it) I just make it up and create something new to make it work..haha!! :D

Is this story just choices, or is there more? Oh, there is definitely more. In the coming chapters, Hermione's choices will begin to pan out--- but there are about 3 other story lines that need to wrap up and there are 2 more that start. How fun will this be?! ^_^

Thank you so much for the review, Cat!! Chapter 15 should be up soon, I hope!! ~Jessi

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Review #20, by rainbow92Dissection of Man's Psyche: Dealing with Reality: Introduction to the Real Life Collection

20th June 2006:
Lyn, I'm already loving it. I was rather upset that I didn't have time to take part in this challenge, but I know that what you and the ones who did take part will be superb. I've added it to favourites; congratulations on getting the challenge going!

Author's Response: Thanks, Cathryn! That means a lot. You know, it's still not late to join but I suppose you're busy. But just so you know, there are some topics left! Anyway, I am so glad you liked the intro, I got it all wrong the first time. :P

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Review #21, by rainbow92Complicated Hexagon: Present or Future?

12th June 2006:
Oh, Jessi, this story just keeps getting better (something I didn't think could happen!) Of all the timeturner stories that exist in HPFF, this one is definitely the best. Sirius and Lily in the future? James still stuck in the past, agonizing over what Sirius and Hermione are getting up to? You're evil, but I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Can't wait for the update!

Author's Response: *Evil Grin* It's funny...I've had to start all my responses that way. I'm starting to believe that I actually am evil. But, it's fun being evil, so I'm happy. I'm sooooo excited and flattered that you think this is the best time turner fic, but also...are you sure? LOL. I'm scared to keep writing, but I can't wait til you see exactly what I've done to the future. *Evil Grin* Thank goodness for AU!!! And, thank you so much for the review dear!! ~HUG~ ~Jessi

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Review #22, by rainbow92Here's to Our Friends: Here's to Our Friends

4th June 2006:
Wow. Honestly, this has to be one of the best stories I've read. It's short, but it's wonderful. I love stories that don't show Peter as a heartless jerk, as so many do. And your use of language...I especially loved the way you had one short sentence after every paragraph.

This line; we've all been alone for so long; that's just one of my many favourites. And the last line, too; absolutely wonderful. A stunning piece, you should be proud! ~Cathryn

Author's Response: Thank you so much Cathryn. I agree with you, I read many many MWPP era fics and one of the worst things I think is to make Peter either heartless anc conniving or completely usless or to omit him all together. There had to be a reason as to why the other marauders were friends with him. That's why I wrote this story, because I felt Peter, though dasterdly as he is now toward Harry, he was friends with everyone at one time or another, and I felt he needed to get credit for that.

Thank you agian, I really apprieciate reviews like this one. ~InspiredPhoenix

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Review #23, by rainbow92Severance: one

20th April 2006:
Wow...I'm speechless. This is an amazing piece of writing, from your descriptions to your dialogue. I love stories with deeper characterisation's of Regulus-I personally think he's a fascinating character. This has to be one of the best I've read. At first I was a little skeptical of the Regulus/Lily, but when I actually read it, it blew me away. Brilliant work. ~Cathryn

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Review #24, by rainbow92:

12th April 2006:
An interesting one shot! It's an original idea, and a great theme for a one shot. I love the way you describe Sirius' emotions, etc. I didn't really notice any grammar errors-maybe you should get rid of the FLASHBACK? It detracts from the story-perhaps just put the flashback in italics or something?

As I said, I really enjoyed it. You tell the story vividly, and I feel sorry for Sirius! Could have something to do with him being my favourite character...anyway. I really like his determination to not 'mess it up' with Harry. It's so in character!

I know this has been an awful review and for that I apologise-my only excuse is it's late at night. Like I said, I enjoyed it thoroughly-good work! ~Cat

Author's Response: Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed it. The best thing about your review is when you say Sirius is in character. I am literally jumping up and down now! Yes, don't we all love him /hugs imaginery Sirius/? Thank you for reading and for your kind words :)

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Review #25, by rainbow92Temptations: The Unexpected

9th April 2006:
I think you really are one of the best authors on this site. While checking 'the present', I noticed this and couldn't resist. I really loved it; as usualy, your writing style was impeccable and beautiful, and your descriptions were brilliant. I especially loved the last line; brilliant, just brilliant.

Author's Response: Wow, what a great compliment. Thank you ever so much!

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