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Review #1, by loony_loony_MeMeIf Wishes Were Fishes: The Joker and the Fool

15th September 2011:
Really nice chapter! I'm excited to read the next one. I wish it was longer though. I'm hoping for less of a wait for the next chapter :P. I check back pretty much daily to see if you have updated lol

Author's Response: ah, I know this was a tad short, but the next one's longer, promise! And it won't be too long of a wait now that I have internet again :) Thanks for reading!

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Review #2, by loony_loony_MeMeIf Wishes Were Fishes: Inconvenient Truths

15th August 2011:
First I would like to say this is the best story I have read on here in a long time. Second, I think our pen names are quite similar lol. This story has amazing flow! I love the way you blend so many different storylines together. JKR also does that very well, and that is what makes the series so great (partially). I love the moments between Lily and James. I have always had a soft spot for Sirius, so I love those Sirius moments too. I was hoping Lily would have asked Sirius about his feelings towards Scarlet though! I hope there is more to that!?
I am writing a fic about sirius/oc. I requested a banner and I wanted Sirius to be Ben Barnes and I wanted the girl to be Zooey Deschanel. If I'm not mistaken, that's who you have as Sirius and Scarlet? I thought that was cool/ironic.
Anyways I have gotten way off topic. I LOVE this story, and I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: haha yes I do like our pen names :) I approve :P And I'm glad you like the story! One of the things I really strive to do while I'm writing is make it flow so I'm glad that comes across! And there will definitely be more to the Scarlet/Sirius thing :) Ha and that's quite the coincidence about zooey D and Ben Barnes. They just look so good together! haha anyways, I'm glad you like my story :) Thanks for reading! I'll have more up soon!

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Review #3, by loony_loony_MeMeTo Judge a Book By Its Cover: The Trial

31st October 2006:
aww such a good chapter! all i really knew in the chapter was poe...so i found that part amusing. when claire was asking them all those questions (like how are they alive and stuff) i would have asked poe how he truthfully died. haha. this is the greatest story u r such a great writer.i have no idea how in the world u do it! well i hope ur other novel thingy goes well...but dont forget about us! haha i will say one more time great story! meme

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Review #4, by loony_loony_MeMeAgainst the Odds: The Tree House

24th March 2006:
lol yea making her a man would have ruined the story haha. i like the chapter a lot and i really hope the next one is coming sooner than this one did lol. thats so sweet how sirius accepts her for who she is awww lol

Author's Response: Haha yea, what a twist that would've been! Glad you liked the chapter =))

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Review #5, by loony_loony_MeMeTo Judge a Book By Its Cover: Another Reunion

21st January 2006:
yay!!! good chapter! i cant wait to read the next one!!

Author's Response: Thanks, meme! It's coming soon!

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Review #6, by loony_loony_MeMeTo Judge a Book By Its Cover: The Knock On the Door

11th December 2005:
yay you have updated! ok so you are still alive! yes more story! i swear this is the best sequel on all the hpff sites!!! you are the best freckles and you have patience for all us annoying readers. i really cant wait to read the chapters! hope you sched eases on you, meme

Author's Response: Aw you guys aren't annoying! I was actually really touched how many people contacted me and tried to find out when it was coming. Did it get old? Yes, not gonna lie, but it was a nice gesture just the same. Haha yes, it's good to be alive. Inhaling and exhaling and pumping blood and all that jazz. ^.~ Hope you like chapter 3!

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Review #7, by loony_loony_MeMeTo Judge a Book By Its Cover: The Knock On the Door

11th December 2005:
freckles? *knocks on freckles screen* i am starting to worry. im sorry im a worry wart. could you at least just give an update!?! im so sorry if you are too busy to even respond to reviews. im wondering if you are ok. hope all is well, the worry wart meme

Author's Response: I'm alive, no worries. Just really, really, really, really--you get the idea--busy. Chapter 3 is up now, though. I hope you like it. ^_^

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Review #8, by loony_loony_MeMeAgainst the Odds: Regulus Black

11th December 2005:
that was pretty good! plz write a new chapter soon!

Author's Response: I will and thanks =D

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Review #9, by loony_loony_MeMeA Changing Journey: Birthday at the Burrow

23rd November 2005:
thank you! lol im glad i wasnt the only one who thought dumbledore was violent and not himself in the movie. like when he like attacks harry and askes him of he entered his name. but i must say....your dumbledore is much much worse than the dumbledore in the movie lol ; )

Author's Response: Hey!!!!lol!!!! Polyjuice potion meme, polyjuice potion! ok, ya happy? you got it out of me!!!hehe...but you don't know whats going to happen with this intruder....hehe...<3

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Review #10, by loony_loony_MeMeA Changing Journey: Surprise

23rd November 2005:
oh no! is sum1 acting like dumblydore (madam maxine0 or is he turned to the other side? please HURRY and write more this time lol jokes.i saw hp4 too...i was a little dissappointed, ppl who have not seen the movie completely like it but some who read the book didnt. i thought they left too much out(like rita skeeters little secret and the quidditch cup) but it was pretty good all the same. i loved the chapter!

Author's Response: THANX!!!!!!!!!yeah, I liked this chapter I think....we all know I had to add something at the end...and I would like to remind my fans that my version of Dumbledore is the same as the one in the book...sparkling eyes, friendly smile...the one in the movie was violent, and so not Dumbledore!!!!ugh, yeah, that bothered me, and yes, i'm avoiding your main question...I'll write the next chapter this weekend...I've got nothing better to do!<3

Author's Response: Btw, thanks for reviewing!!!!!Luv ya!!!!

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Review #11, by loony_loony_MeMeBaby of Mine: Disaster at the Grangers

23rd November 2005:
noo! i love fred! please let him still be alive! hope the next chapter is coming soon!

Author's Response: I'll see what I can do for him!

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Review #12, by loony_loony_MeMeAgainst the Odds: Sleeping Soundly

23rd November 2005:
i liked it! thank you for not making them do "anything" i was hoping it wouldnt be like that! hope the next chapter is coming soon!

Author's Response: Riight. ;D Next chapter is coming out when I finish it..which should be soon =)

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Review #13, by loony_loony_MeMeBlistered and Broken Hearted: Since I Could Call You

16th November 2005:
write more!

Author's Response: im working on it. lol. thanks for the reveiw!

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Review #14, by loony_loony_MeMeAgainst the Odds: It Feels Good To Be Bad

14th November 2005:
no u cant stop there lol. hope the next chapter is comong soon!! i cant wait till friday!!!

Author's Response: Hehe, I'll update soon. =D

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Review #15, by loony_loony_MeMeTo Judge a Book By Its Cover: The Knock On the Door

7th November 2005:
heya! hows the chapter going. i am patiently waiting by the way no rushing from me! i had a dream last night that i met harry potter and he was like in 4th year and i was trying to tell him everything about the future books and stuff...i thought u had a dream when u created this story so yea. neways i hope your schedule calms down a little so u can find time to write more.

Author's Response: Haha yeah, that's exactly how I came up with the idea for this story! I dreamt I was in the PoA, running around trying to tell him that Snuffles was in danger. Didn't make much sense at the time, but yeah---it's turned into this 2-year-long bit of fanfiction. Gotta say, I've enjoyed every second of it. ^_^

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Review #16, by loony_loony_MeMeAgainst the Odds: Fall Out

26th October 2005:
aww i love it love it love! PLEASE HURRY TO WRITE MORE!!

Author's Response: Alright Alright! =D

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Review #17, by loony_loony_MeMeBaby of Mine: Meeting the Grangers

9th October 2005:
good chapter

Author's Response: Thanks!I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #18, by loony_loony_MeMeAgainst the Odds: The Note

5th October 2005:
UGHHH why did it have to end that was so good! plz hurry and write more

Author's Response: Hehe, alrightey..

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Review #19, by loony_loony_MeMeBaby of Mine: Christmas Plans

20th September 2005:
lol that was good and sweet!! It was a little confusing at the quidditch part...maybe i skipped over a part but oh well the rest was good and cute. i wonder how draco will be in the muggle world?!? the already have theri own little family lol. MeMe

Author's Response: lol!I'm glad you liked it anyways!I wonder,too!Yup they're own little family!

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Review #20, by loony_loony_MeMeBaby of Mine: Tutoring Teddy

9th September 2005:
Good chapter! Too short lol I want more! Protective Draco is very attractive lol. I liked the part when Draco says "back to the hole he came from" hehe thats pretty funny lol. Cant wait for the next chapter, MeMe

Author's Response: Thanks!The next one is fairly long and I am waiting for it to come back from being edited!Yeah he is attractive when he's protective.

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Review #21, by loony_loony_MeMeA Changing Journey: Presents

16th August 2005:
good chappy I wanna read the next one! bye lol THERES YOUR 5 SECOND REVIEW LOL!!

Author's Response: I'm glad you wanna read the next one! 5 second reviews are good enough for me! I can't wait to see what you have to say about the rest of the chapters!!!:) Thanx for reviewing again!!! <3 ~Kimberly~

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Review #22, by loony_loony_MeMeA Changing Journey: Birthday at the Burrow

16th August 2005:
Maybe people dont review because they are lost for words ;)! I LOVE IT!! I wish this is how the 6th book really went! I espicially like this story/chapter because SIRIUS is my favorite character ( i was very hurt when he left the series) Cant wait to read the next chapter(which is in like two seconds lol) MeMe

Author's Response: Lol. Yeah, maybe that's the reason...I love Sirius too!!! And I'm soo happy you're reading this story! And reviewing! Yay!!! I have to go respond to your other review now! Thanx soooo much for reviewing Amy! And reading too! <3 ~Kimberly~

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Review #23, by loony_loony_MeMeBaby of Mine: Misunderstandings and Meetings

16th August 2005:
Oh so thats what happend lol! So they are actually working together now as parents. This is such a sweet story! All that really needs to be fixed betweent he two now is the bad smoking habbit lol..lovly chapter! I understand now why you said this was a fun chapter for you lol and it was very well-written!! Cant wait for the next chapter, Amy

Author's Response: Yup!:DThey're finally workign together properly.Yeah I have some ideas for that terrible habit but I'll see what I can do.Yeah this was so much fun to write!I will try and update very soon!

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Review #24, by loony_loony_MeMeThe Girl Next Door: Blissful Sins

15th August 2005:
It was good but I am gonna make this short because i wanna read the next xhapter and i can only stay on the computer for 10 mins! so it was good and i cant wait to read the next chapter which is in two seconds lol! MeMe *click* that was supposed to be the mouse lol

Author's Response: lol, thx for the review!!! ~CeeCee~

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Review #25, by loony_loony_MeMeShe's Like The Wind: She's Like The Wind

14th August 2005:
YAY!! A sequel lol i love sequels!! Yes I decided to read your stories as SOON as I was off gorunded!! I'll tell you what, that was a rough two weeks!! I am glad you read my info in the first place lol! I'll be checking back every once in a while to check if the story is up!! MeMe

Author's Response: lol! Thanx so much! I'll let you know when it's up...my newest fic was just turned down and now I have to go find out why! Thanx for reading and reviewing my stories and waiting for the sequels! You're awesome! <3 GreatestGryffindor

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