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Review #1, by DivergentHarryTARDISMusicEvolution: One Night in July

5th January 2015:
Oh my goodness, I have been gone forever it seems like, but I had a little bit of time, and was thinking of you and your fantastic story, so I stopped by to get a chapter or two in.
As for the chapter: Success! I especially loved the little witty Beethoven lines, especially since I'm a big fan of classical music! Like usual, looking forward to reading on!
Sorry for being a stranger, Cece

Author's Response: Welcome back! I'm glad you liked this chapter - I think you might be alone in that, but it's encouraging anyway. So many others were upset that James got no "closure" - but then that was sort of the point.

Perhaps surprisingly, I'm actually NOT a big classical fan, but I figured for a Ministry function it would have to be more in that vein and of course it gave me the opportunity to play with Beethoven.

Hope to see you again soon! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #2, by DivergentHarryTARDISMusicEvolution: Reunions

18th August 2014:
Hey sorry disregard this review, but the rude comment I mentioned it wasnt the chapter before, I wanted to be sure you understood what I meant.
Sorry again!

Author's Response: Haha no worries! I understood EXACTLY what you were referring to - don't worry ;) I try to look back on it in good humor and with a positive frame of mind

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Review #3, by DivergentHarryTARDISMusicEvolution: Deeper

7th August 2014:
Hey it's me again with a review for your chapter!

By the end of this chapter I was at a loss of what to think. In the Harry Potter books I absolutely hated Peter Pettigrew. My hate for the character was really one sided if that makes any sense. Anyways... since then I have read many fics where they portray Peter as a stuttering fool. And I've gotta say I think I love your portrayal of him better, haha. This chapter really kind of changed my opinion of him. I like that in your story he's strong, and has his own baggage. It makes me just really feel bad for him. I know I'm ranting, I'm sorry so I'm just going to move on...
Severus.. I like your idea of the death eaters coming to HIM instead of vice versa. I personally think it's more realistic than Severus openly looking to join the death eaters and Voldemort, and I'm desperate to read more as to where you go with this plot idea.
As usual great chapter! Can't wait to hear from the other characters! And I apologize if this review is abit confusing, sometimes things just sound better in your head you know what I mean?(;

Author's Response: Success! I definitely wanted to make people think differently about Peter! Or at least pause to think about him. Perhaps it's my wishful thinking, but I like to think there was something deep in Peter's past that made him betray his friends. He is resilient and strong here - a true Gryffindor - but we'll see things change over time as the story darkens.

With Snape, I'll be honest and say it's not so much that I think Snape wouldn't actively seek out the Death Eaters as it is that I think they would have made him prove himself worthy. Lucius and other Slytherins would know from being at school with him that he was adept at the Dark Arts and so they would see him as valuable, but I don't think because of his social issues and background he would've been welcomed at first. Only when things grew heavier and he grew closer to leaving school would he be viewed as useful to their cause and then - he seizes the opportunity.

The next chapter just validated today and I'm hoping to get one more out before the queue closes on August 10th! We'll see how I do...

Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #4, by DivergentHarryTARDISMusicEvolution: Stranger on the Street

7th August 2014:
Hello again,
I swear your writing is fantastic!As usual I loved the chapter, and I especially love the ones where its in Sirius' point-of-view. He is one of my favorite characters you know. And even though I hate that he died in the books, I'm greatful that J.K. Rowling gave him a more peaceful and less painful way of dying.
But onto this chapter... I've gotta say your idea of 'Clocks having feet' was both hilarious and creative!
But I am wondering why it is Sirius seems more brooding then usual? I guess I always felt he was way more cheerful about living with the Potters'. Or is Sirius feeling down because he feels bad for inheriting a house from his uncle? I'm just a little confused there.
I also can't wait to see what you do with your character Grace Lewis. Already she seems sweet, endearing, and maybe a little tough. Loved this chapter overall and can't wait to read the next one!
PS-About a month ago you reviewed my story 'The Life and Death of Violet Chambers, I wanna thank you again for doing so and also inform you I have edited the prologue and am now awaiting its validation! I have even added a first chapter and would love your opinion on it as well!

Author's Response: Hello again indeed! You are too kind, but I'm glad you're enjoying it!

I can't claim full credit for the clocks with feet idea. I know they actually have clocks that are at least sort of like that nowadays. A friend of mine had one, but what I thought would be interesting is for the technologically backward wizards to have actually come up with an idea BEFORE Muggles. So it was born. And I've always pictured Sirius NOT being a morning person.

As for Sirius being rather brooding, I guess I've always thought of him as a bit of a darker character given his childhood and that though he is definitely a jokester, that his funny side is part-natural, part-coping mechanism. He is definitely cheerful about living with the Potters, but he's a bit mixed about leaving.

I'm glad you like Grace. In my mind she's certainly tough! But she's far more intelligent and less prying than another fiesty character we saw Sirius have a run-in with before - Renee Haverford. You'll be seeing more of Grace as time wears on...

Thanks for reading and reviewing! I'll try to see when your story gets validated and pop by!

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Review #5, by DivergentHarryTARDISMusicEvolution: Pale Sunshine

6th August 2014:
Hey there, I've been away and busy but I'm glad to see some new chapters up.
Now your chapter was indeed good, and like you said abit on the shorter side, but it was in no way lacking. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing into Lilys' mind and her way of thinking.
Can't wait to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: Glad you came back! Thanks for the positive feedback. There should be a new chapter up soon and I'm hoping I can sneak another in before they shut down the queue for a week on Sunday!

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Review #6, by DivergentHarryTARDISMusicEvolution: Sixth Year Slump

26th May 2014:
First I just gotta say how much I truly love your writing. I really appreciate your "slow burn", in fact I wish more authors wrote like this. From the moment I began reading this story a couple of weeks ago I automatically fell in love with it. I've loved your displays of the characters, and how you have managed your time in each chapter. Your work is truly inspiring for me as a beginning writer. Secondly, this is probably my favorite chapter so far! I love how well the duel between James and Lily came out! Not many people are able to capture the duels as well as you have here. Again, amazing job! I cant wait to see what else you have in store!
Oh and I hope this isn't asking for too much, since I understand how busy you must be writing this story, but if you could take the time to read my story it would mean the world to me. It's called 'The Life and Death of Violet Chambers', and I only have a Prologue up so far. But I would really appreciate your input and constructive criticism. Please and thank-you. (:

Author's Response: Howdy! Thank you so much for sticking with the story and taking the time to leave a review!

I'm definitely glad you like my take on the "slow burn". I'll be the first to admit it's going to be way too slow for some people, but my whole goal was to make it believable, and I think this taking a lot of time is. It means a lot that you like the characters and find them believable because that's exactly what I want to achieve!

As far as the duel goes, it's great that you enjoyed it! I worried for quite some time after posting this (though you're the first to comment on the duel at all) that I had made the magic they proved capable of at the end "too much" for their age. So at least I have one voice now who thought it was well done!

Again, I appreciate you reading and taking the time to leave a review! I hope you keep enjoying the story!

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