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Review #1, by DracoLvr49Beware of the Past: Laughter and Tears

30th July 2005:
WOW that is longer than any of mine (grr) and realllllllllyyyyy good! i get the warm fuzzies just thinking about what could have happend.. teehee (and what WILL happen in my story.. whoops is that a spoiler? o well they all saw it coming) a -few- grammar/tense errors but im so glad its finally here that all is forgiven (lol) great job!

Author's Response: u r such a sheep!!

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Review #2, by DracoLvr49Beware of the Past: Just a Cup of Coffee

26th July 2005:
cradle and all is a truely fabulous book for all you pervy people out there... its sad but has lots of action! (yay, action!) i just felt the need to put that in there.. this story's goin grrrreat! im lovin it, and i think id rather read your story instead of workin on mine teehee. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Author's Response: cool

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Review #3, by DracoLvr49Rape/Sexual Assault Reference Tutorial: Rape/Sexual Assault Reference Tutorial

14th July 2005:
*tear tear* that was very powerful-- not gross or anything, but it made me sympathize with a fictional character!

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Review #4, by DracoLvr49Mature Scenes of a Sexual Nature Tutorial: Mature Scenes of a Sexual Nature Tutorial

14th July 2005:
o deary me... eh..... very descriptive.... i think i will feel very awkward now when reading the new HP book with Snape, heh heh heh

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Review #5, by DracoLvr49A - Matured: The Beginning of the End

4th July 2005:
erm.. sorry for all the typos... too lazy to fix them all :-P but i did do some minor editing, so at least you can understand what i'm sayin. bsedies, ym ytpnig nsi't HTAT abd, rghit? teehee...

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Review #6, by DracoLvr49A Beautiful Mistake: A Strange Encounter

21st June 2005:
its good, but i see this a lot. people suddenly make enemies lovers. do you seriously think ppl would do that? i didn't think so. continue writing, tho, cuz you do have a good start. very discriptive!

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