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Review #1, by sauskes_grlNext Door Neighbors: The New Living Arrangements

7th December 2005:
goooooood!!!! now hurry

Author's Response: lol, ok! i'm hoping to have @ least 1 new chapter out by christmas. thanks for your review!

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Review #2, by sauskes_grlAlexandria Hermione Zabini: Falling Apart

2nd October 2005:
grrrrrrrrrr. is blaise zabini, get my favorite charectars name RIGHT!!!

Author's Response: I'm sorry i really am hes one of my favorite charectors to i keep hitting myself over the head for spelling his name right

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Review #3, by sauskes_grlThe New Addition to the Family: You're in Love Dearie

2nd October 2005:
you take forever to update

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Review #4, by sauskes_grltwins till the day we die: of getting to know ones self and ones twin.

2nd October 2005:
no0o0o0o0o0o0 write more you fool.. *sharpens knife* NOWWWWWW

Author's Response: lol i think i should start running! The next chapter is in limbo i hope they accept it! i am up to writing chapter six so don't worry!!!

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Review #5, by sauskes_grlThe New Addition to the Family: You Never Hurt a Woman. Even If It's Your Sister.

7th August 2005:
cute i like it, you might like mine, i lub ur story

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Review #6, by sauskes_grlThe Zabini Twins: Prologue

31st July 2005:
i read all 15 chapters before, at fan, this one better be better or as good ^_^, !!!! sauskes_grl read mi story you may like it

Author's Response: Well the story will stay basically the same but i am going to correct the grammer mistakes, with help from my beta. I will go read you story now, or at least start reading it. = ) Thanx

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Review #7, by sauskes_grlI Never Get What I Want so I Want You: I Haven't Noticed

17th July 2005:
ic ic, umm yeah, i like ur story...... one thing.. UPDATES SOONER!!!

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you like my story! I will try but right now we can't send in any stories because the edit/delete, add chapter part on our account is missing. I don't know if everyone's is like that, but mine is, probably everyone's is. So when it comes back I'll be sure to update! Thanks for the review! :)

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Review #8, by sauskes_grlWhen Love Happens: Proposal

14th July 2005:
Elisabeth Castle <<<<< that grl is a killer, that baby could have been PREMATURE who knows????? blah, im goona go read KOREY's stories.. grr. #_X sauskes grl KG!

Author's Response: Ok,

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Review #9, by sauskes_grlWhat I Will Do For You: No Matter What Happens

13th July 2005:
i like it alot!!!! its awsome, a lil monotone at the beginning but gets TONS better... and heres some of the "not so nice comments" "but Hermione had jumped on him and kissed him" how can she jump on him if she has one leg, AND came out of recovery???? and here... for the banner of mi story.... hmmmm a dark, colored or picture back round, title in middle, ron and hermione on the left and draco, snape and harry ( soon too bee callen emrys snape) you can make it what ever if thats too hard.. thanks for the offer..

Author's Response: Well looks like u are the person who has the story that Snape is HArrys father. Well, I will try to make it. IF I can't, I will try to make something near it, and let u see what it looks like, and if u don't like it, just tell me. I will start to work on it soon. Like tommorow, because it is going on like 11 o clock over here.

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Review #10, by sauskes_grlYou and Me in Paradise: End Of Summer

8th July 2005:

Author's Response: Well that, sauskes_grl, is my secret (until now)! Keep on reading!!!

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Review #11, by sauskes_grlYou and Me in Paradise: End Of Summer

8th July 2005:
o_^ hahahaha cocoa..... a malfoy named a bird cocoa.... funny, nicve story, read mine by any chance?

Author's Response: I thought it was funny and cute! Anyway, what's your story called? I would love to read it!

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Review #12, by sauskes_grlThe New Heir Of Slytherin: Meeting. Slytherin

24th June 2005:
it was a good story, but why choose a parkison? eh, i liked it.

Author's Response: I really don't know why i chose Parkinson I guess it's the only Slytherin pureblood family other than Malfoy. And i love it that she's smater than Pansy!! :D

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