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Review #1, by Lions_Rule8065Arabesque: Of A Sudden Bout of the Floo and the Unfortunate Mistake of Huey the House Elf

12th August 2007:
Jesus! I feel so sorry for Draco! That awful liquid poisoned him, didn't it? And I thought it was meant for Hermione... how wrong was I?!
I can't believe the house-elf got mixed up and took Ginny, that scared me slightly, especially when Draco went to go and get her back and he began to get worse. bless him!
I hope it doesn't kill him, btw.. it had better not! But I'm glad he feels something for Hermione, even though he won't admit it... the warm pleasent feeling he got when he saw he asleep next to him on the floor... it's so sweet! ^_^
Hope yooh get to update soon! Was a good update, minus the killing of Huey ='( Bless him.. I hate Lucius more than ever now! Gr!

Author's Response: Draco is such a doll ain't he? It was particularly painful for me to kill off Huey... he was just so darn cute.

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Review #2, by Lions_Rule8065Arabesque: Of An Abduction and Infection

12th August 2007:
sorry for the late timing in reviewing this chapter, but I've been busy with my own writing and just humbly stumbled upon ur story again, hoping it hadn't progressed that much so as being able to leave me behind a lot lolz!
So... Hermione is wondering whether or not she can love Draco or not and he is having dreams about her where he physically hurts himself afterwards? Hehehe! It's love... it's obvious! ^_^
And Lucius has poisoned his son; Draco not even knowing this, and now the mad man wants to kidnap Hermione! =O No way is he doing that... Draco wont let him, especially seen as he's going back to Hoggywarts now! Yay!
Good chappy as usual Celtic! I'm going str8 onto the next one now! Review that as well soon! =)

Author's Response: Ha ha you must be right. Pain = love. ^_- Thanks sweets.

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Review #3, by Lions_Rule8065If the Ring Fits: In which things get progressively worse

15th July 2007:
That comedy stunt towards the end was priceless! Trust Draco to go and do something like that! I kinda feel bad for him but I can't help but continually laugh still! haha! I'm mean... forgive me lolz!
Anyways... really good update and did yooh say ur next update would be the last chapter? If so then all I have to say is this: No!
This story is so gurd yooh can't just end it after only a couple of chapters! I want to know if anything will happened between Draco and Ginny and I was surprised when Harry walked into the room... I though there was going to be a fight on our hands for a sec!
Congratulations on getting into college btw and who for turning 18 lolz! Hope ur birthday was gurd! ^_^ Update soon hun! xXx

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Review #4, by Lions_Rule8065Arabesque: Of The Virus and Blood Tears

8th July 2007:
Whoa! I loved this update oh so much Celtic! I mean... wow! So indepth and full emotion! Yooh could so tell the differences that Narcissa and Lucius have against each other, it makes it work though because yooh know that she is so adamant to stop whatever he is up to whereas he is just so opposite & evil and wants to do whatever to just destroy happiness. This gUstave character though... I think we need a bit more info on him... he just has an air about him and I think he was mentioned in that book that Hermione was readin a few chapters b4... am I correct?
I like the way yooh make Hermione still feel timid about Ron, but I really do think she's better off with Malfoy, he is helping her after all and yooh can so tell they like each a lot... I'm just worried about this virus thing now.
The dreams did scare me slightly... especially with the images of Hermione being injured/dead... *shudders* So I take it this "virus" will make Draco infected, but he won't feel the effects because he's pureblooded... but it'll pass onto Hermione and she will feel the full effects of it? It seems really confusing, but it is a good plot bunny, hehe!
Hope to see another update soon... it will be good to read more of this b4 I go on holiday! ^_^

Author's Response: I'm so glad to hear you nejoyed it so much!! I'm also impressed you picked up on the book... hmmm..... I would worry about the virus lol. I hope to update a few more times before I leave on my own holiday!

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Review #5, by Lions_Rule8065Arabesque: Of The Malfoy Manse and The Demise of a House Elf

19th June 2007:
Whoo! An update! Yay! I was wondering where yooh had gone, but never mind! I hate my internet sometimes and it always seems to crash on me when I need to update, lolz! I've had time off from writing also because of my exams, but they're finished now and I'm writing a lot again, lolz!
Anyways... kewl update! I wasn't too keen on what Ginny was saying to Hermione about Draco, but at least she defended him... I don't think Draco will turn out to be like his father, especially since he stepped in between his mum and dad and breaking up an argument! I hope you're able to update soon... I can sense the Christmas Ball coming in ever so closer, lolz! ^_^ xXx

Author's Response: ^_^ I hope this next chapter wil; be in waiting by Sunday or so.. maybe even sooner. It's almost done being written ^_^

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Review #6, by Lions_Rule8065The Journal: Hermione's Soul: Entry 24

7th May 2007:
Awww! I feel so sad for her! She should stop feeling guilty... make her stop feeling guilty, lolz! haha! Oh, I'm glad she got away for a bit mind, however, I didn't like the sound of that Peter guy... oh well! I hope he's out of the frame now... tis only Harry and Hermione that is needed in this story not some love affair, lolz! Awww, and they're getting a place together... that's so lovely! I liked the in-depth emotions in this chappy... hope to see an update soon! ^_^

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Review #7, by Lions_Rule8065Beautiful Disaster: Epilogue

7th May 2007:
^_^ I am sp proud and amazingly happy! I will now go thru all my exams with a smile on my face, knowing I've been dedicated a story! Thanx a whole bunch of flowers and chocolate frogs! lolz! ily xxx
Oh I really luved this chapter, an excellent twist.. I just didnt get the part about how Dumbledore actually came back, but no worries... I like the freezing thing... so the story will defo continue I hope so good luck and hurry up coz yooh've left me (of all flaming peeps) on a HUGE cliff hanger! Grrr! I loved this story and I'm really grateful that I've helped yooh along the way and given yooh loads of support! 100/100! Hehe! ^_^
My next chappy of Kiss and Tell is up just so ya know! =) x

Author's Response: Ooo its up? YAY it feels like aages for some reason ^_^
Awww lol, i knoo it is kinda confusing but i will patch that chapter up, hopefully, and also explain it alot more in the sequal =] Which will definately be here soon =P Im sorry to say that the cliff hanger will still be there for a while cos the sequal starts like 3 years after the war...i knoo, sounds confusing but its not really once yu read it =]...And i reckon atleast the first urmm...6ish chapters will be before them freezing themselves =] But then its all action, death, lust, love, evilness and all the rest hehe =] Im excited! IM grateful that yu helped me along so thankoo again for that and for all yur R&R's and i hope to hear from yu wen the sequals up and running n_n
Alex xx

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Review #8, by Lions_Rule8065Beautiful Disaster: Final Goodbyes

28th April 2007:
Whoa! V.short! I think you'll have to add in a bit me tinks, sorry hun! Bu anyways, twas still nicely written. But you left me on a cliffy... damn yooh! Tell me if Draco is real? If he is... I'll give yooh a cookie! Yay 4 cookies... can yooh tell I'm hyper! Whoo! Anyways... I liked the way yooh made Hermione remember all that had gone... that was v.touching and the way that Harry just started to cry was v.emotional for me... I could just feel the tears welling up again, lolz! Hurry up with the next update... I knwo its in Validation, but I can't wait, lolz! ^_^

Author's Response: LMAO...i knoo =[ I dint really have alot i wanted to say in it though...i dint want this chapter in there but the next one wouldnt have made sense if it wasnt =P Hmmm, i really fort people would realise who the dude was at the end...i think ima have to put something about who it is in this chapter cos i think yur gunna find it a bit weird wen yu see who he is in the next chapter lmfao! Chapter 20 should be up today =P
Alex xx

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Review #9, by Lions_Rule8065Beautiful Disaster: You Did It...

28th April 2007:
Sorry for not replying to this chapter, I've been busy with revising and art preparation and prom organising, and I've been writing and I need to update! See, I've been a busy girl! =P
Anyways... I loved the funeral! It added such an emotional touch to it! All of what Hermione said about Draco was really touching and I liked it... I loved the way you added conversations as her memories to him... that was really beautiful and I smiled at every moment - tears escaped my eyes even! Brilliant! I'm off for the next chapter... I so can't believe you've nearly finished this btw... seems ages ago when I first started reading this, lolz! ^_^

Author's Response: Well thats oki lovely ^_^ Yes, yu must update!! =P Aww thankoo, i wasnt sure whether all of what she said made sense lol =] I knoo, its quite sad to think it'll be over soon...actually, the last chapter should be validated today n_n
Alex xx

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Review #10, by Lions_Rule8065Arabesque: Of Tradition and An Unwanted Date

28th April 2007:
I didn't like the dreams... I liked the way you made them so detailed and emotional, they just scared me a little, especially Hermiones... oh and why did Draco drop her... I seriously wanna know what he's up to, ya know!! However, I'm really shocked that Hermione has gone and asked Ron to the dance... really want to know what happens there, between her, him and Draco... so what's all this between this Gustave person.. is he part of Lucius' sceaming? Poor Narcissa... great update, sorry my reply took so long, but can't wait to see the next update coz yooh kinda left me; I think, on a cliffy! Oooo, nice use of Latin btw! ^_^

Author's Response: Gustave is the icky man living with Lucius and Narcissa to hatch this plan. Poor Narcissa is right! I'm glad you enjoyed my latin ^_-

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Review #11, by Lions_Rule8065The Journal: Hermione's Soul: Entry 23

27th April 2007:
Oh No! I'm so like, so upset here! I feel so sorry for Harry, and for Hermione! She shouldn't feel guilty for him having to go thru this... it wasn't her fault. But then again, if it were me, I would would totally be crying and feeling guilty for him having to go thru so much pain! I'm so happy; however, that Voldemort is dead! Yay! I liked the way you killed him tbph... twas one of the best ways I've read about his death, becoz I really liked the touch of where Hermione and Ron helped out Harry, and their combining powers killed him, defeated him like that *clicks fingers* Oooo, cnt wait for an update now, so wanna know how Hermione and Harry are gunna live on after this... so much drama, too long await! ^_^

Author's Response: if it were you it wouldn't be the same story :P

i'm really glad you liked it

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Review #12, by Lions_Rule8065Stay Beautiful: Stay Beautiful

19th April 2007:
Hey there, just returning the favour of the reviews yooh sent me! lolz!
I liked the song, very touching, I liked the way you changed the name to suit Harry... it really brought him into the song and was really insprining, good job!
Hermione was a bit OCish here, but it doesn't matter, but yooh got Harry spot on with his timidness of not really wanting to tell Hermione how he felt... but it was all good. I really liked the end too... makes you think of what coud happen to them later on in life... you could do a Hermione/Harry story to lead off from here maybes?
Anyways... good first story and keep up the good work! ^_^

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #13, by Lions_Rule8065The Muggle Way: ~*~ Chapter 21 ~*~

14th April 2007:
Michelle again! :)

Ginny was pregnant wasn't she? And she's just lost it. It's sad, so sad, it's a sad, sad situation! (wtf am i singing elton john, jeez...).

SHEPARDS PIE! T'IS Foo* great as u would say in your irish accent. Fabby! lol! OMG! got u started now.
So when will M fall in love with S then?
Fab chappie! :)

Author's Response: You mean Todd, don't ya? I dunno when you'll get with him... only time will tell me reckons. Oh well, yooh are obv in love with all my fabby fictional characters, but I think Scott from Kiss and Tell is so much more... dangerous! ^_^
Oo yesh! Shepards Pie with a pint of Guiness, whooo hoo! Don't you just love the Irish, Michelle! :P I can't believe I'm part Irish like... damn my good accent! :P
Oh yesh, poor Ginny, I felt really sorry for her... but I must use this saying again, but only time will tell... to see if she can actually have a baby! And yesh, ur sad for singing in praise of Elton John! :P

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Review #14, by Lions_Rule8065The Muggle Way: ~*~ Chapter 20 ~*~

14th April 2007:
This is Michelle on Kerry's account again, me hacker! lolz, joking.
Anyway... fab chapter again! And thanks for reading it out, lol, i think i'm a bit lazy. lolz.
Can't wait 'til next chappie! :)

Author's Response: *gets potatoe gun and shoots hacker in the eyeball!* hahaha! :P
I am so shy when I read my work out loud, although, I should make my stories be recorded on tape or CD so you can listen to them... wow! :)

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Review #15, by Lions_Rule8065Dementia: Dementia

13th April 2007:
At first I thought the man who was taking to the captive was Draco taking to Hermione, but I was deeply shocked to finding out to be Harry... but who is the captive? I can only think it to be Pansy but why would that be? She's the only girl to have black hair... can you explain that please? And why is the girl held captive, where and why it's Harry who is talking to her? This story really confused me but the detail in the writing was really good! I loved all ur one-shots, are you going to make anymore? If so, I will defo read them! ^_^
Oh, I read ur response to my last review I sent, and I was shocked to here that the next chapter of Arabesque is in Validation!!! =O I thought you of all authors would be a trusted author and would'nt have to wait in the que! Well, hope to read that soon and much more of ur work! You really are a gr8 author! ^_^

Author's Response: I admit I intentionally led you te believe it was D/Hr... but only so I could suprise you with the true characters. ^_^ It is Pansy and Harry. It's Pansy because it seemed apropos. Her character is a lesser written one so it was believable. Like how you thought it was Hermione.. ony to realize it was, of all people, Pansy Parkinson? I have three one shots on the way. One written to Bryan Adam's "Sound The Bugle" one written to Pink's "Who Knew" and one written to yet another Evanescence song ^_- I also have two more novels coming out ^_^

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Review #16, by Lions_Rule8065Nobody Wants To Be Lonely: Nobody Wants To Be Lonely

12th April 2007:
:D Wow! I loved this one especially! The dancing and the song just told a story within a story! It was amazing! I liked the way their emotions rolled into one with the dancing and the song spoke out what they both wanted. I especially liked the ending bit of the dance where she flew into his arms... reminds me of Arabesque, which I also love and want updating soon, lolz! 10/10!! ^_^

Author's Response: Wow you're steadily making your way through all my works, aren't you? That's too cool ^_^ My goodness I wish I could update ARabesqut soon too... its been in waiting for 14 DAYS!!! grr

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Review #17, by Lions_Rule8065The Staircase: I've Become So Numb

12th April 2007:
That was brilliant! I loved every second of it! The suspense was really tight and it made me hang with nerves as to whether or not she would actually jump! Even though she did, I'm happy she's alive! The emotions displayed by Draco were really good and caught you in the heart! 10/10! I also love ur banner, tis really beautiful and the song by Linkin Park adds hidden depth into the story! Loved it! ^_^

Author's Response: lol she was pushed!! Ah well, I am glad you liked it ^_^ Aw thanks and thanks again!

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Review #18, by Lions_Rule8065The Journal: Harry's Heart: the way the camera follows us in slow mo

11th April 2007:
I didn't know you updated this story! Wow! I loved it! It really tickled my spine with laughter, what with all the drunken talk between Harry and Ron, that was really hilerious! This story is so much more crude and in depth with sex than Hermione's point of view... well what do you expect from male minds? I loved it, the innuendo from Harry's mind is so personal but easy to understand... he loves her! Just can't wait to see what Harry's thoughts will be like when he ends up with her... hm ^_^

Author's Response: i do a lot more literary fiction and that tends to deal a lot more with the cruder and grittier things, so it comes out in all of my writing... but i can cover it up with male minds :D

i'm really glad you're enjoying it!

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Review #19, by Lions_Rule8065The Journal: Hermione's Soul: Entry 22

9th April 2007:
Aw, that's so sweet! I liked the way you went away from Hermione and Harry's relationship to that of Ginny and Neville's love lives. It makes such a different to go from one point of view to another. I would never have thought Neville to be gay, but it's cool. I have a friend who's gay and he's really sweet... reminds me of Neville! lolz! And Ginny and Dean... I mean whoa! That was a bit extreme... but at least they love each other! I really liked this update... twas a change from all the Hermione/Harry stuff going on! Update soon though hun! ^_^

Author's Response: thanks! i like to put some differeint things out there... and i was thinking of a ginny/dean series... and a ron and susan series... maybe not as developed as this... but similar

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Review #20, by Lions_Rule8065Hermione's Choice: Hermione's Choice

31st March 2007:
Oh dear! Hermione has been so evil in the past one-shots I have read from you today! I'm deeply shocked, especially with this one! How can she do that to her friends and the one she loves? Tis so cruel... I think even Voldemort believes so, but to punish her like that will be tormenting!
I liked all the feelings you put into Hermione, it made the story more dramatical and the added bonus of the song just boosts up the wow-factor of ur writing! 10/10! ^_^

Author's Response: Thanks yet again hun!!

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Review #21, by Lions_Rule8065Hold On To Me: Hold On To Me

31st March 2007:
Poor Hermione! I feel so sorry for her, I never like seeing her die... I dunno why, she seems so innocent. I understand why Harry couldn't have been with her, but she didn't need to do the job for him... twas kinda like suicide really. And poor Harry! Dying for love as well... *sniff sniff* at least he killed Voldemort, so I'm happy about that! But still, at least Harry and Hermione can be together, even when they're no breathing!
Btw, I love Evanescence! I liked this song and the song that was in the last One-Shot I read! They totally rock, like yourself! ^_^

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Rocking ont he same level as Evanescence certainly is an honor ^_-

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Review #22, by Lions_Rule8065What I Would Do For You: What I Would Do For You

31st March 2007:
Wow! I really like this one; the best one I've read so far. I could never imagine Hermione going over to the Dark Side... no matter what the reason maybe... but to save Draco, it becomes realistice. Because he did it for her too... tis so happy and yet dark at the same time. Love conquers all as we all know! Going on to read another, I'm happy to be not busy today! ^_^

Author's Response: Those are very reassuring words for a mainly Dramione author ^_^ Thank you

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Review #23, by Lions_Rule8065The Journal: Hermione's Soul: Entry 21

31st March 2007:
Wow! I loved it! Honestly I did! You can't possibly imagine a greater explanation of what being in love actually means. I totally agree with what Hermione was saying... love is important, not the sex and marriage part... I'm just so glad that they're still together. I was actually worried when you would be updating this coz it is truly a great story... it's one of the best I've read of the Hermione/Harry ship! I really think that you should put a lot more romance of this type in, maybe not so "sex-wise" but like they don't have to be so secretive about it! 10/10 for this brilliant chappy, and I can't wait to see your update... don't leave me on tender-hooks again, lolz! ^_^

Author's Response: :D i'm glad it's one of the best... i try so hard... i unfortunately might not get to update for a little while because i have a bunch of papers to do... poems to revise... a story to writer and revise... and... you know like a whole lot of reading and other stuffs that must be done... so hopefully i shall but i definately will around the end of april/beginning of may

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Review #24, by Lions_Rule8065Beautiful Disaster: The Final War

24th March 2007:
O.M.F.G! No! This can't be happening! You can't have that many deaths in one chapter. Well fair enough, Voldemorts gone, we can all celebrate that... but then Harry, who meraculously (sp?) survived so we can jump for joy. But now Draco? What has got into you woman? LoLz! He's the essence of this story, you can't just kill him off and leave Hermione heartbroken! Hell yeah, do the funeral... even make Hermione and Harry, you know what I mean, that'll make me happy anyway! But still... Draco, after all he's bin through! Damn his father, I want to kill him personally! Anyways, I loved the battle so intense and full of emotion I cried at every part of death! Please update soon, don't leave us on a cliffy... could Draco come back somehow? 10/10! :D

Author's Response: OMG i hate having to keep my plot bunnies locked up...All im saying is there is a sequal...and its still under Draco/Hermione....And the last but one chapter kinda explains how...the sequal is going to be really dark and full of plot bunnies. Hermione and Harry...Well, lets just say a little something goes on ebtween them two but it doesnt nessaccerily end up good, thats in the sequal though...but in the first like 2/3 chapters ^_^ OMG im soo excited for the sequal. Aww did yu really cry? I wanted some crying...i nearly cried wen i read it...Not cos i though my writing was good, but because personally, i fell in love wiff draco in this story =D Ooo thankoo for yur review n_n
Alex xx

Oh yersh, and harry coming back...pfft i dont even knoo how that fingers just typed it lol...he needed to be alive but i kinda accidentally killed him. The sequal will hopefully explain how he lived lol =] Wen the wars told from his pov ^_^

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Review #25, by Lions_Rule8065To Just Disappear: To Just Disappear

20th March 2007:
Aw *cries* that so was filled with emotion that I can't write words to describe how I feel! Aw, I wanna hug Hermione & tell her it's not her fault; that she can go back and sort everything out! Aw! Love it as usual... I love all ur one-shots! And I love all ur banners, wish I could do banners like urs! Anyway... would've like to have seen Hermione find some comfort in Harry, but it's still wonderfully written... just the emotional writing grips you! ^_^ 10/10!

Author's Response: Oh hey love ^_^ I am so glad to hear that you are enjoying yet another one of my fics ^_^ It's so refreshing to have such wonderful reviewers such as yourself ^_-

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