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Review #1, by wumpie(Big)Head Boy: Invitations Abound

8th October 2006:
Praise thee lord. Lost AND Nephele? I am so lucky. God, Allah, Krishna and all those other dudes have blessed me. What's down in the shiz, N? Hopefully your camping trip went well. Best not spam too much; HPFF might strip me of the only review I am allowed! *teardrop* Ookay...what can I say...James!fic = good. James!fic + Nephele = OMFG Saywer got a fish biscuit!!!!! I was walking around the other day and I went to some stranger; "Fish biscuit?" and he said "No thankyou, I'm a vegan"!!! LOLOLOLOLOL. Seen Grease 2: Well, James is gonna Score Tonight and hopefully learn about Reproduction with his Girl for All Seasons before the Cool Riders have to go Back to School Again! If you haven't seen Grease 2, replace all that with Sirius and Remus are totally non-sus, eh? "Where's Remus?" "I dunno, where's Sirius?" "Gee, could they be TOGETHER?!!??" ..... Nah. James is so cute!! McGogglabab: jdfhkhdbgkhdgfk. James: “Brilliant, I’ll be there!” I LAFF IN THE FACE OF DEATH! God that is sexy. OMFG James is bringing SexyBack. You're evhul, y'know? James and Lily = smooshed behind a statue, avoiding TEH EVIL PEEPMAN SLUGHORN (oho! OHO! O HOE! Oh yes.) and the don't even KISS? Not even the brushing of the body parts? Not even good body parts? Like, knees or funnybones or calf muscles? WHERE WERE THE CALF MUSCLES? So much sexual tension is going to cause all their closet gay friends to go insane. I got a riddler for you: Logan or Duncan for Veronica Mars? If you don't watch it, choose which name is cooler. Oh yeah, the story. It was well set out (CALF! CALF!! CALF I SAY!) and the uncomfortableness with "Pete" is honourably noted. He's a difficult character to write, because half the time you wanna sic Freddy Krueger, Mike Meyers and Jason Godbbledygook on him, and the other half you wanna break down, screaming "Why, Pete, WHY? Why couldn't you let DAEDULUS DIGGLE RAT THEM OUT?" But you did it okay and without so many capitals. Package deal LOL. Sudden image of a million trillion fangirls bidding on Ebay lot no. 12318462395Q (Oh yes, Q): Marauder box package. Mint condition. Oh(o), I take things too literally. Wumpie is not a thinker, WUMPIE IS A RACER!! (Ricky Bobby pw3ns. Sascha Baron Cohen wins at life. (Big)Head Boy: Chapter 3: In which Lily and James recognise eachothers...calves, Peter stops SMIRKING cuz he's a wang and Severus springs up on Remus/Sirius yelling: "GAYS? I LOVE GAYS! MADONNA IS SO MY IDOL!!! KAWAII!" and proceeds to wave as if on top of the Priscilla bus, or a Mardi Gras float. (I love gays. I hate the Christans and the KKK and George Bush think they have a right to tell people what to think about them. Thta's why I don't follow any of those things. My diety is currently Allah/Shoebox Project (it's Ramadan, y'know? I like to think that when they invented the month of fasting they knew not the temptation of KFC (just add a U) and so such foods are excluded from the fast-ness,) but when Ramadan ends, it'll go back to Jack Skellington for Halloween. Man, I love Tim Burton. My life would be in turmoil had not his parents dropped that contraceptive.) I look forward to the coming out of Snape, Nephele. Now, onto the Dance of the Sugarplum Faeries! YAY TCHAIKOVSKY! (Did I spell that right? Could HE spell that right? Did you know the Russian 1992 Ice Skating Winter Olympics' Team member's names all ended in "V"? How whacked is that? In the Same year all of the Aussie athletes (about five, give or take...five) probably had nicknames ending in "a" or "o". Hence SHAZZZZZA! and JOHNOOOO! It is hard living in the most melanoma-prone country in the world. Fish biscuit?

Author's Response: Haha, your review leaves me feeling like a speedboat just rode by my life raft and splashed me- amused and befuddled. I think some of your pop culture references went over my head, but I think at least one of your suggestions will materialize in later chapters. ;) I wouldn't eat a fish biscuit either, and I'll have to go with Logan. Snape won't be coming out in the series, but the Priscilla visual gave me a spark of inspiration for a humorous one shot! You're so right about Peter- he's terribly hard to write. Chapter three is mostly written, but there is so much drama and craziness that it needs a bit of polishing before I post. Soon, though, I promise!

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Review #2, by wumpieSeverus Snape and the Biting Grim: Well isn't that just peachy?

5th May 2006:
Yayness! You were logged in, so I clicked your penname and now, you get a review!! Awww Sevipoo hates dogs! I see this happening so clearly *Severus is minding own business and then BAM "OMG humongous dog is try to keel me GYAHH* LOL funniness Whose the Half Blodd Prince now, PUNK? Lmao!!! "He thinks of all the homework he could be doing" lol whut a square. I heart Sirius - even though he's a BIT mean, look how he sacrificed his Hogsmeade day XD - I mean, he could be all "Snape was going to go to the Shrieking Shack and tell everione about Remus so I had to stop him" and James would be all "mmkay cool hey look EVANS OMG!" lol yeah. Sneaky, sneaky padfoot. I can see you following fifth year girls and getting unearned petting sessions X) IJames was totally tailing Lily! I know it!! MUHAHAHA stags r sexy! Can't you just see older!Snape seeing the dog and goin "Wyahh!" and then it turns into Sirius and he's like "Bitch!" Lolzers. OMGG u must turn this into a series! "Join us as Sirius Black embarks on a quest to become the GREATEST troublemaker to EVER set foot at Hogwarts!" *Insert superhero theme song of your choice here* ZOMG coolies!!!! I like trees too. I sit near this tree at school and it always has mosquitoes and I always get mosquito bites but I wouldn't leave for the world cuz' it is the most darling (ugh how British!!) tree in existence. It's all droopy and all the leaves are brown (that's a song, right?) and orange and red because it's autumn and wow I just ranted about a tree. Oh the funny. Good stuffs!!!!!

Author's Response: Haha, awesome. Logging in pays, I guess. I just popped over to the forums for a minute and when I got back I had a lovely review waiting for me :)

I know, it was a bit mean of Sirius, but I think Snape would be just as mean back if given half a chance. I'm glad you mentioned older Snape, because I like the idea of him being very bitter when he sees Padfoot transform in Dumbledore's office and remembers this day from his past. Hmm, now you're making me want to write this afternoon from Lily or James' perspective (see- this is why I can't choose a p.o.v. in any of my stories! haha)

When I get around to writing another Padfoot story, Lily will be involved (and maybe you'll find out why Padfoot was hiding from her in this story mwahaha), and I have another idea that doesn't bode well for poor Mrs. Norris. Oh, I am evil, but I think it's the good kind of evil so it's okay.

Also, I like your tree rant. Trees are fun! You must be in the southern hemisphere if it's autumn, because the trees here are covered in pink blossoms! Thanks for another long and fanciful review, Wumpie! xoxo Nephele

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Review #3, by wumpieHair of the Dog: Hair of the Dog

22nd March 2006:
GO LAPIS LUZULI! w00t! XD I feel weird about writing something so bouncy about such an intense fic. And, c'mon people, HOW GOOD WAS IT? The Snapeness, the cowardly Wormatil, the potion...dood, if I could write stuff like that, I would'nt be hanging around hpff! (Although I do wish you would, stories like these give me a hope that truly great writers still want to share their masterpieces XDXD suckup XD) Oh and I have to say HOW MUCH A LITTLE RAT IS WORMATIL! If he ever goes near Sirius' doggy-doo I'll be feeding him to Sir Chopsy. Yeah, you heard me. Who loves Nephele? Wumpie loves Nephele! Write more *shakes fist menacingly, then remembers she hasn't updated in ages, and runs away crying* Gosh, ain't I just the saddest XDXD Just shows that you can change your perspective of the characters and still make a wonderful story out of it. As to wether you wanna keep going, i's very basic after this, eh? But, I dunno, you could keep going and do a chapter on every big thing leading up to Lily and James' deaths (i.e, the Order, Dorcas n Benjy n stuff, the Prhopecy, the "thrice defied" thing, Harry's birth, and the stuff after, like the Longbottoms dyin' n the Death Eaters on trial.) Or you could go with the crowd and ignore wumpie's, should really be doing my english essay...but your stories are just so much better!! ** And they wonder why I'm weird XDXD Yay! Nephele got a review XDXD Have a Hasselhoff, you deserve him :D *is a smilie abuser* XD Ghawd, it never ends XDD

Author's Response: I love the bounciness of your review, Wumpie! It amuses me greatly. You do flatter me, don't you? Thanks for reading and of course for leaving me happy reviews that make my day! You're awesome. Feed Wormtail to Sir Chopsy? Well, I think that's the best idea I've heard all week!

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Review #4, by wumpieThe Marauder Story:As Told by Rogue: The Somethings

6th March 2006:
I know I rock, you don't have to tell me! Okay, you can anyway XD Don't I just feel so lluurved? Puffboys and Hasselfhoffs for you! Yeah, you heard me. Okay, so I'm totally bludging school and your turbo-Aisha side is cursing me for missing our all-important history speech, but a nice, juicy review can fix all that! YAY! Oh btw, I'm listening to MMMBop! And I so introduced you to that song. You owe me. Your soul. And you know it. Oh, I should talk about the story, right? It's really good! YAY! *Puffboy does naked raindance* Write more salmon girl! Hanson thinks so too! MMMBop, doo-wop, dooooooo XD I luff u, xoxoxo, in that total gayb alex way XDXD

Author's Response: many oiled robbie jarviss for you!

Author's Response: and also you and monica are officially betta readers and advisors when it comes to this story, but i'll only put a chappie a month or there abouts coz its so hard to write from Rogues perspective, make it funny and keep the marauders and other characters in characeter! phew! will you be an advisor and betta reader for me? highly appreciated if you will! and many oiled robbie jarvis's for you *miccaeli licks her lips*

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Review #5, by wumpieLily in the Willows: Oh... oh, he's doing the ear thing...

27th February 2006:
And everybody sing for Nephele now...Luurve is in the air!!! Well how lucky are you? Considering the extereme levels of fluff overloading my computer after reading that I can see you've had a bit of an adventure youself! Okay, so now I would say something really helpful, like: "the plot was good enough, but the structure needs improvement" blah blah blah, but, honest, it was wonderful!! YAY!! James James James, your ears are like a romantic icon! I can't escape them!! It was just too lovely, really. I think that firewhiskey stuff sounds too good to be true, really. Lily admits her luurve and gets tree-snogged? Not fair!!! But sweet. And now, to end possibly the longest review that HPFF has ever had the pleasure of posting, Hasselhoff would be proud of you, child. You have done well. XDXD May many freckles and kisses come into your possesion, Wumpie. P.S. This is like a letter! YAY! I like Sirius. He's funny and quite charasmatic. Good work! XDXDXD (In case you can't tell I do like this story very much. This may be because of my current sugar high. But then again it may not. We'll never know.)

Author's Response: Yay! This review makes me really happy, because it's so bouncy! I'm also really happy you enjoyed the story so much. I certainly enjoyed the real-life version ;) ... even though it was Christmas eve, and not New Year's- but hey, the important stuff remains the same, like the fact that when a boy kisses me 'round the ears my ability to think clearly disappears completely. And I have been reading in that tree since I was 11. Yay fluffiness! I'm glad the Hoff approves, and I'm glad you liked Sirius. I had a lot of fun with that scene. A cackling Sirius always makes me laugh out loud. Thanks for an awesome review, Wumpie!

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Review #6, by wumpieThe best Christmas ever: Harold Hambledon and a bit of wrestling

22nd December 2005:
Wumpies are girls, FYI. WumperOONIES (yeah, I'm making this up) are guys. Shims are its, and we'll leave it at that. Still love this story!!!

Author's Response: Very interesting... well, I made another Christmas one-shot. It's a Ron/Hermione, if you're into that sort of thing. Check it out, if it ever gets validated... I submitted it four days ago...

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Review #7, by wumpieThe best Christmas ever: Harold Hambledon and a bit of wrestling

21st December 2005:
How rude! *Glares at person TRYING to be a reviewer below* When someone publishes their work for you to read they don't expect you to show your idiocraysanies on their rewviews page. Harold Hambledon would be ashamed of you and your lack of Christmas Spirit. Bah humbug.

Author's Response: You said it, Wumpie! I'm touched a reader took it upon herself (himself? itself? how does determine the sex of a wumpie, anyway?) to vehemently defend me in my review page. Love love love and Christmas spirit to you! xoxo

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Review #8, by wumpieThe best Christmas ever: Harold Hambledon and a bit of wrestling

16th December 2005:
LOL Sorry!! I wrote "Harlod" a million times! I meant Harold!

Author's Response: No worries, I won't tell him! You're still cool for being a good reviewer!

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Review #9, by wumpieThe best Christmas ever: Harold Hambledon and a bit of wrestling

16th December 2005: cute!!! Lily and James are too sweet. But I think we all know who is the real star here....Harlod Hambledon!!! You should make this a two shot and have his picture commentating..lmao. I love Harold Hambledon. He's the bomb diggity. Write more, you've got, as my English teacher would say, "talent and flair." Harlod Hambledon should meet David Hasselhoff. I heart the Hoff.

Author's Response: Yay! I'm glad you liked him. I think it's a laugh to believe Lily eventually caved and let James name her firstborn after a bawdy quidditch star. I think she secretly likes brassy quidditch stars, deep down, or else she wouldn't have ended up with James! Haha, but yes, I like your idea. A chapter written from the perspective of a book- very clever! I'm going to mull that one over and see if anything good comes of it. I was very proud of my photoshopping skills, even though his jumper was much purple-er before I uploaded it to the internet. Oh well, maybe someday I will animate him to wink. That'd be awesome. Thanks for the lovely praise! Sorry this reply got so long...

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Review #10, by wumpieA Last Attempt: A Last Attempt

4th December 2005:
That's it?!!!! But I was just getting worked up! It was BRILLIANT!!! I've been on a fluff-spin after the GoF Yule Ball scene, and mate, this is taking the cake. Keep writing! Excess fluff will only make me (and possibly you) happier!

Author's Response: hehehe! Thank you! I agree, everybody needs some fluff now and then (or more often). Much thanks!

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