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Review #1, by toomanycurlsRemember Me: i. I'm putting on a brave face, even though I'm falling apart

19th July 2014:

Thank you for doing a reviw swap!

This is quite the artful love story you have. I love how you've described Teddy - not as a player but as someone stuck between two loves. It does anger me that he'd fall in love with Kasha while he's in a relationship with Vic (even if she's still at school and they're playing in RL).

I'd love to get more insight on what made Kasha leave. She says she's making the choice for Teddy, but why does she think Victoire is more deserving? It's also an incredibly selfless thing she's doing. I like to think Teddy will go seek her out, at least try to.

At the end, I feel she's conflicted with wanting Teddy to forget about her but hoping that he still remembers her in a year.

Excellent job crafting such a delightful story with 500 words!!


Author's Response: Hi there

Yes, Teddy is definitely not a player! I feel like I maybe wrote this ambiguously and should have perhaps cleared it up but at this point Teddy and Vic aren't actually in a relationship... it's more just casual snogging, like with Teddy and Kasha (though next chapter Tedtoire ARE together).

There'll definitely be more to come on Kasha's reasoning for leaving -- when she and Teddy are finally reunited, he's going to want to know why she left out of the blue, right ;)

Thanks again for the review! It was a pleasure reading yours too.


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Review #2, by toomanycurlsAll Grown Up: Looking Down

8th July 2014:

Phew. Glad I got that out there.

I love this even though it hurts so much to read. I almost lost it with your description of the blackness and coming out of that. You really do a great job with Tonk's narrative voice. I wanted to cry when she notices his hair color when he gets a bit of sad emotion.

Um, it's kind of perfect that Tonks would be a-okay with Teddy having a good snog. She's just cool like that.

When remus shows up it's almost too much for me to handle. Offically, my eyes have tears in them. THIS ISN'T FAIR - I ONLY BELIEVE IN A ONE-WAY TEAR CAUSING RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN US. just stap.

It's so beautiful to think of them together in an eternal relationship and loving each other. I kind of want you to write more about Remus and Tonks but i'm very afraid of what the feels would do to me.


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Review #3, by toomanycurlsEvent Three: Unicorn: Unicorn

5th July 2014:
Hi!! I'm here for the Ravenclaw Review Thread. I really enjoy that this looks at a more humanized side of poaching. Behind every high value crime, there's a person with a very real need. I'm glad you didn't make the MC a greedy/tycoon type. Rather he's trying to provide for his family.

You did a great job conveying action and urgency into this story. I liked how the words came to life and made it seem like the story itself was flowing through a dangerous mission.

It is quite redeeming to see the unicorn healed and set free but the good deed seems to balance out with the other unicorn being killed just feet away.

Lovely descriptions throughout this. I can't believe you cranked this out in 30 minutes! Great job!


Author's Response: Aw, thankyou for this lovely review! I'm glad you like it. I wanted the character to be someone nice and definitely not like the rest of the people in his team.

Thanks for reviewing!


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Review #4, by toomanycurlsLife As We Know It: chapter two

3rd July 2014:
Hello!! Thanks for doing another swap.

I thought it was really fitting for Draco to turn the hurtful situation around on Hermione. If there was anyone who could make her feel worse about Ron and Lavender, it was him. You did a great job having him say the meanest thing possible at that moment.

Draco was rather intimidating when he confronted Hermione about not telling people he was there. I like that you show how perceptive Hermione is with his tiredness with the pink around his eyes. Ooh, it's interesting that she connects Draco's worries and stress with Harry's. They are like opposite sides of the same coin. I do think it'll be frustrating if she has insight to what Draco is up to (or just more about his detiorating condition) but doesn't heed Harry's thoughts about him in the RoR. I'll be curious how you play that out.

I liked seeing Parvati's interaction with Hermione. She seemed quite shallow and uninterested in Hermione apart from what gossip she would share. I can imagine that was a lonely dorm for her.

Your bit with Harry is gold. Hermione's advice is sound and just what Harry needed to hear that evening.

Hmm... it is intriguing that she focused on Malfoy as she drifted off. Just because they're not that close yet. It's just so sad to me how lonely Hermione feels. Sarah and Lisa seem to highlight that for her.

Awesome chapter!! I really like how you've explored Hermione's headspace in this story so far.


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Review #5, by toomanycurlsEvent Three - Ginny's Story: Ginny and Arnold

3rd July 2014:
Hi Beth!!! Thanks for doing a review swap!!

I remember validating this and I quite liked it then. I'm glad I have a chance to review it now. I feel bad for Arnold being shut in his cage. It reminds me of Hedwig in CoS.

You show Ginny's stress during DH quite well. She didn't really sign up to be the leader of the pro-Harry students and she really didn't have more information on him than others but yet people looked to her. I though that Colin's little brother was named Dennis (unless there's another one). Ginny did kind of lbow up at little Creevey there but I loved seeing Colin stand up for him. I dunno, considering how popular Ginny is, it means a lot that he'd do that. Though, his spell work really did almost get them into a lot of trouble.

hahaha, of course the 'Claws would resent the statement.

Arnold kind of reminds me of my cats in this. Where they can set my day off wrong but then make up for it when I get home. Usually they don't do anything as cool as remind me of a secret room in my house but theyre at least lovable.

I really enjoyed this - especially seeing how Arnold inadvertantly pointed Ginny back towards the RoR as a resource.


Author's Response: Hi Rose!

Thanks for this great review! You know I will review swap with you anytime! I thought about Ginny's side of things quite a bit during this story - I think you may have validated all of them. It occurred to me that people probably thought she had information that she really didn't, being Harry's (somewhat) ex-girlfriend and Ron's sister. That would probably irk her. Also, she was really REALLY stressed out about her family, having been away from every single member for the first time ever. She was the baby of the family - with six very protective older brothers and was on her own for the first time during the darkest time in recent wizarding history - a great scenario for drama.

I did create Stephen Creevey. I wanted someone who was fairly young and annoying. I thought that Ginny would be fairly close with Colin, being they were the same year and Dennis was only a year behind, so he wasn't young enough. I also thought that would probably be the breaking point for Colin - picking on his baby brother.

If I had more time, I would've been able to edit it much better. What I really wanted was a series of events that escalated to Ginny completely losing it and then Arnold being a source of "unconditional love" for her that would help her through this very difficult time.

Thanks so much for this awesome review!!


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Review #6, by toomanycurlsThe Lucky Girls: The Lucky Girls

3rd July 2014:
:-o how did I not review this already?

I love how you showed Dom and Rox as friends as kids and that they'd pair up their chick dolls together not having a reconcieved notion of love being bound by gender. LOVE. It was a delight to see that Bill was okay with them pairing up the chicks (and that his issue was a kids toy kissing, not two girl dolls kissing).

Your description of how different the two girls looked and yet how close they were as friends really stood out as a great section here. I especially like how much they got along even through disagreement. Most kids that age have various arguments throughout daily life. Rox reading to Dom at the hospital was especially sweet.

Rox not only being (comfortable is the wrong word here but something along those lines) with Dom and Gracie was great. She was like her advocoate. Not just with the jerks at school but with their family. I loved seeing her use magic to defend them - at least to get back at those guys for them. Can we have more Roxes in the world? We just need her to go out and support people.

Ugh - your final scene just ripped at my heart. I was so sad that Gracie died and also so that she and Rox were friends into their old age.

Lovely story!!


Author's Response: Hello! :)

Ahh, I'm so glad you liked this! It was the HC entry that I felt the least confident about so getting this nice feedback is really lovely. I thought the dolls were a good way to introduce gender and love in a very innocent, unassuming way and that by seeing how cool Dom and Rox were with two lady dolls being in love Bill could see that it was okay as well.

Thank you, I really liked that section as well for some reason. I imagined them as just both being really easy-going people and wanting to get along all the time, and being quite mature in solving their differences which could persist in their lives.

Yes! Rox just has no patience for people picking on her cousin, haha, and I imagined her as being quite good at communicating with people whereas Dom is maybe a bit more held back. I agree, I wish there were more Roxes too!

Aw, I'm glad you found it sad as that was the intention but it was sad to write as well! This was one of those stories where I sort of wished I had more words to play with as there were so many gaps to fill in.

Thanks so much, Rose! ♥

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Review #7, by toomanycurlsLife As We Know It: chapter one

3rd July 2014:
Hi Erica!

I don't read a lot of Dramione but I'm curious to see what you've been working so hard to edit away at.

Already I love that this is in Hermione's voice (you've captured it beautifully, btw) and that it's a Hogwarts Era dramione. I remember someone commenting on this line in our JulNo Cabin, but I cracked up at Hermione's line about Lavender's favorite class being Divination.

Gah, I just want to give Hermione a big hug and tell her she wont' be lonely forever. I think a lot of girls feel that when they're 16 or so and don't have the relationships they want. I know I did. It's such a young age to be super worried about romance though.

Ooh, Okay, I'm pretty sure that's Draco in the RoR but I like the mystery you have around it. :-o I'm not shocked she ran into R+L but okay, I kind of am. :( Nothing feels worse than the scene Hermione walked in on. :( The feels when she's just wanting the pain to go away.

Gah! Why did Draco have to watch that x-( Of course he's going to be horrible about it next chapter! This is a really good opener. I like your focus on Hermione and her core relationships instead of having her dwell on Draco right away.

I'll be reading more. Maybe we should swap through each other's stories.


Author's Response: Oh your review just has me gushing! It really means a lot to me that you think that I have captured Hermione's voice beautifully. I don't know what it is about her but she is the character that appeals to me that most. I just love writing in her pov. That bit about Divination seems to be everyone's favorite, as it's mine as well. There was just a bit of snarkiness to her that just was wonderful. I can't wait until you read on and find out more! And YES I am so down with doing a review swap of each other's stories! Thank you so much for the swap and for coming by and giving my dramione a chance!


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Review #8, by toomanycurlsKnight Takes Queen: Rook

29th June 2014:
Thanks for doing a review swap! I wanted to read this since you talked about it for the warnings.

You did a great job capturing Rowena's desperation and fear about having magical powers. I'm really impressed with how you conveyed her deep-rooted religious feelings right away.

The mermaid's appearance was perfect confirmation for her of the existance of magic and not just her own insanity/possession.

I love your description of the merman's hunger being akin to Rowena's own hunger (for knowledge I'm guessing).

This is a wonderful story and gives a great bit of rationale for why Rowena would have devoted her life to starting a school for witches and wizards.


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Review #9, by toomanycurlsEvent Three - The Custard Slice: Izaak Thorne

27th June 2014:
I thought this was one of the sweetest stories I've ever read. I love the interplay between Dom and an old curmudgeon who is quite against the idea of giving her a fair shake at an interview. You've made her so sweet yet persistent with his attitude.

Part of me thinks that Isaak warmed to Dom herself before her Puffskein was put into the story (why else would he apologize for his first outburt). It was beyond adorable to see Isaak's gruff exterior melt when the Maggie made an appearance. Pets do that to some people. You really did his transformation into an affable person remarkably well. Ending the story with his invitation to come back was perfect.

I loved this story so much! Thanks for doing a review swap!!


Author's Response: Aww Rose, wow that's such a huge compliment! Thank you :) I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed the interactions between Dom and Isaak. He is truly the definition of curmudgeon haha! And you're definitely right about him warming up to her before he met Maggie. I had ideas for the reasons behind that - but I was already finding it so hard to stick to the word limit lol. Maggie definitely accelerated the process, but he definitely saw something in Dom that began to chip away at the walls around his heart.
I'm glad you liked the ending!
Thanks again for the review swap :)

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Review #10, by toomanycurlsEVENT THREE - A Ghoul As a Friend: Finding The Ghoul

26th June 2014:
Hello! Thanks for doing a review swap. I really enjoyed how you characterized Albus. I could see him being a shy and perhaps awkward child. I felt sad that he yearned for more connection iwth people and burried himself in books instead. I love that you managed to do a story within the story in such a short chapter. That's kind of hard to do. I was surprised at how brave Al was to go up and see what was in the attic and not be afraid when he encountered the ghoul. I would have loved to see more interaction with the ghoul though.
Great chapter!


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Review #11, by toomanycurlsThe Fatal Flaw: The Fatal Flaw

26th June 2014:
Just promise me you'll write more Sirius stories. :D

I love your tale of Sirius and Buckbeak. You captured Sirius' almost hesitant friendship with Buckbeak quite wonderfully. It was sad that Buckbeak was his most constant companion since Azkaban and that it was Buckbeak putting up with Sirius as much as it was the other way around. Sirius not being able to cope with the sudden boom of activity was really well done. I hadn't thought of that before but I really enjoyed the imagery of him hiding with Buckbeak for comfort and solitude. Oh, and the explanation you gave of the Professor RJ Lupin sticker was wonderful!! Such a small nod to canon but it really caused me to get excited. Why did you have to end with Sirius running into the Ministry to die!??! You should have gone super AU and had him riding Buckbeak into the night's sky and fighting off a few death eaters. gah. Wonderful one-shot!


Author's Response: Oh believe me, I'll write tons more Sirius stories. I have so many Sirius feelings in general these days and I had so much fun writing him for this story, so it's definitely the first of many!

I don't really know where the idea for this story came from (potentially the line from Order of the Phoenix that I reread a couple of days ago about how Sirius 'had gone on the run with a stolen Hippogriff' which stuck with me for some reason as the perfect summary of his character) but by the time I finished I was 100% convinced that Buckbeak is Sirius's familiar in the same way Hedwig is Harry's, Crookshanks is Hermione's and Fawkes is Dumbledore's. I've never really explored the possibilities of friendship between wizards and animals before but I think it's clear in the canon that there are closer connections than just 'owner and pet' and it was quite interesting to develop that here. And I think the whole year covered in OotP was a very difficult one from Sirius - he seemed to be constantly thrown between being isolated and overwhelmed with people, and after twelve years in Azkaban and one year on the run it's bound to be a difficult adjustment.

It was SO tempting to go super AU, and honestly for the most part I do write Remus and Sirius in particular as AU as I possibly can (canon? what canon?) but for some reason I'm sticking religiously to canon for my House Cup entries - I've written stories focusing on both Remus and Sirius and haven't included even a hint of Wolfstar, which is really counterintuitive for me at the moment.

Thanks so much for the review swap!

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Review #12, by toomanycurlsFriendship never dies: Friendship never dies

26th June 2014:
Hi!! Thanks for doing a review swap! This story is so sad but still bittersweet. I do kind of love the idea of Sirius kind of following Remus around after he falls through the veil.

I really love how jucular you made the marauders while they were at school. You show their friendship in such a realistic way. It seems very realistic to have Sirius make Remus a bit more playful and lighthearted.

Your scene with Remus and Sirius on the full moon was really incredible. I don't think I've read one where they communicated as animals. I like how you did it. Except when Sirius talked about being cleared - that caused a buch of feels. A lot of sad feels but good ones for their friendship.

Where you could have ended this on a very low note, I like that you gave it the positive ending where Remus can still feel Sirius is near him.

Great one-shot! Go 'Claws!


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Review #13, by toomanycurlsThe Banshee of Clan O'Kennedy: The Banshee of Clan O'Kennedy

25th June 2014:
Well... I might be kind of stalking your page. :P (and doing the review tag)

I hate you a little for having such a wide range of narrative voices you can do. This sounds like an Irish person is narrating it. It also flows like a bit of folklore should - like it's being spoken.

I love your take on the banshee and that she's a guardian of the dead. Of course Seamus would mistake her intentions and think of her as the cause or at least a portent of his brother's death.

The banshee was a really well done character. I loved that this line about her " One who is smoke and voice cannot be driven away." Also, her almost wasting away shen she thought the clan had died did a remarkable job showing how connected she was to the clan.

This is another lovely story! Are you going to write a third? :D


Author's Response: Hi again! Hehe, stalking my stories is always appreciated, especially when I was stalking yours right back. :P

Hehe, thank you! That means a lot. I was looking over my AP the other day and just thinking how weird it was that I wrote so many different, odd characters. It's wonderful to hear this sounded like a story that should be told aloud!

Yes, the poor banshee. Even though it's not her fault that she foretells death, Seamus' fear of her is understandable as he sort of puts the blame on her, not on chance or fate. It's quite sad for both of them.

I'm pleased you liked that line! She's more like a guardian of the clan than anything, and she really does care about them and weep for them in her own way - she laments and keens, not kills.

Thanks so much for another wonderful review, Rose! :) I did end up churning out a third, though I wasn't overly excited about it, but such is life. This one and Hero are far closer to my heart. :P Thanks again! ♥

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Review #14, by toomanycurlsHero: Hero

24th June 2014:
I cried like a baby when I validated this. You have no idea. It's so beautiful and well-written. You handle dimensia with a velvet touch with just the right amount of thoughtful humanity to your creative story-telling.

I've been the grandchild who wasn't recognized after not seeing an aging grandparent and that is hard to pull through. I love how Lu managed to still talk with Harry by the end. Lily's strength in going through this is also amazing. I feel sad that she's the only child who is still visiting him but I know it can be hard for kids when their parents are no longer themselves.

Of course it was terribly sad to also hear that Ginny has died and Ron as well. :( It's so hard to imagine Harry at that age and state but you covered it wonderfully.

The line that really sent me over the edge emotionally was Lu telling Harry he's still her hero. I'm crying again just thinking about it. CAN YOU STOP WITH THE FEELS?!?!

This was a beautiful entry! Good luck in the cup! (go 'Claws :P)


Author's Response: Hi Rose!

Aw! Okay, well I'm actually really honoured to hear that this touched you emotionally and that you liked how I handled a portrayal of a family member with dementia. This scene was pretty much exactly taken from my own life, but with the names changed and some magic added in, and written from Lily's perspective while I was in Lu's position. So it means so much and validates my writing about this to know that my experiences can affect others who relate to them. ♥

Dementia is such a difficult disease, although there are those happy, warm moments which make it all bearable. I wanted to show how there are bad days and good days, and even bad moments and good moments on the same day. I agree, it is so hard for the children to see their parents change, and although it's a shame Albus and James couldn't be there for them it also is a very real experience.

Aw, I felt so sad writing that as well, but I couldn't think of a way to fit them in and explain everybody's ageing history in such a short snippet. I'm glad you liked how I wrote Harry - he intimidates me as a character no matter what age or cognitive state.

Aw, I'm sorry for the feels! :( Just reading this review gave me feels all over again! Thanks so much for leaving such lovely thoughts, Rose! ♥

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Review #15, by toomanycurlsWake up, Rose.: Wake up.

24th June 2014:
Hello!! Thanks for doing a review swap.

Rose goes on quite an interesting journey in this chapter. I mean, she's expressing her utmost loathing for Scorpius at the beginning and ends up in bed with him at the end. I feel like their interaction at the end might have been the result of perhaps a love potion or something (besides the alcohol) to cause them to be so kind and, well, into each other.

I can almost buy that they're at each other's throats because they like each other but there's not much of that hinted through Rose's narration - at least not from her. Scorpius' cruel jabs are what I'd expect from him. They show that he's perceptive and has a mean side.

I liked your run-down of the Weasley/Potter kids who are at Hogwarts at this time. It was a nice list of information done in a way that didn't feel too list-y.

Then the party - like I said before, this was a suprise and I do wonder if there's more at work that's pushing them together. I'll be interested to see any fall out that happens as a result of this.


Author's Response: Hi!
I glad you liked my list of Rose's family. I tried not to just have a block of text where I plainly explained the characteristics of each of them but it kind of seemed necessary. You've guessed correctly that there was something more than Firewhiskey pushing them together at the party. In a way, at least. Thank you for the review and I will be starting on yours in a few minutes!

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Review #16, by toomanycurlsThe Dream Sequence: Prologue

23rd June 2014:

Thanks for doing a review swap!! I really like the mystery you put into this chapter. We know Isabelle is in a touch spot and that she had a rough childhood but not much more than that. You set up the story in a compelling way. I'm very curious to see what happens next. Write more soon!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked this :) Chapter 1 is 78% done right now. I'll probably have it done by early next week.

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Review #17, by toomanycurlsThestrals: Sirius

23rd June 2014:

I thought I'd pop by for the review thread. I love reading stories about Sirius' departure from Grimmauld Place. I like that he just slipped out but it was horrific that he had to witness a death like that.

You did a great job bringing Sirius through the roller coaster of feelings after losing his home and not really beloging somewhere in quite a nice way. with Sirius and James it's very easy to have him break through that feeling of loss quite fast. I like to imagine they had a group hug after that scene. :D

I quite enjoyed this short piece and the others (which I read in the queue but haven't reviewed.)

Best of luck with the event (go Ravenclaw... oh.. *awkward*


Author's Response: I love reading stories about Sirius leaving Grimmauld Place as well, but I've been a little apprehensive about writing one myself. I was fortunate that this event allowed me the opportunity to do so!

I always imagined that for all his drama queen antics and larger-than-life personality, this really huge event in his life just... happened. He'd finally had enough.

I'm so happy that you found the emotion believable! And yes - definitely group hugs, but like the British version, which would be a very strong cup of tea or something :P

Thanks so much for the lovely review (and the ridiculously fast validations. You guys were on fire!).

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Review #18, by toomanycurlsTo the Very End: To the Very End

22nd June 2014:
Hi!! Thanks for doing a review swap. You got this chapter out there really fast! :D

This was so sweet and very fitting for the theme. It's really heart-warming to think of Lee and George pranking their fellow old people when they're living in a home. I love that they're old but still young at heart - perfect for them really. I was (sad but) happy to read that they have dealt with sadness between them (specifically the death of Angelina) because friendship is about going through the difficult time and getting your giggles in too.

Lovely one-shot and go Ravenclaw!


Author's Response: When ideas come to me, I can't hold them back. +]

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I figured a lot of the friendship entries would be about people in their prime, but like you said, frienship is bout going through the difficult time and getting your giggles in to, and there's nothing as difficult as growing old.

Thanks for the swap! Go 'claws!

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Review #19, by toomanycurlsEnglish Ivy: English Ivy

19th June 2014:
Hello!! Thanks for doing a review swap. :D

I don't think I've read a story about Minerva as a teenager before. You do a great job capturing both her youth and glimpses of her personality from the books. While it's sad she didn't get on with her mum, it was a great way to show where they might have got her brisk behavior from.

I loved seeing Pomona as her childhood friend - they seem to be so close while they're both on staff. Her inclusion was well-done.

Malcom and Robert were really interesting. You showed their relationships as siblings in a nice way. They were unified when presented with a common enemy (their mum) but still had the back and forth arguments and skirmishes that siblings have.

It was great to see Minerva imperfect as a teenager and not just a younger version of the professor. She felt very authentic and well-rounded.

Lovely story!!


Author's Response: Thanks for the kind review! I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #20, by toomanycurlsCollateral : Collateral

17th June 2014:
I loved this. I also hated it. I might have cried reading it during validation.

The beginning with the slightl vague reference to the girl and the boy instantly cued me to the fact that these people had interesting identities. I love the connection that Clover and Duddley have - two teenagers so inadvertantly impacted by magic (and both so adorable with the blooming romance). Okay, because it's Duddley I'll call it a pre-romance. I never thought I'd be rooting for Duddley in this department but you made him so relatable.

As much as I hated the Dursley's anti-magic behavior in the books, I can almost understand his anger here. It's not just something that terrified Duddley (mainly due to his parent's fear-mongering) but he now has someone else who has lived through the (much more justified) fear. I really like that Duddley isn't taking lip from his father about it. I love how much he cares for Clover.

Your description of Clover's life (and her brother) are beautiful. I love the image of him fragile as a bird. The idea of memory modification being like getting lost in the woods is a wonderfully visual way to describe it. Her memories of the World Cup must have been extremely horrific as they came back.

The snippet of anti-muggle sentiment is well-placed in this story (with the wizarding war being in full swing and seeing a bit of it from GoF). I'm angry at the wizards for the way they trampled all over the Roberts' lifes and didn't stop to consider the longterm imapcts. gah.

This might be my favorite line: "No - no, because to be forced to forget is to make me less of a person"

I can't help but think Hestia felt horrid for suggesting her that place for the World Cup after everything that happened. :-/

Once again you made Duddley seem like a standout person and wizards a bit off with their ethics for having Duddley advocate for Clover when Hestia was discussing having Arthur modify her memory.

I nearly died when Arthur and Tonks showed up. I'm glad Tonks was at least a bit iffy about doing that to the Roberts. Were they killed by the death eaters from the village?!!? Or worse - was it Hestia? (probably not her but still)

Amazing story!! I loved every bit of it.


Author's Response: Hi Rose! :)

Wow, thank you so much! I love hearing that you both loved and hated this, hehe, as it was a little painful for me to write especially when I realized what the ending had to be in order to make the story complete.

I'm glad you liked Dudley here! I wasn't sure about how to write him, if he should be as dumb as he is around Harry or perhaps a little more sympathetic, but it's good that you liked how he turned out. His and Clover's connection was so interesting and I loved writing their opinions on magic and how it has harmed or affected them.

Yes! Dudley here does have private reasons for his own hatred of magic, both personally and through Clover. While the way the Dursleys treated Dudley was of course wrong, I would also say that Hagrid using magic against Dudley in PS was wrong as well, since he was just a helpless child and it was done to provoke and hurt his parents - I love Hagrid, but can't blame Dudley for now having an excuse to fear magic in his own right. It mirrors the way Clover experienced violence as well though on a smaller scale.

Thank you! :) I'm glad you liked those descriptions, they were some of the first parts I wrote of the story.

I'm angry with them too! The thing that I wanted to show in this story wasn't just the Death Eaters, but how the ordinary wizards just kept messing with Mr. Roberts' mind without even caring. It angers me a lot as well and it gave me an outlet to show how wizards are like an oppressive group in society that doesn't realize their socialized violence on Muggles.

I'm pleased you liked that line! It was a way of showing how strong and independent Clover is, and how she is so compelled to maintain that.

I definitely think Hestia did, though she doesn't realize the full impact it had on the family and on Clover.

Ah, exactly! I wanted to show an alternate perspective here, and though Dudley can't see the bigger picture and can only think about Clover - and himself, in a way, because he wants to keep her as a friend - he still is the more noble person when advocating for her.

Hehe, I wanted to leave the ending a little ambiguous so the reader could decide what exactly happened and if they were dead or not. I bet it's sort of irritating for the reader but fun for the author! :)

Thanks so much for the beautiful review, Rose! ♥

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Review #21, by toomanycurlsThe Wizarding World War: Prologue : The Wizarding Hemispheric Conflict of 1979

17th June 2014:
Hello! Thanks for doing a review swap. I love how you set this up. Most first war stories focus on England and known characters. Having this start in China makes me just that much more interested in your story. It's unique that you're focusing on muggles (or at least they seemed like them to me). I really liked the proposition that muggles are aware of magic but ignore it like they'd turn away from an unsafe person.

I'm interested to see where you take this. I saw you have a chapter in the queue. I'll probably get to that tomorrow. Awesome job!

Author's Response: Thanks for swapping with me, as well! I really enjoyed your marauder's one-shot, and I like your writing voice, so I'll probably re-visit your author's page soon. :) Thanks for your interest in the story! The first actual chapter was validated today, and I have a one-shot in the queue, so you might actually be seeing that. :)

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Review #22, by toomanycurls16 and Homeless: I was always welcome at the Potters'

13th June 2014:
Hello Meg!!!

Did I validate this chapter? I feel like I've read it before (in a good way). Anyways - I'm really glad you did a swap. I also want to do more of your Hermione/Sirius story (well, I haven't reviewed it yet but I want to.

Part of me really wants to know what it was that set Walburga off part of me know that it doesn't matter to the story though. I love the image of him riding away from Grimmauld Place though. It had to feel so good.

I love how accepting the Potters are of Sirius' presence in their home. It's such a stark contrast to his own relatives. I'm surprised he didn't feel more envy for James with the ways their parents were. I thought the scene where he's contrasting reactions to them being a Gryffindor did a great job showing that difference without banging on about it.

James cracks me up - I can't blame Dorea for being embarrassed that he'd bring that up so randomly. It was a very unusual way for him to say Sirius was going to stay there. Once again I just wanted to hug Mr. and Mrs. Potter - they're wonderful people.

It was nice to see a bit with the two of them just being friends. Sirius' insights on Lily were very perceptive. I LOVED the line about Sirius just trying to get hte girls to love him for a few hours :D classic.

You ended this on a really nice, positive note. I'm exceptionally happy that Sirius didn't dwell on the sadness from being kicked out by his mum but rather looked at what he did have.

Great story!


Author's Response: Hi Rose!! :) I'm actually not sure if you validated this or not. I checked my messages, and I must have deleted the validation message for this story. So you may have. Either way, I'm thrilled you liked it! And that's exciting that you want to read the Hermione/Sirius story. That story is my baby, so I really hope that you like it!

I really did want to get into the whole fight with Sirius and his mother, but I didn't know if I should really get into that, being that it's for the Friendship Challenge. I didn't know if I should just try to really focus on the whole relationship between James and Sirius. I know, right? I can just picture him - gorgeous as ever - flying through London on his motorbike. I can imagine that being completely liberating.

I know, from my experience, that if you're close with a friend, like really close, you become close with their entire family. I have, at least, three additional "mom"s in my life. I'm really hoping that reinforced the dynamic between the boys. Growing up, I didn't have the greatest relationship with my mother, so I can kind of relate to Sirius. I used to be envious of my friends' relationships with their moms, but I was also so happy their mothers would accept me as kind of their own. I think that's why I didn't really write him being jealous of James' relationship with his parents. But, he wouldn't be human if he wasn't a little jealous. Hence the whole noting everything in James's room.

:D I can totally picture James bringing up having Sirius live with them completely inappropriately. I really picture James as kind of a goof, a little immature and a little inappropriate. I actually laughed a little reading that part over. I hope other people like it, as well.

I'm so glad you liked that! I really just wanted to show a typical night with two teenage boys. I always felt that Sirius, most likely, did not like Lily for a while. I can just see those two personalities clashing for quite some time. But I'm sure he'd support James with his obsession with Lily, even if he may not understand it. ;) Oh yay! I'm so happy you liked that line! I thought it was funny and typical Sirius.

I really wanted to end this happily. So many of the stories with The Marauders end tragically. Which is totally understandable, being how their lives really did end up being so tragic. I just wanted to show how, for a least a moment in time, they had some happiness in their lives.

Thank you again, so, so much for doing the swap with me! I really appreciate it, and it means a lot that you liked this!


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Review #23, by toomanycurlsThe Brave at Heart: II. In the End

11th June 2014:

I was really excited that you mentioned Melanie and Sirius at least having a friendship during GoF. You get kudos for that. Sirius' downward slide is understandable while everyone is gone from Grimmauld Place. WHY DID SHE PULL AWAY FROM THE KISS?!!?!?!?!??!?! *cough* sorry

Their letter writing campaign made me squee and I was looking forward to more snogging...


I'm tearing up again just getting back to that spot in the story. (Maybe I'm for-real kind of crying right now)


The after the veil bit was a gush of fuzzy feels that I needed after feeling so terribly sad about Mel's death. I love the idea of them trotting off together into afterlife land where they can snog and hold hands and NOT HAVE YOU HARM THEM ANYMORE!!

I should probably comment on how well you characterized Sirius in this chapter with his OotP mood/attitude (I felt like I could have rolled this into my Remus/Tonks stories).

WHOO! i'm famous! At least I was mentioned in your A/N. I really loved this story and can't believe it's done and I kind of hate you for breaking my heart. (Just kidding, I still love you.)


Author's Response: Aww! I loved this review, despite (or maybe because of?) all the shouting and implied curse words :p Your enthusiastic reviews on this story siriusly always made my day.

I wanted Sirius to have at least something while he was alone in that cave. On the occasions that he talked to Harry in GoF he seemed happy, so I figured an old friendship was possible! SORRYYY because she's married! :p Though, I imagine that kiss probably went on for several minutes before she pulled away, if that makes you feel any better, haha.

I'm sorry about that part! But I had to. :( It was either that or create a massive plot hole, as she wasn't around in the second war. Plus Sirius was pretty miserable in Grimmauld Place and this was like another reason for him to be sulky, not that he needed more reasons.

I don't really do happily ever after (yep, shock, right? I can see the surprise on your face) but this was as close as I could get! At least they have a happily ever after when they're dead... :p

Ahh, thanks about the characterization! You know it's funny, since I've actually had this story finished for a year and a half, I was thinking the same thing when I read your R/T stories, how they fit into my own headcanon. In your story sometimes when Sirius was moody I was thinking "ITS BECAUSE HE'S GRIEVING ABOUT MELANIE" and then I was like wait, wrong story. And that would have been obnoxious of me. But haha yay thank you!

You are famous! Eternal glory and a gold star for you. Thank you so, so much for reading and I am so thrilled that you loved the story, that is such a wonderful compliment. Sorry about the heartbreak. Here's this though: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #24, by toomanycurlsCrossing Delicate Boundaries : Neighbors

11th June 2014:
Ick - hangovers. I like to pretend wizards have a potion for that. :D

hahaha, it is Hermione's luck that she'd get Draco as a neighbor. :-o I hope she doesn't end up breaking him and Astoria up - then she'd be just as bad as Lav. I'm dying over here. This has to be a horrible day for Hermione. :D And I'm kind of loving her mysery.

Dude, I'm kind of surprised (well, maybe not) that Draco would be so venemous to Hermione at work. Not when he's an ex-con, well, death eather. Though, it is fitting for him. I can't beleive he'd pick a fight with her like that over the case. I wonder if he'd do that if Harry were there.

Hermione has a great official/police voice going on. She sounds very official. I guess having Draco along could cause that kind of issue. I bet poor Draco has to face that quite a lot though. :-/ (I only kind of feel sorry for him.) I imagine that if he were involved in her husband's death, he was doing it against his will. A lot of what Draco did during the last bit of the war was just to keep alive.

You're digging them quite a hole to get out of. I'll be interested to see how they build up from here!


Author's Response: Hey Rose! :)
Thanks for the review. I am glad that you seem interested in the story and I am happy that I am doing pretty well with characterization because as you know, I struggled with that before.
I like digging holes in my stories :P it makes it a little more interesting I think. I hope you can come back and read on.

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Review #25, by toomanycurlsThe Weirwood: One

11th June 2014:
I'm so happy you added a new chapter to this! I squeed about 50 times reading it over things like a character showing up from ASOIAF. I'm easy to set off.

Ah, poor Jojen - sitting out in the cold just so Bran can do his vision with the Weirwood. It would be really exciting to see bits of Hogwarts history through the tree. I hope he does that a lot! I giggled at him having to pee. (easily amused)

Of course Sansa caught them. :D It seems just fitting that they'd get caught. You have her bossy tone down really well. it's the older sister voice. PROFESSOR PYCELLE! I was just excited you used him - he's a perfect fit for a HP prof. haha, I kind of laughed that Sansa took points anyway.

I'm really excited that Arya and Gendry are bffs in your story. Please ship them. This is mainly because TV Show Gendry is eye-candy goodness. I'm kind of curious what they did too. :D I love the family discount. :-o Professor Lannister?!? ugh.

Ooh, Neville would be a good person to ask about the weirwood trees. He does know quite a bit for someone who isn't an expert. I'm quite beside myself with glee that Shireen is poised to become friends with Bran. They're like the island of broken dolls!! haha, I'd probably warg with my cat too.

I can't wait for you to do the next chapter and watch the battle!

Excellent chapter!!


Author's Response: I actually have you to thank for this chapter, to be honest - my inspiration for this story was running low, but your review yesterday motivated me to revisit it, and now I know where it's going! I'm not sure if you saw the tagline on the banner now (I literally changed it about fifteen minutes before I saw this review) but it's the quote "History is written by the victors" and that'll probably give you some idea of what I'm planning to do with this.

I don't blame you for squeeing over it in the slightest - I've been doing the same thing (except on the writer's side, it's more of an OOH I KNOW WHAT I CAN DO WITH HIM/HER reaction)

Sansa's a tricky one to characterise in an AU - she's obviously had a far more sheltered upbringing in this universe than in the ASOIAF one, and I think it would have taken her a bit longer to grow up and grow out of the childish naivety we see in her in AGOT, for example - but I think once she became a prefect and the oldest Stark at Hogwarts she took on a lot more responsibility - especially when it comes to Bran.

I had to use some of the maesters as professors at Hogwarts - they fit the role really well, I think. I have Luwin as well, as head of Gryffindor.

Arya and Gendry are BFFs and I will probably end up shipping them, to be honest - I don't know what sort of time frame this story will span, but Arya's only third year here - so any romance would have to wait until she's a bit older.

Professor Lannister, yes! Actually, there are two Professor Lannisters - I'll include which ones and what they teach in the next chapter - but it shouldn't be too difficult to work out which Lannister might possibly be Head of Ravenclaw.

I love Shireen and Bran's friendship already, and making them a group of three with Jojen was irresistible. And yeah, I would definitely warg with my cat - she leads a pretty cushy lifestyle.

Thank you so much for this review, and for the one before it! The next chapter hopefully won't be too far away, and I hope I'll do the battle justice!

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