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Review #1, by toomanycurlsHurricane Luna: He Loses on an Island

25th November 2014:

Um, Rolf is getting what he had coming for how he treated Luna. I mean, if you break someone's heart like that bad things are bound to happen. x-(

I was going to comment that didn't strike me as a disorganized guy but then you hit me with his high association of Luna with his work and it all fell into place. I'm actually glad that his work is suffering without her. What!?! it was her choice?!?! I think he's slightly delusional.

Nice (and mean) touch with the worms. will Rolf see the connection between the worms and his relationship with Luna? I'm glaring at him so hard right now. His trip down memory lane regarding Luna is painful but I hope it's worse for Rolf.

I can't believe Luna is missing but I am at least pleased with Rolf's reaction. I really hope she's okay and just lost or something (or that Harry and Ginny are up to something by sending Rolf out to find her). I'm leaning towards clever ruse because I dn't want to think of Luna being hurt.

This chapter is amazing and you absolutely cannot make me wait like I'm making you wait for TR.


Author's Response: Haha Rose!

I love that you are such a die-hard Luna-lover! Me too! You are right - Rolf deserves this - but you are much funnier at expressing that than I am! I'm never gonna forget the line "I hope he gets a sunburn." I literally laugh out loud every time I think of that!

Rolf is *very* delusional. He can't even see the forest for the trees. I think he's just now starting to realize what Luna means to him

The worms - yeah. I wasn't trying to be mean, but they are a bit of a metaphor.

The next chapter is 90% done. I should have it submitted to the queue by the end of the weekend. You better get writing for TR - haha!

♥ Beth

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Review #2, by toomanycurlsslowly: and then all at once

17th November 2014:
I think this story is stunningly complex. The way you've blended both a relfective view on Lily and love with her walking down the aisle is just wonderful. It's almost like a cadence of dream|fruition throughout the story.

Lily's overview of the guests was really beautiful. It's a great way to look at the various people in her life and how some are there out of courtsey and others were profoundly important to her.

I really loved how you managed to show what a blur her wedding was but how much love and joy she felt throughout it.

The one sentence I didn't like was "dad handed me over" only because it takes the focus from her rather free-floating feelings and reaction to a perfunctory wedding action.

I really love this and am glad I finally reviewed it.

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Review #3, by toomanycurlsSeven: Seven is the most magical of numbers.

22nd October 2014:

I'm slightly cheating because I read this when I was validating your chapter. :P Oh well.

This is a very different tone from your other stories which makes it even more interesting to me to read. Some authors ( me) sound the same no matter what they write. I love how you're able to pull off a more clipped tone in this story and still make it beautiful.

Sirius + Dorcas 5eva. Until Voldemort kills her. I loved how you were able to describe their intimacy without going creepy overboard. Their section communicates so much about them without going on at length.

This line "It is a sunless summer in hiding with only Harrys bright eyes to lighten the days." Please write more like this.

Your depiction of Sirius' deranged behavior while in Azkaban is just perfect. I can't really say more about it.

Sirius' hope and newfound purpose when he's free is so well done and it transitions really well from the desperation of Azkaban.

I can't begin to talk about the last few paragraphs. It feels like Sirius' life is turning around. Then. well. it ends.

I really loved this!! Thank you for swapping!

Author's Response: Rose!

Totally not cheating! I imagine it's quite different when you're validating stories versus reading for pleasure!

Wow. Thanks so much! I actually think that my writing sounds the same all the time, too. Maybe it's just difficult to be objective on your own work.

Yay - you liked the Dorius? Siricus? paragraph. I wanted it to be new and sweet and passionate and naive and then - she dies. Not really an upper, but it was the war.

Eeep! You liked that line. No one else has mentioned that - I kinda liked it too, so I was so glad you saw it. I will try to write more like that :)

The last paragraphs were the hardest. I was so restricted by the word count, but I'm glad it still came across that he had something worth living for and then he was suddenly dead. I feel like he had that in common with Harry. Harry felt like he lost Sirius as soon as he'd found him. Now I'm tearing up.

Thanks for doing the swap - and thanks for this awesome review!


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Review #4, by toomanycurlsYou Say I'm Crazy: We Made A Vow

18th August 2014:
Ugh. I feel the need to smack Lily and James around. They're both clearly living in a broken relationship but are not addressing their issues. I guess I should say that I've always imagined their relationship turning into something that's kind of superficial but I always saw the superficiality as an exterior play, not something they do to each other.

Lily's need to be perfect for James may be the same thing that drove him away. There's not a lot of history between James and Lily in this story so that's mainly a projection of my own world view. I can see where you tried to make Lily a bit of a tragic figure who is in a tough spot but she mostly seems like she's not able to face her problems head on. I was glad that you alluded to her trying to talk to James - but there's really a point where people have to do the difficult thing and live with difficult consequences. Lily's driving need to not show any sign of having an issue is almost pathological. It's a very interesting direction to take her in - especially based on the little exposure she has in the books.

James' likely infidielity and aloof treatment of Lily is equally frustrating for me. In general, people who step out of a relationship instead of discussing what is making them unhappy irk me. If he's unhappy to the point of cheating but is still faking a happy relationship, he really needs to sit down and discuss what is making him unhappy.

You present a very interesting narrative - I like the complex view you give into marriage.


Author's Response: Hey Rose.

I know that you didn't really like this story. You're actually a huge part of the reason why i made it Lily II instead of Lily I. That being said, I'm glad you gave me your honest opinion and I appreciate the review. Thanks so much hon!

xoxo Sarah

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Review #5, by toomanycurlsEverto Trucido: Superhero

17th August 2014:
Hi Rumpel!!

Let me start with what my night turned into! 1. I went to my sister's for dinner because my younger brother is in town (this is when I signed up to swap with you). 2. Her neighbors and their family were also involved. this pushed out the duration of dinner. 3. My brother turned 21 today so I talked him into going to a bar at midnight. 4. Said excursion took place.

Okay, on to the chapter. You know, Grace has been under a lot of pressure lately. A nice bath is an excellent solution for jacked up nerves.

Oh Grace - cornering Snape like that is never a good idea. It's nice to see Grace telling Snape aobut her true role EXCEPT HE THINKS SHE'S THERE TO KILL REMUS!! That's not cool!! The funny thing is they both know what they're talking about but have very opposite views there.

I'm going to put the vampire issue on the back burner for now. I know it'll come up again though.

It's nice to see that some good things are happening for Grace - and that she'll get to see her parents. I can't wait to see their reaction to her. And of course James is a great brother. I really like that about him. it does make me slightly sad about harry not having a sibling.

Go Grace with the dating advice!!! I like how you have Sirius torn between the playboy and the lover. Wonderful!!!

OH I love Peter the Peacekeeper. So cute. Stop making me not hate him. It's confusing.

Whooo!! Friend intervention!!

No, wait, two people hanging out equals a date?!? Teenagers. She kind of is a superhero though. *nods*


Love this chapter!

Author's Response: Hai.

You had an eventful evening ^.^. I really didn't mind waiting ;) especially when there was so much going on.

Corning Snape is like cornering a wet cat O.O. Hahaha, it's odd dancing around the Remus-is-a-werewolf issue, because they both know, but they don't come right out and say it ;). Dancing is fun.

It'll come back up later. Later.

James is a great brother ^.^, I can't imagine writing him now without the brother aspect. He'd have to have a person who he treats like a sibling ;).

Grace in all respect should probably not be giving dating advice, but neither should Sirius, and he's done that already ;).

It's okay not to hate Peter for a little while, anyways.

:D If I didn't end the chapter there, then it would have been impossibly long.

Thanks for the swap, Rose!


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Review #6, by toomanycurlsOne Blaze of Glory: Life is Your's to Miss

9th August 2014:

um, back to the beginning.

I love how you combined really cool wizarding history with muggle history. I can see why Mary-Lee would have seen Romulus as determined to be a grump, but his connection with the collesium would make anyone a bit put out.

AND THEN THERE'S BENNETT. I didn't think it would be Marcellus but, wow, Bennett has some gall claiming to have written that article.

I like how you showed that Romulus has quite a bit of magical power - that never quite came througb while he was in London because they were restricted from using magic.

On to Marcellus. I love that he used his family's reputation to get a free connection to Canada. Out of all the relationships in this story, their closeness as brothers is the msot heart warming.


Post the next one soon. very soon.


Author's Response: Hey there. Thanks for the review.

Hehehe I don't mind the glares. And... uhhh I can't say anything about that ;)

Bennett is kinda a jerk, yeah. Not gonna lie.

Romulus is totally awesome, duuude. Like really.


It wasn't a full moon, it was a solar eclipse. They didn't know that it would make them change. Aisling knew, but he didn't know that Romulus would be in Canada. Confession: the reason for the move to Canada was primarily because the eclipse that occured on July 10 1972 wasn't visible from Europe... and in a story about werewolves and magic, I just have to stick to be realistic...

I'll update soonish. 11 isn't done yet. or betaed. Uh yeah I'll get there.

Thanks again!


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Review #7, by toomanycurlsMorbid: Cousin Larry

8th August 2014:

I'm quite intrigued by your characterization of Teddy. I feel horrible that he grew up labeled as a trouble child - though based on the chapter I can see why that would happen. I think his parents' deaths would have a huge impact on him growing up and you've explored that quite well.

I'm really impressed with how you've managed to give Teddy a believable set up quirks and behaviors within just one chapter.

So, I was happy that he blasted McLaggen, even if it cost him his auror training.

I really love the scene with Teddy at the funeral. Amy is pretty cool to just cover for him. Yes, Teddy should have remembered to disguise himself. Though, I'm not sure why the funeral director would be so upset (unless he's like Donnie Pfaster - DON'T MAKE HIM LIKE DONNIE. Uh, that's completely random unless you're an x-files fan). But, um, yeah, generally I don't see the harm in attending funerals. As weird as their meeting was, I am rooting for Teddy and Amy to have more than a singular exchange.

woah. I wasn't expecting Teddy to have an imaginary friend. Nice touch with it being Merlin though. Oh dear. Please don't let him be crazy.

Amazing chapter!!


Author's Response: Hey!

I choose Teddy for this challenge specifically because his parents' deaths were so tragic. I wanted to show that never knowing one's parents can have a wide range of effects on a child. Teddy's kind of the anti-Harry in that way.

I think the funeral director assumed that Teddy was there kind of as a joke. As in, making fun of the grieving families, generally causing trouble. Being a teenager doesn't help his case either.

I'm very happy with myself for thinking of the idea of Merlin. It was kind of a joke at first. It may still be a joke. Anyway, I'm glad you liked this, the praise means so much coming from you! (it's no secret that I'm a fan)

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Review #8, by toomanycurlsEvent Three - Ginny's Story: Ginny and Fred

7th August 2014:
Now, I'm sure I validated this. Right? Maybe (don't go back and check in case I'm wrong)...

my initial review for this was "love love love love" but I decided to point out things I really like.

I feel like there's something carthatic about being able to go back to a hobby like flying after a tragic event. You did a great job showing how the act of flying let Ginny regain a bit of her old self and have the gumption to move on.

You also made this painfully sad without having to push too hard on my feels. I really felt Ginny's grief and her need to find meaning after her brother's death. I like that she was able to process some of her feelings but didn't completely resolve them. You brought her to a realistic place after the time on her broom.

Harry and Ginny's interaction was great as well. I love that they're still a bit tentative around each other but there are definite feelings there.

This was a lovely piece!!


Author's Response: Hi Rose!

So excited to see you reviewed this ♥

I really enjoyed writing this piece, although I would like to go back and edit it a bit more, but I was happy overall with the way it turned out. I've really come to love Ginny's character over the past few months and I think she gets extremely undersold for the value she adds to her family and Harry's life. At some point, I think I might write a longer version of Ginny's struggles - and triumphs.

I was worried that the little bit at the end of Harry was coming off as too cliched, but I couldn't help myself with the sugary sweetness of Harry and Ginny!

Thanks for this review Rose!


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Review #9, by toomanycurlsOne Blaze of Glory: Only Blue, Lonely Blue

7th August 2014:

I've had this chapter open for a while to review (days, actually. I'm sorry). I JUST GET BUSY AND AND AND. *hides*

I'm mad at Romulus for running off. At the end of the last chapter things seemed okay. WHY AREN'T THEY OKAY NOW!?! Don't make me go over there to set this right! Oh Marieta, don't wish him dead - otherwise Georgia will do that.

Romulus in Rome - seems fitting. and highly symbolic. At least he's in okay living conditions. Nice move with Romulus talking in his sleep. :D So.. is there something with the Mary Lee?!! I'm just eager for someone to love someone else in this chapter. I really like how you've depicted their interaction as two people in a fringe society. Also, HIS NEXT MOVE SHOULD BE TO GO BACK TO LONDON. and a part of me is glad that Maria is haunting his dreams. the jerk.

It means a lot to me that Marcellus is still hanging iwth the werewolf crew when Romulus is MIA. I dunno, talk about solidarity. I laughed at his comment that he and Romulus look more neighbors than brothers. That me with my siblings too.

I thought you showed Nadia meeting up with some shady folks at one point. I assumed that's where she'd been getting the drugs.

You do a really good job talking about and depicting addiction. I mean, it seems very realistic.

I agree, Aisling shouldn't leave.


Just... finish this before college. okay?! I need to have you finish it.


Author's Response: Hello!! It's okay! What matters is that you reviewed eventually!

What do you mean, things seemed okay at the end of the last chapter? O.o how do you define okay?

Romulus was always going to be going to Rome! Huh. Is there something with Mary-Lee? Are you going to be shipping them? She's also in chapter 10. His next move will be... away from Rome. That's all I can say about that.

Of course Marcellus is staying! He's a Hufflepuff! And where else would he go... back home?

I've never really been around drug addiction very intimately, so I'm glad it seems realistic!

Aisling will do what he does and he'll do it.


Uhhh I probably won't finish this before college because that's the Tuesday after next. It will be finished, though! Don't worry. Uhhh I honestly think that every chaper until the end will end in a cliffhanger... sorry...

WAIT NO! I don't think Chapter 11 does. I'm not sure yet. I haven't written the ending of that chapter yet.

Thanks for reviewing!!! Chapter 10 is in the queue!


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Review #10, by toomanycurlsNike: Don't Step Inside My Space Bubble

7th August 2014:
Hey there!!

Thanks so much for doing a review swap with me. I think I validated this chapter. I *think* The title stands out to me at least. I also have to say I had a cat named Nike so a good portion of my imagination is thinking of your MC as a tabby cat. sorry

The arm's length friendship between Nike, Dom, et al is interesting. I'm curious what ties them together if they're not emotionally close/supportive.

Ooh, trying to complete their deets on the sixth year boys will give a great plot reason for Nike and Al to get close. So far the group of girls seems a bit Mean Girls go to Hogwarts - which has a lot of potential.

I'll be excited to see where you take this!


Author's Response:
Nike as a tabby cat? Why haven't I thought of that? Pure genius, madam, pure genius.

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Review #11, by toomanycurlsTo Tell Our Story: One

7th August 2014:
I've been remiss... I thought I reviewed this the other day.

One: I love that you wrote a ship you're not into for me. You've made it clear that Ronks isn't a ship you sail but you're still writng it. That means a lot to me.

Two: I love the premise you're using to write about their ship. I can totally see Andromeda not really loving Remus' memory, not when she saw Tonks go through so much to be with him just to die suddenly. I kind of see her refusal to talk about their relationship a bit like your dislike of their unhealthy love.

Three: this is beautifully written. That's really not a surprise or anything but it makes me even more excited to get more of this knowing *you'll* be the one writing it.

Four: I'm beyond honored that you decided to dedicate a story to me. xoxo

Much love

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Review #12, by toomanycurlsHurricane Luna: They Scorch in a Desert

7th August 2014:
I didn't see when this went through the queue but I'm here now for the review tag!!

I love how your descriptions make it easy to get sucked into the chapter. I almost forgot that I was mad at Rolf for Paris. *almost*

Luna can be so practical. I think people forget that about her. Ah - I can't believe he's putting the book ahead of love. Duuude, Rolf, it's not the distractions, it's the love that's putting you off your game. rather the lack of your profession of love.

So, I think Rolf is a far cry from abusive but I certainly don't think he's as loving as Luna deserves in a partner.

No! Why are you doing this?!? He needed to realize how much Luna adds to his adventures, not send her away! I'm so mad at him right now! argh! You marginally made it seem better by having him reflect that everyone left him in the end. but still. LUNA IS DIFFERENT.

I hope he gets a sunburn.

Nice chapter.

write more


Author's Response: Hiya Rose!

Ooo - so glad (and relieved) you got sucked into the scene. I really wanted to convey how uncomfortably *hot* it was - but was a bit worried that it was overdone.

Yeah - Rolf TOTALLY hasn't done anything to deserve Luna, but she loves him nonetheless.

Rolf is not going to admit his feelings for Luna easily. Okay, it will probably take a serious, serious situation for him to finally realize exactly what he is giving up (did I just give something away - NO - absolutely not!)

Seriously, the last three lines were the best thing I read all month.

Thanks, Rose!

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Review #13, by toomanycurlsEvent Three: Misunderstood: Misunderstood

6th August 2014:
Love. That's all I can say. I love this story.

i'm quite a remus fan and I've written a lot of stuff from his perspecitive. I think you capture him beautifully. It was heartwrenching to read his view of him being a monster but you laid it out so that it felt like a logical opinion for him to have. I felt so sad for him and really really wanted to give him a hug.

Dumbledore's intervention was wonderful. I love that Dumbledore refused to let Remus remain an outcast of society.

NOW I'M JUST FULL OF SAD FEELS THAT HE WASN'T ABLE TO STAY AT HOGWARTS WHERE HE WAS ACCEPTED AND WASN'T A MONSTER (not that I thought he was one to begin with). I move your last line about monsters.

Please write more about Remus.



Author's Response: Aw, thanks so much! It makes my day to read that you loved my story. :)

Ooh, you're a Remus expert! I'm so glad that I did him justice in your estimation! I'm so afraid of writing canon characters, but I took a chance with Remus and Dumbledore, and I really enjoyed writing them. :)

Remus's thoughts about how he's a "monster" are really harsh, but I thought that it would have made sense for him to think that about himself in his pre-Hogwarts-professor days. I wanted to give him a hug, too. :/

Dumbledore is awesome! He knew that he needed a DADA teacher and he knew that Remus Lupin was struggling, so he put those two ideas together and gave Remus a chance that the rest of the world denied him. Wise move, Albus! :D

I KNOW I'M SO SORRY I GAVE YOU SAD FEELS, but Remus couldn't have stayed at Hogwarts forever, unfortunately. I wish he could've. The DADA curriculum might've worked out a bit better. Thank you so much! He's definitely not a monster, and he really needs to learn that. :/

Aww, you're so nice! Maybe I will write more about him in the future. :D

Thank you so, so much for this splendiferous review!!


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Review #14, by toomanycurlsKnight Takes Queen: Bishop

5th August 2014:

I'm here for the BvB battle!

I love the tone and growth in this chapter. Rowena's bitterness towards her past and difficulty accepting her powers was so well put.

I can imagine how scary she would seem to commoners and servants. I like to think of her bold and strong and slightly terrifying for people who are muggles (or just not as powerfully magic).

Having Rowena's powers fully manifest while she was at the church is perfect for the way you've laid out her reactions to magic thus far.

You don't say she's by the lake besides Hogwarts or the same willow that students we know of sat by, but that's what it seemed like and there was something wonderful about seeing one of the more powerful founders at these same places but before they held signifigance for the HP world.

Rowena's acceptance of magic and being able to cast out her shame was wonderful. I love this chapter and can'tw ait for more.


Author's Response: Hey Rose! Thanks so much for dropping by! :)

I really like exploring a bit more of the attitudes towards magic at the time, in this, and the emotions that would kinda hold. Rowena is such a great character to explore because of the weaknesses we know she has in canon and the qualities she prizes, which are kinda strange for women of that time, so I like that :)

Haha, yeah that's pretty similar to my head-canon for her! :D Sort of haughty and proud and strong, and becomes very independent :)

I wasn't quite sure about that, tbh, in terms of the meaning behind it and the imagery... but it's kinda growing on me, I think. Churches are such beautiful places, so I really enjoyed writing the setting!

I kinda think of it as the lake beside Hogwarts, though I have no idea about the tree, haha. I mostly end up using willows in everything, because I love them - and they're so useful for concealing things because they hang down... it's kinda against canon, in that respect, but ah well :P

Gah, thank you so so much for the wonderful review - I'm so glad you're enjoying the story! :)

Aph xx

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Review #15, by toomanycurlsJust for this moment: See how bright we shine

5th August 2014:
*hugs* Sweetest dedication ever. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Four lines in and my feels are just ragged. HOW DID YOU DO THIS?! I love that Sirius knew when the full moon had been and his thoughts on Remus being a good teacher. *feels* Also, his eyes lost their Moony. :'( there might be some eye wetness going on right now.


Oh dear, you really have Remus' self-blaming down pat. I just want to hug him - oh but Sirius is going to do that for me.

I loved this line We were more than friends, and you cant separate the two. it's perfect and I love the lines after it.

That kiss. It also killed me. And made me cry a little. ONLY A LITTLE. Slowing magma is still pretty hot. *cough* just sayin'

I think it got warm in here. Do you feel that warmth?

o.o nevermind. I'm not talking about my warmth anymore.

I love the love scene more than I've ever loved any love scene ever. It's so passionate and full of realistic emotion betwee then.

I really liked them talking about James finding out about them. I loved (and wanted to cry at) their thoughts on Harry finding out. BECAUSE THEY SHOULD HAVE ADOPTED HIM AND HAD A LITTLE FAMILY. WILL YOU STOP WITH MY FEELS?!?! I'M BACK WITH THE WET EYES AGAIN.

THIS LINE Its impossible for you to like it this long, Remus insists. You have way too many curls. i love it. thank you

I'm so mad at the "i'll be here for you" line. YOU PUT THAT IN THERE JUST BECAUSE HE DIES AND ugh. THE FEELS. WHY WITH THE FEELS??!

This is beautiful. I love the song. I love the ship. I love this story.

Thank you so much for dedicating this lovely story to me.


Author's Response: Rose!!! You deserve it because you work so hard all the time and you're such a good friend to me and I don't know how to make the hearts! Teach me how!

Wolfstar has so many feels already built in. It doesn't take much to add more!

I struggled with writing Remus so much!! I didn't know if I was making him too dramatic, and argh this ship is so difficult.

"And made me cry a little. ONLY A LITTLE.". I'LL TAKE IT! Victory!!

Erm. I don't know what to say about your warmth. lololzz

I'd never written a love scene that lovey before! I was so nervous about it, Rose! I can't even really think of many other things I've written that could be considered love scenes. I wrote one with Ron and Hermione where he was basically undressing her, but it was specifically NOT a love scene because she was traumatized and he was cleaning her wounds. Love scenes are scary!!


I put the line about too many curls (gosh, weird to type that with spaces...) in and just giggled because it was very very late and I was just like "Oh I'm so clever, Rose will love this line". :P

I DID PUT THAT IN BECAUSE HE DIES AND IT WOULD ADD FEELS. That's exactly why I did that. The entire reason. And because it goes with the song and it's true.

I love this song. I listen to it way too much. I think I've tweeted about it, too.

You're so nice!! This review was so sweet and asdkjfaoi!!! You totally deserved it!!


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Review #16, by toomanycurlsRemember Me: i. I'm putting on a brave face, even though I'm falling apart

19th July 2014:

Thank you for doing a reviw swap!

This is quite the artful love story you have. I love how you've described Teddy - not as a player but as someone stuck between two loves. It does anger me that he'd fall in love with Kasha while he's in a relationship with Vic (even if she's still at school and they're playing in RL).

I'd love to get more insight on what made Kasha leave. She says she's making the choice for Teddy, but why does she think Victoire is more deserving? It's also an incredibly selfless thing she's doing. I like to think Teddy will go seek her out, at least try to.

At the end, I feel she's conflicted with wanting Teddy to forget about her but hoping that he still remembers her in a year.

Excellent job crafting such a delightful story with 500 words!!


Author's Response: Hi there

Yes, Teddy is definitely not a player! I feel like I maybe wrote this ambiguously and should have perhaps cleared it up but at this point Teddy and Vic aren't actually in a relationship... it's more just casual snogging, like with Teddy and Kasha (though next chapter Tedtoire ARE together).

There'll definitely be more to come on Kasha's reasoning for leaving -- when she and Teddy are finally reunited, he's going to want to know why she left out of the blue, right ;)

Thanks again for the review! It was a pleasure reading yours too.


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Review #17, by toomanycurlsAll Grown Up: Looking Down

8th July 2014:

Phew. Glad I got that out there.

I love this even though it hurts so much to read. I almost lost it with your description of the blackness and coming out of that. You really do a great job with Tonk's narrative voice. I wanted to cry when she notices his hair color when he gets a bit of sad emotion.

Um, it's kind of perfect that Tonks would be a-okay with Teddy having a good snog. She's just cool like that.

When remus shows up it's almost too much for me to handle. Offically, my eyes have tears in them. THIS ISN'T FAIR - I ONLY BELIEVE IN A ONE-WAY TEAR CAUSING RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN US. just stap.

It's so beautiful to think of them together in an eternal relationship and loving each other. I kind of want you to write more about Remus and Tonks but i'm very afraid of what the feels would do to me.


Author's Response: EVERY TIME I SEE THIS REVIEW I GET SO HAPPY. I'm so glad that you enjoyed this. BUT I'M REALLY NOT COMFORTABLE WITH IT. idk. i just hate myw riting here, but if you think it was good then I will take your word for it. AND HAHA I MADE YOU CRY.

xoxo Sarah

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Review #18, by toomanycurlsUnicorn: Unicorn

5th July 2014:
Hi!! I'm here for the Ravenclaw Review Thread. I really enjoy that this looks at a more humanized side of poaching. Behind every high value crime, there's a person with a very real need. I'm glad you didn't make the MC a greedy/tycoon type. Rather he's trying to provide for his family.

You did a great job conveying action and urgency into this story. I liked how the words came to life and made it seem like the story itself was flowing through a dangerous mission.

It is quite redeeming to see the unicorn healed and set free but the good deed seems to balance out with the other unicorn being killed just feet away.

Lovely descriptions throughout this. I can't believe you cranked this out in 30 minutes! Great job!


Author's Response: Aw, thankyou for this lovely review! I'm glad you like it. I wanted the character to be someone nice and definitely not like the rest of the people in his team.

Thanks for reviewing!


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Review #19, by toomanycurlsLife As We Know It: chapter two

3rd July 2014:
Hello!! Thanks for doing another swap.

I thought it was really fitting for Draco to turn the hurtful situation around on Hermione. If there was anyone who could make her feel worse about Ron and Lavender, it was him. You did a great job having him say the meanest thing possible at that moment.

Draco was rather intimidating when he confronted Hermione about not telling people he was there. I like that you show how perceptive Hermione is with his tiredness with the pink around his eyes. Ooh, it's interesting that she connects Draco's worries and stress with Harry's. They are like opposite sides of the same coin. I do think it'll be frustrating if she has insight to what Draco is up to (or just more about his detiorating condition) but doesn't heed Harry's thoughts about him in the RoR. I'll be curious how you play that out.

I liked seeing Parvati's interaction with Hermione. She seemed quite shallow and uninterested in Hermione apart from what gossip she would share. I can imagine that was a lonely dorm for her.

Your bit with Harry is gold. Hermione's advice is sound and just what Harry needed to hear that evening.

Hmm... it is intriguing that she focused on Malfoy as she drifted off. Just because they're not that close yet. It's just so sad to me how lonely Hermione feels. Sarah and Lisa seem to highlight that for her.

Awesome chapter!! I really like how you've explored Hermione's headspace in this story so far.


Author's Response: Wow this review is really awesome! Thank you so much for all the wonderful compliments and I'm really glad that you are enjoying this story so far! I really want to try and keep this close to canon and it really makes me happy to hear when people think that I'm handling this rather well. Draco and Harry really are the opposite side of the same coin which is really interesting to explore. I'm glad that you are enjoying this and I do hope that you will come back and read more! Thank you so much for the wonderful review!


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Review #20, by toomanycurlsEvent Three - Ginny's Story: Ginny and Arnold

3rd July 2014:
Hi Beth!!! Thanks for doing a review swap!!

I remember validating this and I quite liked it then. I'm glad I have a chance to review it now. I feel bad for Arnold being shut in his cage. It reminds me of Hedwig in CoS.

You show Ginny's stress during DH quite well. She didn't really sign up to be the leader of the pro-Harry students and she really didn't have more information on him than others but yet people looked to her. I though that Colin's little brother was named Dennis (unless there's another one). Ginny did kind of lbow up at little Creevey there but I loved seeing Colin stand up for him. I dunno, considering how popular Ginny is, it means a lot that he'd do that. Though, his spell work really did almost get them into a lot of trouble.

hahaha, of course the 'Claws would resent the statement.

Arnold kind of reminds me of my cats in this. Where they can set my day off wrong but then make up for it when I get home. Usually they don't do anything as cool as remind me of a secret room in my house but theyre at least lovable.

I really enjoyed this - especially seeing how Arnold inadvertantly pointed Ginny back towards the RoR as a resource.


Author's Response: Hi Rose!

Thanks for this great review! You know I will review swap with you anytime! I thought about Ginny's side of things quite a bit during this story - I think you may have validated all of them. It occurred to me that people probably thought she had information that she really didn't, being Harry's (somewhat) ex-girlfriend and Ron's sister. That would probably irk her. Also, she was really REALLY stressed out about her family, having been away from every single member for the first time ever. She was the baby of the family - with six very protective older brothers and was on her own for the first time during the darkest time in recent wizarding history - a great scenario for drama.

I did create Stephen Creevey. I wanted someone who was fairly young and annoying. I thought that Ginny would be fairly close with Colin, being they were the same year and Dennis was only a year behind, so he wasn't young enough. I also thought that would probably be the breaking point for Colin - picking on his baby brother.

If I had more time, I would've been able to edit it much better. What I really wanted was a series of events that escalated to Ginny completely losing it and then Arnold being a source of "unconditional love" for her that would help her through this very difficult time.

Thanks so much for this awesome review!!


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Review #21, by toomanycurlsThe Lucky Girls: The Lucky Girls

3rd July 2014:
:-o how did I not review this already?

I love how you showed Dom and Rox as friends as kids and that they'd pair up their chick dolls together not having a reconcieved notion of love being bound by gender. LOVE. It was a delight to see that Bill was okay with them pairing up the chicks (and that his issue was a kids toy kissing, not two girl dolls kissing).

Your description of how different the two girls looked and yet how close they were as friends really stood out as a great section here. I especially like how much they got along even through disagreement. Most kids that age have various arguments throughout daily life. Rox reading to Dom at the hospital was especially sweet.

Rox not only being (comfortable is the wrong word here but something along those lines) with Dom and Gracie was great. She was like her advocoate. Not just with the jerks at school but with their family. I loved seeing her use magic to defend them - at least to get back at those guys for them. Can we have more Roxes in the world? We just need her to go out and support people.

Ugh - your final scene just ripped at my heart. I was so sad that Gracie died and also so that she and Rox were friends into their old age.

Lovely story!!


Author's Response: Hello! :)

Ahh, I'm so glad you liked this! It was the HC entry that I felt the least confident about so getting this nice feedback is really lovely. I thought the dolls were a good way to introduce gender and love in a very innocent, unassuming way and that by seeing how cool Dom and Rox were with two lady dolls being in love Bill could see that it was okay as well.

Thank you, I really liked that section as well for some reason. I imagined them as just both being really easy-going people and wanting to get along all the time, and being quite mature in solving their differences which could persist in their lives.

Yes! Rox just has no patience for people picking on her cousin, haha, and I imagined her as being quite good at communicating with people whereas Dom is maybe a bit more held back. I agree, I wish there were more Roxes too!

Aw, I'm glad you found it sad as that was the intention but it was sad to write as well! This was one of those stories where I sort of wished I had more words to play with as there were so many gaps to fill in.

Thanks so much, Rose! ♥

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Review #22, by toomanycurlsLife As We Know It: chapter one

3rd July 2014:
Hi Erica!

I don't read a lot of Dramione but I'm curious to see what you've been working so hard to edit away at.

Already I love that this is in Hermione's voice (you've captured it beautifully, btw) and that it's a Hogwarts Era dramione. I remember someone commenting on this line in our JulNo Cabin, but I cracked up at Hermione's line about Lavender's favorite class being Divination.

Gah, I just want to give Hermione a big hug and tell her she wont' be lonely forever. I think a lot of girls feel that when they're 16 or so and don't have the relationships they want. I know I did. It's such a young age to be super worried about romance though.

Ooh, Okay, I'm pretty sure that's Draco in the RoR but I like the mystery you have around it. :-o I'm not shocked she ran into R+L but okay, I kind of am. :( Nothing feels worse than the scene Hermione walked in on. :( The feels when she's just wanting the pain to go away.

Gah! Why did Draco have to watch that x-( Of course he's going to be horrible about it next chapter! This is a really good opener. I like your focus on Hermione and her core relationships instead of having her dwell on Draco right away.

I'll be reading more. Maybe we should swap through each other's stories.


Author's Response: Oh your review just has me gushing! It really means a lot to me that you think that I have captured Hermione's voice beautifully. I don't know what it is about her but she is the character that appeals to me that most. I just love writing in her pov. That bit about Divination seems to be everyone's favorite, as it's mine as well. There was just a bit of snarkiness to her that just was wonderful. I can't wait until you read on and find out more! And YES I am so down with doing a review swap of each other's stories! Thank you so much for the swap and for coming by and giving my dramione a chance!


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Review #23, by toomanycurlsKnight Takes Queen: Rook

29th June 2014:
Thanks for doing a review swap! I wanted to read this since you talked about it for the warnings.

You did a great job capturing Rowena's desperation and fear about having magical powers. I'm really impressed with how you conveyed her deep-rooted religious feelings right away.

The mermaid's appearance was perfect confirmation for her of the existance of magic and not just her own insanity/possession.

I love your description of the merman's hunger being akin to Rowena's own hunger (for knowledge I'm guessing).

This is a wonderful story and gives a great bit of rationale for why Rowena would have devoted her life to starting a school for witches and wizards.


Author's Response: Hey Rose! :) Thanks so much for the swap - I always feel like I win in all of these, reviewing True Romance :P

Gah, thank you so much! I didn't want to overload the chapter with loads of talk about religion and the role it plays and everything, even though it's really interesting, so I'm glad you felt it came through :)

It took me a while to come up with the merman idea, but when I got it I really liked it - they're such beautiful creatures in mythology - and I couldn't let it go. I'm so happy you liked it - and yeah, it's the hunger for knowledge and the curiosity about other species and new things and wanting to learn about them and stuff...

Thanks so much for the lovely review and for the swap - they're always so brilliant! :)

Aph xx

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Review #24, by toomanycurlsEvent Three - The Custard Slice: Izaak Thorne

27th June 2014:
I thought this was one of the sweetest stories I've ever read. I love the interplay between Dom and an old curmudgeon who is quite against the idea of giving her a fair shake at an interview. You've made her so sweet yet persistent with his attitude.

Part of me thinks that Isaak warmed to Dom herself before her Puffskein was put into the story (why else would he apologize for his first outburt). It was beyond adorable to see Isaak's gruff exterior melt when the Maggie made an appearance. Pets do that to some people. You really did his transformation into an affable person remarkably well. Ending the story with his invitation to come back was perfect.

I loved this story so much! Thanks for doing a review swap!!


Author's Response: Aww Rose, wow that's such a huge compliment! Thank you :) I'm so glad to hear that you enjoyed the interactions between Dom and Isaak. He is truly the definition of curmudgeon haha! And you're definitely right about him warming up to her before he met Maggie. I had ideas for the reasons behind that - but I was already finding it so hard to stick to the word limit lol. Maggie definitely accelerated the process, but he definitely saw something in Dom that began to chip away at the walls around his heart.
I'm glad you liked the ending!
Thanks again for the review swap :)

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Review #25, by toomanycurlsEVENT THREE - A Ghoul As a Friend: Finding The Ghoul

26th June 2014:
Hello! Thanks for doing a review swap. I really enjoyed how you characterized Albus. I could see him being a shy and perhaps awkward child. I felt sad that he yearned for more connection iwth people and burried himself in books instead. I love that you managed to do a story within the story in such a short chapter. That's kind of hard to do. I was surprised at how brave Al was to go up and see what was in the attic and not be afraid when he encountered the ghoul. I would have loved to see more interaction with the ghoul though.
Great chapter!


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