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Review #1, by toomanycurlsThe Mildly Perilous and Mostly Tragicomic Misadventures of Sir Roderick Gryffindor and 'Sir' Ivan Harris: In Which Ivan Dreams Like a Man

28th March 2014:
Hello!! I'm here for the challenge (and because I can't hold back from reviewing any longer)

You did a wonderful job with Max as the narrator - I think it's so different and unique from your other writing and I feel you've really branched out to do this. You also nailed the speech and style for this period. Not just with the dialogue (which is superb) but with the way Max talks and explains the story.

Poor Ivan gets no love from her dad. Maybe it's just me, but a lecherous bride seems like a bonus!! :P (I know, historical representation but I can't help but make my modern comments!)

Oh I could see magic being constrewed as demon possession or something to do with the devil.

I laughed quite a bit as Max described Ivan changing in ways that Nicholi didn't. I laughed even harder when Ivan told Max to get on with the story. Reading this makes me think it should be a Monty Python-ish movie.

I like that neither of them really want to marry but at least Ivan is more accepting of her sexual urges (and knows which way she swings).

This story is just brilliant and full of potential for awesome!


Author's Response: Hey!

Max sort of just happened while I was writing this... I have absolutely no idea... I had a ton of fun going through my old Elizabethan notes from studying Shakespeare's works, but I also mixed it together with standard English for readability purposes.

Modern comments are perfectly acceptable. I've been getting all sorts of comments, ranging from LOTR comments to the Sims o.O.

I've also been getting plenty of Monty Python comments -- I suppose it's difficult to write a parody in this era without leveling the Monty Python playing-field :D.

Thanks so much!


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Review #2, by toomanycurlsFounding Hogwarts: Normandie

10th March 2014:
Hello! Doing a review for the RRT!

I really like the style in which this is written. I've never tried second person because it seems so daunting. You do a marvelous job with it, really! I love how the narrator orients the story around Godric's characteristics and upbrinigng. It's such an interesting angle.

The implication that Godric went to found as school as a result of some failing in life is quite interesting - he was so successful at the school. It's really deep actually, that people will rise out of failure and make something great of their life.

I wrote for this challenge too!! Mine is also a mutli-part story/song thing.

Great work!


Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for your review!!

I'm glad that you liked the style!! This was my first attempt at second person POV, so I was nervous about how it would turn out. It's awesome to hear that you liked it!! You definitely should try second person POV--it's a fun thing to explore!

I didn't know what I wanted Godric's backstory to be when I first started writing this, but the song that inspired this story just seemed like it was someone's march of triumph. I thought that if Godric had had a battle with adversity in his younger years, he would feel all the more triumphant at the first Welcoming Feast. So that's how it came about. :)

The Instrumental Song Challenge was so much fun. I hope that there's another one in the future! :D

Thanks again for your review!


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Review #3, by toomanycurlsEscaping the Acheron: Birthday Surprises

10th March 2014:

Yay for birthdays!! It cracks me up that Ginny got Hermione a "Quidditch for Dummies" book. :P I mean, that's what it sounds like at least. It's a kind thought at least.

Neville's gift is sweet. I like his self-depricating humor with the pot of dirt. Um, I think it being dead should be a clear what it means about her and post-war healing.

I really like that Hermione and Ron are keeping up with letters. Part of me thinks there could be more between Hermione and Neville. But that's probably just me. :)

I can imagine Jeremy's disquiet at sounding like an American if he's not one. It's kind of funny. Hermione's really nice to tutor someone. Apart from helping Ron and Harry, she didn't really seem to be a tutoring person in the books. It's terribly sad that Jeremy lost his family in the war. :( hopefully he and Neville can support each other.

The visit to Hagrid is a bit bitter sweet. I felt bad for Hagrid that Hermione cut him off his reminicising - though I imagine she had quite enough mourning at that point and wanted to move on. I really liked his point about how she didn't go out there to fight - just to be loyal to her friends. I'm glad that she's starting think about her plant and her overall wellbeing.


Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing :)

Haha, yup, pretty much a Quidditch for Dummies book!!

Neville is a sweatheart. And Ron and Hermione do try to keep up with letters. Hermione and Neville... that's a thought, but not sure about that here ;)

The fact that Jeremy spent time in America ends up being important, but I felt so awkward because OC's showing up from America is such a cliche and urrghh!!!

Hagrid is understanding. He'll always be there for them.

Hermione is going to do a lot of self-discovery:)

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Review #4, by toomanycurlsThe Great Traits of a Gryffindor: The Traits of a Lion

9th March 2014:
I really liked this!! I thought having Slughorn reflect on various Gryffindors was especially interesting! Using his reference points of James and Lily to understand Harry was quite well done. It was interesting to compare Slughorn's idea of bravery to what other people did that was brave.

Using Bill for courage is just perfect. I've always imagined him being quite brave (not just because he's a curse breaker but just because *swoon*).

I really liked Pavarti's (not Palivarti) line about crossing the line from brave to idiotic - I think a lot of brave people walk that line. :) Oh no, was Luna kidnapped when she ventured out for food? :(

The Natalie section was the most touching. I do like that JKR incorporated that girl's name into the stories - I recall hearing about that when the books were still coming out. I love that you gave Romilda the role of nurturer with her as she doesn't get too much depth in the books.

Lovely one-shot!


Author's Response: Hi Rose!

I am glad the Slughorn part went over well! I was nervous that it would seem awkward or something... I used the general idea that Slytherin's really have towards bravery- there is a time and place for it.

I just decided I'd try a different type of character- and Bill is about as different as I have ever done...

Ugh! I thought I triple checked the names, have to fix that... And yes. Luna was kidnapped by the death eaters.

I cant help it- I just spew sad stories I guess... I just thought I should pay tribute to Natalie as well once I heard about that. And I feel bad for Romilda. Everyone looked down on her for crushing on Harry, yet Ginny had a solid what was it, three years admitted , crush on Harry? Yet she was allowed to look down on her for it?
Thanks again Rose!


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Review #5, by toomanycurlsIntrudamas: Tasks to be Accomplished

9th March 2014:
Hello!! Thank you so much for doing a review swap with me!

I got such a laugh and nice warm fuzzies from reading this. I like seeing how their young love developed and really enjoyed how Rose's family were a bit hands on with her life.

Scorpius is completely adorable in this. I really enjoyed his willingness to put himself out there quite boldly. I like that he had to ramp up his flirtation game after Rose just wasn't catching the hints. Even more impressive is that he went to Ron to get advice/help. I like that he didn't react well at first but went on to accept that Scorpius would end up with Rose.

Hugo spying on them was hilarious younger brother action. I really like that Ron sent him (and that he agreed). I love that Hugo spilled hte beans about Scorpius' feelings and the family's knowledge of that. I do feel a bit bad that he got stunned though - it was for a good cause though.

Switching from third person to first was unconventional but I like what it did for the story. The mistletoe was wonderfully placed plot and relationship wise.

This is a really sweet story!!


Author's Response: Thank you! I absolutely loved writing this piece for patronus_charm and just myself also!

Scorpius was so much fun to write, I must admit! His complete failure with girls, and Rose especially, yet his willingness to just be so out about it was a fun character trait for me to explore with him. I had to put some sort of farcical aspect in there for him and for the Weasley family in general because let's be real, they're all farcical in some way or another! :P

Hugo intruding on them is something I've taken from personal experience somewhat--I have a brother and he likes to be "overprotective" of me when my boyfriend is around (please, it's been like 18 months, chillax bro) so I drew on that but made it even more hilarious and funny. :)

I loved the mistletoe bit and thought it was a better relationship point for them because it allowed them to simply acknowledge the possibility of being something without having to actually determine it! I almost wanted to be the mean author and have them feel nothing (i. e. no sparks) and then complete awkwardness ensue but I felt like I had enough angst on my page so I stuck with the fluffy happy ending.

I'm so glad you liked it! We should do this again sometime! :)
~MadiMalfoy x

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Review #6, by toomanycurlsTwo Sides of the Coin: Ambition and Power

9th March 2014:
I'm just kind of amazed by this story. The quote tied in perfectly with the story and the idea of Slytherins either reaching great heights of falling so far from grace. You added additional depth by linking the imagery of Slughorn's wrecked office with the various (evil) students he had.

The line about not spending money, just favors, to gain access to people and events was brilliant. It perfectly describes how he operated for years.

You reveal a lot about him with Slughorn keeping photos of his past students, even after they showed an evil side. I like that he wanted to keep ahold of the good memories the varios photos and that he's a bit sentimental.

Even more chilling was him relating the distant fond memories with the all too recent deaths of the same people. You made that so powerful and made me realize that the death eaters who died in the battle were more than just bad guys.

Slughorn reflecting on Tom Riddle was incredible. I love how he admitted to being interested in Tom right away. This might have been my favorite line "Somewhere along the way, they had lost sight of the true ideals of Slytherin House, trading ambition for a unique sort of slavery, a false sense of security and power."

It does a great job describing Slytherin as more than evil but highlighting ambition and cunning and putting the evil part as people getting it wrong.

Ending it with him continuing to support students and give people a helping hand really brought the story around in a lovely way.

Incredible one-shot!


Author's Response: Hey Rose, thanks for coming by!

I'm glad you liked the quote and the general theme of contrasts and imagery in this piece. It was fun to really get my hands dirty with some of the wartime description. It's also great to hear that you liked the line about favors, because I'm a bit proud of that one :)

Yeah, I think it was tough for Slughorn to ignore the truth about what some of his students had become, seeing them there in person wreaking havoc and then later dead on the battlefield. He can no longer hold on to the few good memories he had with them.

The section about Tom and his followers was my favorite to write. It goes back to the quote--the line is thin, but it is certainly possible to be in Slytherin and not make poor choices. (Questionable ones, maybe.) Sadly, you get someone who is dynamic like Tom and he pulls a lot of people down with him, away from what Slytherin may have intended (or at least what Slughorn wanted).

Glad you enjoyed the ending as well. Thank you so much for this very kind review!


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Review #7, by toomanycurlsDivided: The Tale of the Hogwarts Founders: Chapter III

8th March 2014:
This is one of my favorite chapters so far. It's not an action packed, dramatic chapter but OMG THEY DO SO MUCH FOUNDERS STUFF!! I really liked how they picked out the name for the school - making it about a recognizable name, not just something about the founders. I grinned quite a bit when Rowena added in the "witchcraf" to the wizardry part of the title. :D

Rowena sounds just amazing. I love that you have her diadem in the chapter and that you show how she used it. haha, I would love to have used magic like she did around the house. that does explain why the school is such a maze. I really loved how Godric would just blaze his own path from point to point if he couldn't figure out the layout of the school - that's a brilliant explanation for all the hidden passageways.

I thought the construction of the school fit well with what I'd expect the founders to each be good at. I really loved that Slytherin was in charge of defense/keeping muggles out. I didn't realize that Maeve was a muggle - I missed that somehow. I feel it will be important later.

I was also excited that each founder made their own house dormitory at the school. That really explains why they each had their own personality and feel. I got a good laugh about Slytherin forgetting the put a door on his common room then playing it off like a feature, not a bug.

I really like that there were muggleborns in the first class of Hogwarts students. :D It made me really happy. haha, Salazar sounds like a teacher I've had - one who made us sit in assigned seats so he could remember our names.

I can't wait to read more!!


Author's Response: Nooo I just typed out the whole response and then accidentally deleted it!

Anyway. Yay! I think this is my favorite chapter of this fic too! I'm glad you liked the way they picked the name. I tried to make it as normal as possible given the circumstances (I mean what kind of name for a school is Hogwarts anyway? :p ) Yes can't forget witchcraft, two of the founders are intelligent, empowered ladies after all ;)

I'm glad you like Rowena and her use of the diadem, and Godric's indoor trailblazing. There were a lot of mysteries of Hogwarts that I got to think of explanations for in this chapter! :D

It's great to hear that the construction tasks seemed to go with the personalities of the founders. Yeah, I thought defense seemed appropriate for Slytherin haha. Maeve is a Muggle, yes... more on her next chapter.

With the amount of personality to each of the houses from the books, I really couldn't have seen it any other way than the founders designing their own houses! Glad you enjoyed that part with Salazar haha.

Thanks so much for your review!

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Review #8, by toomanycurlsThe Safety of the Shadow: Leaving Your Comfort Zone

8th March 2014:
Hello Sarah!!!

Um, this is kind of amazing! I love the way the shadow is this all encompassing part of Rose's life and it touched so many moments. The shadow felt like a person, more than just the effect of the sun and an object.

Even more impressive is how you've highlighted key parts of Rose's personality and experiences in such a short story. I feel like I've gotten to know her and she seems quite real. I love the snogging she did in the shadow too!

You're simply amazeballs. I loved the bittersweet feel to this as well.


Author's Response: Hi!

You're too sweet, Rose. I'm glad you liked it. And I'm amazeballs? I think you mean you're amazeballs. But thanks ;)

xoxo Sarah

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Review #9, by toomanycurlsGravel on the Ground: From the Ashes: Chapter 7

8th March 2014:
I'm so excited to read more of this!!!

I really love that Sadie has gotten to a slightly more calm place since the World Cup. I wanted to give her a huge hug when she was scared that the Weasleys would see her darkness. I mean, darkness happened to her but she isn't that darkness.

Ginny is really sweet - I love that she's showing Sadie a place she thinks is special. And, wow, after you described it wtih the hollowed out tree and relics from her childhood, I kind of want to visit too! I really love the idea of Ginny having her own place like that and it's extra nice that she gave a bit of it to Sadie. I can't say how much that makes me happy.

You show their attempts to communicate really well. I mean, I like that they're both trying and that neither is an expert at it yet. I could really see Ginny confiding in Bill with her special hang out. Maybe he didn't go there with her but at least he knew about it. You've characterized Ginny extremely well. ahahahahaha!!! I laughed so loud at Ginny's hearts on the photo and Sadie asking about it. Ginny's brash reaction is just perfect! So very fitting.

Um, everyone should go puddle jumping!! I love it so much that they're bonding!!! I squeed with Sadie feeling like she belonged. :D

George is hilarious! That humor is perfectly in line with his character. You are handsdown the best at writing the twins. I really like that Fred shared a memory of Sadie's. Okay, so it was horrible for him but at least someone has quasi-firsthand experience of Sadie's life and past. haha, do they always swear on random bits of Merlin? I do like that Fred now has this connection with Sadie. I hope to see it go somewhere. ;)

Awesome chapter!! Let me know if you need to bounce ideas off people - I'd love to!


Author's Response: I was so excited to have you read more of this! Seriously, SO excited! Thanks for agreeing on the review swap even though technically, I owe you the reviews anyway.

I really wanted this chapter to feel different than the one before it. I needed Sadie to smile, to show that she was more than just a traumatized girl. There is a "real" Sadie under all the pain and sorrow and I wanted to let her start to come out.

I also wanted Sadie to bond with another girl. I feel like it will be important for her to have that relationship.

She does worry about what she thinks of as the darkness that is inside of her. She worries what others will think if they see where she was during those missing years.

I think I kinda put some of my own childhood fantasies into Ginny's secret place. Didn't we ALL Want a place like that when growing up? And if you have magic, why shouldn't you get it?

Sadie is not the first mute character I've encountered in my years doing fic. One of the things that used to drive me NUTS in another fandom was when people could INSTANTLY (or within a couple chapters) understand each other without any explanation. I think that has carried over here and I'm really careful to watch for it. I hope I manage to portray things realistically - well, as realistic as magic gets.

Also, in my head canon, Ginny and Bill have a special bond. I think that leaks out sometimes in my fics.

The twins part of this chapter gave me fits. I just couldn't make it work right. Took me months to pound it out. I'm really happy that you think it was good and from your comments, it appears to have done what I wanted it to. (The Merlin part is just something I picked up from some other authors and liked a lot. I probably use it way too much, but it's just really fun.)

And you caught that connection thing, too. You are good. I was trying to make Fred have a connection to Sadie that George doesn't have.

Thanks so much for reading! I probably will take you up on that idea bouncing offer!

- Farmgirl

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Review #10, by toomanycurlsThe Brave at Heart: Stepping on a Serpent

8th March 2014:
I'M GOING TO DIE FROM HAPPINESS!!! YOU MENTIONED ME!! Whoo. Had to get the shouts out early.

Oh dear, April Fools with a pureblood in a muggleborn house... you did a hilarious job with that. :D Not the dishes! What if they were centuries old china from someone important!?!?!

Balancing charms - I need one for my bike.

I'm happy they got Charlotte healing time. Their trip to the cemetary was a great scene.

When you said it wasn't as good as the previous Easter, I thought it might have been a dramatic holiday and I was glad to be wrong.

Yay!!! I hope Mel gets to have a lot of unspeakable fun!!!

Um, if Mandy becomes a rockstar clothes designer, that'd be rad. :D

ahaha, I love Mandy's recruitment technique for their duelling practice club. Just shout it at the CR. I love her a little. I love the line about snakes being stepped on biting back. Such a perfect way to talk about their need to defend themselves. I'm so glad that Mel and Mandy are leading the group!! They're such good teachers and *hugs story*. I want to smack Hector just wanting to look out for himself through all this. It's pretty cool that each house has their own defense group!

Um, you know what this chapter is lacking? SNOGGING!

Oh hey, there's Sirius and Remus. :)

hehe, I like that Sirius and Mel dueled a bit. Now they should snog. ;) WHOO! SNOGGING!!

O.O I need the next chapter now! This was amazing. And I have no idea why the scarecrow got an award.


Author's Response: I had to, your consistently wonderful reviews have been one of the best things about posting this story!

Hehe, I'm glad you liked April Fools :p Melanie isn't technically a pureblood, as her granddad (who was mentioned like twice) is Muggle-born, but she definitely knows as much about electricity as your average pureblood! Well, if they were heirloom china dishes... they *were* heirloom china dishes :p

I'm really glad you liked the cemetery scene too. There was never closure before so I think they needed that.

Oh goodness, I'm just imagining the types of clothing Mandy would design and coming up with all these hilarious images in my mind. I think her sense of fashion is quite silly :p

Yay! Its great to hear that you like their defense group and the way they lead it. With Hector... it's not so much that he's only looking out for himself, more that he's a pacifist. He believes in the cause that his friends want to fight for, and he supports them, but he doesn't want anything to do with war.

hold your hippogriffs, I wouldn't leave a chapter that's dedicated to you without any snogging scenes. Next time I'll put a little disclaimer at the top of the chapter that says "Scroll to line 37 for the snogging."

I'll put up the next chapter after my entry to your Princess Bride challenge gets validated ;)

And the scarecrow won an award because he was OUTSTANDING IN HIS FIELD. Ba-dum chhh.

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Review #11, by toomanycurlsMeissa: Anibel

7th March 2014:
Hello!! Doing our review swap!

I really love the sense of power and might in this chapter. Everything from the people she hangs out with to her own confidence gives Annibel a dark allure that is hard to quantify or define. This chapter does a great job setting up who the key players are and how they interact, at least on the Slytherin/future Death Eater side of the house.

You only spent a short bit talking about Anibel's initiation to the death eater clan but it was extremely powerful. The scant details you gave on what it was like to get marked let my imagination fill in so many gruesome details that you hinted at.

Anibel's relationship/infactuation with Regulus is extremely interesting. He sounds physically impressive as well as magically powerful.

The coded conversation Anibel has with her friends is quite amazing. I love how they get it right away and know the signifigance of the smallest phrase. If there's one thing the bad guys do well in HP, it's their covert communication.

Anni (is it two n's when her name is shortened?) and Regulus feel like they have this elaborate dance going on between them. I'm interested to see how their power struggle develops.

Ending with Anibel's assessment of other students, especially from the Gryffindor table is very iluminating. I like how observant she is!

Really interesting chapter!


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Review #12, by toomanycurlsEvil Will Prevail: Phase One Complete

7th March 2014:

...your opening description of smell x-( too vivid! :P or perfectly vivid. I can't decide. Your entire description of GInny's impact after the torture is gut-wrenchingly vivid.

Your evil Hermione reminds me a bit of vampire Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Thinking of Hermione as the heir to Voldemort is too much of a mind bender. I could totally see her being powerful and feared though if she were evil. Is Draco's weakness that he cares for people? Or that he's afraid at times?

I'm dying to know who the double is for Ginny. Now I'm curious who sent them the photo!! It's just too much for me!! So is the photograph a moving one that's just replaying a scene?


I really like how you explained the switcheroo they did. I was wondering about that. How did everyone miss that Hermione is evil though?


Author's Response: Hi Rose!

Thank you so much! It's great to know that my descriptions made such an impact! :D

I've never seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I don't really understand that reference. :/ You're right on both accounts! Draco's fear and slightly caring nature is what Hermione tries to get rid of later!

Hehe, yes it was Pansy. I wanted to put in as many twists into this story as possible. :D

Well, since it's AU, Hermione's evil nature was brought about from her first encounter with Voldemort, which was briefly mentioned in the second chapter. And after that, she was just pretending to be good. I'm thinking of writing a one shot as a prequel to this that explains Hermione's nature.

Thanks for the lovely review, Rose!! :)

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Review #13, by toomanycurlsHouse of Cards: Nine of Diamonds

7th March 2014:
The idea of Bellatrix slapping Sirius just seems incredibly awesome to me. I can picture it in slow motion with all the hate and drama going into it and the shock afterwards. I love the imagery of the black scuff mark on the floor - how perfect with Sirius having been a stain on his family tree.

I like the reference to James' father doing a talking to. Generally people write that James had free reign and never got any discipline but this small comment makes it clear that there was structure in the Potter household.

Oh god, I just want to hit Walburga. I've read a lot of stories where Sirius is quite abused at home and while you're not showing that here I get a vibe of dark punishments.

I do like that, despite his dislike/hatred of the family, the idea of accidentally killing his cousin weighs on him greatly. I mean, it'd be a bit disconcerting if he were excited about the prospect of offing her, but I would understand indifference to her pain.

Of course Remus is the voice of reason in his head! Go WolfStar!!

Tell me more about Sirius changing clothes. Were pants involved? :D

I'm incredibly curious about why he needs to be presentable...

Ooh, I really like how you've described Alphard. I like to think he has to be a decent guy to have helped Sirius out when he left home. I thought your comment about being brothers not meaning much was a great parallel to Sirius and Regulus.

Barty seems oh so oily and annoying. He can really turn on the charm when he wants to. I love Alphard even more for calling out the strangeness of having Barty at a family-only event. I really liked their banter back and forth (especially the biting comment).

The ending to this chapter was amazing! I'm so glad you had Alphard mention Barty/Regulus as their reactions kind of give away their relationship. Regulus' reaction to Barty's little rage was hilarious.


Author's Response: Hey there - so great to see you back again! :)

It is a strangely awesome image, haha! You feel kinda bad about it because it is slapping someone, but ah well :P It's a very emotive, sudden thing - slow mo would be very cool! I honestly didn't think of that when I wrote it, tbh, but I do love the idea when people point it out to me!

Yeah, I wanted to put it in for a whole bunch of reasons - because people see James as such a free spirit but his parents must have told him off at times, and also because Sirius goes to stay with them afterwards, so I wanted to show the difference between them.

She isn't the best mother, that's for sure! I actually really disagree with the idea of Sirius being abused at home, haha, so that wasn't quite what I was going for with this, but they're not exactly the normal sort of punishments you'd get, perhaps. Harsher and longer.

Thank you! I know I portray his relationships with his family different to a lot of other stories, but I can't imagine that even if you didn't like your family, you'd want to kill them. Besides, Sirius isn't much of a killer!

Haha, it's mostly coz Remus is the only sensible Marauder! But feel free to read WolfStar into it if you want! (Though it's unlikely there'll be more of Remus in future, sorry!)

Haha, yeah, there were :P

I find it kinda ironic that you say that since in my head Alphard is just as bad as the rest of them, haha. Though there wasn't all that much of him in this so far... But yeah, helping Sirius out is a fairly nice thing to do... the brother thing.. I think it's both a parallel and an opposite, if that makes sense, because Sirius at least wants to have a good relationship with Regulus, whereas Alphard sort of couldn't be bothered.

Barty is kinda annoying :P He's so much fun to write though! Yeah, I kinda included it because people had remarked on it in reviews, so because I can't answer 'why' yet, I included it :P The banter was so great to write! Ooh, sure there's a relationship? ;) Alphard is definitely trying to stir things up, though, but their reactions definitely aren't exactly screaming 'no', haha!

Thank you so so much for the review - I really loved it! Thank you! :)

Aph xx

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Review #14, by toomanycurlsmaybe, once.: maybe, once.

7th March 2014:

Reg/Barty!?! I feel like this could be a side story to House of Cards! (I totally ship them because of your story, btw)

I love Barty's eagerness at Regulus and think it's terribly sad that his feelings aren't requited. I mean, even if it's friends++ with some romance in the background, Reg just isn't there. AND HE HAS A DATE!?!?

Barty is just so dejected! I love your paragraph about them not being boyfriends. It's just so perfect and gives an exact setting for their relationship.

I'm kind of on the edge of my seat with Barty stalking Reg on his date. I could imagine Regulus just going through the motions so that he can make his parents happy. I'm worried about Barty as he's going through his jealous seething and thinking of how he'd kiss Regulus if given the chance (or if he could take the opportunity).

oh no! Reg kissed her!! I like that Regulus confronts Barty about following him. I love that Barty is laying it all out on the table and puts his heart on the line. THEN OH MY - HE KISSES HIM!!

That kiss was wow. I'd switch sig. others for that kiss. It's just so heart breaking that Regulus still refused to entertain a relationship with him. It's also so sad that Barty is content to be what Reg goes towards when he's bored. :(

Incredibly awesome!!


Author's Response: Hey Rose - thanks so much for stopping by! :)

Haha, yeah, it really could be! (Technically, age-wise, it would be after House of Cards, but whatevs :P) Yay, I've converted you! :)

Yeah, it's really sad how he wants a proper date and Reg to be a proper boyfriend, but he refuses. It is, I think, a fairly romantic relationship, but Reg doesn't want it to be, if that makes sense?

Thank you! :) I wasn't totally sure about putting it in, but I wanted to emphasise the relationship aspect and how he wanted a date kinda fulfilled that, haha.

Haha, it's a little creepy, tbh! And yeah, Reg would definitely go through with the way things are supposed to go because it's expected, which I think is almost more upsetting, you know? He shouldn't have to... Barty's kinda on the edge, definitely - it's not the best state for him to be in!

Ooh, yeah, Reg kisses her... it's a very painful conversation for both of them, really. He kisses him! There's a surprisingly lot of kissing going on, haha... :P

Haha, I'm glad you liked it! I still find writing kissing scenes a little bit awkward, simply because I feel I have to get them right, you know? Strange, but true! ;) And yeah, it is really sad :(

Thank you so much for the wonderful review! I'm so glad you liked it since romance isn't really my thing, but it was so much fun to write! Thank you! :)

Aph xx

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Review #15, by toomanycurlsBirdie (Speed Dating Entry): Birdie

6th March 2014:
Hi!!! RRT!

Can I just say, best story intro, ever!??! I love the simplicity and cute you put in that. You didn't over work it or beleaguer it with blah blah blah - it was just light and fresh with the perfect amount of narration and background so i know where the story is going.

At first I was all what the heck is he doing but then I laughed *so* hard at him having a deck of flash cards to remember who people are in the fam. :D

Oh dear Merlin, how did he expect a nice manor house??! haven't they talked before? :P Whoo! at least he was sold once he walked in. I mean, even if it's not pretty on the outside, I've always imagined the Burrow would feel like a hug.

Hugo's warning is *hilarious*. I guess that's what happens when you have 6 sons - all daughter in laws. I'm pretty sure Hugo just upped Scorpius' blood pressure by a lot.

Their reactions are classic!! AND I LOVE THAT ROXANNE SAID WHAT GEORGE SAID IN DH!! Then Ron had to... oh dear...

I can't wait to read the companion for this!! I know everything will be okay for them (because I'm not writing the story) but oh man, I just want to hug them or give them a support group to go to!


Author's Response: Aww, you're so sweet!! Both my partner and I started our stories with sort of unrelated narratives, so it worked out well!!

I'd probably need flashcards to remember all of my S/O's family if they were a Weasley.

I don't think he really expected a nice manor, but Rose's descriptions probably led him to believe it was a more... traditional house.

Hugo means well, haha.

Yep, lots of daughter-in-laws.

Roxanne is one of my favorite next-gen characters. She and Dom are my next-gen equivlent to Fred and George.

Ron... yeah... oh dear is right... he's... he's Ron. He'll come around. A little.

Haha, everything will (eventually) turn out okay for Rose and Scorpius!!

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Review #16, by toomanycurlsLack of Proof: He's seriously!

5th March 2014:

I got a serious laugh at the "did no one else see that" One because of the idea that, yeah, no one saw him do it and two because that had to be a huge let down to not have witnesses to vanquishing Voldemort. Is there an emergency eye wash station for him to get the Voldy dust out of his eyes?

I'm not surprised to see them ask for proof that Voldemort is dead. That has to be horribly awkward for him though. I'm so torn between laughing and wanting to hug Harry. ahaha, Harry explaining the fight is hysterical. Oh man, he needs charts for that one. Oh and now it's sad that his closest friends are having a hard time believing Voldy is dead.

Yay for magic liquid memory!! aw, poor, poor Harry robbed of his moment of celebration.

This is hysterical and quite good. I mean, the movies mucked up so much of the books that trying to conenct them is boudn to be hard.

Great job!!


Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for reading and reviewing :)

This story was basically a way for me to cope with my negative feelings regarding the way (I feel) the movie makers completely mucked up the Harry/Voldy battle. I'm glad you found it funny. I've never really written anything like this before, so I wasn't sure how people were going to react. Glad to hear that I didn't completely miss the mark :P

I think Harry might be out of luck with the eye wash station, though I do see great potential in him trying to aguamenti himself in the face to try to wash out his eyes :P

Harry explaining the fight was one of my favorite bits. It really is quite complicated when you think about it. Especially considering how little anyone outside of himself, Hermione, and Ron know.

Thanks again for reading and for leaving a review! I really appreciate it :)

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Review #17, by toomanycurlsJust Go With It: Planning

4th March 2014:
Hello! Doing our review swap!

I'm always surprised in this story how much Viktor just puts up with. He doesn't seem like he'd be in with the muggle born bashing but he just quietly listens (which goes against his hot headed response to the sign of the deathly hallows). I was glad that he eventually said something about her plan being a bit strange.

I think you mean flustered when you have flattered. At least I can't imagine Amy being flattered (pleased) when Viktor tells her that the plan won't work or when she tells her brothers to shut up.

Viktor's desire not to be linked to anyone is a bit interesting. Then it's all sad with him not liking his life or himself. :( He does seem to go back and forth between annoyance at Amy and flat out indifference to his circumstance.


Author's Response: Hello Rose! Sorry for the late response! RL was quite busy. :(

I totally can know what you're thinking! Viktor is saying nothing about what is going on, but I think his situation should also be considered here. He is totally heartbroken and is determined to forget Hermione or at least stop thinking about her all the time and he's sort of seeking for any possible distraction. Amy is a big one actually. ;)

Oh, yeah, I wanted to say 'flustered' precisely.. I must have got a bit carried away while writing and must have wrote flattered instead. That's typical me! But I'll go back and correct it. Thanks for pointing that out!

Viktor never really liked to be the center of attention, did he? That's why he doesn't want himself to be what everyone is talking about.

Thanks for the wonderful review!


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Review #18, by toomanycurlsMy Little Secrets: When Things Were That Easy

3rd March 2014:

Yay!! A flashback!!! Gweneviere Fontaine sounds like a talkshow host name. Have you seen Grease?

Gwen is so outgoing and kind. I wish Lucy were more confident. I like that they each think the other has nicer hair. Such a girl thing. :) Ah! I love that Gwen declared their friendship at the train ride - she's so sweet. I can see how Lucy fell for her then.

PERCY CAN'T BE ALL JUDGEMENTAL AND ARGH! I'm going to shake my laptop into pieces here!! Just let Lucy have a loving fam! turd...

I'm so happy her parents were mad about the lie and not the relationship. I mean, sure, not expected but I'm just glad the issue was that she wasn't who she was dating. Just, YES!!!

Oh man, I like that they even balanced out her negative self talk about her weight. just make her voice go away!!

I loved this chapter!


Author's Response: HI ROSE!

Haha, the flashback was the easiest part of the chapter. OH MY GOODNESS IT WAS SO HARD TO CHOOSE A LAST NAME I SAT HERE FOR THREE HOURS JUST STARING AT A LIST I HAD MADE UP. Um, I've been IN grease. ;)

I like that you like all of that stuff. OH AND THIS IS THE STORY THAT IS GOING TO MAKE YOU CRY! (eventually)

What's a loving family? After all of the suggestions I got in the thread I posted about how Percy would react, it seemed fitting that he was awkward and judgy, but forgiving.

Good luck on the voice going away. No promises. Like. At all. Not even a mini one. Nope.

I'm flattered that you loved this chapter!

xoxo Sarah

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Review #19, by toomanycurlsThe Best Valentine's Day Ever - Speed Dating Entry: Carnations and Cakes

3rd March 2014:

I read Dee's side of this a bit ago and was remiss to not immediately come to read yours. *hides*

But I'm here now!

I love the way you've contrasted Lorcan to the rest of his family. After reading Dominique saying he dumped cake on her, I thought he had to be such a nut ball - but he's quite normal and just got a bit ahead of himself showing off.

Lorcan is sweet and a bit hard on himself but their date was going quite well for most of it... Dominique and Lorcan both seem a bit shy and unsure of themselves which is just wonderful for a first date.

And, oh dear, the cake fiasco was much less random in your story than it seemed in the other. It was almost quite the romantic moment.

I just wanted to hug Lorcan as he sat all sad and dejected in their CR. I am glad Dominique sought him out and was sweet to him. Lorcan's alarm at hearing that Lysander talked about him is understanding siblings know way too much to be given free reign to talk to someone's crush!

I loved the line about her tasting like icing - it's such a sweet way for their first kiss to go!


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Review #20, by toomanycurlsAgainst All Odds: One Year Later

3rd March 2014:

I love how you've fast forwarded a year into their marriage and to the battle. I know it's all heartache and feels but I had to laugh at Tonks putting a cushioning charm on the floor. She totally would have been a cool mom!!

SHE NEEDS TO FOCUS! she can't run around distracted in the middle of a battle!

It was stupid for me to try to read this at work. KIANA, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?! Tonks and Remus were just perfectly happy together and they should have survivied the battle and grown old with several more children. REMUS HAD SURVIVED SO MANY BATTLES!! why did he have to die here?

The way you ended it - mid sentence just hit me like a punch straight to the feels. Tonks was full of hope and excitement and then just died. Tonks' determination to live just made her death that much harder for me.

Now I'm trying to hide that I'm crying at my desk. I do love that you gave them the ending JKR should have put in the books.

I know this is all over the map but I just loved this chapter and the whole story.


Author's Response: ROSE!

I know, it was the only way to do it, but then it's making me want to write a sequel to fill in the years I missed out. I know what you mean about Tonks, it's just like for once in your life do not be a headless chicken, ok?

SORRY. NOT REALLY SORRY. SORT OF SORRY MAYBE. CRUSHING PEOPLE'S HEARTS IS INEVITABLE WITH THE TWO OF THEM. Gah, it's so sad, we can set up a support group for those who can't deal with their deaths.

I know, I feel bad about it but I just wanted to show the real Tonks, the one who lived in the moment without really thinking and then it obviously had to end that way.

I'm so glad that you liked it, and I really hope you succeeded in hiding, I really wish JKR had given them the ending too!

Thank you for this amazing review and all the other ones on the story too, it was great fun to follow your thoughts throughout it! ♥


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Review #21, by toomanycurlsDivided: The Tale of the Hogwarts Founders: Chapter II

3rd March 2014:
Sorry this is so late! I went to bed and then slept in and I'm a horrible person!

My bat senses are telling me that there could be a something something between Godric and Rowena. I don't care if she has the feels for Salazar. She can have them both! ;) (also, I'm in a shippy mood)

Oh, he's married. Did I know he was married? Or do I just like to ship unshippable people? Mrs. G hates on the feathered tunics - quite the fashionista. :P Their muggle friends know they're wizards? I guess there's not an international statute of secrecy.

I love that this was Godric's issue with using his wand against muggles: "It is not noble to fight with a wand against Muggles," - how very fitting given his house motto and other information we know about his character. At least the Baroness knows who her wizard friends are. I do like the idea of wizards working alongside muggles like this.

You really did make the victory not feel like a victory. So much pain and heartache. I can see the seeds for the statute of secrecy. It must have been scary for the muggle parents to worry that magic would kill their kids. I love that Godric wants to spring into action and try to fix it. I'M SO HAPPY THEY'RE FINALLY SET ON STARTING A SCHOOL!!! You did a wonderful job making a school the next logical thing for him to consider. I can't wait to see what's next.


Author's Response: Late? No worries - I seriously have no concept of time anymore with my nomad-ness. omg I think I just invented a word. Nomadness: the state of crazy induced by a life of constant travel (a combo of nomad and madness.)

Well that got off track really quickly. Uh.. oh yeah. Godric and Rowena! Haha, just because they were having a chat about war? :p Hm, romantic.

In your defense I don't think I had mentioned Godric's wife in the previous chapter. Haha, I wouldn't say you ship unshippable people.. more that you just ship *everything* :D

Well, yeah, she has opinions about fashion, but I also think that wizard fashion is kind of goofy anyway and probably was in the 10th century as well haha. I don't think the statute of secrecy existed until the 1600s or something, or at least until the times of witch burning. I would imagine that especially in these early times magic coexisted with muggles (for the most part... though obviously not always )

I'm glad you thought Godric seemed appropriately Gryffindor-ish, and that the school seemed like the next logical step!

Thanks so much for reading and for your review!

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Review #22, by toomanycurlsThis Could Be Good: Forever and Please Don't Go

2nd March 2014:
Yay for Claw swapping!

I really like the romantic imagery you use in the first few paragraphs. It does an amazing job pulling me into the mood for the story. I did think that the hair dancing was repeated a few times right in a row. I thought re-read something (which I do a lot). Your sentence about her eyes being pools of various emotions was excellent!

The analogies you use to describe the relationship really pulled at me. The sun and this person is hte sky holder her up - it's quite powerful. Though, the apple and tree kiiind of made me think parental (you know, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree).

I love the intensity of the kiss. I could definitely get the heart racing vibes you were writing.

haha, they had an audience!! I'm dying to know who the other lady is. The warm and fluff of this totally made my night!

and, I need deets on the person you met! Is it something or just butterflies?!?!


Author's Response: Yay!

I'm so sorry mine took so long! Don't hate me!

Thanks! I really just wrote this, and then submitted it and then went wait, I didn't edit that. I definitely do need to go through and fix some things, and I know hair-dancing was on the list ;) I'll definitely be sure to take a look now.

I'm honestly flattered that you really liked this. Yeah, there has to be something better than an apple, I'll go through and fix that one. I can't even pretend to know what I was thinking when I wrote that.

Haha, the person I met. Oh man, it was really just butterflies and one too many martinis. Which I realized as an after fact. But! I did write this! So, I guess it was worth it.

Thanks for the review swap darling!

xoxo Sarah

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Review #23, by toomanycurlsAgainst All Odds: The Penultimate Confession

28th February 2014:
Hello Kiana!! I'm so worried you're going to make me cry this chapter (I know you'll do it next chapter anyway).

You did such a good job with the scene from HBP. It's impossible to avoid retelling that scene and I really liked Tonks' view on it. I loved her snapping point where she just has to do one more crazy thing that night. I especially liked (and cheered at) the fact that her resolution grew stronger after his rather meager rebuff.

I laughed at how funny Tonks can be - even after going through Dumbledore's death. I loved that she joked about making her exercise for him.

You write kisses very well. ;) I wanted to make a little outburst when he pulled back so I'm glad she did! (Team Tonks!) I'm suddenly quite interested in what Remus has to say... haha, I'm not sure how lovey i'd feel if someone called me a clumsy, idiotic, foregetful strange lady. Though, I like that he acknowledges her shortcomings and still loves her.

I get Tonks' apprehension at this point - this is usually where he cuts her off and says they can't see each other. DON'T LEAVE HER (ME) HANGING!

This is the best idea Remus has ever had!! Though, I am a bit curious when Tonks realized he was proposing because she seems to be expecting it by the end. I really love her line of thought regarding what she sonce did to fairy cake and how that turned out alright. :D

Incredible chapter! But the next one o.o will be so full of FEELS.


Author's Response: Rose, hehe, that's the point of Ronks stories - happiness does not exist in them :p

I know, that was the bad thing about writing them because I knew I would have to do at some point but there's the 3 line rule and of course you don't want it copied straight out, so I had have her zoned out for quite a bit instead!

I know, Tonks will always make jokes no matter what. I sort of wish the next chapter included more of them, but you know, other things were sort of going on too :p

Phew, I hate writing them it's so awkward and always feel like I underwrite them if that makes sense. Yeah, I think Remus realised that with someone like Tonks it doesn't matter what you say her too (within limits, mind!), because accepting those things makes them love each other more. ok, that didn't really make sense but hopefully you get the gist!


I know, only Tonks would compare a proposal to a fairy cake, though I guess it is a valid analogy in a roundabout way :P

I'm so glad that you liked this chapter, because, well, the next one isn't going to be so cheery... :'(


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Review #24, by toomanycurlsEvasive Normality : Chapter 1

22nd February 2014:
oh man, angst, angst, sadness, angst.

I can really appreciate Ron's feeling of desperation at not knowing how to deal with his own grief, let alone that of his family and friends. I liked the idea of them all being despondant after going to so many funerals and not knowing how to move foward with their lives.

It seems to me that Ginny (and Hermione) are being a little hard on Ron (and Harry). I mean, they're struggling just as much as the others. :-/ It's kind of funny because I thought Ron was being as sensitive as I've seen him when he went to make tea for everyone.

Hermione's sense of losing control and not being capable of steering her life back in a good direction was just heartbreaking. I think ti's very common after so much loss and tragity to feel like that.

I hope there's something to help everyone perk up soon!


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Review #25, by toomanycurlsThe Sea Serpent of Cromer : Middle

22nd February 2014:
Hello!!! I read this while I was waiting for my appointment and had to hold in a great deal of oohing and awing. Reading FF in public makes me look almost crazy.

I really enjoyed your quote at the beginning from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. It put me in mind of the zooligocial perspective for this story.

This chapter, I connected that it's Nicolas Flamel telling thiss tory. That was my first moment of unabashed excitement. I can't remember if you explicitly pointed out who the narrator was in the last chapter but I was certainly excited about it here. That gives the story so much more credibility as an actual historial record.

I love the idea of the Ministry using informers to catch when magic was done in front of muggles. I imagine that it'd be easy to find out about with technology being so limited so anything magic would stand out greatly.

Bode doubting whether there had been a monster to begin with reminded me of Fudge's treatment of Harry with the dementers. I wonder if this incident caused them to add the amendment about doing magic to save a muggle's life. Ooh, and I like how you mentioned the obliviator looking tired from taking all those memories from the muggles. It's such an interesting idea that it would exact something on the wizard to mess with someone's memory.

I was excited to see the Gaunts make an appearance in this story and to hear a bit about their intermixing with muggle elitist classes. It seems that muggles are worthless unless they have quite a bit of gold.

I really like how you give hints about when this story is being told. I've decided that one of the kids has to the beater Peakes who played quidditch with Harry - that fits with the hints you gave about Voldemort and Dumbledore being alive. Then slipping in that their parents are fighting in the (first?) war is just wonderful. You are a brilliant person.

I couldn't believe that Peakes stole the sorting hat from Hogwarts!! I love the side story on how corrupt the school was then and that muggleborns had to be exceptional to get in. Even the bit about poorer students not studying for the entire time (which you also have in Play the Devil but I love that you're consistent in your HP-lore).

Oily lips - ew. X-|

This story is so multidimensional that my head my explode from your awesome. It's like Princess Bride except your have a more compelling story with the kids here.


Author's Response: Hi Rose! :)

Ah, reading FF in public is so funny! :) I'm sure a lot of us can relate to this. :P

I'm glad you liked the quote! I wanted to drive home the idea that the sea serpent isn't naturally violent and what the official records and authorities might say about things like this.

Yay! Yes, I'm not sure why it didn't feel quite right to explain outright he was Flamel in the last chapter, but I'm glad you like the connection. Despite his biases and generally irritable personality, Flamel definitely has the authority to be telling this story. It's so interesting, thinking of how much he's lived through: it makes me want to write so many more stories about him!

I'm happy you liked the detail about the informers. It gives the chance for corruption but also for how knowledge and law would have worked in those times. The Ministry's corruption at this point and the informers make it quite dangerous to be a wizard.

I love how you connected this to Fudge - Bode is rather like a more violent and brutal version of him. And there might be a little more to his character than just ignorance... :P This would definitely be one of the incidents which people might cause a fuss about and might lead to eventual policy changes, I'd like to think. I'm glad you liked the detail about the Obliviators as well! I felt it would have to be a very difficult and straining job, or else everyone would go around Obliviating everyone else all the time when they did something bad. :P

Yes! In my head canon anyway, wizards have no problem mingling with Muggles if they have the chance to gain from it and exploit the Muggles.

Ooh, interesting connection! :) They definitely have something to do with that boy. You're so perceptive, hehe. :)

I know! Hogwarts in my mind goes through periods of prosperity and corruption depending on the Headmaster. I'm glad you liked the consistency, hehe. It's fun letting the stories link to one another in very subtle ways.

Ew. Agreed.

I'm glad you like the different levels of the story, it was actually so much fun to write and imagine! I'm excited for you to read the next chapter (review swap soon?) and to hear your thoughts on it... the story weirdly ended up turning into a bit of a mystery. I'm happy you find the story with the kids compelling as well, I was quite pleased with how it fit together.

Thank you for the amazing review, Rose! :D I love hearing your thoughts and reactions here, you're just such a great reviewer!

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