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Review #1, by SiriuslymissedThe Wallflower: Prologue| Part One

3rd September 2007:

Favoriteddd. Times a million.

You are my life. This prologue is one of the best I have ever read. I absolutely adore it. Like I adore youuu.


And the kiss at the end was super HAWT. I love it.

You're amazing. ILY.

Author's Response: I MISS YOU. THE BOARDS ARE BLOCKED. Thanks for the review.

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Review #2, by SiriuslymissedSchadenfreude: Chapter IV

10th July 2007:
Didi. It's harder to keep up with this and your other fics on the boards than I imagined. I feel terrible, but you know how I feel about this masterpiece all ready, so I'll try to keep it short.

A muscle twitched in his jaw and his eyes narrowed, but he simply shrugged his shoulders and said tonelessly, “Dunno. He might. Be careful around him though, Hermione. I don’t trust him.”

Bahaha. OHRON. So subtle.

Ron was not one for subtlety.

Lmao, I swear I didn't know that was like two sentences later. I'm writing this as I go along.

AWW. The conversation between Hermione and her mother is so heartbreaking. The dialogue is wonderfully written, you really get a sense of each of their emotions and it's easy to connect with each character and understand their different view points.

“Oh, believe me, you would not be taking me out for coffee if you had.” In truth, nothing had happened for Hermione to say that.

That made me laugh really hard for no particular reason. Perhaps because Hermione is such a failure at life? Uhh, possibly. =]

There were no firecrackers or sensations of being swept off her feet when he kissed her.

There are no words to describe my intense love for that line. Honestly, it's so simple, but it's just... amazing.

The whole exchange between Hermione and Malfoy was magnificent. I loved how passive and indifferent he was about everything, and how confident and just... knowing Hermione was about everything he said. I'm being kicked off the computer right now, so I can't respond to the rest fully, but, I absolutely love this entire chapter. The combination of flashbacks and present time verses is perfect and really adds to the story. Everything is wonderfully detailed and I just lose myself in your beautiful writing as I go along. I cannot wait to read the next chapter. Even though I've read the whole story all ready, it's still so refreshing compared to everything else that's out there.

You're an AMAZING writer, as you know, and ILY DIDI!


Author's Response: I can't properly reply to this either since I too am being booted off, but.



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Review #3, by SiriuslymissedBeauty in the Breakdown: Beauty in the Breakdown

2nd July 2007:


This story is absolutely magnificent. I can't even tell you. First of all, the plot is wonderful. It's suspenseful, angsty, perfectly paced, and it's just brilliant.

The idea of the blackouts is amazing, and I love how Malfoy is SO certain that Zabini committed all of the murders and he studies him and whatnot, only to discover that he is behind it all. He wanted to believe so badly that he was good, it was heartbreaking. Beautifully written and completely in-character.

I LOVE the repetition of the first line at the end, it's such a great way to end it and it seems so final and like, everything has come full circle.

"Coffee, Mr. Malfoy?" was also sheer brilliance. I'm kind of speechless. I know I've told you how much I love this before, but I just noticed it was on here, so I immediately had to comment on the magnificence of it all.


ILY. =]

And I'll still miss you over at the boards!

Author's Response: Can anybodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy find meeeeeeeee somebody toooooo. . . looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove?

Well I found Jess. So I technically found myself somebody to love. =]

Awww Jess I am going to miss you there SO much. SO much. And hey, congratulations on getting a part in "My Name Is...", which I plan on posting here someday. I should post "For Good" first, though, eh? Eh wot, wot wot? Hahaha *headdesk*.


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Review #4, by SiriuslymissedSchadenfreude: Chapter II

18th March 2007:
I'd forgotten how good the beginning was! I love how the story is always moving, the flashbacks are brilliant. Details that give you insight as to how the characters developed into what they are now, it's great.

And don't worry, Didi. People will stumble upon this masterpiece soon enough. It's wonderful work.


Author's Response: Thanks for supporting me, Jess. I'll have chapters three and four posted soon enough for you. =]

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Review #5, by SiriuslymissedSchadenfreude: Chapter I

21st February 2007:
Hola Didi.

I saw that "Schadenfreude" got posted here so I rushed over to leave you a review because it's so wonderful. I really don't know what else to say about it, it's so magnificently written. I can't get enough. I absolutely love the idea of flashbacks and you executed them perfectly. Everyone's in character and that in itself is an amazing accomplishment.

I like the trials, too. It's different, but very realistic. You can really understand the emotions everyone is feeling and I love how you justify them. Basically, it's brilliant. You are very talented and I'm so glad I found this story.

Ha, I know you must be getting annoyed by my constant suckupishness, but, I can't help it.


Author's Response: Ahhhh Jess, thank you dear. You truly are wonderful and I am so glad that you found "Schadenfreude" here instead of at the boards. -hugs-

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Review #6, by SiriuslymissedSiblings: Thoughts

14th December 2006:
Brilliant! Your an amazing writer, it's so well written. I thought for the most part everyone was in character and I absolutely love that last part about Percy missing them [even though he's still a prat!] Lol, good job. Another wonderful masterpiece! :]

Author's Response: Percy is still a prat and I despair to see what becomes of him. Still, I hope that at the very worst he is uninvolved, rather than involved on the wrong side. Thanks for reviewing this story, Jess, and thank you for all of your warm reviews, they really mean a lot!

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Review #7, by SiriuslymissedYou Know Me Better Than That: You Know Me Better Than That

14th December 2006:
Haha, loved it. The humor is great! I loved that bit at the end. Genius! :] Good work!

Author's Response: Thanks, Jess! This was such a fun bit of fluff to write. I always love throwing in something at the end if I can... Can't always, but I'm glad you enjoyed my humble attempt.

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Review #8, by SiriuslymissedShe Knows the Truth: She Knows the Truth

14th December 2006:
Oh, I love it! Especially that bit about Hermione belonging to Ron. It was really well written, I enjoyed it alot. And the way you wrote Lavender is just brilliant, really, I just loved it. Amazing!

Author's Response: Thanks, Jess! I had so much fun writing this piece, but I wasn't sure how it would be received. I'm glad that you enjoyed it.

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Review #9, by SiriuslymissedRunaway: Chapter Fifteen: Capture

7th December 2006:
Wow. I don't even know what to say. I've just finished reading the whole thing and I am in shock. You are an amazing writer. You make everything so believable and you have such a carefully thought out, well planned plot. You see all those other stories that's only about the romance and make no sense whatsoever, jumping into things too quickly, but you took the time to fully develop the characters and make them well-rounded. It was absolutely amazing and wonderful and I'm positively jealous that you're such a brilliant writer! Please update as soon as possible, I can't wait for more! Absolutely love this, well done.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much. I have cried and bled to make this fic, this pairing, believable, so thank you so much for your words. I'm so glad that you think it is. I've worked hard on the plot, and making the characters believable, and it's the reviews like this that make it all worth it.

As for my writing abilities, hmm ... all i can say is: Practice Makes Perfect. Again, thanks a lot. It really is appreciated.

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Review #10, by SiriuslymissedMissing Moments: Boxes of Memories

12th November 2005:
Beautifully written and magnificent, as expected. Wonderful job! Amazing descriptions and emotion you put into the characters. Again, brilliant! Simply marvelous! You've got true talent and I'm so glad you decided not to waste it. Excellent job, you're an extraordinary writer, Paloma, keep going =)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Siriuslymissed - I'm so pleased that you liked this chapter. I wondered if people would have trouble with it, since the mood is a bit different. I'm glad that it still worked for you. Have a great day! Paloma

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Review #11, by SiriuslymissedMissing Moments: For Those Who Hunt the Wounded Down

7th November 2005:
Wonderful! I mean, what can I say? Brilliantly written, Remus and Tonks are such a cute couple! I love how you captured their emotions and made the readers feel how they felt. You're truly an amazing writer, this is definately one of the best fics I've ever read, easily. I loved every bit of it, especially the cute awkwardness between Remus and Tonks. You describe everything so perfectly and it's just... magnificient! Beautiful job, I really can't express how much I enjoyed reading this, I can't wait for more. Definately one of my favorites =) Wonderful job!

Author's Response: Wow - thank you, Siriuslymissed! I really appreciate the effusive review! LOL! I'm so pleased that you enjoyed my story. I have LOVED writing it, and it means a great deal to me that the readers can sense my enthusiasm. There should be another chapter by mid-week, and I hope you enjoy it! Thank you so much! Paloma

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Review #12, by SiriuslymissedA Backwards and Rather Unorthodox Fairytale: The Beginning

25th October 2005:
It's good, but here are some helpful tips. When writing dialogue, try to leave a space between each line. Seperate it a little more so it will be easier to read. Also, as boring as it may seem, adding little "Ginny said" or "her father said" and adding in their expressions or how they are saying it will make it more interesting to read. Another thing, try to make the chapters a little longer if you can. An easy way to do this is to thoroughly describe everything and add a lot of details. It shows creativity, time, effort, and makes the story more deep and fascinating. Excellent job so far! It's really good! Keep writing, your doing a wonderful job and I'm sure as the story progresses you'll get even better. =)

Author's Response: I know the whole thing about "Ginny said" and all that junk, but that's really not my style. I hate just using the word "said" all of the time, and most of the time I can't think of any other words. It's a work in progress. Personally, I think my OTHER story is tons better.

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Review #13, by SiriuslymissedA Life Without Harry:: A new beginning: It All Starts With A Phone Call

2nd October 2005:
I think you're moving it along very quickly, and not being descriptive enough. You should try to describe the character's surroundings, it will make the story more interesting to read. Also, I think you jumped into the Ginny/Draco stuff very quickly without explaining much. Please take this as contructive criticism and not offensively, it's good, keep writing, just try to think about those things. =)

Author's Response: Did you read the one-shot? And i know i'm not that good at description...

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Review #14, by SiriuslymissedRemember? Letters From A Year After The End: It's Been A Year

24th September 2005:
Very well-written! Good job! Kind of sad though, poor Harry. Keep going, you're doing a great job, and you're an awesome writer. =)

Author's Response: Oh thank you!! Honestly, there's nothing in the world that pleases me more than a nice review =)

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Review #15, by SiriuslymissedCold Inside: One question

29th June 2005:
Hey guys, I know there's a respone button but this is addressed to everyone so I just decided to do this! Thank you sooo much for all the reviews, it's nice to know my work is appreciated! But please, feel free to give some suggestions and constructive criticism. Thanks again! I love you guys!

Author's Response: Ok, I'm sick of staring at this in my "unanswered reviews" thingy. So I'm responding. Just to make it go away. I'm not insane.

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Review #16, by SiriuslymissedCold Inside: Hogwarts, Here I come

14th June 2005:
Thanks for the reviews guys, and don't worry things get better.

Author's Response: Yeah, I'm that much of a loser I won't reply to each individual review.

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