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Review #1, by kaatsukiiEvaded: Will

2nd September 2006:
Ohhh...*applauds* I saw your plea for help on the forum and when I saw a linkie I clicked and found this amazing fic! Truely well written, filled with emotion and feeling. An amazing chemistry between the two characters. Oh I wish there were more Dramione fics like this!

Can't wait for the rest!

Kaat xx

Author's Response: Oh goodness! Thank you so much is all I can say! There need to be more like this? YAY! Ahhh, I feel very happy. haha, yes, the famous plea for help! I'm so glad you decided to click and T H A N K Y O U!!!!!!

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Review #2, by kaatsukiiTale as Old as Time: Tale as Old as Time

16th September 2005:
I love that song and I think you did really well fitting the fic with it! Congrats Kaat xx

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! I love the song too... lol

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Review #3, by kaatsukiiPick Up the Pieces: Pick up the pieces

16th September 2005:
awww!It's so pretty =D I love it! Please write more!

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Review #4, by kaatsukiiLove Me For Me, Not Who You Want Me To Be: Prologue

19th August 2005:
I think tis only fair when someone reviews for you to review their story in turn, and boy...I'm glad I did! This prologue is very scene-setting and I can't wait to read the rest! However, my mother wants me to go shopping! =( I'll read it later for sure! Kaat xx

Author's Response: I didn't expect you read my story, but I'm glad you did! I'm also glad you liked it! I just hope that you like the rest of the story as much as you like the first chapter. ^_^ Thanks for the review!

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Review #5, by kaatsukiiHogwarts Sanitarium: Fury of the Father

15th July 2005:
OMG! You are an amazing writer you know that? I love this story!!! Please keep it up Kaat xx P.S. Sorry I haven't reviewed in a while, I've been away =D

Author's Response: Thank you so much! You are very sweet! It's okay you didn't review! I'm just glad you liked the story! :D

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Review #6, by kaatsukiiHeart's Desire: The way I look at you

5th July 2005:
Very good but I just have to point one thing out - your summary. You've made a slight typo in it as the fifth year is most certainly not the final year. Just thought I'd let you know. Sometimes things like that (lapse of knowledge) puts people off a story. Anyway keep it up! Kaat xx

Author's Response: Ohhh I can't believe I did that. My goodness well thankyou for pointing that out, i'll get onto the case right away! THanks for the review!

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Review #7, by kaatsukiiHogwarts Sanitarium: Where am I?

29th June 2005:
I really...really...really REALLY love your story. It's Great!!! Please don't stop! =DDD Kaatsukii xx P.S. I like the idea that Hogwarts wasn't real...unless it is and you're just messing with my mind XD

Author's Response: Hehe, well, thanks for reviewing.

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Review #8, by kaatsukiiProject Wired: Project Wired

20th June 2005:
CONTINUE that's SO COOL!!! Kaatsukii xx

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Review #9, by kaatsukiiWhen History Repeats Itself: midinight wanderings

14th June 2005:
I like the introductory chapters a lot. The only thing I would suggest is that when someone speaks you put a space. Just makes for easier reading. Can't wait to see the next chapter! Kaatsukii xx P.S. thanks for reading and loving my story =DDDD

Author's Response: hi! yeah, i did luv ur stry! it wuz awsome! and i'll try and space it out more...if i can figure out this stupid computer!!! lol!

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Review #10, by kaatsukiiHate, Prejudice and Secret Intentions: Peace Treaty

13th June 2005:
Well I think it's safe to say you write WAY better than me! That is excellent =D Then again mine's kinda a set of patched ideas. I bet you thought yours through. But anywho It's AMAZING! I can't wait to read the next chapter =D Kaatsukii xx

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your kind review. :) At the moment I really don't feel like a good writer, so this review gave me courage. :) And writing is learning. It's constant work. I'm a beginner but I'm a bit older so I have a little more patience than many younger writers... nothing more. Writing is all about patience and constant nurturing of your imagination. Thank you for your wonderful review. :)

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Review #11, by kaatsukiiIn Mind, In Spirit: Prologue

12th June 2005:
I loved it on and I like it here! Me like the idea of James and Lily not getting together. Even though I thought it was a bit iffy at first, it's good, keep going and well gl with reviews =D Kaatsukii xx P.S. thank you for my first review

Author's Response: sorry i hate you

Author's Response: Written by the one and only Kimberbilly! Remind me not to leave my pc unattended with her around!

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Review #12, by kaatsukiiThe Heart of Bravery: A Close encounter

11th June 2005:
I really like it a lot but I wish you'd post more chapters!!! pretty please? Kaatsukii xx

Author's Response: Hey, I'm glad you like it. I have posted the second chapter early... just 'cause you asked so nicely! Thanks for the review!

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Review #13, by kaatsukiiWrong kind of love: Where's She Gone

9th June 2005:
Wow. This story is very good and the plotline one of the best I have read in a while. Please keep it going! P.S. don't let Lucius do anything of THAT nature to Hermy! Because there will be hell to pay if you do =P

Author's Response: im glad you like the plot you also have my friend hedwiglovespig, who guided me all along the way, to thank. Youll have to read on to find out if he does anything of THAT kind, but im not giving anything away. You're great xxx

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