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Review #1, by endofallSaturday Afternoons: Saturday Afternoons

28th September 2004:
wow! that was really good! 10/10 ooh i've got the shivers now! your banners are really nice as well!

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Review #2, by endofallSnapshot of Mortality: Prologue

22nd September 2004:
omg that was really good! your banner is awesome by the way! update soon! 10/10!

Author's Response: Thanx. I love reviews but then again who doesn't. Thanx for your compliments and I will update soon.

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Review #3, by endofallRiches to Rags: It's a Charmed Life

31st July 2004:
*gasp* KATTY! That was an awesome story!!! You better plan on updating because I plan on reading more! You're awesome with descriptions! You rock!!!

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Review #4, by endofallThe Usual Suspects: The Beginning of the Tale

30th July 2004:
i can't seem to be able to access the second chapter!!! The chapters list doesn't even show up! The only way to know that you posted a second chapter was by the review page where there was a section for reviews for that chapter. It even says there is only one chapter! I AM DISTRAUGHT! I hope you fix it! I want to read the next chapter so badly!

Author's Response: Don't worry. I posted it again a few hours ago 'cause I screwed up on something, so it should be up in a day or two, maybe less. Keep checking and it'll eventually come up.

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Review #5, by endofallThe Usual Suspects: The Beginning of the Tale

28th July 2004:
That was an awesome story! I just stumbled upon it today! I will definatly be checking to see if you updated! It was awesome!!!!! PLEASE KEEP WRITING!!!!!! Oh, by the do u get the banner to show up in the summary? 1000 POINTS FOR YOU!!! get 600 points for a really cool banner!

Author's Response: You are officially the first reviewer for my first romance fic. I'm glad you liked it- I'll post Chapter 2 right now just for you. As for the banner, I'm glad you liked it, 'cause I thought it stunk. I can't explain it well, but the folks at the messageboard can and they're very helpful, hell, some'll even make them for you. Check it out. Thanks again!

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Review #6, by endofallAnd He Was Gone: And He Was Gone

27th July 2004:
wow that was really good! I think it should be longer! I found your pen name reading old reviews for my old fic! And I'm glad i clicked it!!! (my old pen name was MadisonFelton) heh! Anyways! Kudos!

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Review #7, by endofallCheater: My song

5th January 2004:
I like! I absolutely can NOT write songs and you obviously can! I like how u fit it all in with Ginny/Harry.

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Review #8, by endofallAround the House With the Dark Lord: In the Bedroom With the Dark Lord

4th January 2004:
4 letters: LMAO! I LOVE THIS STORY! IT IS HILARIOUS! and in addition to the hilarious-ocity of this story, it is REALLY well written and has a lot of description, which i love! I GIVE U A TEN!

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Review #9, by endofallA Day In The Life Of Draco Malfoy: Having a Go

1st January 2004:
omg that was hilarious! I LOVE IT! u need some ballerina cheerio's but other than was awesome!

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Review #10, by endofallHarry Potter, Blue's Clues Style: Steve's Problem

1st January 2004:
omg! lmao! thats hysterical! i love this story with all my heart! plz update!

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Review #11, by endofallThe Visible Invisible: Stupefied

4th December 2003:
omg i still love this story! i know this is prolly my like 4th review, but i can't contain myself! YOU MUST CONTINUE!

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