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Review #1, by weaselBeeThe Price of Love: 79

2nd March 2006:
Im So sad. Its over. Very good work tho, amazing, im so happy i found this story.

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Review #2, by weaselBeeThe Price of Love: Chapter 74

9th November 2005:
Wow that was really good..and sadly short also.

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Review #3, by weaselBeeThe Price of Love: Chapter 73

15th October 2005:
sweet now theres a twist!

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Review #4, by weaselBeeAt the Beginning: Don't

24th September 2005:
omg i cant hate you!!! you no how HAPPY! this makes me feel! *tears* this was the best chapter and not just becasue ron was just realy good...OMG IM SO HAPPY! this just put the icing on a already good day! :)

Author's Response: thanks, but i think i've had better chapters, thanks for the compliment anyway and I'm glad you're happy!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #5, by weaselBeeLove through War: Confessions

20th September 2005:
very good only why isnt hermione going? off all people i would think she would go too...nice thinking witht the music that ite as some good ones dont it! :)

Author's Response: Hermione was made head of Department in excahnge for staying behind. Thank you so much for reviewing! Your the best

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Review #6, by weaselBeeCheck Yes or No: Check Yes or No

20th September 2005:
aw so sweet.

Author's Response: Thanks! :-)

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Review #7, by weaselBeeThe Wedding: Chapter Two

17th September 2005:
...why would i stop reading! that was wicked..

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Review #8, by weaselBeeThe Wedding: Chapter One

17th September 2005:
longer the better tho..more to read!

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Review #9, by weaselBeeHeartstrings: Just Another Dream

17th September 2005:
yeahh! write more.

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Review #10, by weaselBeeHeartstrings: The Department of Mysteries

17th September 2005:
Nice...Very nice. i like it. :)

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Review #11, by weaselBeeAt the Beginning: Dealing with the Past and Present

14th September 2005:
whooo wait your ending the story soon???? is that what im read?!? not you too! my 2 fav storys are coming to a end WHAT WILL I DO NOW!?!? *tears* ...tell me im reading this worng!...

Author's Response: I HAVE to wrap up this whole coma's starting to run thin. I'm sorry but I am so happy you enjoyed my story so much and thanks for being a faithful reviewer!!!!!!!!!

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Review #12, by weaselBeeThe Price of Love: Chapter 71

11th September 2005:
the beginning of the end? is that mean this story is almost...over? it cant be what will i do! this is my fav story!

Author's Response: Fraid that's exactly what it means. After 2 years of writing, my muse is one tired puppy. She needs a nice long break.

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Review #13, by weaselBeeAt the Beginning: Nothing Left

7th September 2005: always! very good, still so sad.. come on i hope Ron wakes soon

Author's Response: glad to see it...and the next chapter is not as sad...promise

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Review #14, by weaselBeeAt the Beginning: A Promise Kept

28th August 2005:
*chews popcorn mindlessly*..cant stop reading it! i even got my friend to read it! *tear* that was so sad...Ron Better wake soon..its driving me CRAZY!

Author's Response: WOW!!! I can officially thank you for getting me more readers, lol! No, really thanks, and I hope you save some popcorn for me, jk!

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Review #15, by weaselBeeAt the Beginning: Suspicions Revealed

13th August 2005:
sigh more cliffhanger....does dance i dont have school untill sept 6th BOO-YEAH! ...omg this is such a good story! it makes reading fun! (ho wcheesey was that)

Author's Response: normally, i enjoy your reviews and like responding to them, however, after learning of your return date I have no response (but I will give you dirty jealous looks, lol)

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Review #16, by weaselBeeAt the Beginning: Alive But Dead

8th August 2005:
*does dance* 4 all tho's who care...we found my cat! readly to jump of this cliff of clifhangers if i cant read more!!! :P

Author's Response: yeahhh!!!! I'm glad, I work with pets so I know what it's like...and please don't jump off a cliff...think of your poor cat

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Review #17, by weaselBeeAt the Beginning: Alive But Dead

7th August 2005:
*grumble grumble* cliffhangers...*sigh* oh well! it was still good! i feel the same right now...about having the people in a coma is wores then dead...its just my cat is missing and its killing me! keep up the good work.

Author's Response: OMG!!! I am SO sorry about your cat!!!! I know how bad it is when your pet is missing, I hope you find it and thanks for reviewing!

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Review #18, by weaselBeeFade To Black: Sweet Bliss

7th August 2005:
*giggles* Brooke *giggles* what a funny name....very nice...oh yes how was your grammies! so fun so fun....i wish you could be here helping the moment freddies on the lose someplace out side and i cant find him! well cant stay and chat all day now can I? nice off to find the missing cat! boomer

Author's Response: word dawg. dude hope you find the cat. anyway, i need you to help me with this story! cause you've got a different perspective. okay? goodie. guess what?! MCR is coming out with a video for Ghost of You!! yay!! peace

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Review #19, by weaselBeeAt the Beginning: An Unexpected Event

29th July 2005:
OMG NO!....i didnt expect that at ALL! you must.....update as soon as you can!....AHH! that was realy good...but still!!!! ron was stabbed!!!!!!!

Author's Response: i didn't think a lot of people would expect that...which is why I did it. You'll have to read to find out whether or not he's alive...

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Review #20, by weaselBeeAt the Beginning: Opportunities and Oppositions

23rd July 2005:
I know so close!!! very good chapter i like it! keep it up..

Author's Response: I KNOW!!!! thanks!

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Review #21, by weaselBeeAt the Beginning: Revelations

17th July 2005:
ohhh dont make it a few more chapters!!! make it sooner... :P

Author's Response: we shall see...

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Review #22, by weaselBeeAt the Beginning: Dissapointment

9th July 2005:
HORAY!!! more chapters and hbp my life is now complete.....haha :P

Author's Response: PHEW!!!! I was worried your life was only half-full there for a!!! Glad you enjoyed it!!

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Review #23, by weaselBeeA Diamond is Forever: Happily Ever After

5th July 2005:
that was' who cares! keep it up

Author's Response: glad you liked it!!!

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Review #24, by weaselBeeStolen: Stolen

5th July 2005:
Look at me! im making it 13 i love your wait i said i would write a review under my name and say i hated it...I HATE THIS F*ING STORY! DIE DIE DIE!... did i do a good job of saying i hated it?!?!? ~weaselbee~Boomer~ none of that is true...HARRY I LOVE YOU!..

Author's Response: yes!!!! i knew I would win out in the end!!! Harry is victorious over Hermy!!! Muahahahaha!! and stop reviewing boomer!! you're using all my space!! ;)

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Review #25, by weaselBeeThe Azkaban Chronicles: Seven Years

4th July 2005:
That...was a kida ocnfusing chapter! doesnt want me to stop reading tho! so keep it up!

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