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Review #1, by ArianeOne Sweet Day: Asesinato

15th August 2005:
Nice chapter....very informative.....kinda helps on the plot side, and makes you really think who the stalker is....

Author's Response: Thanks, that very nice of you! =)

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Review #2, by ArianeThe Last Chance: Confessing

5th August 2005:
that was soooooo....CUTE! it an awsome story and in some ways it was sad....but I really love this story....I really think you should continue, and I aggree with you that you shouldn't rush things...and after all it is a good story, hopefuly this motivated you!

Author's Response: Thanks, it really does help to see that someone appreciates the effort you put into writing a story. I'll start writing more.

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Review #3, by ArianeOne Sweet Day: Support from The Past

5th August 2005:
that was soooooo sweet. I loved it....the whole thing with ron and hermione's kiss not having any feeling to it was kinda dissappointing....but other than that I loved it.....update please!

Author's Response: Alright, but I wanted her to not feel anything special because I wanted it to be like a sign to her that she really belongs with Draco... :) Glad you liked everything but that, lol! I'll update asap

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Review #4, by ArianeOne Sweet Day: A not so Merry Christmas

25th July 2005:
OMG!!!!! that was sad....I almost was a great chapter. I really think you should write a sequal to this story.....and hummm...please update soon...this was a good chapter despite the reactions of some of the characters.

Author's Response: I almost cried to, when I wrote it. Glad you liked this chapter, I am thinking about some ideas for a sequel! ;)

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Review #5, by ArianeOne Sweet Day: The Secret

22nd July 2005:
awsome, abit shocking.....but awsome. Keep writting the story is getting intresting..

Author's Response: Thanks :) I think :D

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Review #6, by ArianeOne Sweet Day: Forgive and Forget

24th June 2005:
AWSOME! it's so sweet! keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank yoU!!

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Review #7, by ArianeOne Sweet Day: The new Weasley Twins

2nd June 2005:
awww, I loved it. It was so sweet.....keep writting!!

Author's Response: Thanks I'm glad you liked it

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Review #8, by ArianeOne Sweet Day: The Wedding Party (part two)

30th May 2005:
wow...nice I loved it. can't wait for the next chapter!!! :~)

Author's Response: Aw, thanks :) I'll update asap

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Review #9, by ArianeThis love of mine: Friends Betrayal

29th May 2005:
rock on!! your doing great but where has Harry gone? you ought to put him in there more. just and suggestion

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm ALWAYS looking for sugestions so thanks fgor reading!

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