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Review #1, by darktemplarFinding Herself: Muggle Magic

10th August 2007:
hi! awesome story! you have to keep writing and update real soon! this fic is great see ya in the next one!

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Review #2, by darktemplarJoining The Bloodlines: Pureblood With Mudblood

1st May 2007:
hey it's me again! you know how i like to re-read your story, and something was bothering me with the prophecy! the Malfoys they will begin the dark lord downfall, and the way Draco react in the last chapter gave you away! you know i really like the way you write. you always make me thing that you always are meking us see whats underneath! take care! see you soon

Author's Response: Very astute Darktemplar, gold star for you! I just had to answer this one straight away!! I am so impressed and so very flattered that you've gone to so so much effort to try to understand the prophesy. I always wanted to leave it open to interpretation, to create something along the lines of Jo's writing and I really could not be more thrilled. To shamelessly steal a Jo-ism that would be a very fine guess! hopefully the wait for the next chapter won't be too much longer. Jessica xxx

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Review #3, by darktemplarJoining The Bloodlines: Twas the Night Before Christmas

1st May 2007:
hey girl! you know i don't have to say it but i'll say it anyway. GREAT CHAPTER! as always, it is worth to wait for your updates, so... the Weasleys are known for their large families, so is it safe to assume that you will move foward a few years and that this is the conception night of Ron and Hermione child? also I would love to see the conflict that will happen between R/Hr and the order. i just don't see them handing the entire control of their lives to the order, especially Ron, i mean everyone fears the way he reacts! also i know that you are really busy but update soon please... sorry couldn't help myself this time. i mean we have a strong piont: this is a great story! see ya.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it. You know how much I love hearing from the regulars!! Hmm this has raised an issue with me, about the conception thing. I'd suggest you go back to the prophesy and look at it in a more abstract sense. In particular this line "The birth of the one will spread disunity in the ranks of the Dark Lord and mark his downfall." I know you've a pretty sound theory for the next part. I know that must be annoying but I don't want to ruin the ending when you've stuck with it this long. The conflict between ron and hermione and the order is something that is quite pivotal for the next few chapters. I think you'll be pleased with them. I've started 19 quite recently, so don't get too excited but I'm hoping it will be done fairly soon... much quicker than the last one. Keep reading, and bear with me. Thanks for reviewing Jessica xxxx

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Review #4, by darktemplarI'm With You: Never Be The Same

19th April 2007:
i really like your story, but what happend with hermione? did she get married?

Author's Response: Hmmmmmmmm, well i can't tell you that. Please continue reading and you will find out.

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Review #5, by darktemplarJoining The Bloodlines: Understand The Magnitude

17th October 2006:
hey girl!, great chapter as always, i must say it was a really long wait, but worth it, anyway i hope that you wont take long before the next update, and it's good to know that everything turn out right for you. and since now you aprove of the nagging, if you dont update soon i'll have to do some nagging but in a good way, i supose that the next chapter it's gonna have some mayor climax event or events, can wait to see the as parents, so see you in the next chapter or not... maybe before it who knows, maybe i'll some re-read i do i'll find something i miss before and ask you about it, see you later, by the way great fic!!!!!

Author's Response: It's so nice to hear from you again darktemplar... I thought I'd have lost the interest of most of the regulars so thanks for finding JTB again. I don't think the wait should be too long, Now that I've updated I've definately caught the buzz again, keep thinking of little phrases and stuff I want to include while I'm cooking dinner or in a lecture. I'm really enjoying it though so I think I'll start the next one tonight... it's going to be a tricky one to get right though so it might take a few weeks. The next chapter's about getting me into the right timeframe for the run up to the final battle... originally I'd planned it as one but I think realistically it'll end up as two. I've been really looking forward to writing this one, there's some really emotional stuff going into it. It'll be a lot of fun to write. Thanks for your review, and keep reading. Jessica xxx

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Review #6, by darktemplarJoining The Bloodlines: Two Muggles And A Child

11th May 2006:
hey, don't worry about the hurry up thing, they'll thank you when it's up. once again i've been re-reading your story, and a nother question come up, does ron have some kind of "special power" when he is angry?, because of the way that you put him when he is really piss off, its that everyone around him are kind of terrified of him, even dumbledore, and even the house had a felling of fear, and the talk with hermione after that, even mrs. weasley felt it, am i right or i'm just seen things that really aren't there, anyway, hope that your grandma is ok and recovering quickly, and the university can be kind of tired, but if your studing what you like its always fun, see you in the next chapter, as always great story!!!

Author's Response: Very astute darktemplar, I wouldn't say it's exactly a 'special power' per se but you've picked up on something quite important to the final chapter. well done. You've picked up on something that will come back into the story later. Thank you so much, it really does mean a lot to me. She's in hospital back home and unfortunately due to the exams it's not really feasible for me to go home to see her right now. I've spoken to her on the phone and she sounds a lot better. But I'm still kind of shaken up about it. thanks again, hopefully the wait won't be too long. j xx

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Review #7, by darktemplarJoining The Bloodlines: Tonight

27th February 2006:
hey just re-reading you're story, and a question came up, will Ron and Hermione have a fight with the order about thier child or thier relantionship? i mean... the way charlie reacted to them just messing around, and what its the order expecting... that they will have a child when the time is right?, but when will the time be right?, i just don't picture either ron or hermione accepting the order control about that. anyway great story, hope that you'll update soon, but you can take as long as you want 'cause we know that your story is worth the waiting. hey, could you post in the forums a preview of the next chapter like you did before?, keep up the good work!, it is no that i don't like the order, but they tend to be a little control freaks.

Author's Response: Very perceptive darktemplar- ten points to gryffindor- you're not too far off the mark there, not quite right but not far off... well done! Control is going to be a huge issue in the next four or five chapters, about more than just that! Unfortunately I've had so much uni work to do that I've barely had time to start the next chapter but when I have a preview I'll upload it to the forum for you. Thanks for your patience I'm going to try to get some more done this week so keep an eye out! Thanks for reviewing and I'll try to hurry with the next one. Jessica xx

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Review #8, by darktemplarJoining The Bloodlines: Tonight

11th January 2006:
As always great chapter, so this means that they are going to have the baby soon, if so... i would love to see how you are going to make Mrs. Weasley react to that, i can already see it, first shock and the RONALD BILIUS WEASLEY HOW DARE YOU HAVE A CHILD OUT OF WEDLOCK!!!, or something like that, anyway looking foward for the next chapter.

Author's Response: hehe, yeah the conception will be within the next two to three chapters, it won't be soon to them. smiles shiftily. Thanks for your review, it's always great to hear what the regulars think! big hug to you. keep reading, and take care. Jessica xx

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Review #9, by darktemplarJoining The Bloodlines: I'm Ready

21st December 2005:
hi, hey could you tell us how long is going to be your story?, 'cause i was hoping that at least is going to be 40 chapters long, may be more?, you have to sey yes to that one, and are you going to give us a xmas present with another chapter, remember if you think you're going to take longer there is absolutly no problem. oh and by the way, i like that you cut to the chase with Ron and Hermione, i mean what was Rowling thinking when she decided that they would have to be together until the seventh book sure she has her reasons but come on....

Author's Response: Hey, sorry about the delay in replying. I think about 35 chapters-ish. I've got about 30 planned but what I have planned as just one chapter tends to work out about one and a half. so yeah about 35. Thanks for giving me time. it means a lot. big hug! Jessica xx

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Review #10, by darktemplarThe Rise of Lord Titus: A Fallen Knight

18th December 2005:
I've just read the story, and it's already one of my favorites, i specially like the fall of harrypotter and the rise of Lord Titus, and the way you play with the characters, of Ron and Hermione. i specially like the emotions that you put in the characters. any way greay story, looking foward for the next chapter, sorry if there is a bad grammar, english it's not my first lenguage.

Author's Response: Well thank you for reading, and for the complements. Don't worry about the grammar, you're doing fine. I'm impressed that you can read an entire story in english.

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Review #11, by darktemplarJoining The Bloodlines: I'm Ready

14th December 2005:
it was worth the waiting, hopefully for xmas you'll give us another chapter, i knoe i said that you should update faster, but if the next chapter is as good as this one take all the time you need, and sorry if all of us that ask you to update sooner put pressure on you, but it's such a great story, seriosly take ALL the time you need. one of the best stories i've read. keep up the good work, sorry for the grammar english is not my first lenguage. any way, once again, great story

Author's Response: That means a lot. I was feeling very pressurised to get this one done and with everything else that's been going on it's been very difficult to get it to come out on the screen the way I wanted it in my head. It means a lot to hear you say that, and don't worry your english is great! I wouldn't have known it wasn't your first language if you hadn't said. Thanks for your kind words. Keep reading. Jessica xx

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Review #12, by darktemplarJoining The Bloodlines: The New Format

23rd November 2005:
hey!!! where is the next chapter, it's been TWO months since your last update; I just hope that the next chapter will be a really long one, to compensate us for the LONG wait. by the way great story!!!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for your enthusiasm, i know it's been a long wait but I really am doing my best. The next chapter is coming but it's a case of finding the time in between uni work, lectures and socialising. It's hard to find time to write because most of my time is spent trying to get to know my new friends and flatmates, and it takes me a long time to make really good friends. I understand how frustrating it must be but you must try to be patient. I've written nearly 3000 words of 15 and it's going to be a long one, the longest yet I think so please be patient it will be here as soon as I can possibly get it written. Keep reading my dear. Jessica xx

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