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Review #1, by WordMageWhat the Future Holds in Store: Whip Cream and Hospitals

19th March 2006:
Aww...a girl! I think that you should definately write a short story, I would read it for sure! As long as it has plenty of those silly Ron/Hermione moments (the whip cream thing was hilarious!) and you manage to update regularily (unlike me...) then of course I will read it! <3WordMage

Author's Response: awesome..yeah i thought because of the whole 'Weasley-line Girl thing' that the new Potters' deserved a cute little girl..i actually think that you will enjoy the next part of the One-Shot's going to be pretty funny...

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Review #2, by WordMageA Destiny Awaits: Meetings and News

19th March 2006:
Le gasp! She's pregnant! I love the playful banter between Ron and Hermione, it shows how i love they are =) Great work!! <3WordMage

Author's Response: thanks soo much...i just believe that after the war Hermione and Ron grieve for a period, but eventually began to value life more after seeing peoples' lives taken in front of their faces. I am soo excited that you enjoyed it...part three is on its way in about a week so keep your eyes out for it...keep reviewing! LMW

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Review #3, by WordMageA Whole Lot of Hope: Bushy-Haired Dream Girl

19th March 2006:
Wheeee I love it! I love that they were fighting when they confessed their love for one another, how perfect! Now I must be off to read the next three stories of yours, hurrah! <3WordMage

Author's Response: thanks sooo MUCH for reading all three of my stories..ha going to go see if i can check out yours...thanks for reading and reviewing... LMW

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Review #4, by WordMageFights, Tears, and Kisses: Fights, Tears, and Kisses

18th March 2006:
Eee! How sweet! Ron/Hermione fics are always the very very best, and yours was no exception. <3WordMage

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #5, by WordMageCrying Passion: Cruel Truths

17th March 2006:
Ooh! I like this story! I love how Ron is the bad guy, not many people would be extremely happy about this, I know from experience! (*cough*My story 'I Always Was A Little Stupid*cough*) Please continue writing this, I love where it is going. Only two bits of criticism, the phrase 'where was his wand was' is a tad confusing, and using 'numerical numbers' (3 people, 2 of her men, etc) breaks up the story a little bit. There is nothing wrong with the plot, or the story, or the characters, or the fact that Ron is now evil, though. I love it! <3 WordMage

Author's Response: Thank you alot! =D I am so happy you enjoyed it, yea i will go over those bits later on! Thanx for so much support! Luv ya

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Review #6, by WordMageI Adopted Him: I Adopted Him

30th December 2005:
Wonderful! I loved how you wrote this in script format (keeps me in the proper state of mind!) and although I found the ending to be a tad predictible (maybe that is just me...) it did not at all take away from the quality of your work. Draco is out of character, but that's the way I love him! A very good fic all around :) * -Mage

Author's Response: Thanks. This was written after OotP, but is still compatible with HBP, when I do the back story, I'll explain how it came about, but I don't think that Draco is that OOC. Thanks for the compliments and I hope you check out the rest of my work. @->--

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Review #7, by WordMageBefore He Cheats: Before He Cheats

26th December 2005:
Very funny! I love your story, you kept Hermione in character I think, with her being strong and defiant, and standing up for herself. Excellent work!

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