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Review #1, by tonya_malfoyLess Than Perfect: Too Many Revalations

28th July 2006:
So...long time no read. I'm really liking what you are doing with this and I hope to read some more really soon!
:heartness: Tonya (An old reader)

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Review #2, by tonya_malfoythe present: Stand Ins Need Not Apply

19th February 2006:

This is really great. I would have reviewed the other chapter...but I couldn't bear to even take the short amout of time that it takes to review to pause between reading the chapters. They are so good. Funny. Romantic. And 'Awww' worthy. Bravo. *gives you a standing ovation* I can't wait until the next chapter. One thing you might want to know is that in the earlier chapters you probably will want to re-read those and run a spelling and grammar check on them. There are a few mistakes. Well, with that being said. I am done and only have to congratulate you on your wonderful fic before I am on my way. Great job.


Author's Response: Thanks, my dear for the many many nice comments and the heads up on the earlier chapters. I probably won't touch them until I'm done...tends to get me all out of sorts to go backwards :P But I appreciate it tremendously and will get someone to do a complete check on all the chapters for me to get it up to snuff. Again, thanks so very much!

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Review #3, by tonya_malfoyNot Everything Goes As Planned: So Many Kids But I Only See You

26th December 2005:
This is pretty good. I mean, it is one of the better Harry/Ginny fics I have ever read. So, please don't take it wrong when I say I didn't really care for it. It seemed, to me at least, that Ginny was OOC. I don't see Ginny doing any of the things she was doing, or having the feelings she was having behind the actions. But it was well written in the way of, you didn't have millions of grammatical errors in the first paragraph. Well, good luck with your fic. :hearts: Tonya

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Review #4, by tonya_malfoyA Wizard of My Very Own: A Wizard of My Very Own

26th December 2005:
Awww! That was cute. Very cute. Some things just don't match up with the books though. Like, Sirius put in the letter that the owl was for Ron. And Ginny didn't name him Pigwidgeon until that summer. Also, if Sirius had called Buckbeak an "idiotic creature", Buckbeak most likely would have laid a two hoof beat-down on Sirius. But, I imagine all of these changes are just to make the storyline run smootly. Well, it was a good fic anyways. :hearts: Tonya

Author's Response: I did take a few liberties, so it wasn't 100% cannon. Glad you enjoyed it though and thanks for the review.

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Review #5, by tonya_malfoySleeping Beauty: Poison Apple

26th December 2005:
I was just wondering if you ever got the banner I made for you, before the site crashed. If not please email me at, and I will be happy to send it to you. I've had it done for a long time now. :hearts: Tonya

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Review #6, by tonya_malfoyRaining Daffodils: Raining Daffodils

7th December 2005:

Awww! That is so sweet. Neville/Luna is such a cute ship. :)

Okay, I am really upset that you put the terrible piece of insane writing. That was NOT terrible. It was great. I loved every minute of it.

But there are a couple of things that I need to tell you.

First off, there are a few mistakes. Spelling, grammar, and typo combined. So it's not much, but something worth looking into.

I love how you have written Luna. I haven't ever read a fic with Luna as the main character...but I really enjoyed this. :D It made me giggle in the beggining. :P

So, overall, this was a great fic. It was very cute. Good luck in future writing.

:hearts: Tonya

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! Guess I didn't proof-read ths too throroughly, I'll take a look and fix those mistaks, thanks for telling me. Glad you did enjoy it=)

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Review #7, by tonya_malfoyAvada Kedavra: Boulevard of Broken Dreams

2nd December 2005:

Okay, I really, really love songfics. And I really, really love Green Day. So, don't think any of my Constructive Critisism is for either of those excuses. :D

First off, let me tell you, for your first time writing a songfic and an angst fic. That was pretty good.

The reason I say pretty good, because it could use some work. *means taht in the NICEST way possible*

Your fic's plot/overall writing is really good. But I really would have liked this better if you had written more. I felt that it was too short to get a GOOD grasp on what Ron was feeling.

To go further on that last part. Dude, Ron just lost everyone in the world that he loves, I think he would be a little more emotional. You seem to have a block in the way of Ron's emotions. (That's how I felt.)

As far as the songfic itself, here is what I think. I think you are using the lyrics WAY too much. You are making the lyrics tell your story. What you should be doing is, telling your story...but the lyrics kind of uphold it. That is what makes a good songfic. (Once again, my opinion.)

Overall, this was a good fic. Your grammar and spelling are really nice, and easy to understand. I can't stand reading fics where the person has written in half internet slang. :P So, it made me happy to read a fic that didn't have that. :D Thanks for the nice read.

:hearts: Tonya

Please, remember that the contents of this review are not meant to be rude, mean, or cruel. They are meant for the soul purpose of improvement on the writer's behalf.

Author's Response: thank you! i really appreciate how much thought you put in to my review to help me when you don't even know me...and the constructive critism was really good and i will really take it to heart! thanks again!

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Review #8, by tonya_malfoyInsanity: insanity

28th November 2005:

Wow! That was really, really good. Did you get your inspiration from Edgar Allen Poe? It seemed like it to me. Which is a very good thing, mind you. I absolutely love Poe's work, and if you were aiming to make this like his; well, you have succeeded. *claps for you*

Without a beta you are doing fairly well. Sure there were missed words, grammatical errors, and spelling errors, but it is much better that I, myself, woudl do without my beta. Great job on that.

I absolutely loved that last line. It caused this little bit of horror that, I am guessing, you were aiming for. Amazing.

As I begin my tale, you, dear reader, will see that I am not at all, in the least, crazy. *is thoroghly(sp?) amazed at how many commas can be in one sentence* :P Sorry, I just found that amusing. hehe

Overall, this was a wonderful story, and you are a wonderful writer.

:hearts: Tonya

Author's Response: Yep, I was trying to write like Poe. So glad that you caught on to that. lol the last line is my favorite. Thanks for such a nice and wonderful review tonya! :p

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Review #9, by tonya_malfoyNoel: Noel

28th November 2005:
Gah! I forgot to tell you! You are turning me into a Sirius/Lily shipper. I'm not sure if that is a good thing yet, or a bad thing. lol :hearts: Tonya

Author's Response: definetly a good thing!! Welcome to the club!

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Review #10, by tonya_malfoyNoel: Noel

28th November 2005:

Wow! That was soooo amazing. I! It was so sweet, and beautiful, and wonderful. I am at a loss of words.Wow!

They sure do kiss a lot, don't they? lol Don't worry, it's not critisism. :P

You are such an amazing writer. I don't even feel worthy enough to be reviewing your fic. It's amazing and makes me hope that one day, perhaps I can be half as good as you. Hehe...I just found my New Year's Resolution.

Overall, in case you didn't notice, I absolutely loved every second of this. It was beautiful and sweet. It had me awwing as much as the Yule Ball in GoF, and that is saying something. :D

:Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year: Tonya

Author's Response: lol! What's the holidays without a bunch of smooches??? Oh, and please don't resolve to write like me...I struggled writing this and getting it just the way I wanted. I'm so glad it turned out well and was able to bring some holiday cheer to everyone. Thank you for such heartfelt means more than you could possibly realize.

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Review #11, by tonya_malfoyNever Afraid - Never Brave: Never Afraid - Never Brave

27th November 2005:

Wow! This was amazing. I am reading so many wonderful stories from the OOYR challenge. I am stunned.

First off, the bad, let's get it over with. :P There were a few typos that you and Drommen didn't catch. Just a quick read-through should prove very helpful. :D They are nothing big, just something worth fixing.

Neville, wow! You wrote Neville amazingly. When I first started reading, I knew who it was...just because of the way you wrote it. Amazing!

I am glad that you actually know how to write James. :D So many people just make him an arrogant, wanna-be stand up comedian. Sorry to burst their bubbles, but POP! There is another side to everyone, and you seem to have captured it very well...with a touch of humor. :P

Bum, bum, buuuum. The ending...well not the complete ending...but the part with Alice. Wow! I saw that coming. You wrote this so well. :D

Overall, you are an amazing writer. I am adding this fic to my favorites. It's wonderful.

:hearts: Tonya

Author's Response: Thank you... This is an amuzing review! I am really glad you liked James, I was a bit worried about him as it is, but people seem to enjoi it! Still some typos huh! well I'll have to look it over again, the thing is; my spell check isn't working so it doesn't catch those stupid ones for me!

Author's Response: **typo: AMAZING! I meant Amazing! once again thank you for the wonderful review!

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Review #12, by tonya_malfoyFacing Reality: Facing Reality

27th November 2005:

OMG I am crying my eyes out right now. This story was AMAZING.

You have managed to capture the hurt that someone would feel while losing their loved one, very well. In a way that I could only dream of doing.

To answer your question, yes I recognized the irony with the Dementor's kiss. I wasn't sure if that was what you meant, but now I know. I was sitting here thinking 'HOLY CRAP...HERMIONE WASN'T HIS LAST KISS'.

I love the whole plot, everything about it. You are an amazing writer.

One little bit of critisism then I will be finished. You have several grammatical errors and typos. Nothing big, but something you will want to fix. :D

Well, I will finish this by telling you that I am definately adding this fic, and you, to my favorites. I can't wait to get to read something else that you have written.

:hearts: Tonya

Author's Response: *blinks* thank you so much, girl, that review totally made my day. I'm glad you liked it and that you were touched by it, that's what I wanted to achieve. yeah, the thing with her not being the last kiss only came to me after I wrote it ... I was sitting here and was like ... wait a sec, that's like totally ironic. but well, even the better. yeah, ehm, I didn't get around to giving it to a beta just yet, need to ask someone to do that cause I totally overlook my mistakes. // thanks again and I'll surely be checking out your stuff in the near future as well. xD

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Review #13, by tonya_malfoyInbred: A Veritable Hotbed Of Sordid Activity

26th November 2005:

LMAO! This chapter was so hilarious. You are definately an amazing writer.

Dumbledore. What more can I say. You seem to have captured his character very well. The cool, in charge, you're not the boss of me character. Amazingly written. Most people would have had him grant Lucius' wishes as soon as he mention the unity part. Nope. Not Dumbledore. I give you 10,000 KUDOS for that.

I must congratulate you on the brilliant title for this chapter. It made me laugh even before I read the chapter.

run down warehouse and a reputation for gullibility. And also a cold walk back to the castle That part had me laughing my arse off. amazingly funny.

Another part that I found to be beyond hilarious was with only the charming company of Draco to interfere with her studies. That had me cracking up. Even my sister found it funny.

Overall, you are an amazing writer, with an amazing fic. I offer you congratulations and good luck for your future chapters. Please tell me as soon as you have the next chapter up, and I will be here in a split second. I hope my friend DarkElf has made it over here. I told her about your fic and she said she couldn't wait to read it. So expect a review from her.

:hearts: Tonya

Oh yeah! I almost forgot to tell you. I am adding you to my favorites.

Author's Response: Thankyou very much, although aving said it so many times all ready it hardly seems enough. I am so pleased you have enjoyed it. I shall be sure to inform you of updates. Also, thankyou for telling your friends about me. I did get a review from DarkElf, and it was lovely to read.

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Review #14, by tonya_malfoyInbred: Problems In Potions

26th November 2005:
I don't just THROW* that compliment around. Sorry, I had to clarify that I am not a complete babboon. lol :hearts: Tonya

Author's Response: Not to worry, it's pretty obvious you're not a baboon. lol

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Review #15, by tonya_malfoyInbred: Problems In Potions

26th November 2005:

I am almost at a loss of words. I actually feel like I am going into the mind of Draco. Which is really cool. Kind of scary. But cool nonetheless.

Snape. Wow! You have written Snape in such a way would think JK Rowling was writing herself. Which is amazing. I don't just through that compliment around.

Love potion...dun dun duuuUuUun...good choice. Actually an excellent choice for the first potions class together. hehe

I absolutely love how you wrote the description of Crabbe and Goyle. Hilarious!

Thank Merlin, Morgana and Circe. At least it wouldn’t give Pansy the time to finish what looked to be a very interesting doodle of himself and far too many flowers, bows and pink frills to be healthy or even humanly possible That was the funniest line in the entire chapter. I was about to die from the laughter. I just can't get over Draco's subtle sarcasm. It's hilarious. And very like him.

Overall, you are a goddess of writing. lol Your story is so good. I am sad that there is only one more chapter for me to read. Here I go.

:hearts: Tonya

Author's Response: I do love writing Snape, he is one of my favourite characters. I am honoured that you think I do him justice. Thankyou so much for taking the time to read and leave such excellent reviews. They have made my day =)

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Review #16, by tonya_malfoyInbred: Damsel In Distress

26th November 2005:

I don't know how you do it. You are such an amazing writer. You just pulled like 10 minutes worth of a day into this amazing chapter. Wow!

Your subtle humor was really shining through in this chapter. Flipping hilarious. This is so much better than other 'HUMOR' peices or work. Your's is actually, undeniably funny. Whereas others just seem to be begging for a laugh. (Once again...I can't talk. =-P) I really like the subtle humor approach. :D

This particular sentence, Prepare dank yet tasteful hole to crawl into when this is all over, check, hilarious to the maximum. I was again thrown into a fit of laughter. Love it.

Another thing I liked was the consistent use of 'the Boy-Who-Lived' kind of things. The-Boy-With-Far-Too-Many-Hyphens-In-His-Name This one was particularily funny.

You are amazing at keeping things very close, if not right on top of, canon. Very seldom do you find authors like that, and it is nice when you do.

You wrote Hermione very well, the whole lecture thing...just like Hermione. And it would be just like Draco to ignore it. lol

Overall, another wonderful chapter that I enjoyed to the fullest. KUDOS, and off to read the next chapter.

:hearts: Tonya

Author's Response: *blushes some more* You really are far too kind. I am so pleased that you find this funny. You are even picking out some of my personal favourite lines in the whole thing. It is pretty difficult to write a ship that I think is very far out of canon and yet keep the characters in canon. I am soooo happy you think it is working so far. Thankyou very much again and again, I can't tell you how much I value your comments.

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Review #17, by tonya_malfoyInbred: Mudblood Studies

26th November 2005:

You are an amazing writer. I just need to tell you that. You have taken a fairly cliche' story title and made it interesting. KUDOS! Yes, I said cliche'. I have read many of these since I started reading fanfiction last year. But cliche' isn't a bad thing when you have someone like yourself writing it. Amazing is more the term than annoying when it comes to cliche' for you. =) And that is definately a sign of a wonderful author when you can write this well.

This sentence had me in a fit of giggles, my mom thought I was a little high on something. To flounce into Great Hall and sweep her across the table saying ‘You’re mine, Mudblood’, before having your wicked way with her in front of her entire house?’ HILARIOUS!

This chapter didn't have any grammatical errors/typos...whatever you want to call them (in your case)...that I noticed. Great job.

Pansy Parkinson, what more can I say. Amazingly written. Very Pansy-ish. You seem to do really well with the Slytherin characters. I am curious to see how you write the other characters. =P And I don't mean that in a bad way. hehe

I've just noticed something. Well, not just NOTICED, just payed attention is more like it. Anyways! Your vocabulary. WOW! You have such a range of vocabulary in your writing. It is a nice escape from fics (not that I should talk =P) that the biggest word in the entire 30 chapter thing is cat. lol Well done.

I really liked the whole trousers thing. It really showed Draco's personality well.

One other thing. She probably filled out quite nicely over the summer That is a bit cliche'. You might want to watch out. To some matters. Me, I don't really care about cliche'. I think, if you can write it well...more power to you. But I just thought I would warn you about things like that. But of course it was used in a sense of Pansy...teasing-ish...trying to be funny. So, it is not as bad as just coming out and talking about Hermione's newly curvy body and round, full breasts. That gets very old...very fast. So, at least you haven't done that.

Overall, great job with your fic. I absolutely love it. Oh, and please don't take anything I say wrong. If you have written something that you are proud of...don't let me hurt your feelings or anything. That is the last thing I want to do. I am just here to help.

:hearts: Tonya

Author's Response: This chapter was my attempt at something of a parody. I too have come across most of these cliches in my wanderings, and they have a tendancy to be horrendously overused. The Hermione having filled out sturck me as the most overused cliche of them all (barring one, which will come later). I get the impression that I need to make the parody angle of the fic more obvious though, as you are not the first to have taken it seriously. I guess it is all part of the learing process however. Thankyou very much for the compliment on my vocabulary, and do not worry...I appreciate every coment you have made and my feelings haven't been hurt in any way. I am most appreciative.

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Review #18, by tonya_malfoyInbred: A Reluctant Conversation

25th November 2005:

I can NOT believe this is OOYR. This is amazingly written. You should definately look into writing more fics like this. (Not that I have read anything else by I can't really judge. :P) But this is amazing.

Okay, here we go. First, though he heartily disagree, I think you meant to put disagreed. That is what is seemed like. But you have disagree. So you might want to look into fixing that. There were other instances like that. None of them overbearing or anything, but definately something you would want to fix. =)

The first chapter: I loved it. It brought me into the story and just made it seem like you didn't have to try at all to write this. Which I am guessing isn't true, considering that this is for the OOYR challenge. :P But excellent job on that.

Draco is amazingly in character. So many people write him OOC in fics like this, and it gets rather annoying. I was rather worried when I read your summary of the fic, becuase I thought you would be one of those people. Thankfully, and wonderfully, you're not. I can definately believe Draco would argue like that. =P

I hope you meant for a lot of the things Draco said to be sarcastic, because that is how I took it. Which, that made me laugh my arse off. The sarcasm just, wow! Amazing. Definately in character, not only for Draco, but anyone else in his position and mindset.

Lucius Malfoy is also one of those characters that, often times, is written OOC, but you have managed to capture his character very well.

Overall, this was an amazing chapter. If this is OOYR...well...I don't know what can hold you back. Great job, and KUDOS. I'm off to read the next chapter.

:hearts: Tonya

Author's Response: Thankyou for pointing out my little mistakes. No matter how many times I read the thing over I remain oblivious to them. Typos are my nemesis when it comes to writing (along with question marks for some reason). I may also have to think about changing my summary, as I had hoped it wouldn't give the impression of being an OOC fic. And yes, Draco is supposed to be sarcastic. I tend to forget that sarcasm doesn't always translate well into the written word and can be a bit ambiguous. Thankyou very much for the wonderful review. It was very difficult writing this to start with, being so different to what I am used too, but it is starting to get easier as the chapters progress. Hearing it has been enjoyed makes all the effort worthwhile. Thankyou again =)

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Review #19, by tonya_malfoyFull Moon Rising: Hogwarts Express

25th November 2005:

Hehe! I'm glad you enjoyed my review. I hope I didn't sound to harsh on certain things.

By bang I didn't mean that it literally had one...I meant that it had more of one than the first half. Don't worry about it though. It seemed like you got a little defensive. Don't worry, like I said, I liked it. And it seems like others will too. Just telling you a little information.

On the whole beta thing, it all depends on the beta. You need to make sure it is okay with your other beta before I can beta for you also. If it is alright with your other beta(s), then it is okay to have as many as you want. But you have to make sure it is alright with everyone. So, yeah.

:hearts: Tonya

PS I really hope you didn't take my other review the wrong way. :unsure: I didn't mean it like that at all.

Author's Response: lol, no i completely knew what you meant! i'll ask my beta and come back to you, k?

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Review #20, by tonya_malfoyFull Moon Rising: Coming Home

25th November 2005:

Hey, once again. Sorry it took so long to review. But as a Thanksgiving present I am going to try to leave a longer review this time. :D Full of constructive critisism. :P

First off let me tell you that this was a really good chapter. Full of details and just wonderful writing. But with wonderful writing, there's always a little something to improve on.

Let me tell you, first off, that I liked the second part of this chapter even more than the first part of it. Which can be a good thing or a bad. In my case, it was a good thing. Mainly because I like chapters that end with a bang. BUT other people may want a chapter that starts AND ends with one. So, you might try to do a little something more to the beginning. Please don't take this the wrong way, because, as I already told you, I really liked it.

Now I found this sentence to be rather confusing: He and the others had done so on several occasions, although now they walked through the Entrance Hall talking agitatedly, visible for everyone who cared to look the right way.. That could just be my retardedness, but you might want to fix that sentence to make it easier to read. :D

There were once again several typos/grammatical errors in this chapter. Now I read your reply to my last review and you said you needed a beta. If you still need one, I will voluteer to be your beta. Just PM me or Contact me through my author's page, if you are interested. If not, that is perfectly fine.

Overall this was a great chapter, and it was very enjoyable to read. I am going to add you to my favorite authors. Mainly because I haven't read many R/S Romances that I liked, and this definately constitutes as one. Great job, and I can't wait to read what happens next. Please PM me like you did before, or leave a link in the challenge thread when it is up.

:hearts: Tonya

Author's Response: *blinks* okay, HEREBY I DELCLARE THIS THE OFFICIAL MOST AWESOME REVIEW OF ALL TIMES! okay, i am glad you liked it that much and you took the time to leave me such a long review! i'm a favorite! yay! k, here it goes: i am aware that people like bangs, and i have written chapters like that but somehow i seem to have started writing slower and calmer. also i don't rella think the end had a bang either ^^. i know people might not like it this way, and that's okay, it's normal, why should everyone like the same things? and unfortunately i think i started making weird long sentences as well... i apologize and will try to change that! is it okay to have more than one beta? ^^ if it is, i'll gladly accept your offer! thanks again for the review! you made my day!

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Review #21, by tonya_malfoyPerfect: Perfect

24th November 2005:
Awww. That was a very sweet little fic. Sorry it took me so long to review. But I think it was definately worth the wait. (For me at least.) Well, great job. That's really all I can say. :hearts: Tonya

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! Glad you liked it. :hug:

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Review #22, by tonya_malfoyWaking to a Nightmare: Waking to a Nightmare

23rd November 2005:
Wow! That was unexpected. Great job. I have nothing else to say. This was wonderful. I'm adding this to my favorites. :hearts: Tonya

Author's Response: YAY! Thank you for very much for your kind and sweet review : ) I'm so glad you enjoyed it that much to consider it a fave = D

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Review #23, by tonya_malfoyLive Life Maurader's Style: Beauty comes from within, but Outer Beauty is what gets you noticed

23rd November 2005:

Once again, great chapter.

Peice of advice: capitalize you chapter titles correctly. It gets more readers, which in the long run will get you more reviews.

I love the prank. Genius. Changing it to a magical form was a great idea. I also liked that they tried it out on Snape. Very in character.

I think I noticed a few grammar/spelling mistakes, but the chapter was so good that I can't remember. Well, just take a look. It never hurts.

Overall great job and good luck with the rest of your fic.

:hearts: Tonya

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Review #24, by tonya_malfoyLive Life Maurader's Style: Sometimes you just have to play dirty

23rd November 2005:

LOL That last part was hilarious. I am laughing my arse off now.

Very good new characters, and I love the line that Sirius used on Cassandra. It was great. Very funny.

I really liked it on the train where Remus called out in the hall to "Lily and her friends", that was awesome. Seemed very realistic.

There were one or two instances where you didn't capitalize "I". And I think I remember a couple of spelling mistakes. Nothing big of course. But definately something to look into fixing.

Other than that, it was wonderful. Great job!

:hearts: Tonya

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Review #25, by tonya_malfoyWash Away The Pain: How Can I Prove I Love You?

23rd November 2005:

That was so sweet. *has tears falling onto the keyboard* I love it when there is a happy ending.

There was something that I notice though. Hermione put her hand out, letting it drip into her hand. This sentence was very confusing. It took me a bit to understand it. Other than that though. Superb!

To sum it all up, great job!!!! :hearts: Tonya

Author's Response: Thank you very much Tonya I really appreciate the great review! Thanks so much again, and I'll go over it alter, Megz

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