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Review #1, by Yui HongoShards of a Broken Life: Never-Ending Story

2nd October 2005:

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Review #2, by Yui HongoLife of a Marauder: The Meeting Of The Marauders

18th September 2005:
I love your Disclaimers!! I love the story too, of course but the disclaimers ROCK!

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Review #3, by Yui HongoHarry Potter and the Forgotten Hollow: Chapter 2: Dark Allegations

14th September 2005:
oh my I love this story already and I have only read the 1st 2 chapters!

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Review #4, by Yui HongoThe Next Generation 2: Secrets of the Mind: Hospital Wing

31st July 2005:
Ok i have to ask...are her parets alive?? I REALLY need to have NO idea how crazy this is making me!! I love the story by the way!! its great!!

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Review #5, by Yui HongoThe New Addition to the Family: I'm a What?

7th June 2005:
KAYLA!! is this you?? its me becca if it is!! I love the orignal story...why did you change it?? anyway I love it

Author's Response: I'm very confused right now. I'm not Kayla.

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Review #6, by Yui HongoA Fine Line Between Love and Hate: Explanations & Persuasion

6th June 2005:
I wonder the same thing but gotta think handling a broom isnt that easy

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Review #7, by Yui HongoFALLEN FOR YOU: Nightmares, Death, and a Letter

13th May 2005:
loved the story so far but i have to say your story contredices((srry for poor spelling)0 it's self. If you knew about magic she wouldn't have called the wand a stick and she'd know about the skull

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Review #8, by Yui HongoWrong kind of love: Connections

13th May 2005:
OH my gosh! you must finish it and finish it fast please I have to know what happens

Author's Response: soz it may take a while 2 update as i cnt do it myself nd hav 23 get sum1 else 2 do it. xxx

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