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Review #1, by Teddy1993The Girl from Slytherin : The End

29th September 2014:
Perfect chapter to finish your first story. I'm so happy Tor got Terry out of Malfoy Manor and even more so that they are leaving together. This opens a lot of possibilities for the second story and I'm sure it will be just as amazing as your first one. Great job!

Author's Response: Hello!! Ahh, thank you!! I'm so glad you liked the last chapter and are excited for the new story - it's coming along slowly but surely and I'm having a lot of fun exploring all the new possibilities.

Thank you for being so amazing and supportive. Reading your thoughts on all the chapters has been really encouraging and motivating and lovely, and helped me so much with planning Book II as I got to revisit the old chapters. I really don't know how to thank you properly, but it means so much!! :) ♥

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Review #2, by Teddy1993The Girl from Slytherin : The Prisoner

29th September 2014:
Ouch. Truly amazing chapter! I knew what was coming, but it still was incredibly exciting to read :) Great job!

Author's Response: Aw, I'm so glad you liked it! I was waiting for a long time to post this and was really nervous, so it means a lot to hear you liked it. Thank you!! ♥

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Review #3, by Teddy1993The Girl from Slytherin : The Monster

28th September 2014:
I didn't really expect Astoria to be suspended from Hogwarts. Not this early at least. I wonder how this will end. Great chapter!

Author's Response: Hehe, these last few chapters thrive on the unexpected. Thanks for the review!! :)

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Review #4, by Teddy1993The Girl from Slytherin : The Consequences

28th September 2014:
Another fantastic chapter. Well, as if I didn't hate the Carrows enough already... You just don't touch McGonagall.

It's good to see Astoria helping Ginny, Neville and Luna. I wonder if she might join the D.A. at some point. Although that should be pretty weird as a Slytherin.

Author's Response: Hello!! :) Yeah, that was pretty awful - I really wanted the real, everyday horror of the Carrows to come through, so I'm glad it was effective. It would be really awkward as a Slytherin but Tor is breaking the moulds so you never know!! :D Thanks so much!!

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Review #5, by Teddy1993The Girl from Slytherin : The Carrows

27th September 2014:
Amazing chapter! The detention was very well written. It gave me the chills :)

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! :D I'm so excited you liked it!

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Review #6, by Teddy1993The Girl from Slytherin : The Beginning (Again)

24th September 2014:
A lot sure has changed in a year! Demetria back at Hogwarts... That can only mean trouble. Although it was to be expected now that Snape and the Carrows are in charge. Great chapter!

Author's Response: It has! It was fun for me going back to the beginning and looking at Tor and how much she and Hogwarts have developed. This is a year for the Slytherins but Tor is going to struggle a little.

Thanks!!! :D

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Review #7, by Teddy1993The Girl from Slytherin : The Fall of the Ministry

23rd September 2014:
It's clear to see that Astoria is becoming more repulsed by the fascist ideas that the Death Eaters stand for. Even if that includes her own father. It seems Yaxley is having less and less interest in his daughters and more in his own position within the Death Eaters and the new Ministry of Magic. This might just encourage Tor to turn her back on her own family.

The installation of the Muggleborn Registration Commission sure complicates things for the relationship between Tor and Terry. Another thing I hadn't thought about before. I'm interested to see where you take it from here.

Author's Response: Hi again!!

Yes, she definitely is and it doesn't help that Yaxley has a lot of stress on him right now so he's not thinking a lot about Tor. He's being caught up in his own ambition, but also his fears, and it's driving Tor away.

Yes, it certainly is especially since her dad is one of the people directly responsible for hunting down Muggleborns and administering punishment. It's a tough thing for her to handle, but at this point she's still nervous about how to assert her identity and sacrifice her family for her values.

Thanks for another wonderful review!! :)

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Review #8, by Teddy1993The Girl from Slytherin : The Guests

23rd September 2014:
Absolutely terrific chapter. Once again you did a great job picturing the other side of the Death Eaters. You show that they really do have a human side, despite everything.

The news of the little Avery girl struck me as odd. However tough and hardened Moody may be, I just don't see him killing children. Hopefully, we'll find out more.

Author's Response: Hey!! :) I'm glad you liked the Death Eaters and their human side. Of course they would have these human moments of love and relief, which further confuses Tor because she is genuinely happy for her friends getting their dad back.

I didn't really imagine Moody killing a child either, so if he was responsible, it would have been an accident. However remember that this news is coming from the Death Eaters who would want to distort and demonize perceptions of the Order and the Aurors. Making the Order members like Moody into evil demons is part of the brainwashing they use to get kids like Tor to support the Death Eaters cause - that's how I imagined it, at least. They definitely want to use every reason possible to make Moody and the others seem like murderous monsters - propaganda and brainwashing is something that even Tor herself isn't aware happens to her.

Thanks so much for the great review!! ♥

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Review #9, by Teddy1993The Girl from Slytherin : The Goodbye

23rd September 2014:
Great chapter. It is a bit worrying that Tor could invade Pyxis' mind that easily. I have a feeling something will happen to him now that he knows about Tor and Terry..

Author's Response: Hello!! Ahh, that is a very good observation. Of course, Tor knows Pyxis has something to hide, though for now he's under the radar of anybody who could use Legilimency against him. Of course, that could change if Tor isn't more careful. Thanks for the review!! :D

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Review #10, by Teddy1993The Girl from Slytherin : The Dark

22nd September 2014:
I prefer Greenboot :)

Amazing chapter! It's always interesting to see events from the books through other eyes in these kind of stories and you handled that perfectly here. I didn't even think about what Dumbledore's death means for Tor before I read this... Maybe Dumbledore confided in someone else about her (Snape, perhaps?). At least Ginny can still vouch for her, but the question is how much she can do.

This story is absolutely incredible. The more I read, the more hooked I am. You are an amazing writer.

Author's Response: I like Greenboot too! :D Or maybe Bootgrass? Hmm.

Thanks!! :D I'm glad you like seeing Tor's perspective on canon events, it's one of the things which both helps to structure the story but also challenge it. Dumbledore's death represents the death of hope or protection for Tor, kind of like how it represents the end of childhood for Harry in the books. Ginny is limited as she is a kid and still considered as such by many adults, but she does change a lot in the coming months as well.

Wow, thank you, that is such amazing praise! ♥ I just don't know how to thank you!! :)

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Review #11, by Teddy1993The Girl from Slytherin : The Decision

21st September 2014:
Another fantastic chapter! Your writing jst gets better and better :)

Not only Gryffindors are brave. It must have taken a lot of courage for Tor to go to Dumbledore. I really hope she's genuine, but at this point I'm fairly certain she is...

Author's Response: Yes, very true! It took a lot of bravery and overcoming of fear for her to do that, especially since it involves choosing her new morals over her family and past. She is genuine, but I think at this point she isn't quite ready to confront her family and come out in the open about who she is. That takes a whole new level of courage.

Thank you for another great review!! :)

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Review #12, by Teddy1993The Girl from Slytherin : The Future

21st September 2014:
One of your best chapters in my opinion. It's nice to see Terry and Tor back together, although it won't be easy. I liked how Anthony and Michael tried to make Tor feel accepted with them. She can definitely use some new friends. The fact that Pyxis saw them together can't be good however...

I completely forgot about the snake in Tor's bed! Another mystery to solve...

Your story is absolutely amazing! It's a good thing it's a trilogy. I have plenty more to look forward to :) Great job!

Author's Response: Ahh, thank you! I'm glad you liked it, the chapters around this part in the story are some of my favourites. It definitely won't be easy but they're starting to move more into the public eye which could have dangerous consequences but feels nice for the time being. The other boys totally surprised me with how much fun they all are to write.

Yes!! I'm excited for when you find out who left the snake there.

Thanks so much!! :D It really is so lovely and encouraging to hear how you like it, I'm so honoured. Thank you! :D

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Review #13, by Teddy1993The Girl from Slytherin : The Greenhouse

21st September 2014:
I really don't think Terry went too easy on Tor. I did find it odd however that he kept the information about her father to himself, until he said that the told Dumbledore. I really don't see Terry keeping something like that quiet, even if he might be falling in love with Tor.

It was nice to see Tonks make an appearance. It seems just like her to help them out. Great chapter!

Author's Response: Hello! Okay, I'm glad you thought he was hard enough on her, they're fighting about pretty serious issues and this fight made them both stop living in their ignorant bliss and realize how serious these issues are. Terry is pretty moral and strict with his values, but at the same time he's worried about hurting Tor so it would have been a big inner conflict for him as well as he tried to figure out the right thing.

I'm glad you liked seeing Tonks, it was so fun to write her little cameo. :) Thanks!! :D

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Review #14, by Teddy1993The Girl from Slytherin : The Knowledge

21st September 2014:
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to see where you took it from here.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! :D I love your reviews.

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Review #15, by Teddy1993The Girl from Slytherin : The Slytherins Unleashed

20th September 2014:
Great chapter. I think you picture the situation in Slytherin house during the war perfectly. Both the brainwashing of young students and threatening and cursing the students who don't follow the beliefs of the Death Eaters.

Although I knew it was coming, that final scene hit me hard. Amazing job on that one!

Author's Response: Hey!! I'm really glad you like how Slytherin was portrayed. Of course not all the Slytherins are like Tor and her friends and involved with the Death Eaters, so it fits that many of them would be struggling to find their new place in the house.

Writing the final scene was really hard so I'm really happy you thought it was effective. Thanks so much!! :)

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Review #16, by Teddy1993The Girl from Slytherin : The Boy from Ravenclaw

20th September 2014:
I think it was a good idea to write a part from Terry's point of view. It makes it easier for the reader to understand where they both come from.

Absolutely amazing chapter! I'm interested to see where you took it from here.

Author's Response: Hey!! I'm really glad you liked this, it turned out to be one of my favourite chapters and helped me understand their relationship even better. He's quite interesting to write and it was fun to see Tor through his eyes.

Thank you! I'm so excited that you've gotten this far, I really don't know how to thank you properly for all your thoughtful reviews.

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Review #17, by Teddy1993The Girl from Slytherin : The Secret on the Staircase

19th September 2014:
Of course Peeves has to let the whole school know about Taurus' secret... Poor lad. Great chapter. Just when you think the chapter is coming to a quiet end, you put a dead snake in Tor's bed! Amazing story so far.

Author's Response: Aw, I know, poor Taurus. He's one of the good ones. I'm glad you liked the frightening ending as well and are still enjoying the story now that they're back at Hogwarts. Thanks for the review!! :)

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Review #18, by Teddy1993The Girl from Slytherin : The Fragments

18th September 2014:
You had me worried there for a moment! Of course you wouldn't kill Terry at this point in the story, but I could still think of a wide range of horrible things that could happen to him. Great chapter!

Author's Response: Hi again! I had fun with that little cliffhanger and it definitely foreshadows the prologue. I'm glad you were pleased he was okay, though - it was so hard for me to even think about hurting him! Thanks for the review!! :D

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Review #19, by Teddy1993The Girl from Slytherin : The Ball at Malfoy Manor

18th September 2014:
Another incredible chapter! Things seem to take a nasty turn now. I can't wait to find out what happens next.

Author's Response: Hello again! This is definitely the point in the story where things become darker and the stakes are raised. So far Tor's been able to kind of glide under the radar but her time is running out.

Thank you!! Each one of your reviews are so nice and really makes my day whenever I read them!

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Review #20, by Teddy1993The Girl from Slytherin : The House of Nott

18th September 2014:
I was kind of expecting Tor to produce a Patronus in Azkaban after Terry taught it to her :) I liked how it gave Mr Nott the chance to exchange a few words with his sons.

Great job again on this chapter. You were able to amuse me with the snowball fight scene, but then you hit me with the seriousness of the war in that last sentence. Amazing work!

Author's Response: Haha, I'm glad you suspected that she would! It was quite interesting imagining Azkaban and the effect it had on Mr. Nott. I'm glad you liked the contrasts in the chapter, the snowball fight was a spontaneous addition but I was pretty excited about it after! :P

Thanks so much!!

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Review #21, by Teddy1993The Girl from Slytherin : The Other Side of London

18th September 2014:
There's a lot going on in this chapter, but it turned out alright. You shouldn't be too hard on yourself. (Although I can relate :))

I didn't expect Ginny's name to be Andromeda, as they weren't close in the books. They didn't even meet for as far as I can remember. It's the perfect person to give Tor advice on the subject, however. I hope it can help her to make the right choice.

This was another amazing chapter. The story gets better and better. I wonder what you still have in store for me.

Author's Response: Hey hey!!

Aww, thank you! You're right, it's always best to be positive about our own writing though it is tricky sometimes. :)

I imagined that Ginny might have met Andromeda at some point through Tonks, or heard about her history from her mom (I imagine them getting close too for some reason :P). Andromeda is great for Tor since she can relate, and I can imagine her counseling Slytherin girls throughout the years, haha.

Thanks so much!! :D It's always so exciting to read your reviews and know you're liking the story!

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Review #22, by Teddy1993The Girl from Slytherin : The Slug Club Party

17th September 2014:
I think I could see Astoria spy (indirectly) for the Order of the Phoenix at some point. Provided there's more character development to come. Alerting Ginny of the plans of the Death Eaters is already a step in the right way.

That was another great chapter. Beautifully written.

Author's Response: Very interesting that you would think so!! :) She would have a lot of trouble reconciling that since she is at this point in the story still loving and loyal to her family. So it's tricky, but being around positive influences like Ginny and Terry do cause her to open up towards the Order.

Thank you! I'm so glad you thought it was well written. You really do make my day every time I see a new review, I really appreciate it! ♥

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Review #23, by Teddy1993The Girl from Slytherin : The Queen's Tale

17th September 2014:
Amazing chapter! I especially enjoyed the scene where Terry tries to teach Tor to produce a Patronus. I liked how you included the history of Anne. Great writing.

Author's Response: Thank you!! :D I'm glad you liked that scene - Terry being the nerd that he is I imagined it's the sort of thing he would have practiced on his own time. And he and Tor do enjoy teaching one another things. I'm pleased you liked Anne as well, she was an interesting character and I couldn't resist the historical story. Thanks so much!!

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Review #24, by Teddy1993The Girl from Slytherin : The Disguise

17th September 2014:
Pretty much the only good thing about the end of my vacation is that I can continue with this story. Another great chapter. I like how you picture the students' life at Hogwarts. Despite everything, they're still just teenagers having fun with their peers. That's what I miss in a lot of stories.

Author's Response: Hello! :) Aw, yay!! I'm so excited that you're still enjoying the story and of course that reading this makes you happy. I'm glad you liked this chapter and their ordinary lives: those chapters are so fun to include and important since it shows how they still do have fun. Thanks so much for a lovely review!

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Review #25, by Teddy1993The Girl from Slytherin : The Prank

9th September 2014:
Amazing chapter. Your best one so far, in my opinion. That prank was incredible :) I especially loved how the Bloody Baron participated without someone asking him.

Author's Response: Hola!! Ah, thanks so much!! :D This is one of my favourite chapters to be honest, I loved writing it and coming up with the prank. So silly and a little mean but it was just the sort of thing Tor and her friends would come up with.

Thanks so much for a wonderful review!! You really are just amazing!! :)

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