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Review #1, by Karou_MarauderPitch Black Night: Chapter 1

4th April 2015:
Go Team Red ^.^

Second person is probably my favourite point of view, and you wrote it really really well. I felt like I was in Sirius' place - I felt all his emotions and could picture everything from where he was. Your descriptions were great as well - everything was very clear. I could see every little detail perfectly.

The plot for this story was great too. Although I always imagined it being James' idea, the fact that Sirius would do this just for Remus was a great indicator of how much he loved him. I think maybe that was the only part that could have been a bit better, showing Sirius' emotions in more depth, but this was really good for your first slash.

You showed us another side to Sirius, the caring and worrying side, which he definitely see in canon but doesn't get explored a lot in fanfic. Remus the worrier was great too, always looking out for his friends.

I really like this story, good job.


Author's Response: Hi Karou,

2nd Person POV was a unique challenge for me. I had never tried writing it previous to this story here. I really, really tried to focus on describing the images because I thought it would help the reader imagine it.

With Sirius' emotions, I don't picture him being overly emotional and even though Wolfstar isn't cannon, I wanted to keep their personalities somewhat similar to cannon. I have thought about adding in a bit more detail about his nerves leading up to his admission though. I think the bit of shyness at the end is kind of the culmination of all those nerves.

Thank you so much for the review!


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Review #2, by Karou_MarauderStronger: You and I NOTHING!

4th April 2015:
For the Red vs Gold battle, TEAM RED!!

Throughout this whole story I could feel Lysander's anger. You showed that really well, with his body language and how he spoke. Albus must have hurt him so much and so often, and now he couldn't take it anymore...this was really well written.

You've characterised both of them really well, and I can see exactly what kind of people they are just from this one-shot. i think you incorporated the song into it brilliantly.

Another small thing is that you had Albus with red hair when he's usually shown as Harry's double. It's interesting, because I've never even thought of him like that! Not really a plot point, just a small little thing...

Anyway, I really loved this. Great story :)


Author's Response: Hi Karou!

Woohoo! Team Red!

I'm glad that Lysander's anger came across clearly! He is distraught, heartbroken, and determined to not keep getting played for a fool.

The song was honestly the hardest part of this for me because I don't really listen to this type of music, so it was really hard to draw inspiration from it. I had to listen to the song over and over again (which was tough), but finally it hit me!

I think Albus would still look like Harry. I imagine it being a very dark red and i imagine it being messy and windblown just like his fathers. I also picture him having bright green eyes.

Thanks for reviewing! Go team red!


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Review #3, by Karou_MarauderThe New Creative Arts Department: that time when rose weasley smiled at me

1st April 2015:
I have a teacher who calls us either her little cauliflowers or her happy little bunnies.

I LOVE the premise of this story, and the fact that Painting is taught by a painting is brilliant. Scorpius and Rose both have great characters and I like Tatum already.

It's all very realistic and believable, what with Scorpius doing features because Rose smiled at him, and Simone worrying about Tatum outing her. That is a very familiar feeling. Simone and Scorpius clearly have a brilliant friendship and I hope it continues!

Excited for the next chapter :)

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Review #4, by Karou_MarauderRun: Like Dreaming

6th October 2014:
Aha! Some more information on the races! Gosh, imagine that...dying after death...ouch.

I'm glad Crabbe gets to go the Cliodna's Clock. It shows he wasn't truly evil (if my guesses about the Grotta are right) and just followed what everyone else did. Or maybe there's a rule about under-18s or something?

"Don't make any friends." Ooh...


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Review #5, by Karou_MarauderRun: Newcomers

6th October 2014:
Hi there!

This is a great start. You've got me intrigued - I wonder what the races are, and who Cliodna is/was, and what the Grotta is (I'm guessing it's the bad place?) How long has Cliodna's Clock been around, anyway?

The descriptions are brilliant. I especially like the part about Rowena's roses, and the bit with Godric's cat made me laugh.

The premise of this story is so sad - and when the attendant thought Fred was George...oh dear. It's good to know, I suppose, that Dennis will live a lot longer than Colin. But 36 is still really young! :(

Let's go find out what the races are.


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Review #6, by Karou_MarauderInitiate: Passing Through

6th October 2014:

Uh oh, Harry is about to face King with the mirror. Poor Draco. Although I like Moony's defence! Smart how he used something only a handful of people would know about. How did King get through, then?

No! They found Sirius's body! How could you? I thought he was going to survive! And Harry's going to be missing's all happening tonight, isn't it?

Aha, so Sirius isn't dead! Yay! I love the extra information you've given us about the wizarding afterlife and what James and Lily do there. I'm glad Reg has joined up with them - he deserved another chance to be good, even if it comes in the afterlife.

Kreacher to the rescue! Again! At least Sirius has his elf to help him otherwise they'd all be done for.

Your descriptions are great by the way - I could feel the wet marsh on my feet, the salty wind on my face. I could picture everything and that's brilliant.


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Review #7, by Karou_MarauderMouse: Elephant

3rd October 2014:

First of all, I'm very impressed that you managed to write the whole thing in rhyme! And it all connected too, that was great and made it more enjoyable. The rhythm was good and it flowed, just like a poem...except obviously it's not written like one.

I felt so awful for Susan when her classmates thought she couldn't do it because she was a Hufflepuff. Not even the teacher! Although I'm glad at least Odment came around in the end. Klyde seemed rotten - the very object of a pre-war Slytherin. It's sad to see war didn't really change much.

That was a clever way to distract Bruce, and I'm glad she was able to do it without harming him.

Now I'm conflicted! I love Hufflepuff house, and it's forgiving and kind nature is one of its most important qualities, but I do want Susan to stand up for herself - make more of Klyde's incompetence or her own victory in a way that ensures nobody thinks she can't do it. But that would effectively take away her Hufflepuff nature... What I think I'm trying to say is that you portrayed Hufflepuff really well. And you made a great point about people not being defined by their houses. Hermione (and maybe Dumbledore) were the only two people who seemed to realise this in canon.

-Karou :)

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Review #8, by Karou_MarauderDestroy Me : Poisonous

1st October 2014:

It took me a while to figure out what was happening here. At first I thought the 'she' was Victoire, but then the 'you' was Victoire, and now I think Victoire has MPD/DID (I think these are the right terms). It was nice how you brought it in slowly, the initial fight and then the giving up and giving in. It was so sad, especially as her family want to help her but she won't let them.

And then the was just so powerful and melancholy. I really like the way you've portrayed Victoire, not as the happy girl she seems to be in the epilogue. It was very insightful.


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Review #9, by Karou_MarauderDeath's Other Kingdom: Death's Other Kingdom

1st October 2014:

I love the way you refer to Snape as Death. Because he is - not only is a he murderer, but everything he has seems to wilt and die before him. I think it's that aspect of him that makes people love him, but really everything's his own fault.

'A green light fractures the darkness' and its various forms is brilliant. We know exactly what you mean without you ever telling us. Your style of writing is brilliant too - it flows and you fit in all these amazing descriptions without it ever being blocky.

Snape and Voldemort as lovers? I've seen that before, but usually in crack!fics. You've taken it and twisted it and made it something entirely plausible. Voldemort is like a Lily replacement, and Snape is just a toy to Voldemort. A thing to be used. He always was, really.

'They are nothing (compared) to him.'

THIS!!! In one sentence you've shown us an entire aspect of Snape's character: his distaste and dislike of people below him, his will to be higher than them, the way he judges and views himself compared to them. Always comparing, always judging, always needing to be the top. Another thing woven well between the story is his need to be wanted. Lily didn't want him in the end and now that Voldemort wants him he feels special and wants to do everything for Voldemort.

This was a brilliant one-shot. Good luck in the Dobbies, and au revoir!


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Review #10, by Karou_MarauderDoing the Right Thing: Doing the Right Thing

1st October 2014:
Hola! I'm here checking out all the Dobby-nominated one-shots. :)

Aha, another side of Draco. This one seems less cowardly, more sure of himself. I'm glad he's focusing more on what his mother wants - she was always more concerned about Draco than the war, which I think you've captured nicely.

Great premise! Voldemort's almost-killing of Scrimgeour. I like the fact that this was Draco's one chance for redemption and he didn't take it - it's sort of like canon but you've put your own twist on, him which is nice.

-Karou :)

Author's Response: Aww, you're so nice! I'm so glad you liked this new side of Draco that I have tried to show here... If you're ever interested in reading more, you should check out my Novel "Love, Not War." Thanks so much for the unexpected review! I'm so glad you stopped by. Hope to hear from you again some time! =)

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Review #11, by Karou_MarauderFortress: An Anatomy: The birth, life, and death of stone

30th September 2014:
Hello there, I'm trying to review the Dobby-nominated stories so I can vote fairly. Yours is first! :)

Where to start?! Your imagery is amazing. I can picture what absolutely everything looks like - and feels like, and sometimes smells like. The descriptive language used here was so powerful...what I could say in a paragraph you've shown in a sentence and it's just so amazing like aisjdidkdjd. Really. Teach me how to write please!!

The characterisation was absolutely great too. Nurmengard's adoration of Grindelwald came through everywhere and almost everything was brought back to how amazing/great/etc. he is. It was done so simply as well...seriously, you are an amazing writer.

The duel at the end and Nurmengard's protectivenes over Grindelwald were brilliantly described. I could feel Nurmbegard's pain over what was happening both to it and to Grindelwald, and you almost got me to dislike Dumbledore. Almost! :)

This was one of my favourite lines (one of many!): "And the Master, Gellert Grindelwald they called him, glowing gold in the dirt-coloured skies of winter, untroubled by wind and rock, wand held above his head in glee." It gives us a great idea of the characters of both Grindelwald - his gleeful, self-important attitude - and Nurmengard. (It adores Grindelwald and paints him as a beautiful and powerful hero. This kinda also tells us about how controlling Grindelwald is too.)

This was absolutely amazing...good luck in the Dobbies! :)


Author's Response: Hello Karou!

Awww, thank you for such a lovely review! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read; it really does mean a lot to me.

Ah, I'm so glad you like the descriptive language. :) I had a lot of fun with this aspect of writing in this fic. This is probably one of my more descriptive stories haha.

I had heaps of fun writing about Grindelwald. Seriously, he's quickly becoming one of my favourite characters to write about; he's such an interesting Dark Lord. :P I'm glad you thought the duel was well-written; I was pretty concerned about that part. I didn't want a very grand battle that would drag on for ages; I kind of wanted something a little more personal between Dumbledore and Grindelwald.

Yeah, gleeful and self-important pretty much sounds like the Gellert I like to write about. :D

Thank you so much once again! I hope you enjoy reading all the other nominated stories! :D


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Review #12, by Karou_MarauderInitiate: News In The Night

30th September 2014:
Hello! First off I love this story (and Innocent) and I feel awful that I haven't reviewed before, so here I am!

Oh, gosh, I feel so awful for Remus and Harry. The not-knowing must be the worst part of it - and Florence's theory on possession is going to hurt them even more! Especially poor Harry. This is one of those occasions where I want to break down the fourth wall and yell "HE COULD STILL COME BACK AND HE'S 100% INNOCENT" at them all.

Did Florence say that to be mean, for Ulterior Motives or because she actually thinks it's a possibility and wants to help? Florence is a very mysterious character here.

Okay, now I'm in two minds. One half of me is saying "DESTROY VOLDEMORT" and the other half is saying "Listen to least get McGonagall or something!!!"

Aww, Draco is so cute! I love how you've taken his canon loyalty and turned it into a positive thing rather than the really annoying "My father will hear about this".

Great chapter!


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Review #13, by Karou_MarauderTo Tell Our Story: Two

14th September 2014:
So this is Tonks' take on when Remus left to join Harry. I like her line about "stop trying to lose me" - Remus beats himself up constantly and presumes Tonks will leave him, so he leaves her first. He's actually a bit selfish about it, when you think about it.

The emotion and love between the two of them is so obvious here, it's brilliant. And the last line about "If I ever leave, you're coming with me" is almost prophetic.


Author's Response: i'm glad you're enjoying it, thanks for the review!

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Review #14, by Karou_MarauderTo Tell Our Story: One

14th September 2014:

This is an interesting start. I like the little snippet about his hair ("He had learned, long ago, to keep his hair blue. Never pink, never purple.") because it tells us so much about what life is like for him and Andromeda's grief.

It makes sense for Andromeda to blame Remus, doesn't it? Although I hope she'll come to realise that Tonks without Remus is like a human without oxygen. (Cliché comparison, but you know what I mean!)

Ooh, the story of Remus and Tonks! This is very interesting as they're one of my favourite pairings. I'd love to see your take on it.


Author's Response: thanks so much for stopping to review! i'm not actually a remus/tonks shipper at all, so this story was an interesting exercise for me. i hope you enjoy it!

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Review #15, by Karou_MarauderCold Blood: Spotted

9th September 2014:
Hello! I really should have reviewed all the other chapters but I got so caught up in the story I had to keep on reading! And now I can take a deep breath and relax...after this CLIFFHANGER! WHY?


I love your pacing in this chapter. Quick and fast with the duels and slightly slower with the letter part. Very nicely done.

The imagery you use as well in the first scene with Greyback was brilliant especially when you highlighted the irony of the setting. That was a nice touch.

Now then, onto guesses...

I can think of a few people with a grudge against Greyback - Lavender Brown, for example. Although I don't think it's her as she doesn't seem to be an Auror in your story, and she doesn't have access to the records which she'd need, as Pamela recognised whoever it was.

There are plenty of others, millions in fact - anyone prejudiced against werewolves (although unlikely since they also killed Umbridge who was the personification of prejudice), an old Death Eater with a grudge, someone related to a werewolf he bit... It could be anyone.

Now I'm going to go ahead and put forward my theory. It's a strange one but hear me out, okay?

I think it was HARRY. Told you it was strange! I think Harry has some kind of split personality - one side of him is loveable and nice, the Harry we know and love. The other side is his vengueful side.

He has plenty of reasons to kill Umbridge - the pain she caused everyone in fifth year, not to mention Harry himself. Xeno...bit of an odd one, but possibly his angry half resented Xeno's betrayal whilst his nice half accepted the reasons? Xeno's the odd one out at the moment.

Then, Macnair. He was supposed to kill Buckbeak right? Again, a bit of a spanner in the works. Perhaps it's not Harry after all.

But Greyback... Harry might be angry at Greyback for biting Remus and causing him trouble, then treating people like they're free food, which are things out killer doesn't like. Hey, there's a link! All of these characters seem to have some kind of prejudice/arrogance about them that could be our killer's motivation?

Ugh, I don't know. Expect some backwards reviews in the morning!


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Review #16, by Karou_MarauderCollision: Spectrum

4th September 2014:
Hi there! I'm here from the Review Swap. I'm really sorry I'm so late with my review.

I really like Freya (I'm guessing she's a Muggle, from the summary and the bits about needing a magic wand). She's a very realistic character and we already have a good sense of what she's like.

This Tom guy sounds awful. I stand with Freya on that - on principle, not for personal reasons like her. I wonder what happened to her? Did it have something to do with how Spencer happened?

I love James right off the bat. His bashful awkwardness is just so endearing! Can't wait to see more of him (and him reacting with his family).

Your descriptions are amazing. Not too in-your-face but done just enough that I can picture every scene.

I really like this, prepare to see my in the next chapter some time soon!


Author's Response: Hey! Don't worry about lateness, I don't mind at all :p

Yup, Freya is 100% a Muggle :) and this isn't going to be something where she suddenly discovers she's somehow magical... just plain, true ol' Muggle blood.

Freya's story will all come out in the end, don't you worry ;) but yes, it has everything to do with the period of her life around Spencer's birth!

James is a cutie. He makes me smile so much aw.

Thank you so much for taking the time to review! Thanks,


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Review #17, by Karou_MarauderAlways: Immeasurable

14th July 2014:
Hey there!

I really like the start, how Remus describes the transmission (is that the right word?) between life and death. It's the way I'd imagine him to describe it, relating to books and stuff.

Haha, I love that little bit about the skillet. It gives us an insight to the Potters' lives and what they're characters are like, which totally fits with my headcannon.

I feel so bad for Remus, pulled out before he can live a whole life with Dora and Teddy. Teddy...gah, it's too sad! You convey that really well though, Remus's emotions and thoughts about them.

It's so sweet how James is the protector. It's an interesting side to him - I'm taking a shrewd guess that you think it was James's idea to become Animagi? That's probably wrong, but it's a nice characterisation in this story anyway.

That made no sense, did it? :P

Anyway, I love the ending scene and how they're gambling for old times' sake.


(PS. It's really nice to be able to leave a review without worrying about the length, isn't it? :P)

Author's Response: Howdy Karou!

I'm really glad you like the transition. I wanted to do something a bit different with it that was not overused or cliche, so hopefully I did that.

And oh, the skillet. For some reason I think Lupin would've been broke before the wedding and mostly alone but would know that James would not have thought of cooking and Lily might've had other wishes so he wanted to look out for them. Honestly, it was a bit of a device to draw some lines in the characterizations of each Marauder, but I'm glad you enjoyed it!

As for James being the protector - I definitely think it was his idea to become animagi. My idea of James is that beneath the bravado and pranking, there was immense talent, loyalty, and a wealth of emotion for those who were important to him. Sirius on the other hand I view as more WYSIWYG. With his whole family situation, I imagine he would've been completely sick of not begin able to be himself and so once he was free of them he just put himself out there. And as far as the humor goes, I imagine in dark times it was his go-to coping mechanism. It inhibits him from being as close to people in those moments, but those who know him well come to accept it as a good thing and just part of who he is.

Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #18, by Karou_MarauderMe and my Darkness: C5, Again

14th July 2014:
Hi there!

Ooh, creepy... So Clarence is actually Bellatrix Lestrange? Weird!

One of my favourite lines is: "that sun-setty colour rampage over my eyes." I like that line.

And I wonder what Scarlet's hiding? Something that her mum told

No the darkness is back! I was feeling so hopeful, like "oh there's colours and it's all happy" but now there's darkness again and it's sad...poor Scarlet.

I wonder what her nightmare was about?

See ya in the next chapter!


Author's Response: Hi Karou,
Sorry about the gap in the chapters - I forgot! I also lost my computer charger, but oh well. So... Sorry about the darkness, I didn't know you'd be so upset!

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Review #19, by Karou_MarauderAresto Momentum: Time is my enemy

12th July 2014:
Hi there!

This was really sad. I guessed it was Rowena from the library you mentioned, that was well-placed, and by the end I was guessing that the narrator was Helga? Because I think Slytherin had left by then. Tell me if I'm wrong!

It was so sad, how Rowena was calling out her daughter's name. Even though she stole the Diadem, she still wanted forgiveness. It's better that you don't say exactly what happened - even though we all know, it gives you the sense of unresolved-ness that Rowena must have felt before she died.


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Review #20, by Karou_MarauderWhen Potions Masters Attack: Stress Relief

12th July 2014:
Hi there! Stress relief indeed!

I love how spring brings out the couples, like it does for animals. And of course Snape is going to find that irritating, he's Snape and he can barely stand the sight of students on their own, never mind paired up with one another.

The one of the best lines: "And do not even consider trying to get anything out of the broom cupboards during springtime. The need for supplies is not worth the deep psychological scars you will receive. Even now I am considering erasing my own memory simply to be rid of the horror." SO FUNNY!! :)

McGonagall doing yoga is also hilarious, as is the fact that Snape frequently goes to her to rant. I think he secretly likes her ;)

Snape's prowling is hilarious! And the last line, " you of all people would recognise yoga when you see it" is just... Brilliant.

-Karou :D

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Review #21, by Karou_MarauderThe Unexpected Guest: The Unexpected Guest

12th July 2014:
Hi there!

This is so sad. Fred and George fics always make me tear up.

Of course Fred is going to watch his own funeral, that's just what he'll do. I love how everyone's wearing colourful robes, even Muriel. That's what Fred would want.

The banter between them, even though Fred's dead, is so weirdly normal, and it must be so strange for George to be talking to his dead twin. The love between them is obvious and shown really well. You've captured that beautifully.

And poor Weasleys... I hate how Fred's death tore them apart. They're so strong, and with him gone it's like they all lost a limb. I think George lost several.

Mischief managed, indeed. *wipes tear from cheek*

-Karou, 2014 House Cup Review

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Review #22, by Karou_MarauderAll Grown Up: Looking Down

11th July 2014:
Hi there!

This is really sweet. I think you've captured Tonks's frustration at not being there for Teddy really well, and I love how Andromeda stops to curse her "for just a moment" because Andromeda is annoyed at Teddy and she's missing Tonks, but she can't stay angry at Tonks for long because Tonks is, well, Tonks. (and dead, but we'll forget that part for now ;) )

I like the way you've written them to be accepting of his "shameless snogging" and how, instead of being annoyed that he does it in public, they simply want her to love him back, as though death has changed their priorities a bit. (Well, it probably would.)

Really nice and sweet. It's quite short, but that's fine. :)

-Karou, 2014 House Cup

Author's Response: Hey hon!
Thanks so much for the review!
xoxo Sarah

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Review #23, by Karou_MarauderAlbus Potter and the Pureblood's Secret: Nonverbal Spells

11th July 2014:
Hi there!

Ooh, Gemma's in trouble! Serves her right too. I'm glad John is happy with her punishment, and doesn't want to give her more. That'd be mean.

Poor Burke. I do feel bad for him, even if he is selling illegal Polyjuice Potion. Hang on, is Burke a Pureblood? Or is it the Williams' the title is referring to? Sorry, random brainwave.

Er, yeah, so I feel sorry for Burke. He's such an excellent brewer, and having that disease must be killing him. Oh, no, no, sorry - wrong wording! :P I mean he must hate being unable to brew his potions and having to rely on someone else all the time. That must suck.

Another reason why I don't want anything bad to happen to Burke is Matt. He's suffered so much and if Burke's potion was taken away from him I don't know if he could cope. Could he? Please say yes, because I want Burke to be punished for being illegal. Ugh, this is so frustrating!!!

Grr, Malfoy. He's such a show off! Although, seeing Matt completely thrash him next Charms will be awesome. Malfoy's definitely getting his come-uppance this year: first Lily, now Matt, and I'm sure Mr Eckerton will give him what he deserves ;)

As always, great chapter. Can't wait for the next one!

-Karou, 2014 House Cup Review

Author's Response: She sure is! She's quite the troublemaker, and unlike John, doesn't quite know when to draw the line.

Burke's situation is very tragic. It's one of those situations that makes you question the morality of the law. Burke is in fact a pureblood, but he might not be the pureblood the title is referring to. There are quite a few purebloods in this series. Burke, John, the Willinsons, Malfoy, Neville, just to name a few.

HAHAHAHA. I love a good pun, even if it comes off in poor taste. It does suck that he can't brew, because that's what he loves doing the most.

Matt might be able to cope without the potion, but it'd be a lot harder for him than it is with it. Amy would of course do all she could to figure out the recipe if something were to happen to Burke before he passed it on.

Malfoy is a huge show-off. He always has been. But he's not the best at everything, including nonverbal spells. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #24, by Karou_MarauderA Voyage with Voldemort: Ibiza

11th July 2014:
Hi there!

Voldemort as a fashion model, and Snape as a clothes designer... I honestly never thought I'd see something like this! This was hilarious. :D

I love how their biggest rivals are Harry's Hipsters, and that Snape's wearing a Luna Lovegood t-shirt. That's so funny.

I did spot this tiny little thing though: "into the living room already to vent" I think you mean "all ready"; that would make more sense to me anyway. It's only small, though.

I knew it! Snape flipping his hair back and forth was very funny, especially when he splattered grease everywhere. I had a feeling it was a reference to that song.

Voldemort in fluorescent pink speedos...the books will never be the same.

And Quick Ways. I think I know who you mean ;)

-Karou :) 2014 House Cup Review

Author's Response: Hey karou!

Bahaha yes the last HC gave me minimal time to write this so my mind went a little crazy in reaction to that hence the craziness. I'm so glad that you liked the little rivalries between the fashion houses as it was a lot of fun to include!

Thanks for pointing that out to me, I'll go and fix it after responding to this!

Yes, Snape would definitely rock out to I whip my hair back and forth if he knew the song in those days. PINK SPEEDOS FOR THE WIN THOUGH!

Hmm, yes, I think it was rather easy to pick up the little hint there ;)

Thanks for a fab review though! :D


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Review #25, by Karou_MarauderVisiting Daddy: Broomsticks, Soup and Visits

11th July 2014:
2014 House Cup Review

Hi there!

James is really sweet and funny, acting just like a little kid does. I especially like the part about how he flew 10 feet in the air, because a) we know he's lying, and b) I'm wondering whether he can actually measure yet. How old is he? I thought maybe five-ish.

Ginny is very Ginny-ish - totally devoted to one thing, James, and still very much in love with Harry. And I like how she told James that Harry was dead; she didn't say "he's away" or anything, she just said the truth. That's definitely something Ginny would do.

It was so sad at the end, and not telling that Harry was dead until the end definitely made it better. I like how you've done this :)


Author's Response: Hello!

Thank you so much for the kind review :)

I'm glad you like James, he was great to write about because kids are so sweet! You're spot on with the age, he got the broomstick for his 5th birthday :)

Thank you again,


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