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Review #1, by daquAngel of a Devil: Get Back, Back, Back To You

12th September 2007:
yay! an update! thank you so much!!! *huggles* this chapter was amazing! i love reading all of the voldemort/hermione scenes. please update as soon as you can. your story is amazing, no matter how many years it takes you to write a chapter :P

Author's Response: I'm so glad you haven't deserted the fic! lol, I know it's taken forever for me to update, sorry! I'm so happy you liked the chapter, hopefully you enjoy the next one too. Thanks for the review! :) x

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Review #2, by daquThe Unbelievable Is True: Dun Dun Dun!

29th July 2007:
wow. this was amazing! it was absolutely hilarious! i didn't really mind the pov changes. at least you always told us who was telling the story, which was really the best thing you could do when needing to tell a story from the point of view of 5 different people :) one thing i did notice, though, was that at some point you introduced lily and petunia's father as jon potter, not evans. other than that, though, this is an excellent read :P

Author's Response: thankyou thankyou thankyou! your review made me smile *even if i did have to ask you for a review :)*
yer, when i was typing it originally i kept putting potter instead of evans so i had to edit it all so i gues i just missed one oops :) wow, thanks for all the compliments i'm blushing!

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Review #3, by daquLike A Frog In A Blender: Like A Frog In A Blender

28th June 2007:
wow. this story was hilarious! it made me think of a lily/james story i've wanted to write for forever, so now i think i'm going to start on it. so thank you so much! but, yeah. i loved how you did such a good job of portraying the general craziness and chaos of the whole thing. you pulled that off a lot better than i ever could. and i'd be happy to make you a banner for this story if you still want one. just let me know!

Author's Response: yay! that review really made me smile and i'd absolutley LOVE a banner! Thankyou soo much for all your lovely comments and tell me when you do write your lily/james foc 'coz i'd totally read and review it!

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Review #4, by daquFirst Impressions...: Dilemma

28th June 2007:
okay. for the most part, this story is really good. however, i think you need to have a little bit more faith in your readers. i mean, we can pretty much tell when it's fleur's pov and when it's hermione's pov (especially because of the accent :P). this is a good story, though! it was really quite amusing!

Author's Response: thankyou! i will take what you said in good grace and will rewrite it when i have a chance. Thankyou for reviewing!

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Review #5, by daquAlbus Dumbledore's Death: Reflections

25th July 2006:
ahh, the cruel irony of 666. the narcissa being snape's old lover was an unusual twist. excellent story, and good job with my challege!!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. The new story I'm writing will expand on the Cissa/Snape part. And tie in both Dumbledore's Death one shot and Decisions one shot. and, really... the 666 was so unintential cause I do not have a word counter on my word pad. I am so glad you enjoyed it. =)

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Review #6, by daquTrust and Truth: Trust and Truth

25th July 2006:
awesome! you did a great job with this challenge. it's kind of refreshingly origanal to see a fic where snape's not like "ha! those suckers! i can't believe how easily i manipulated dumbledore!" *gives you a brownie, considers, and takes some back for myself* great job!

Author's Response: I'll take the brownie, thanks. *makes a grab for brownie* Well, this is actually how I've come to think of Snape - an outsider on all accounts, and, for the most, part, largely due to decisions that were not his to make. Thank you for the review; this was an excellent challenge.

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Review #7, by daquAll in the wake of the death of Albus Dumbledore: Dumbledore's Death

14th July 2006:
wow. i don't know what else i can say. wow. that story was AMAZING. i liked how you made draco sort of...realistically become friends with the trio. i honestly and truly think you did this challenge justice.

Author's Response: Thanks for presenting me with such a fun challenge, I enjoyed writing it greatly; N' I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #8, by daquA Match Made in Hell: Love

3rd July 2006:
absolutely wonderful! lol, i'm such a sucker for draco/pansy stuff. i like that title, too. a match made in hell. it sums up draco/pansy perfectly. this story's going straight to my favorites!

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you like it...

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Review #9, by daquHaunted: Haunted

28th June 2006:
wow. this is the katrina i'm more used to. angst all the way! don't listen to people who don't like your story. it's awesome! speaking from personal experience, people just want every story in the world to have a happy ending. that's not real, though. sometimes life stories have bad endings. (except i hope yours doesn't!) the only thing questionable about the actual story is that there's a reason why Harry is with the Dursleys. voldemort can't kill him there until he's of age. other than that, though, the story's really good. oh, but it would help to un-italic the actual story part of it. that makes it easier to distinguish between the story and the lyrics. over and out!

~daqu (a.k.a. dakota goddess)

Author's Response: My dear friend Dakota Goddess, lovely to see you on this site at long last. Thanks for the review!

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Review #10, by daquPerfect Situation: Perfect Situation

28th June 2006:
hi! this is dakota goddess from *squeal* loved! i loved the way you wrote Lavender! it was hilarious! so, what exactly was the deal with Draco? anyway, it's an awesome fic to go along with an awesome song!

Author's Response: lol. thanks.

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Review #11, by daquAngel of a Devil: I Think I May Well Be

17th June 2006:
*squeal* how could i not??!! it's the sad truth, but i'm addicted. i LOVE your story! i loved this chapter. yes, it was a little shorter than some of your others, but it was awesome, and i loved seeing Draco's different light, especially at the end when he told hermione his ulterior motive. he was definitely right about harry and ron, though, and personally, i think he'd be right about dumbledore, too. but oh well. please, please, please update as soon as you absolutely possibly can!

Author's Response: Aw thanks for sticking with it hun! I'm really gonna try so much harder during the summer to update faster, just got back from holiday and the muses are (reluctantly) beginning to get kicked into shape. Glad you liked the chapter!

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Review #12, by daquHARRY POTTER AND THE OWL-EATING-LOVER: There is only one chapter to this master piece

7th June 2006:
Well, if you were planning on writing a story deticated to absolute uselessness, great job! lol. My main suggestion would be to, first, change the characters and genre. Fred and George made no appearance whatsoever, and there was absolutely no romance. Other than that, just work on having the story flow a little better. It just seemed like it darted from one subject to another on the spur of the moment. And you don't need all of those author's notes everywhere. And for the record, it's Seamus who's Irish. Dean's just plain English. Okay, now that you got your CC you wanted (sorry it took me so long!), i just wanted to tell you that there's a better sequel to Accepting Fate out. It's a real novel-length fic called Shadows of the Past. You should check it out. Keep writing! ~daqu

Author's Response: Thankyou for your tips, I will check out your stroy soon

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Review #13, by daquDeath Is Kissing Her Children to Sleep: <b>Death Is Kissing Her Children to Sleep</b>

27th April 2006:! THIS STORY WAS AWESOME!! That was so cool how you had the memories and the present-day and how well you transitioned from one to the other. I also liked how...real the story seemed. I mean, the way Bella and Voldemort related to each other was incredible. That was cool, too, how Voldemort gave her the wand at the end. I feel like she really deserved it, but at the same time it felt like she shouldn't have it because... (well, let's just say that Bella is dangerous enough with only the Cruciatus Curse.) In any event, though, I'm glad she got it. Bellatrix is by far my favorite character in hp, so thanks for taking up the challenge and writing such an awesome Bella story!! -daqu

Author's Response: Oh, your enthusiasm made me feel sooo good! Made me feel as if I'd reached someone with this dark, little tale. How rare -- to find someone who really likes Bella -- she's usually villinized (is that a word??) because of what she did to Sirius. Thank you so much for your very kind words -- makes me feel all warm 'n fuzzy!!

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Review #14, by daquRaising A Malfoy: A Usual Day at The Potter Castle

19th April 2006:
lol. Brittany, you never cease to amaze me. where do you get Mia from Hermione? great chappie! I can't wait to see when Hermione goes to get her daughter back. I was kind of surprised to see Narcissa sticking up for Hermione. Oh, yeah, by the way, I have your banner done. I just couldn't give it to you until you posted the next chapter because now you can only leave 1 review per chapter. E-mail me at and I'll send it to you. Please update soon!!

Author's Response: dont know where i got mia from hermione but it works. kind of. I hope. I will email you when my sister is done with her darn homework since we only have one computer in the house and its her turn.

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Review #15, by daquAngel of a Devil: And The Language Obscene

17th April 2006:
lol. if you took much longer, the 7th harry potter book would be out already. i'm just kidding. the quality of the chapter (and the whole story for that matter) more than makes up for every hour you make us hopeless fans wait for you. i ABSOLUTELY LOVED this chapter. it made me crack up (sorry the story's angst) to see Draco and Hermione fighting right there in front of the 2nd years. i'm glad for Hermione that Malfoy's curse waited to hit her until after the 2nd years left. That would've been horrible. You know, I'd like to say that for once being Voldemort's daughter helped Hermione, but if she wasn't then she and Malfoy would've never been in that position. Please update soon!!

Author's Response: I know, I know! My muse went MIA!! *sob* I'm so glad u'r stickin with it tho! Thanks for the great review! and im so happy u'r enjoyin it!!

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Review #16, by daquRaising A Malfoy: The Potter Castle

26th March 2006:
oi? okay, something fishy is going on here... sorry its taking me so long to get the banner. i'll definitely get it to you by wednesday

Author's Response: ok

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Review #17, by daquRaising A Malfoy: Gone

20th March 2006:
aww, that's so sad!! don't you think everything's moving a little bit too fast, though? I mean, I could understand why in the last chapter you wanted to skip from when she was a baby to when she was in first grade, but that whole scene in the hotel room made absolutely no sense. If Hermione really loved Gina then she wouldn't have just left her until she was was sure that she would've been safe. Also, seriously, how many times have you told your mom you hated her? did she just go off and leave you with your dad? kids say stuff like that to their parents even though they don't mean it. If you're going to have everything be really sudden now then just make sure that you make sure that the reader knows how Gina adjusts to everything. Other than that one thing it's an AWESOME story, though!!

Author's Response: i think that i am gonna change it up a bit

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Review #18, by daquRaising A Malfoy: From Baby to First Grader

20th March 2006:
wow, brittany! this is a REALLY good idea for a story!! you're doing a great job so far! do want hermione and/or draco or the banner, too, or just gina?

Author's Response: thanks and yes that would be great.

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Review #19, by daquBellatrix's Mistake: Bellatrix's Mistake

26th February 2006:
i got to this story from the forums, and i have to say it was amazing! i may just be a sucker for bellatrix stories, but you did an awesome job. yeah, the irony of that would be pretty funny. you did a better job with characterizing bella than almost everyone. excellent job!

Author's Response: Yeah Bellatrix stories rock my socks too! I'm glad you appreciated the irony, and thank you for complimenting the characterisation-it is really appreciated! Thanks so much, and kudos for the review xxx

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Review #20, by daquI Love Him: I Love Him

23rd February 2006:
aww, that was so cute! i loved it! i think that was the first remus/tonks story i've read, so i can't compare it to anything, but good job anyway!

Author's Response: lol. Well, maybe you should read another one. I don't think I've read any. I like reading Draco/Hermione stories, its so funny because I don't really like them as a couple, though they're growing on me. Hermione and Snape will never grow on me though. Or Hermione and Harry. Or Hermione and Fred or George. Well, there's lots that will never grow on me, but yeah. I'm bored.

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Review #21, by daquDear Lord Voldemort: Dear Lord Voldemort

23rd February 2006:
lol. this was awesome!! i loved it! i did the challenge too and you did a lot better grasping the humor than i did. i was laughing out loud! awesome job!

Author's Response: well, thank you so very much!! I thought maybe I went a little over the top, but I guess I was ok. ^_^ I LOVED your story, too!

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Review #22, by daquDear Lord Voldemort: A Letter Never Sent

23rd February 2006:
aww, that was so SAD! I did the challenge, too, so I felt obligated to read it, but now that I did I'm glad. i tried doing a humor one for mine and it didn't work too well. i should've stuck to angst, where i'm comfortable. oh well. who was the main character? was it supposed to be one of those "use your imagination" things? the story was definitely sad enough, but you did an awesome job with the child-like simplicity that was almost humorous in a pitiful sort of way, if that made any sense :P. Anyway, awesome story!

Author's Response: Aw, now I feel bad for not reviewing yours (yet). I actually liked it. ^__- I love angst as well, and just couldn't bring myself to do humour. This idea really struck me, so I just had to write it out! The main character is definitely "one of those 'use your imagination' things," as you said. I thought it would be better to leave out names. (But then again, I've always been fond of those, so perhaps that's just me!) I'm so glad that you liked it, though! And it does make sense. I think pitiful is the right word... ^_^

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Review #23, by daquAngel of a Devil: Wars, Wars, Wars

18th February 2006:
aww, poor draco! i feel so bad for him! i know that you and pretty in pink are friends so you won't mind me ranting that i feel like i did when forge and gred (heh heh) beat him up in For Love And Money. also, hermione having an affair with SNAPE?!?!?!?! What will Parvati and Lavender dream up next? I'm glad Ginny was eventually able to get through to Hermione. I seriously thought Hermione was going to spill everything right there. Now that I think about it I'm glad she didn't, though. Please update soon! I want to see the detention!!! Now! (btw, good job with updating speed!)

Author's Response: Lol, yeah, we do seem to give Draco a bit of a hard time! Heehee, the Snape thing was just totally random, glad you liked the chapter hun, I promise I'll update within the next 3 weeks at the VERY most!!

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Review #24, by daquAngel of a Devil: The Villagers Never Liked You

30th January 2006:
umm...yeah. WHAT THE HECK??!! Okay, it's not even Christmas yet and Hermione's friendship with Harry and Ron is down the toilet. Are you just going to be mean and make Hermione survive the whole year with only Draco Malfoy as a friend? That would be mean. Seriously, though, this is an awesome chapter--definitely worth the wait. I didn't even realize that humaniod intelligance was high enough to create such a good story, but I stand (in the sense that I'm sitting) corrected. Wow!

Author's Response: Well, I have been known to be a very mean person at times, but you're just gonna have to wait and see about Hermione's friendship - or lack thereof - with Harry and Ron. Ok, I am blushing so hard right now, you are so nice, and I'm so happy you're enjoying the story!

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Review #25, by daquAngel of a Devil: My Pretty Red Heart

8th January 2006:
oh my gosh! from the time hermione broke into crabbe's mind i was cracking up! i loved how much havoc she was causing. since voldemort knows when she uses the ring but not what she uses it for, though, couldn't he get the idea that she's "embracing her destiny" or something like that even though she was just having fun with it? this is such an awesome story that there aren't even words to describe it! now that i've read all your other stories i've realized that all your stories are uber awesome, though! i'm going to add you to my fav. author's list!

Author's Response: Lol, glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for adding me to ur fave author's!! glad u enjoyed my other stories 2!!

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