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Review #1, by StepHarry Potter - Pizzas Unleashed: 2. We're Off To A Remote Island In The Middle Of Nowhere!

11th February 2006:
WOW!!! I love it! BAHAHAHAHAAA that is pure gold.

Author's Response: Thank you! =)

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Review #2, by Step:

26th January 2006:
no i'm Step. It should be there. I AN AUSSIE TOO!!!! ROCK ON!

Author's Response: thanks for letting me know, i'll totally have a look. you so rock!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #3, by StepVoldemortís Battle With Incompetence: Chapter One: Throne of Ultimate Power

25th January 2006:
BAHAHA!! Voldermorts fluffy socks with duckies on them!!! LOL read my story.

Author's Response: i'll try.. i don't have much fun...

Author's Response: HPsmartone32: i meant time... haha

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Review #4, by Step:

23rd January 2006:
Bahaha!! That was gold! I love it. You should read my story. Hee Hee. That was good.

Author's Response: i looked up your name but it came up with StephanieJ. is that you cause i'll read it anyways

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Review #5, by StepComplete and Utter Randomness (The Musical): Wood, Polish, and How to Get a Great Bargain

17th September 2005:
Brillaint! But what happend to Snap and McGonagall?

Author's Response: Oh gosh...I think you might learn about them in a later chapter...or maybe that chapter wasn'e accepted...? Sometimes I apparently write about innappropriate love triangle between Harry, Hermione, and Hedwig...ANYWAY, I'll try to talk about them later...thank you very much for reviewing! :-)

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Review #6, by StepHarry Potter and the REAL Horcruxes: Harry Potter and the Ugly Cake Dancer

9th September 2005:
BAHAHAAA!!! my god thats good. Now write some more will you. I SAID NOW!

Author's Response: Thanks! And I just submitted a new chapter.

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Review #7, by StepComplete and Utter Randomness (The Musical): The Story of Snarry and Hape

2nd September 2005:
HAHA i love Aladdin! brilliant!

Author's Response: Who DOESN'T love Aladdin? Muahahaha. Glad you thought so, and thanks for reviewing! :-)

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Review #8, by StepComplete and Utter Randomness (The Musical): Harry Potter and the Bag of Doritos

1st September 2005:
BAHAHA!! I love it. i loved it like it was a big hairy, hungry snail. lol. Read mine! I now have to read all of your chapters

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it so much! And I'll be glad to... *clicks on your name* Thanks for the review! Hope you enjoyed the other chappies... :-)

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Review #9, by StepHarry Potter and Mr Sheep: A Cheering charm in a can 2

7th June 2005:
BAHAHA I loved it!!! you so craaaazy! You should read my story but it's pretty crap compared to yours. lol

Author's Response: thanks for reviewing! i'll read your story then!

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