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Review #1, by MalfoyRocksHer Sweet Curse: Breaking News From Me, Myself and I

22nd April 2013:
I love this story. I have spent the better part of my day reading it and have enjoyed it immensely! I do hope you have another chapter soon. But until then, it shall go on my favorites list!

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Review #2, by MalfoyRocksPureblood's, Halfblood, and Mudblood's no more!: Chapter 7

31st March 2013:
Loved the chapter. But you kept using "Hermyi... Hermon... Bloody hell why didn't they call you something simple like Janet"... And honestly, by the end of the chapter I was so annoyed with the repetitiveness of it.

But I love the plot and how you've progressed the story!

Author's Response: Well I am sorry that it annoyed you, I went back over chapter 7 and honestly I'm not sure what you mean I didn't find it to be that way personally. I hope the next chapters are less frustrating and you can enjoy the story. Thanks and I'm glad you like the story, it was my first and still is special to me.

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Review #3, by MalfoyRocksStrawberry Wine: All good things must come to an end

9th November 2012:
I have to say.. This is done very well. And it happens to be one of my favorite songs. Can't wait for the next chapter.

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Review #4, by MalfoyRocksPirates: The Aftermath; Part I

5th September 2012:
No! Sorry I've been reading your story the past couple days and I absolutely LOVE it. I think it's one of the best I've read in a while. Can't wait for the next and I'm guessing last chapter. Great job!

Author's Response: Hey, Malfoy Rocks! :D

I'm glad you've been enjoying it! i was hoping that people would.

Thanks for reading :D

January 8, 2014

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Review #5, by MalfoyRocksThe Potions Master's Daughter : Chapter Three: Dinner with the Malfoys

8th November 2009:
well.. i love the story so far.. there was only 1 thing i wanted to tell u in case you didn't realize it.. last chapter you said kyleigh's eyes were violet then you said they were silver. then in this chapter you said "Dominic had green eyes and Alec had violet" then you said "two identical boys" i don't know what you want to do. but i thought i'd give you a heads up.. other than that i LOVE the story!!!

Author's Response: they have to be able to tell the boys apart some how lol, as far as Kyleigh, her eyes are violet. I'll go back and fix later in a little bit. thank you so much for your review and I hope you keep reading!


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Review #6, by MalfoyRocksWhen a wolf bites...the world may be saved.: Suspended Death

11th October 2007:
omfg!!! this is the best story ever!!! i am complettely hooked on it. it just... wow. great story line... great.. everything.. you should update soon!! 10/10

Author's Response: The epi is in the queue---lucky you for not having to wait, eh?

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Review #7, by MalfoyRocksWe'll Make Them So Jealous: Phase Five: Unexpected, But Works

27th August 2007:
it was freaking awesome!!

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Review #8, by MalfoyRocksWe'll Make Them So Jealous: The Event That Started It All

26th April 2006:
If you don't mind I want to use your *Here's to all the crazy ones....* in my MySpace page. It just reminds me of my friends & they would get a kick out of it. So hopefully you say I can. Great story by the way. I luvs it. It's definately in my tops!

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Review #9, by MalfoyRocksNot Playing Anymore: And So It Begins

4th February 2006:
awsome start. you should update soon.

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Review #10, by MalfoyRocksGames & Surprises: Chapter 8- Tight leather outfit and broom closets

25th January 2006:
OMG! I wish I was Hermione!!!! Drco is so HOTT!!! I'm serious. I have about 50 pics of him.... Anyway, really good story. But what happened over Hermione's summer break?

Author's Response: OMG! i have 2 totally agree with u there, draco is so fine. Im jealous of my own story!! lolz. Im glad sum1 is the same as me, i've got loads of pics of him. Thanks for the review and sayin my story was great! hehe =D Thats where we all think, What happened?? you'll have to see! =P evil me!! thanks again. bye xxxxxxxxx

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Review #11, by MalfoyRocksNever Let Go: The Fight

22nd January 2006:
How did Malfoy know that she needed help? Hmph. That's going to annoy me. But I really like the chapter. Write asap.

Author's Response: lol you will find tht out with in the next couple of chapters!!! and im all most done with the next chapter so just hang in there!!!! thanx for reading

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Review #12, by MalfoyRocksThe Baby Project: Civilty

21st January 2006:
I love this chapter. It's really funny when Lavender goes up to Dumbledore. I wouldn't change it. But, it's your choice.

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Review #13, by MalfoyRocksThe Greatest Lie Ever Told: The Truth is Revealed

10th December 2005:
It's really good. I hope you publish another chapter soon. I love it when Hermione turns evil.

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Review #14, by MalfoyRocksPureblood Plastics: Shopping: part 2

5th November 2005:
I love the story. Draco should be Head Boy. I don't know if he should move. But, I think it'd be funny. & anything girls vs boys usually is funny so I think you should.

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Review #15, by MalfoyRocksNew Students: The rewind

19th October 2005:
keep on writing! i love the story. It was kind of boring this chapter. But, i know it's hard to think sometimes. So, keep writing!!!

Author's Response: 10 more contunues from 10 different authors and i will!

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Review #16, by MalfoyRocksChanged: All grown

10th October 2005:
i love it!! you should really write more soon!

Author's Response: thanks for the review i have posted chapter 3 its in waiting so yea enjoii

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Review #17, by MalfoyRocksPureblood Plastics: Shopping: part 2

24th September 2005:
Come On! You need to write more. It's really awesome and I want to see what happens next.

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Review #18, by MalfoyRocksChanged For Good?: A little revenge

19th August 2005:
OMG!!! I LUV IT!!! You need to frickin update ASAP!

Author's Response: hold your horses im writing as fast as i can! thanks for reviewing!

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Review #19, by MalfoyRocksMia Cadi Zabini: Fluffy Pink Bunny Rabbits

6th August 2005:
OMG! That chapter was hilarious! Please update soon.

Author's Response: Hiya, and thank you very much for the review. I will be updating very soon. Im glad you thought this chapter was funny.

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Review #20, by MalfoyRocksTwo to Tango: Graduation

15th July 2005:
OH MY GOD! I LOVED IT! You should really write a sequal. Hopefully you do.

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Review #21, by MalfoyRocksChange of Hearts: skipping

13th July 2005:
I love this story. It's funny to read. Please write A.S.A.P.

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Review #22, by MalfoyRocksOur Mother's Request: chapter five-encounter in the dungeons

13th July 2005:
update plz! what does Narcissa want Hermione's help with? Well i guess i have to wait to find out.

Author's Response: yes you are right, wait.. malfoy does rock chang

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Review #23, by MalfoyRocksThe Dare: Do What?

9th July 2005:
This is HIlarious!!! Please update soon. I love it.

Author's Response: My friends thought it was hilarious. Thanks for your support

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Review #24, by MalfoyRocksSweet Revenge: Finding Out

8th July 2005:
Write more please! I think it's a really good start & I think it will just keep getting better.

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Review #25, by MalfoyRocksThings Happen For A Reason: The Question

2nd July 2005:
OMG! You have to update soon. This chapter is awesome. I loved 'Truth or Dare'

Author's Response: thanx sooo much. chapter 5 is in limbo right now... hope you like it

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