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Review #1, by JAMProngslet: Teamwork and Rescuing - Part 2

24th April 2006:
Gargh! Okay so after figthing to get the computer to work and internet no less I see an update for this story and that made my day so much better seeing as I really wanted to know what happened after Harry got away from the "mean scary Death Eaters" but now here you leaving a terrible cliff hanger...hmph..*cries* Oh well..Hm Harry be careful what you wish for it might come true if anything. ..."He was helping, yes, but he refused to become friends. Refused. He couldn’t. His father could punish him for what he was doing ‘now’.." wow that makes me worry about Draco's childhood..poor Draco!!..."Retrieve the Potter boy. Not even remotely difficult..." Have you ever heard of this line? Guy 1: It's like taking candy from a baby... Guy 2: Yet some people have a trouble with that... Yes, well that can be very difficult..(depending on who you are trying to do it too) yes but it seems like the Death Eaters have a hard time (and so does Voldemort) trying to either kill Harry or at least capture him...hmm..such difficulty..

Yes well...hmm time is cutting me short since I am on the library comptuer...I shall review the rest when the library opens again (Hopefully they don't get mad at me...again)


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Review #2, by JAMProngslet: Teamwork and Rescuing - Part 1

28th January 2006:
LIKE OMCF!!!!!! (Chocolate Frogs) You had me jumping up and down through out this whole entire chapter!!!!! IT was soooo goood. Draco and Harry aww....they work so good/bad It jus really depends I mean they work together, but I dunno...actually. It is all in my head, but I can't get it down on paper, Ugh I hate that feeling don't you? Sirius and Regulus...glad he isn't dead, because well...IT sure does but a twist now doesn't it?!?!? Regulus..about time you admit the truth..*tear tear* I feel sorry for Siris...getting a Howler...those are terrors ya know?!? I wouldn't know though..I'm a Muggle....Though I mean I can see why Regulus wouldn't want to defy his family or anything like that...I mean after all...its what he was raised their whole entire life...Where did Harry and Draco go?!?! Did they go to the Center of the Earth?!? The Center of the Wizarding World?? Is it a trap....why are Death Eaters so "stupid" *gasp* I can't believe I jsut made fun of them...*mumbles like Dobby* Bad Stephanie, Bad! Okay better now...And What is happeneing to Remus?!?!? Our favorite werewolf......our favorite---well most people's favorite Defense Teacher...somebody's favorite Marauder ...Which leads us to the next question "Which is your faqvorite MArauder?" Remus...because I mean come on! He has an endless supply of chocolate!!! That rocks! Okay there are better reasons than that also...okay heres another one...He is smart...he is kinda *giggles nervously* cute...he stands up for what he believes in and I mean come on! He has great friends and is kinda an conciderant!! Though I can see why you picked James though....don't you wish you could have the whole package (exclude Peter)?? lol well better get going! Great Update!! Kinda babbled in this review..sorry! Just got better from being sick! *dances* I'm not sick anymore!! YAY!!! Good Job!!!!

Author's Response: Lol, I'm glad you liked it so much! ^-^ Yea, I thought it would be better of Regulus hadn't died. As to Sirius's howler, yea, I felt sorry for Sirius as well. Lol, no, Harry and Draco didn't go to the center of the Earth. And, lol, you can call them stupid. Even Voldemort said Nott & Avery were the two that often made him angry the most. (or something along those lines...) Yea, Remus is a good choice. Gotta love the chocolate. ^^ Anywho, thanks for reviewing! Till next time... ~*Chloe*~

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Review #3, by JAMI Love Watching Them: I Love Watching Them

21st January 2006:
AWWW!!! That was soo good! I actually yelled that out oh well...its really good! I could feel the emotion from Mrs. Weasley and everything..good job!

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Review #4, by JAMBlood Traitor: EIGHT

16th January 2006:
That was soo good!! It was sad, but wonderful...I could feel Benjamin's pain and troubles his was all so are very talented!

Author's Response: wow..thanks! that means a lot to me!! thanks a lot for your review and for reading, JAM!!!

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Review #5, by JAMThe Last Story: The Last Story

31st December 2005:
No was not too emotional...a bit but not over board..the one i am doing will be really emotionsla but that's bedside the point. Your story is amazing! This is amazing...I really liked brought a pang in my stomach like I wasthere..watching them was really have the "emotionaL" though it wasn't was perfect...

Author's Response: thanks =D

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Review #6, by JAMHarry Potter and the Year of Ends: Turn For the Worst

13th December 2005:
Hey! I feel like really bad for not reviewing..but life seems to have thrown some curve balls...well HOLY CRAKER JACKS! This story has been amazing!!!!!!!!!! I am awaiting your next one..and WOW! Snape..where has he gone to..hmm..Very very very intresting...

Author's Response: "Snape..where has he gone to"....people are really starting to wonder about Snape in this story. I wonder what my readers would do if I just...cut him As for life throwing curve balls...I totally agree with that. I thought I was going to be posting more but...yea...well...not happening right now. I haven't even been home, except to sleep, for three days. Ugh. I am glad you think my story is "amazing", as you so kindly put it....I happen to think so too! Snape...he will be resurfacing shortly....very shortly. *when I use Exxlia's (spelling) name he will be close by, wither in that chapter or in the one after. Thanks for the review! -Katie

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Review #7, by JAMProngslet: Decisions That We Make

13th December 2005:
I am freaking out right now!!! That was soo good! well can't really give you a long review.,.but I will sy this...the patronues! WONDERFUL! AH!H Harry and Draco! Amazing!!!!!! teamwork...never thought that would be the for favorite death eater...Belltrix..only becasue she killed Sirius..well in a way..I know get to update on Christmas holiday most likeyl..I know it ahs been like Aug. but I have typed up like till Ch. 3..soo I guess I will do that when everyone is shopping ~!~;Steph;~!~

Author's Response: Thanks, i'm really glad you liked it! ^-^ Bellatrix, yep, she's the queen of evilness. Thanks a bunch for taking the time out to review! Till next time... ~*Chloe*~

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Review #8, by JAMProngslet: MindTalk

1st December 2005:
OMCF OMCF OMCF!!!! I am jumoing up and down..down and up this was such a good chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean EK! Soo many things were like reveled! Draco! Holy Craker Jacks! never saw that coming! Though I did think that he would end up in Malfoy's place...hmm..YAY! Their will be rivialy (sp!?!?) IS he okay?@?@ Is Remus oksy?!?!? What the craker jacks is going on! My head is spinning and I am trying to keep calm and I am freaking about and the teahcers aound me are looking at me like I am an -i-d-i-o-t I can just read their face! Hurricanes stink..turns out the comptuer we got after the Hurricane well doesn't and can't get interent..idlk why back to using school comptuer..and also to type anything..cuz the comptuer cna't hold Microsoft word..hmm..though it does have AIM and some internet yahoo and google..adn er..that's it..the world is crazy! The talking in the head.. I loved that! It was amazing! IT sounds just like they woulkd when they were little tikes..wowI haven't said that in a while! Er my fav. book would be # 4 would be because well...Voldemort returns! *faints and the mere sight in GOF* I was soo happy! er..yeah Death Eater in your presence right now ^.^ Well how did you like GOF? I thought it was okay..not like the book..but if you never read the book it was oky...but if you was still okay..but not the best..hmm..kinda babbling now..Wait just one smokey mintue..where is Sirius through all this!?!? I loved the chapter! Though I am standing up typing right now and like typing really really fas beacue it was like relaly good and such! EKKKK!!!! Freaking out now..gosh..Good writer are you!!!!!! ~!*:~Steph~:*!~

Author's Response: Lol, I'm glad you liked it so much! ^-^ Yea, I did reveal alot in this chappie. Draco, lol, yep. It was going to be him the whole time, but I wanted to see if you all could figure it out without me dropping visable hints. Lol, yep rivialry will still be there. (They're Harry & Draco, after all) As to Remus, you'll see about him in the next chapter. (Which will be out extremely soon! ^-^) The talking in the head, I loved that idea when it entered my head for the Earth/Water Elemental. *Grins* Tikes, lol. =P Love that word. As to fav. books, I love book 4 too! It's my 2nd fav! Gotta love Voldemort returning. ^.^ Your a Death Eater in my presense because of that...does me liking the book for the same reason make me a Death Eater too? Hmm... But, anywho, I loved the movie. I know there were parts that were left out, but it was a movie, and we knew it had to happen for Time's sake. All in all it was an awesome movie, great special effects and much, much better acting. Lol, where is Sirius through all this, you ask. You'll see him and 'his' thoughts on the next chapter as well. Anyway, thanks for reviewing!! It really made me smile to read it, and I hope you can access internet at home again soon. *Smiles* Till next time... ~*Chloe*~

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Review #9, by JAMRon Weasley: An Autobiography: Hermione Granger

21st November 2005:
I jsut came across the is wonerful! Amazing!!!! I am laughing my head off and I can actually see Ron thinking his thoughts...wonderful!

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Review #10, by JAMProngslet: Darkness Under The Three-Quarter Moon

13th November 2005:
OKAY! Guess who is not at school! OH YEAH! ME! So be prepared for a much longly awaited long review...okay....Sirius, Sirius, Sirius, *shakes head* This is Remus we are talking about...of course you can not let Harry not read...( if that made any sense) it is against Moony standards not to want a book..and actually want to read it! Fire restant gloevs...clever...very very clever...are you sure that he thought of it?? Just kidding, Sirius can be very very smart... when he wants to be that is...Marshmellows..HAHAH! I laughed my head at that part...unfortuanally I do know what it is like to burn a cooking was when I was trying to make cookies...and Gummy bears fell on the pan...Gummy Bears...they will rule the world one day...I jsut know it!AHH! Hermione! At first I thought they were going to a magical bookshop but then once I noticed her I am like *smakes head* They are in a muggle shop! HARRY! Don't go telling everyone!!!! You kept Hermione in canon I could jsut hear her voice and see her facial expressions when she said a piece of dialouge! IT was amazing! I loved that scene. Hmm...okay...well note to self **look for people apparating...since there are some iresponsible people doing it infront of Muggles...** YAY! Hermione and HArry and Ron might have a earlier friendship...that or totally ruin a friendship...I really don't are the only one who knows...hmm...yes that is a problem...Harry made a friend today! *does happy dance..again...and again** AWW!!!!!! Harry...of course your parents are happy with you!!!! Well I would hope they are....I bet that tore Remus's heart into pieces....I mean to here this child still talking like that....I mean...he has been through soo much..I still can't believe that...everything...okay for the ending...*gets my 50 cent wand out...0.o and sharpens knives...haha jk...) And yet again...I must say...if we kill you then you can't write it..then we will be sad...and then the world will end andthe GUmmy bears will take over...and all chaos will brake lose..all because we killed you.....((such a world we live in today...))umm my favorite character would probably be..Voldemort( because of the past and much is behind him...hmm..) Neville...he is jsut a hero and yet again soo much history....also..Malfoy..only because it is so funny to see the trio fight when tehy were younger..but as they grew up...then it got really evill..and way more aggressive..but the name calling really brought up the tension in the houses. Well I am waiting for the next chapter.....~~Steph~~

Author's Response: Lol, yay for not being at school! ^-^ The Fire resistant gloves were clever of him ,and yes, it does leave you to wonder if he thought of it himself. Lol. You've burned a cooking glove, too? Happens to me more often than not. *Sighs* Glad you thought I kept Hermione in canon, I was worried about that. ^^ Anywho, 'I'm' the one at school today, so I can't leave an extra long responce, but thank you for reviewing! I really enjoyed reading it and hope to get one from you on the next chapter. (Which is in Limbo as I type) *Smiles* Till next time... ~*Chloe*~

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Review #11, by JAMSnake Eyes: Git!

22nd October 2005:
Git! Love that! the bone mask...the movie looks awesome! Awesome chapter! hehe....can't wait for hte next part-io ...

Author's Response: Yes there are two more parts before the end. : ( but it'll be finished and I'm fresh for a new fiction which has been posted. I've finished the whole story two weeks or a week or whenever it was and so very excited to be able to move onto a new project. I like moving onto new things!

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Review #12, by JAMSnake Eyes: Apprentice

22nd October 2005:
lol don't worry! I won't tell any one! Sorry I haven't been reviewing as I normally do...hehe powe outages because of, this story is amazing! As I have said ties into your Salazr character anhd makes the other ones a bit moreeasier to undertand! Well on the to the next chapter! BTW one of the funniest things I have ever read in fanfiction is this line : “Plenty of danger…where would a Gryffindor be without danger?” I replied with a laugh. I was chuckling quite was amusing! Seeing as the scene got kinda tense and that just lightened the atmosphere a bit.

Author's Response: Yes I have a quirky sense of humour so you may notice some funny lines here and there... where would I be without them??? Thankyou, for your time. : ) Check out my new story if you have time! Yes another founder fic! Hear from you soon!

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Review #13, by JAMProngslet: The Ups & Downs of Learning & Teaching

22nd October 2005:
Hey! Guess who?? lol! School again...our computer at home is like messed up beacuse of chapter was amazing!!! Sirius! Reading is a wonderful joy in life! For exmple....if you did not like to read, then you would not have read Harry Potter then the world would be a terrible place becuse Harry makes life sorry jsut thought of that. And Remus reading...maybe you should try ot get Sirius to read a bit more...though he id pick up a book! Hhats off to Sirius!! Well better go, teachers...banned books...grr them... but one more thing about your story...the room! It was as if I was actually there! All the moving quidditch players! Amazing! ~!Steph~!

Author's Response: Glad you liked it, and I hope your computer is fixed soon. ^-^ Lol, yes, Sirius needs to learn the joy that is reading. *Grins* The room! Yes, I tried to make it real to the readers. *Smiles* Thanks for reviewing! ^^ Till next time... ~*Chloe*~

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Review #14, by JAMSnake Eyes: Extremists

9th October 2005:
OMCF! I have missed alot since Rita. AWWWW!!! Those last two chapters....were too good for words! They had a little of everything that I like to read. Another tragedy, that is not good.. the question is, will there be more? ~Steph~

Author's Response: More? More Tragedy? Well of course. Yes as I told Lady Spellweaver I would finish a story for only one reader so it will be completed never fear. Thanks. I thought you were gone for good!

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Review #15, by JAMStalker and Love: Party

9th October 2005:
**roud of appulase* Awsome! The ending was amazing! I loved the end. IT was jsut soo happy, and yet great! Awsome story!

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Review #16, by JAMProngslet: Remus & Harry

19th September 2005:
Can't leave a long reviw...I am in school......shhh.......OMCF! That was such a good chapter! it was amzing! The ending maed me cry! I could see the both of them~~Steph~~

Author's Response: Aww, I miss the long ones! Lol. =) You cried? I'm sorry!! The next chapter shouldn't. Hope you like it as well, it'll be out soon! ~*Chloe*~

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Review #17, by JAMStalker and Love: Over

17th September 2005:
Aw....taht was mean, and WOW!I can';t belie that happened?!?!?! Great chapter! Poor Ginny!

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Review #18, by JAMHarry Potter and the Year of Ends: Wounds...Old and New

12th September 2005:
OMCF!!!!!!!!!!!! I was like WEEEE!!!!!! And like now I am like WHHAAA!!!!! And now i am like OUCH! My hand hurts!!!!Over labor day weekend I was skimboarding at the beach, and fell down like 3 times and i have these huge burns from "playing with fire" and they are huge and hurt! Okay well anyways and hte beginng I was all sad, like I mean I can't imagine how much pain is behind them or anything. YAY! Bridesmaid!!!!!!! horray!!!!!!! lol, like really hyper I went my Starbucks with crutches and a sling it was terrible. everyone was staring at me. I went to get something with alot of caffine ot drink so I can cram for this huge test that decides wheter or not I can stay in a! Poor Neville! HE is sooo cool now! I mean he alawys was, but a differnet kind of cool, and like he is a hero and a very swell on at that. And FF *flying firebolts!* Hermione!!!!!!!! I am appalled at you!!!!!! I was like screaming in my mind which gave me a killer headache and I am like ouch but anyways, that was sooo mean!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there I go!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE OMSHBP!!!!!!!! LIKE OMDD**oh merlin dumbldore died...yay!** RON!!!!!!!!!! You foul little stupid fitlhy cockroach!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Hw could he do something like that?@?@??!?!!?!?!?? AAAAAHHH!!!!!!!! I mean i expecrted it, but grrrrr..........why must I double guess myslef!!!! He is such a Waterballon!!!!!!! I mean you are his friend then you never want toknow him, so you thow, or in this case pucnh, him and he dies.......though I don't think he died htis time........but anyways.............AAAAHHHH!!!!!!!! Can't wait for your next chapter! ~~Steph~~

Author's Response: Geez....I haven't seen a review from brittany yet but so far you beat out Alex for in the mood to write a long review but I will say this..Neville is cool...Hermione is being an idiot...Ron is being a 'stupid filthy cockroach' no idea when i willl update next...I have about 4 projects due with in the i don't know...

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Review #19, by JAMWhen History Repeats Itself: Trust in a friend

11th September 2005:
I burst into laughter at hte end! great chapter! I missed the story for a while, though summer is a really hard time to write! Wonderful! Poor Tonks...will Lily find out things about her mother over in school? Cant't wait for your next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you sooooo much for the review! I always look forward to yours! About Lily's mom...mebbe, mebbe not! hehe, thanx again! ~Twix~

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Review #20, by JAMSnake Eyes: Genocide

6th September 2005:
ON * Oh Norbert* That was sooo sad!!!!!!! I was crying, I need to go the doctor.....again....the HBP really made me evil, yet nicer.....werider as well. Great chapter! I was soo scared for Salaome!!!! And everything.!!!!!! Ahh i cna't type today! Wonderful chaptert!!!!!

Author's Response: Yes I can see you had trouble typing... he he... I'm glad you got emotional. It's nice to let it all out!

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Review #21, by JAMLost in Darkness: Back in the modern world.....

6th September 2005:
Aww...Poor Hermione! Yes, I htought that Belltriz reminded me of Hermione. Werid....lets onl hope Hermione doesn't turn eveil, jsut kidding, though that would be very werid. Great chapter! Lovethe way you put hte characters!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, I purposely made Bellatrix like Hermione. Hermione won't turn evil, Ginny, however is a different story. Just kidding!

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Review #22, by JAMHarry Potter and the Year of Ends: Growing Up To Fast

6th September 2005:
Great chapter! I am like WHHHHEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! Right now, so yeah. ON!!! **Oh Norbert* The scence with the twins were amazing!!!!!! IT was sooo hoilirous! At first i was like OMCF OMCF OMCF ( Oh My Choclate Frogs) and i was like sayting No No No No can't be and really really freakign out like AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! once again, but hten I read on and I was like OMSHBP (Oh Merlin Snape is the Half Blood Prince) and i was laughing my head nad AHH!!!!!!!!! Great chapter! AHH!!!!!! Keisha!!!!!!!! What is happening, olkayt breahting! Great chapter! Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: are going to be the death of me. All of you! Lol...great to see a review today...not a good day. Only one good thing happened: I found out that season's 7 and8 of Little House on the Prairie is out on DVD!!! Yay! Lol...I am such a weird girl. HP and weird. Anyway....! George and Fred...hilarious I know. The next chapter isn't going to be as such...maybe a few punches and a lot of yelling...I don't know...I am in the process of writing it!

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Review #23, by JAMHarry Potter and the Power the Dark Lord Knows Not: Azkaban

6th September 2005:
Okay, well really good chapter, though still a bit choppy, and I think that is what really buggs me hte most, you might not want to change views so often. Though it was a great chapter, and gr...the ending! I think that is where you can improve, but the writing is great, though a bit choppy.

Author's Response: I'll try to keep that in mind. I was trying to build suspense through switching from the locations. I'll keep your suggestions in mind as I continue working on the next chapter. I decided last minute to have something happen to one of the twins as they delivered the message. Part of war is major characters getting injured and sometimes dying. Thanks for the review and the suggestions!

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Review #24, by JAMStalker and Love: Prisoner again

6th September 2005:
OH WOW! Great chpater! So many things happened! Totally active!

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Review #25, by JAMSnape's Other Side: THE announcement! er, sort of...

1st September 2005:
PLLLLLLEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEEE ( did I spell that right?) read my review! lool............great chapter! WOW! She is turning into Snape.....werid....well but Snape is turning into some sweet teacher that is yet know to humanity.but in the wizarding world, I think that is fine. 5 points to Gryffindor??!?!?! WOW WEE! crtl shift 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! Wonderful chapter! crtl shift 4! Steph

Author's Response: yay! i'm glad u like it.. I"ll write chapter 6 soon enough... school starts next week, so i'll try to get it up by then....... CTRL SHIFT 4!!!!!!-Connor

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