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Review #1, by TisadoA Triangular Love Story: The Start of Something Beautiful

28th April 2006:
Wow, cool, and I thought no.3 was the end
but I'd like them a bit closer to harry and ron, like on the train back, since they're the best friends
and what about cho's giggling friends?

Author's Response: Well a lot of people had complained of me not having much of Cho & 'Mione alone or being affectionate and what not, so this was just that..I am currently writing a "ten years later" kind of deal and chapter one s nearly finished and that'll be more of them as a couple interacting with the rest of the world but it was nice to just write this and clear up what I had left very open in previous chapters... thank you very much for your r/r!

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Review #2, by TisadoRusty Springs: The Great Masturbator

17th February 2006:
what's going on? Why no more chapters? They were really good so far!

Author's Response: I'm trying, I really am. I'm sorry.

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Review #3, by TisadoA Triangular Love Story: Coming out

20th May 2005:
cute.......but why do you end it here? I really hope for more.

Author's Response: lol honestly.. I had NO IDEA where to go from there... if you have any ideas or anything feel free to E-mail me

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Review #4, by TisadoThe Phoenix Journals: May 5th

10th May 2005:
sounds good up till now, but none of the things promised in the warnings showed up so far. i really hope for more

Author's Response: lol I'm sorry. I've been having trouble with my stories because #1 it took 3-4 days to validate the last chapter >_< #2 had a bit of massive writters block on the third chapter and #3 nobody was reviewing and I was feeling all around depressed. Oh, and it's my first fic too! This is harder than i thought. but just wait, it's not going to come right away, but the heavy stuff will come, I assure you. ;-) Thanks for the review!!! Jul

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Review #5, by TisadoSomeone Else: Someone Else

10th May 2005:
cool, finally someone to bring them together, liked it, awesome. will you continue?

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Review #6, by TisadoA Triangular Love Story: And so it begins... again

9th May 2005:
i would really like to read about Hermione and Cho alone. maybe you could write such a chapter, please............ did i mention, fantastic story, liked it, even without a Cho/Hermione chapter please continue soon

Author's Response: thank you very much. I am planning on writing one like that. One tha's Hermione's point of veiw on it. It'll be done fairly soon, thanks again!

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Review #7, by TisadoPlease Speak Slowly My Heart is Learning: The Beginning

9th May 2005:
hmmm......sometimes you contradict yourself, didn´t you notice? can´t remember the exact chapter..... but i liked your plot, interesting ideas

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